The 10 Best Trampolines in 2024

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Trampolines have been a staple of American backyards for over 70 years. While trampolines have always been fun, technology and design improvements from the past 10 to 15 years have also made them safer to use than ever before. Trampoline was also added as an event at the Olympic Games in 2000, which led to a huge explosion in trampoline sales worldwide.

Features to Consider in Good Trampolines

Adding a new trampoline is a surefire way to make any backyard or playroom more fun for kids and adults alike, but it’s important that you get the right trampoline for your family’s needs. Here are the factors you should consider before choosing the best trampoline for you:


Trampolines are measured by the diameter of the frame, not the jumping surface. The larger a trampoline, the more jumpers it can accommodate at one time. Larger trampolines generally also come with a higher weight limit. Outdoor trampolines normally begin at an 8-foot diameter, but can be much larger.

  • 8ft-10ft Trampolines: Ideal for a small yard, these smaller trampolines are for use by small children only.
  • 12ft Trampolines: This is an “in-between” size for families who need or want to conserve space, but have older kids or adults who want to jump too. This size is suitable for 2 to 3 small kids, or one bigger jumper.
  • 14ft+ Trampolines: If your space and budget allow it, you should aim for a trampoline with a diameter of 14 feet or larger. Bigger trampolines are more fun, safer, and allow for more simultaneous jumpers.

Safety Enclosure

The easiest way to get hurt on a trampoline is by flying off the sides. This is why trampoline manufacturers are required to include safety enclosure nets with all home models. In order to reduce the chance of injury to your family, we strongly advise against using a trampoline without a safety enclosure net properly installed.


In addition to the amount and quality of springs used, the shape of a trampoline has a big effect on the way it bounces its jumpers up into the air. The two most common shapes of trampoline frames are rectangular and circular. While both shapes can be fun, understanding the differences is key to picking your perfect trampoline.

  • Circular Trampolines: The choice of most backyard trampoline owners, round trampolines are ideal for recreational trampoline use because of the large jumping area and the tendency for the jumpers to naturally bounce toward the middle of the mat, keeping them away from the dangerous edges.
  • Rectangular Trampolines: Because of the way a user’s weight is distributed to the springs, a rectangular trampoline frame causes its users to bounce higher into the air than a circular frame. This makes them ideal for users looking for high performance and big air. Rectangular trampolines do not offer as large of a jumping surface as traditional round trampolines, but they launch you higher and straighter in the air. This makes them ideal for jumpers who want to use their trampoline for gymnastics or other sports. This is why rectangular trampolines are featured in the Olympics. These models are still safe for casual use and are often purchased by families with specific space requirements.


A small exercise trampoline, which is also called a rebounder, is a fun way to add some variety to your workouts at home. Working out using one of these is appropriately called rebounding. A proper rebounding routine combines jumping with other exercises to create a low-impact, full-body aerobic workout. A lot of the rebounders we looked at seemed like they were simply children’s trampolines rebranded as exercise equipment. We advise you to avoid these at all costs because poor quality springs introduce a lot of unnecessary impact to a rebounding workout, removing one of the main benefits.

Top 10 Best Trampolines 2024

1. Best Overall Trampoline: Zupapa Trampoline

Why we like it: Featuring sturdy construction and well-executed safety features, the Zupapa is our top pick for backyard trampolines. This is a great trampoline at an excellent price.

Editor’s Rating:

The Zupapa Trampoline, redesigned for 2024, may look like a traditional backyard trampoline, but a closer look reveals a lot of appreciated improvements. The no-gap design keeps kids safe and allows jumpers to jump on a much larger area of the surface of the trampoline. We were also impressed by the quality of the construction of this trampoline.

Arriving in three separate boxes, the first thing we noticed was that this trampoline was heavier than other models of similar size and shape. This is because Zupapa Trampolines are made with iron and steel frames that have gone through a process called “hot-dip galvanization.” During this process, the frames are dipped into molten zinc, coating the frame and creating a very strong alloy. While the extra weight makes the Zupapa a little more difficult to set up, the effect is a very sturdy feeling trampoline while jumping.


