The 8 Best Spikeball Sets in 2024

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Spikeball is an exhilarating sport that has taken beaches, parks, and backyards by storm in the last ten years. Based on the same principles as beach volleyball, it was invented in the late eighties but didn’t become a viral sensation until recently. In 2008, the company now known as Spikeball Inc acquired rights to the game and the product was re-released. Since then, the sport has continued to rise in popularity.

The sport has a set of simple and innovative rules to make the game fun and fair for everyone. Players stand around a circular, springy net, which is placed in the middle of the field of play. Teams of two take turns serving a bouncy, inflatable ball to each other, and each team gets three ‘touches’ to bounce the ball back off the net and return possession to the opposing team. If the ball touches the ground, that team loses the point. There are no boundaries, and players can stand at any point around the net, so the game is exciting and dynamic.

The coolest part about Spikeball is its tremendous reputation for bringing people together. Spikeball, also known as Roundnet (we’ll use both interchangeably in this article), is popular across all demographics—you don’t need to be a serious athlete to enjoy the game. For this reason, it’s the perfect sport for gatherings of families and friends, where people of all ages and backgrounds are just looking to have fun together.

Features to Consider in a Spikeball Set

Net Size

Although Spikeball is mostly played casually, it also has a professional league with an official governing body. As such, equipment is regulated, with a standard-size net and ball for all competitive games. The competition-size of a net is three feet, so most Spikeball sets available for purchase have nets of that size. However, the growth of Spikeball has seen manufacturers adapt to new, exciting styles of play that appeal to different types of competitors.

There are now larger sets on the market with wider nets designed for beginner players. Players who want to play a more competitive game should buy a standard-sized set, but those who play more casually or in family settings should take a look at the benefits of a larger net. A pro tip? Make sure the net is very tight for maximum bounce when starting out, you can adjust it to be looser later for more challenging gameplay

Ball Size

The standard ball is about 12 inches in circumference, about the size of a softball. Larger balls range in size. A set with a larger ball, just like a set with a larger net, makes the game more beginner-friendly. If you’re going to be playing with friends, family, or in fairly casual settings, buying a set with a bigger ball diameter could help newer players get into the game.


Different Roundnet manufacturers include a few different Spikeball accessories that can really come in handy. Most sets include a carrying case or storage bag. Since balls sometimes get lost or damaged, many sets include backup balls, sometimes of different sizes. Some sets include a hand pump to inflate balls, but a typical bike pump also works fine.


As with any other sport, you want dependable equipment that will last you for years. In Spikeball, it’s important to make sure your set will hold up to extensive use as you start to play more often. There are three main components to a Spikeball set: the net, the ball, and the legs. Each of the components has to be evaluated individually to make sure it will hold up to heavy play. If just one of these components fails, you’ll be out of luck.


As well as considering the durability of whatever Roundnet set you choose, you’ll also want to take a look at the warranty for the product. As Spikeball has grown into a viral sensation, there are plenty of manufacturers producing low-quality equipment that will leave you hanging in case of defect or damage. All of the top sets on the market today are backed up with bulletproof, long-term warranties. Spikeball Inc, the biggest manufacturer of Roundnet sets, has a lifetime warranty for all their products. Definitely think twice before buying Spikeball equipment without a warranty.

Top 8 Best Spikeball Sets for 2024

1. Best Overall Spikeball Set: Spikeball Game Set

Why we like it: It’s easy to see why Spikeball has become such a hit, as the flagship Spikeball Inc set is fantastic, bombproof, and easy to set up.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / standard-sized ball

The Spikeball Game Set by Spikeball Inc is what started the viral phenomenon, and with good reason. It’s not only a blast to play, but the equipment is also sturdy and well designed. The minimal amount of setup it requires is simple and quick. The five sturdy legs that fold under the net make it easy to tuck away and move around. The net is stretchy and easy to attach, and the net tension is adjustable. You can make it bouncier when starting out, or make it a little loser for more of a challenge. It’s hard to spot a flaw here, so it’s an easy pick for the top of our list.

