Green Bay Packers: Is Joey Bosa No. 1 on the Packers’ Draft Big Board?

Joey Bosa
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The Green Bay Packers are entering the 2016 NFL Draft with the No. 27 overall pick. Ted Thompson has not normally been one to try to trade up, but it is never too far-fetched to talk about a team trading up and who their top target would be if that trade up actually happened.

Finding out which players are on the top of teams’ draft boards isn’t easy, but the Packers’ draft board would be even more intriguing to find out.

Michelle Bruton of Bleacher Report believes that Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Joey Bosa is the Packers’ top player on the big board. It is certainly an intriguing fit to think about and Bosa would make the Green Bay defense much more dangerous.

Last season as a member of the Buckeyes, Bosa ended up recording 51 tackles, five sacks, an interception, four defensed passes and a forced fumble. Green Bay would be able to use him as a linebacker in their system and Dom Capers would have many more options than he currently has. Bosa has almost no chance to end up in Green Bay, but it would be an amazing fit for both sides.

Clay Matthews played the inside linebacker position last season and while he didn’t enjoy it as much it worked out well for the Packers. Adding Bosa would allow the Packers to boost their pass rush while still keeping Matthews on the inside of their defense.

Standing in at 6-foot-6 and 275 pounds, Bosa brings an impressive amount of quickness and athleticism for a player of his size. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with at the next level.

If the Packers did decide that they wanted to draft Bosa, they would have to put together a massive trade package to get up into the top-five.

Green Bay is going to be a Super Bowl contender once again in 2016, but they have to improve their defense. Aaron Rodgers and the offense will be just fine, but the Packers’ weakness has always been the problem. They showed signs of improvement last season, but more improvement wouldn’t hurt at all.

Expect to see the Packers stand pat and take a player with the No. 27 overall pick. No trade up should be expected, but moving up for Bosa would be more than a solid move for Green Bay.

Who do you think should be the No. 1 player on the Packers’ draft board? What would you think of Bosa in Green Bay if the Packers miraculously found a way to get him?

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