  • Available Sizes: 12ft, 14ft, 15ft
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 2.8ft
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 8.8ft
  • Maximum Individual User Weight Capacity: 12ft and 14ft: 330lbs, 15ft: 375lbs

Safety Factor

Between the no-gap design of the jumping mat and the structural improvements to the frame, the Zupapa is one of the safest trampolines we reviewed. Even at its relatively low price point, this trampoline will keep your family safely jumping for years or even decades to come.

Fun Factor

The extra usable space on the jumping mat makes the Zupapa Trampoline feel much larger than other traditional trampolines of the same size. Parents will also enjoy that less of their time will be spent yelling for kids to stay away from the edge of the trampoline.

  • Best overall trampoline we reviewed.
  • The no-gap edge of the jumping mat increases the usable space.
  • The galvanized frame is built to last
  • Great price
  • The ladder included with the trampoline is low-quality

2. Best Exercise Trampoline: MaXimus PRO Rebounder

Why we like it: Superior construction and a great selection of accessories make the MaXimus Pro our top choice for rebounders.

Editor’s Rating:

Made with high-quality trampoline parts, one customer called the MaXimus Pro Rebounder the “Cadillac of Rebounders,” and we completely agree. This exercise trampoline comes with a two-DVD set with instructions for seven different workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rebounders.

The MaXimus Pro Rebounder comes equipped with more accessories than any other rebounder we looked at, including a very sturdy stability bar, resistance bands, and sand-filled weights to use during your workout. It features a sturdy construction and folds up quickly to 1/4th of the original size for easy storage and transport. There is even an included bag for traveling with the rebounder.

With a weight limit of 310 pounds, this rebounder can take aggressive jumping from adults of any size. The MaXimus Pro offers a smooth, controlled bounce thanks to the higher quality of parts used.


  • Available Sizes: 40” diameter
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 10-13”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 310lbs
  • Foldable size: 33”x15”

Safety Factor

Rebounding is already a low-impact workout, but this trampoline takes it to a new level.

Fun Factor

A rebounding workout with the MaXimus pro is intense, but it’s also one of the most fun at-home workouts ever.

  • Best rebounder trampoline we reviewed
  • Comes equipped with a balance bar, resistance bands, and sand weights
  • Included workout DVDs provide great instruction
  • Included carrying case for easy transport
  • More expensive than most other rebounders

3. Best Children’s Trampoline: Little Tikes 7’ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

Why we like it: Offering the largest jumping surface and most activities of any children’s trampoline we reviewed, the Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline from Little Tikes is our favorite playroom trampoline.

Editor’s Rating:

Combining a trampoline with some features most commonly found in playground equipment, the Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline is the most fun trampoline for small children around. With a seven-foot jumping surface as well as the largest individual weight limit of any kids trampoline we reviewed, the Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline is guaranteed to be a playroom favorite for years to come.

While most children’s trampolines are meant for kids six years of age and younger, the additional size and capacity of this trampoline allows kids as old as 10 years old to join in the fun. This additional capability is the reason that the Climb N’ Slide is significantly more expensive than other alternatives we looked at.

The Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline is our top pick for homes with multiple children because the slide makes it easy for multiple toddlers to play at the same time. While Little Tikes recommends only one child jump on the trampoline portion at the same time, many parents reported to us that they were able to allow 2-3 smaller kids on at the same time with no signs of overworking the unit.


  • Available Sizes: 7ft
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 1.5ft
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 7.5ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 105lbs

Safety Factor

With a wide jumping surface and a sturdy enclosure net, this is the safest children’s trampoline we reviewed.

Fun Factor

While the slide portion of the trampoline is only fun for smaller children, the large bouncy jump surface of the trampoline is a blast for kids up to ten years old.

  • Best trampoline for households with multiple young children
  • Suitable for kids up to ten years old
  • High weight capacity for a children’s trampoline
  • Older kids will be too big to use the included slide

4. Best Premium Trampoline: Springfree Trampoline

Why we like it: The design of the Springfree Trampoline is a revolution in trampoline safety, replacing traditional springs with composite rods.