Another thing we love about the Spikeball Inc products is their compatibility with the Spikebuoy. The Spikebuoy consists of five floating pieces that attach to each leg of the Roundnet set. This creates a floating platform, allowing players to take advantage of Spikeball action on land and at sea. It’s great for the pool or the beach, and it adds a new, exciting element to the game. Get creative with it!


The Spikeball set that started it all doesn’t have many frills. It only includes one ball, which means that if you lose it or break it, you’re out of luck. Spikeball Inc’s balls have a reputation for durability, so it shouldn’t be a problem, although if you want some reserves you can pick up a nearly identical set with some backups. It has a sturdy carrying case, which makes it easy to store and transport the game to any outdoor environment. Unfortunately, there are no backup balls or a hand pump in this version. It does come with a rulebook for starting players, but other than that, it includes exactly what’s necessary, no more and no less.


The Spikeball game set is bombproof. The legs and frame are made of plastic with metal connectors. The frame itself holds up to wear and is quite sturdy, making the playing surface reliable to play off of. All of the connectors are solid. The net stays stretchy and can be set up to be very tight without damaging the frame or the net itself. The ball is solid and bouncy, although the set doesn’t include any backups.


Spikeball Inc was once the exclusive manufacturer of all Roundnet equipment. They have several of the top products on our list in large part due to their fantastic warranty. The original Spikeball game set is no different and comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a generous refund policy, which allows for returns up to one year from the date of purchase.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Bombproof construction
  • Stretchy, durable net
  • Spikebuoy compatible
  • Only one ball
  • No hand pump

2. Best Budget Spikeball Set: GoSports Slammo Game Set

Why we like it: A newer manufacturer’s first offering is a great alternative with all the accessories at a below-average price.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / two standard-sized balls and one large ball

This Roundnet set is hugely popular for its build quality, extras, and inexpensive price. It has a springy net, stable legs, and comes with two sizes of balls. It’s also standard-sized, so the performance difference between this and the other top sets is virtually unnoticeable.

The way the net hooks on to the rim is a little different than our number one pick and this design makes it a little less bouncy on the edges. The setup also makes it a bit trickier to connect and adjust the tightness of the net. That’s why this model was slightly edged out for the top spot. The legs don’t fold over like some other models, so the set has to be completely broken down for storage, adding a couple of minutes to set up and take down. Nonetheless, since this set comes in at a great price, it’s easily one of our favorites.


This set, for a similar price as our top pick, includes three balls total, one of which is a ‘training ball’ that comes in a larger size. It’s got a drawstring carrying bag and a needle to inflate the balls, although no pump. It’s not compatible with Spikeball Inc’s Spikebuoy, which is a bit of a bummer. Overall, though, you get some nice extras at a slightly lower price point than other brands.


The balls are made of tough but springy material and they’re easy to play with. We also love that the set comes with a couple of backups. The plastic legs hold up to heavy use. The net is patterned a little bit differently to other sets. Some customers have reported that the frame warps when the set is stored in high heat, so be careful if you store this in a vehicle on a hot summer day.


Although Slammo doesn’t offer the same level of refund support as Spikeball Inc, their customer service is fantastic and the company responds incredibly quickly, shipping new products out within several days. This set, as well as most of our list, has a lifetime warranty and Slammo will ship out replacement parts for free or take the whole set back to replace it if necessary.

  • Solid frame
  • Standard competition-sized
  • Extra balls
  • Large size training ball
  • Not name-brand
  • Frame warps under high heat
  • Less springy net

3. Spikeball Standard Three Ball Set

Why we like it: The original Spikeball set gets a premium upgrade and three backup balls for a slight price hike.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / standard-sized ball

This set is definitely one of the best sellers in the Roundnet universe, and it provides an upgrade to Spikeballs standard set, coming with three balls. As with the rest of Spikeball Inc’s products, we love the design, classic color scheme, and durability.