Editor’s Rating:

Easily the most innovative trampoline we looked at, the Springfree Trampoline is just what it sounds like, a trampoline with no springs. Instead, the patented SoftEdge mat is held above the frame by a series of flexible, composite rods. Because of this unique design, the metal frame remains hidden well below the jumping area during play. This completely eliminates the risk of injury from hitting the frame while jumping.

As you might expect, all this innovation comes with a lofty price tag, with Springfree Trampolines costing up to 5 times the amount of a comparable traditional trampoline. Even at the much higher price point, many owners we spoke to were happy to have had chosen Springfree because they felt good about allowing their kids to play on it with less supervision than what is required on a traditional trampoline.

One unexpected benefit of the Springfree design is that it allows trampolines in different sizes and shapes than standard sizes, making these trampolines a great choice for smaller backyards. We were especially impressed by the 13ft jumbo square model, which provides a larger usable jumping surface than most 15ft trampolines. It’s also clear that Springfree Trampolines are made to last, with each coming with a 10-year warranty on all parts.


  • Available Sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 11ft, 13ft in various shapes
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 3ft-3.3ft depending on size
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 8.9ft-9.3ft depending on size
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250lbs for each individual jumper, 1100 total

Safety Factor

Because of the unique design, the Springfree Trampoline is the safest model of trampoline we reviewed.

Fun Factor

After looking at the Springfree Trampoline for the first time, we were worried that jumpers would not be able to bounce as high on it. However, we were impressed by how bouncy the composite rods made this trampoline. We found it comparable, but some buyers even claim it launches them higher than a traditional spring trampoline. Many models also include a high-quality basketball hoop for even more fun.

  • The Springfree design makes this the safest trampoline on the market
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • Huge weight capacity
  • Up to 5x the cost of a traditional trampoline

5. Best Budget Trampoline: Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Why we like it: Skywalker Trampoline offers a fun and safe trampoline at a very low price point. The basketball hoop makes this model extra fun.

Editor’s Rating:

The Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline from Skywalker Trampolines is one of the most popular backyard trampolines on the market. Thanks to the affordable price and their reputation for safety, Skywalker Trampolines have quickly become a common sight in backyards across the country. Featuring a breakaway basketball hoop, your family will spend hours shooting hoops and dunking.

Skywalker Trampolines was founded in 2004 with a simple pledge to never make or sell a trampoline without an included safety net. Every trampoline sold by Skywalker comes with a patented enclosure net that is easy to assemble and keeps jumpers away from the most dangerous part of a trampoline, the exposed springs.

While the budget-friendly price tag is a big selling feature, several users report needing to replace springs or other parts in order to keep the trampolines in working order after a few years. The Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline also has smaller springs than most models of comparable size, resulting in slightly reduced bounciness.


  • Available Sizes: 15ft
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 3.5ft
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 9ft
  • Maximum Individual User Weight Capacity: 200lbs

Safety Factor

The patented safety-net design begins at the edge of the jumping mat and keeps jumpers away from springs, but reduces the available space for jumping. Owners should carefully check the springs and jumping surface for stretches and tears between sessions.

Fun Factor

It’s hard to think of an activity more perfectly tailored to a trampoline than playing basketball. This makes a basketball hoop and foam ball an excellent addition to this model. However, the relatively low weight limit may keep some players out of the game altogether.

  • Best value trampoline we reviewed
  • Patented enclosure net keeps kids away from springs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Less bouncy than similarly sized trampolines
  • Lower quality frame results in reduced lifespan

6. Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Why we like it: Upper Bounce’s rectangular trampoline offers high-quality performance at a mid-range price.

Editor’s Rating:

The rectangular trampoline from Upper Bounce is a good addition to any backyard or playroom. The compact size and easy disassembly and reassembly make this a good choice for any customer who does not have a permanent space for a trampoline or will be moving their trampoline to different locations between uses.

The Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline carries an impressive 500lb weight limit, making it suitable for jumpers of all sizes. It also includes a high-quality safety pad that covers the metal frame and the springs.


  • Available Sizes: 8x14ft, 9 x15ft, 10x17ft
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 2.9ft
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 8.8ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 500lbs

Safety Factor

In general, rectangular trampolines are not as safe as their round counterparts because they launch a jumper higher into the air and do not naturally bounce them back towards the center of the jumping area when they get close to the edges. Thankfully, the sturdy enclosure net and cushy safety pad on this trampoline do a good job of keeping out-of-control jumpers injury-free.

Fun Factor

A very springy trampoline at a good price, the Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline has more than enough power to launch its users into the stratosphere.

  • Great for catching huge air
  • Best value in a high-performance gymnastics trampoline
  • Available in three sizes
  • Enclosure net and safety pad need regular readjustment

7. Skywalker Mini Trampoline

Why we like it: This trampoline feels like an outdoor trampoline shrunk down to a kid-friendly size. The fun colors and designs on the jumping mat make this a great addition to any child’s playroom.

Editor’s Rating:

Creating a totally safe environment for bouncing, the Skywalker Mini Trampoline with included safety net allows a child to jump up and down with no fear of falling off the trampoline or getting a foot stuck in the area between the frame and the mat.

Skywalker Trampolines is one of the most popular manufacturers of backyard trampolines, and parents will be happy to know that the same quality parts and manufacturing can be found in their models for children. We were most impressed by the padded circular balance bar, allowing little jumpers to face in any direction while holding on. Parents will also love that this trampoline uses stretch bands instead of potentially dangerous metal springs.

This trampoline is a great addition to any playroom, complete with colorful images on the jump mat. The Skywalker Mini is available in a wide range of sizes and also comes with a three-year warranty on the frame and one year of coverage on all other included materials.


  • Available Sizes: 40”, 48” and 60”
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): Net is not removable
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 57” – 59” depending on size
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100lbs

Safety Factor

Metal springs are the most common culprit of injuries for children jumping on trampolines. By replacing the springs with stretch bands, the chances of this trampoline causing injuries is greatly reduced.

Fun Factor

Kids love the freedom of movement offered by this trampoline and the 360-degree balance bar.

  • Unique balance bar makes it easy for kids of any age to hold on while jumping
  • Best enclosure net on a children’s trampoline
  • Fun designs printed on jumping surface
  • Only room for one jumper at a time

8. Little Tikes Trampoline

Why we like it: From one of the most trusted names in toys, this is a perfect first trampoline for little jumpers.

Editor’s Rating:

Exclusively sold on Amazon, the Little Tikes Trampoline is a great, inexpensive addition to any playroom. Parents will instantly recognize the simple, quality construction that they have come to expect from Little Tikes toys. With a three-foot diameter, this trampoline is designed for use for children between 3 and 6 years old. There is a weight limit of 55 pounds, and onle one child can use the trampoline at a time.

Setting up the Little Tikes trampoline is a breeze, as the unit comes nearly fully assembled and only needs to be unfolded and have a few parts screwed in. Parents reported to us that it took less than 15 minutes to prepare the trampoline for play for the first time.

The lack of a net enclosure means that most parents will want to supervise their children while using the trampoline. Thankfully, however, the Little Tikes trampoline sits very low to the ground, so children who fall off are unlikely to injure themselves provided there is proper clearance around the trampoline. The padded balance bar also helps keep little ones bouncing safely.


  • Available Sizes: 36” diameter
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 26.25” to the handlebar
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): there is no net enclosure
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 55lbs

Safety Factor

Because there is no enclosure, children who lose control while bouncing may fall off the trampoline. Some parents also reported to us that the safety mat covering the springs also comes off easily.

Fun Factor

Little Tikes toys have provided fun for little children since 1926. Any young child would have a blast jumping on this trampoline.