There’s also a Spikeball Inc branded app you can download which allows you to find events and tournaments around Spikeball. The app is attractive, functional, and easy to use. There are plenty of casual events in most urban areas, as well as a calendar of 25 professional events all over the US, in case you want to see some of the best players throw down. We think that’s a great plus, and there is no purchase necessary.

At the end of the day, though, the extra balls are nice to have but not necessary given the durability of the equipment. All the balls are the same size; there’s no larger beginner-friendly ball included. Nothing else notably differentiates this set from other Spikeball Inc models, even though it sits at a more premium price. Still, if you want a few extra balls just to be on the safe side, this is a good pick for you.


Spikeball, as the competition standard for Roundnet, has the privilege of offering products at the highest price point. That’s to say, their midrange version just gets you extra balls and none of the other accessories that smaller manufacturers provide. So just like the standard Spikeball Game Set, no large game ball, and no hand pump. This set has a drawstring bag just like its cheaper counterpart, while the pro version upgrades the carrying case to a backpack. We would like to see that bonus for this mid-price version.


Durability is another strong point for this set, as with all Spikeball Inc branded products. The net is springy and durable, and the attachment points on the frame are very strong, making the net easy to install. The balls are made of high-quality, springy plastic, and you’ve got a couple of backups just in case. The frame is solid, and the legs are the same as the flagship set. There’s not really anything to complain about regarding build quality on this set—it’s great.


The warranty, as with the other Spikeball Inc products, is flawless and literally lasts a lifetime. The refund policy applies to this Spikeball set as well, so you get a whole year to return for a full refund if necessary.

  • Three balls
  • Great design
  • Ultra-durable
  • Springy net
  • No pump
  • No large balls for beginners

4. Best Premium Spikeball Set: Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

Why we like it: The Spikeball Tournament Edition Pro Kit packs a ton of well-thought-out features into Spikeball Inc’s tried and true package.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / two standard-sized pro-edition balls

The Spikeball Tournament Edition Pro Kit is not only one of our favorite sets, but one of the best value as well. Although it sits at a premium price point, it has improved on earlier models and made some appreciated adjustments to the finer details of the product. It comes with a reinforced rim and legs, and two balls made of a redesigned material. It’s also got a non-slip rubber coating on the legs, which helps with indoor play on slippery surfaces.

Our favorite part? This set comes with a perk—included is a free registration to any Spikeball Roundnet Association Tournament. There are tournaments all over the country and in most cities, so Spikeball is never too far away. The sport is growing rapidly and has an incredibly welcoming community; it’s easy to get involved. There are some really strong competitors, and the tournament series even culminates with a World Championship! Check out Spikeball Inc’s phone app, which is free to download. On the app, you can find official events and tournaments, or you can just find people who want to play casually. It’s a blast either way.

All things considered, if you’re gonna be playing Spikeball often, it’s definitely worth it to upgrade to this premium set. Even at the higher end of the price spectrum, it’s still a great value.


This set has our favorite accessory, a backpack carrying case. It’s durable and comfortable to wear, as opposed to the drawstring straps for the carrying cases of some less expensive models. It comes with two Pro-Edition balls, which have a little more texture and are easier to control and spin than the standard balls. It’s also got a ball pump with a pressure gage, which is great to have when the balls start to go flat.


The designers of this set paid very close attention to durability. The rim and legs of this model are made with reinforced plastic, and it’s 33% more durable than other Spikeball Inc models. The balls are made of a new material that holds up to wear-and-tear better than past iterations, and the backpack feels dependable.


It’s hard to beat Spikeball Inc’s combination warranty/return policy. This Spikeball set has a year-long risk free return policy as well as the lifetime warranty we’ve come to expect on Roundnet sets. If you break just one piece you can get a new one sent out no questions asked, but you’re not likely to, with the revamped and reinforced construction.