  • Best value trampoline for young kids
  • Sturdy handrail keeps kids safe while bouncing
  • For young children only
  • Customers report safety padding rips after repeated use

9. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

Why we like it: Great for outdoor use as well as indoor workouts, the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline is a no-nonsense rebounder that performed great in our review.

Editor’s Rating:

The BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline is a high-quality piece of equipment suitable for indoor and outdoor use. At 330 pounds, this model has a higher weight limit than any of the rebounders we looked at. The only included accessory is the balance bar with an adjustable foam handle.

This rebounder is the best choice we found for outdoor workouts in any condition. The jumping mat features a waterproof, anti-slide rubber coating allowing users to keep their footing, even when the mat gets wet. This also means that this trampoline can be left outside between uses with no concerns about damaging the trampoline.


  • Available Sizes: 40” diameter with adjustable handlebar from 39.5” – 49.5”
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 7.5”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Foldable size: 30”x15”

Safety Factor

The closed design of the steel springs do a great job of shielding users from the sharp ends of the springs after a misstep.

Fun Factor

While the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline does not have a lot of included accessories to add to your workout, being able to move your workout outdoors is lots of fun.

  • Best rebounder for outdoor workouts
  • Adjustable balance bar with foam handle
  • High weight limit
  • No workout accessories included

10. Best Gymnastics Trampoline: ACON Air 16 Sport HD

Why we like it: The ACON Air 16 is a serious piece of sporting equipment. No other trampoline we reviewed launches its jumpers so high into the air.

Editor’s Rating:

The ACON Air 16 Sport HD is a professional-quality trampoline. With a galvanized steel frame and 140 heavy-duty springs, this model is the perfect choice for advanced trampoline users. This was the most powerful trampoline we reviewed, and even just jumping straight up and down on it is quite an experience.

We were impressed by the engineering of the Air 16 Sport HD. By using what ACON calls “Synergy Design” in the jump mat to deliver the optimal load to each spring, this trampoline delivers the biggest bounce of any we reviewed. The heavy-duty frame moves very little during use and the safety net is sturdy enough to catch even the most out of control jumper.

Of all the trampolines we reviewed, the Air 16 Sport HD felt like the most serious piece of sporting equipment we found. If we were training for the Olympics, this is the trampoline we would pick.


  • Available Sizes: 10x17ft
  • Frame height (without net enclosure): 3.3ft
  • Trampoline total height (with net enclosure): 10.5ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 800 lbs

Safety Factor

While this trampoline is not particularly safe for use without the included safety net, it is safe for even very young children with the net up. Especially for bigger jumpers, there is an additional risk of injury that comes with the additional jump height.

Fun Factor

This trampoline lets you jump really, really high. We think that’s fun.

  • Best high-performance trampoline we reviewed
  • Perfect trampoline for gymnastics
  • Patented Synergy Design delivers optimal load to each spring, resulting in maximum airtime
  • The price is higher than other performance trampolines

Guide to Buying the Best Trampolines


How big of a trampoline should I buy?

If teenagers and adults are going to use the trampoline, it needs to be at least 12 feet in diameter. 14 to 15ft is considered the optimal size for most backyard trampolines.

What is the minimum age for jumping on trampolines?

Children under 6 years of age should not jump on a trampoline that is 12ft or larger.

Which trampoline is the safest?

The trampoline that we reviewed with the best safety record is the SpringFree trampoline. This is because their unique design replaces the springs with flexible rods.

Can I set up my own trampoline?

Trampoline assembly does not require special skills, but it is a two-person job. You will also need a Phillips head screwdriver, a spring pulling tool, and a rubber mallet.