  • Pro balls
  • Reinforced rim and legs
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Backpack carrying case
  • Ball pump included
  • Premium Price

5. Best Spikeball Set for Beginners: Spikeball Rookie Kit

Why we like it: This durable and fun set makes Spikeball accessible for beginners and young players.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: 45-inch net / 6.5 inch ball (size of a cantaloupe)

One of the reasons Spikeball has become a sensation is the fact that it’s both competitive and challenging. Although teens and adults will have no problem learning the rules and adjusting to the quick style of play, younger children sometimes have a hard time learning on a standard-sized set. Recently, several companies have come out with some child/beginner-friendly Roundnet sets that have a bigger ball and bigger net. These details slow down the game a little bit, and although it’s still plenty of fun for more advanced players, it’s easier to learn.

Spikeball Inc makes our favorite beginner-friendly set, and the equipment holds up to the high standards of their other products. It’s easy to learn and new players can get straight to the action without facing the challenges of a small ball and play surface. The ball is 50% larger than standard and so is the net. This bigger ball is textured differently to make it easier to grip, no other set available has these upgraded balls. This is the best pick for beginners and young players, and even provides a good option to switch up the game for players who already have a standard-sized Spikeball set.


As with other Spikeball Inc sets, this Spikeball set doesn’t have any extra balls. It does have a drawstring carrying case which comes in handy given the large size of the game. This is the only product that contains the larger Spikeball, as Spikeball doesn’t sell the large ball by itself.


Durability is a strong point for this set. The plastic is near unbreakable, and the legs are designed to fold under in case someone falls on the net. The net itself is easy to adjust but it is less springy than the nets on other Roundnet sets. We imagine that’s because of its large diameter.


Spikeball Inc delivers again with a great warranty, and will replace the entire set for free in case of damage. If you happen to break just a single part, Spikeball Inc will send a replacement. They have a full ‘whatever reason’ refund policy that applies for one year, which is a bonus if you think you might want to eventually upgrade to the competition-sized set.

  • Great for young players/beginners
  • Textured ball
  • Industry-best quality
  • Alternative option for seasoned players
  • Net is less bouncy
  • Slower gameplay

6. Funsparks Slam Ball Game

Why we like it: A durable and competition-ready Roundnet set includes all the extras at a budget price point.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / standard-sized ball

While it’s not the cheapest Roundnet set on the market, this budget-oriented set unquestionably provides excellent value and exceptional durability. The frame and rim are made of PVC plastic, and setup is relatively easy, although the net itself can be tricky to install. It has a whole host of accessories and a couple of backup balls, just in case. It’s great for outdoor play, but since it doesn’t have the rubberized coating for the legs, if you’re playing on a wood or concrete surface you might have some problems with slippage.

The bright blaze orange color is a clear winner. The balls aren’t perfectly round, but to some degree, you get what you pay for, and this quirk doesn’t really interfere with the game. At about half the price of competitors, the set’s affordability makes up for some of the issues.


This Roundnet set excels as far as accessories go, and it includes a whole host of features that some more expensive models don’t even have. It’s got three balls, two of which are competition-sized, and one training-sized ball with a 12cm diameter. It comes with a drawstring carrying case, which is fine but feels a little cheap. Lastly, it’s got a pump to keep the balls fully inflated.


Although the frame is solid, the net is not as springy as it should be and that makes gameplay a little more difficult. Heavier use on this model can lead to the net unraveling. The hooks that attach the net to the rim have are not glued or screwed on and have an annoying tendency to fall off during setup and takedown, which is a design issue that other sets have avoided by attaching the hooks directly to the rim.


No official warranty to be seen here, although Funsparks does say they have a quality guarantee and will replace any broken piece.

  • Includes extra balls and pump
  • Solid construction
  • Standard competition-size
  • Great price
  • Hooks fall off the rim
  • Net prone to fraying
  • Balls aren’t perfectly round

7. Jogenmax Spike Battle Ball Game Set

Why we like it: The Jogenmax Roundnet set brings an innovative, foldable design to the Spikeball world.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / three 4-inch balls

Jogenmax definitely defies convention with this mainly metal Roundnet set, and we’re happy to see the innovation. Attention to detail is clearly here, as the hollow metal frame solidly supports the net. Each of the legs has a rubber suction-cup style base that works in indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike other sets, the legs are screwed directly into the frame. The rim is made out of metal as well and it locks into place during setup. It’s rock-solid, but it is on the heavier side.

The Jogenmax Spikeball set doesn’t break down like other sets, it simply folds up. The net doesn’t detach at all, so after you’re done playing, you can just tuck it neatly away in the included canvas bag. Its high price is justified by its solid metal construction as well as its full set of accessories.


The Jogenmax set doesn’t skimp on extras, and the set includes three balls, which are a bit bigger than the standard size used in competition. It comes with a pump as well as a solid, canvas carrying bag. The carrying bag is ‘duffel style,’ most other manufacturers include a drawstring bag you can wear on your back. Considering that this set is quite heavy, we’d prefer it came with a backpack style carrying case.


Jogenmax clearly emphasizes durability via the Roundnet set’s rock-solid metal construction. The net isn’t replaceable but it holds its bounce very well, and due to its foldable design you don’t ever have to worry about adjusting the tightness. The balls and pump are the weak link here and feel a little cheaply made.


Jogenmax does offer a 60-day exchange/return/refund program, but not the lifetime warranty that we see come standard with most other manufacturers.

  • Metal construction
  • Full suite of accessories
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Higher price
  • Cheap ball and pump
  • Heavy, hard to carry
  • Minimal warranty

8. Franklin Sports Spyderball Game Set

Why we like it: A super inexpensive Spikeball set which is fine for occasional players but leaves out the higher-end touches.

Editor’s Rating:

Net/Ball Size: Standard-sized net / two standard-sized balls and one large ball

Although it comes with a standard, competition-sized net and ball, the Franklin Sports Spyderball Game Set can’t help but feeling a little bit like a knockoff. It’s fine for occasional use, but it has some disappointing features that knock it down towards the bottom of our list. Setup and takedown are pretty time consuming and feel not fully thought out. The legs don’t fold under the net and they’re made of a flimsy-feeling plastic.

This set does make one improvement on other designs, though, adding a hook system to the legs of the frame. This allows the net to attach to a full 360 degrees of the rim, which makes the net more adjustable, so you can set it up with a tighter maximum tension. This delivers maximum bounce for when you’re looking for intense Spikeball sessions. The net itself, unfortunately, isn’t that bouncy overall, so it ends up being a wash when compared with other sets.


This Spikeball set comes with a full suite of accessories, including two competition-sized balls, one 6-inch practice ball, a drawstring carrying bag, and a pump. The pump is nice to have as these balls deflate a bit quicker than in other sets. It’s impressive that Franklin Sports can deliver all the accessories at this low of a price.


Durability is a weak point, and most of the individual pieces in this set feel fragile. The legs don’t provide a sturdy platform. The pump, while it’s nice to have, feels cheaply made and might not last the lifetime of the product.


You get what you pay for and there is neither a warranty or a refund policy for this product.

  • Innovative net attachment system
  • Lots of accessories
  • Great price
  • Large practice ball included
  • Flimsy plastic legs
  • Net isn’t bouncy
  • No warranty

Guide to Buying the Best Spikeball Set in 2024

Spikeball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America, with tournaments popping up all over the country. Players have started to take the game seriously, with hopes of the sport even being accepted into the Olympics!

Right now, though, the sport is most popular at a grassroots level, ranging from backyards to clubs that play pickup games. It’s also becoming popular in PE classes and at after-school programs as a great way for kids to learn teamwork skills and burn off some energy.