Setting up Your New Trampoline

Once you’ve decided which trampoline to buy, the next choice you need to make is how to assemble it. Most trampolines can be assembled in 3 to 4 hours by two adults working together. Alternatively, Amazon offers an assembly service for an additional charge with most of the trampolines they sell. If you would like to save a few hundred dollars by putting together your new trampoline by yourself, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure you have the right tools: Only three tools are required for setting up most trampolines. First, you need a Phillips head screwdriver, though you can also use a cordless drill in order to speed things up. Next, you will need to get a spring pulling tool. Required for attaching the spring to the frame, this hook-shaped tool will usually be provided with your new trampoline, but if it doesn’t it can be also be ordered for around $5 on Amazon. Finally, you will need a rubber mallet to finish installing the springs properly.
  • Check the contents of the package: Trampolines will often arrive in multiple boxes. Many negative reviews left by trampoline buyers are from customers who did not realize that one or more pieces were missing until they were already well into the process of putting the trampoline together. By checking the pieces against the included parts list before beginning assembly, you can save big headaches later.
  • Begin assembly: Make sure to follow the instructions provided with your trampoline carefully. You may want to consider watching a video of your specific trampoline being set up before you begin as well. Searching for the name of your trampoline on YouTube will likely produce several results.

Maintaining Your Trampoline

In order to keep your trampoline safe and fun for as long as possible, it’s important to learn how to maintain it properly. A trampoline is a great investment that can provide entertainment for years to come, providing quality time and great exercise for the whole family. Trampoline maintenance is very cost-effective, too. Below are some simple steps for keeping your trampoline in good shape.

  • Use a trampoline cover: An inexpensive trampoline cover does a great job of protecting your trampoline’s jumping surface from the elements. This is a critical accessory, especially for customers that want to leave their trampoline outside during winter weather. A waterproof cover keeps your trampoline’s jumping mat dry, greatly extending its lifespan.
  • Replace worn springs: Owners should regularly inspect the springs of their trampoline for signs of wear. If any of the springs seem like it is not holding the mat as firmly as the others, it should be replaced immediately. An imbalance in spring tension can cause an uneven jumping surface, resulting in excessive pulling on the jumping mat. Over time, this can cause the mat to tear, leading to reduced performance and an increased risk of injuries.
  • Keep the trampoline clear: It’s important to not let anything heavy sit on your trampoline while not in use. This is especially important during winter, since snow and ice can be very heavy as it accumulates on top of a trampoline. In order to prevent excessive wear on the springs, the cover should be swept or brushed off regularly.

Best Trampoline Games

Whether you’re hosting a party or just hanging out with family. It always helps to know a few engaging trampoline games to keep the fun going. Here are some of our favorites:

Pop the Popcorn – Also called “Crack the Egg,” this is a simple trampoline game for up to six players. Players take turns sitting in the middle of the trampoline, bending their knees and hugging them, forming a ball. The other players start jumping on the trampoline, trying to get the player in the middle to let go of their legs and “pop.” The player who lasts the longest without being popped wins!

H.O.R.S.E. – Like the playground basketball game, the object of this one is to avoid getting any letters while making your opponents spell out the word horse. To begin, the first player enters the trampoline enclosure and does a trick. The next player then goes in and tries to duplicate that trick. The rest of the players (and maybe spectators) then vote on whether or not that player did well enough to avoid getting a letter. When players have all five letters, they are eliminated. Play continues until only one player is left.

Birds in the Nest – Combining the fun of an Easter egg hunt with a trampoline, this game is our favorite trampoline party game for little kids. This game requires light, plastic balls of multiple colors like the ones you would find in a ball pit. Select a player to be the first “Bird in the Nest.” It is best if this is a player who has played the game before, as they will be able to demonstrate the role to any new players. The rest of the players will be called “runners.”

To play, the runners each choose a ball color and hide their eyes while the bird hides an equal number of each player’s balls in the backyard. The bird then sits in the trampoline while the runners scramble to find their balls and throw them over the top of the enclosure where the bird will gather them. After the bird has decided enough time has passed, they shout, “To the nest!” and the runners must stop and come back to the trampoline to count the balls. Whichever runner gathers the most balls of their color gets to be the next bird!

These games are just the beginning: you can find countless ideas for great trampoline games online. Whether you plan on using your trampoline for games, gymnastics, fitness, or anything in between, we’re sure that you’ll find a trampoline on this list that will have you jumping for joy.

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