How to Play Spikeball

Spikeball, or Roundnet, is a volley based game like Ping Pong or Volleyball, so it is easy to get the hang of for most people. It’s played with teams of two-on-two, and before each serve, both teams have to stand on opposite sides of the playing area. Serves must be delivered from 6 feet out. To serve, you throw the ball up in the air, and then hit it with your hand to bounce it off the net in front of you. After the serve, there are no boundaries, and players can stand at any point around the net.

The serve is then received by the other team, and that team has three touches to return the ball. This is accomplished by bouncing it off of the net to put the ball pack into the other team’s possession. Once a team can’t return the ball, the other team gets a point. This happens when the ball touches the ground, the rim of the Roundnet set, or if a team touches the ball more than 3 times.

All in all, the game is quite similar to volleyball, so that’s a good starting point for thinking about it. Spikeball Inc made a fantastic video explaining the basics of the game.

Variations of Spikeball

Spikeball has been adopted by so many people that there are now several variations of how the game is played. There are also rule changes to enable you to play with two or three players, and there are some fun variants that spice up the game when you’re playing casually. A few of our favorites rule switch-ups are:

  • Deuces: Players on each team only get two touches per side, making for a quicker and more difficult game.
  • Ambidextrous: Both teams can only use their non-dominant hand, making for some really funny plays.
  • Infinity touch: Each team has an unlimited amount of touches to return the ball, which allows teams to set up powerful hits, spikes, and trick plays.

Spikeball Inc and the Industry

The game of Spikeball has existed since the 1980s, but in 2008 came its biggest boost. It was revived by a company called Spikeball Inc, which created the viral, must-have product we see today. Since then, other competitors have started to release similar Roundnet sets. This has been somewhat controversial, and some players that are dedicated to Spikeball Inc as a brand feel like these products are knockoffs. The truth, though, is that other manufacturers have forced Spikeball Inc to step up their game and have brought innovative features of their own to the Roundnet world.

Since other brands have come out with their own Roundnet sets, Spikeball has released the Spikeball Tournament Edition Pro Kit and the Spikeball Rookie Kit. Both of these Roundet sets cater to different audiences than their flagship model, and we feel like that’s great for Roundnet players in general. Our opinion? Buy the set that is the best fit for you and the people you’ll be playing with. Spikeball Inc makes high-quality products with fantastic features, but so do the other manufacturers.

Spikeball on Shark Tank

One of the events that brought Spikeball into the mainstream was its Shark Tank debut. The founder of Spikeball Inc went onto the show and ended up striking a $500,000 deal with Daymond John, one of the ‘Sharks’ on the show. Due to some differences in how they wanted to run the business, the deal fell apart, but the product had been seen on primetime TV by millions of Americans. Sales skyrocketed.

The founder of Spikeball credits Shark Tank to a large degree for the explosion of Spikeball as a sport in the US. It continues to grow every year, and it maintains record popularity at a grassroots level.

The Roundnet Community

A huge reason Roundnet has seen immense growth during the last few years is the incredible community that surrounds the sport. Roundnet is similar to ultimate frisbee in that it is fun, fast-paced, easy to learn, and can be played by all different ages and ability levels. That’s why you see it at official beach tournaments, in backyards, and everywhere in between.

There are lots of ways to get involved. While most people play casually, there are official tournaments in 20 states, and there’s probably one close to you. There are weeknight pickup games and leagues in colleges and schools. Ever since Spikeball Inc came out with a free app, it’s easy to find players almost anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Spikeball is growing more and more popular thanks to its fast-paced style of play, its accessibility across all ages, and has a strong community. It’s easy to learn, and it’s fun for everybody. The best part? Unlike other mainstream sports, it doesn’t take much money to get into—you can get a great set for around $50. Whether you’re looking for a new sport to get into or you just want something that everyone in the family can enjoy, Spikeball is a great way to be active while having a blast.

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