The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes In 2024

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Indoor soccer is a fast, furious, and challenging game that needs footwork skills. This means that aside from the skill, you should also have the best indoor soccer shoes to be successful in this thrilling sport. Most types of soccer shoes, both for indoor or outdoor sports, are basically of the same construction.

To learn more about these types of shoes, you can visit your local sports shop. You will find there different brands with different styles and made of different materials. The technologies involved in constructing these shoes also vary, but all these brands do have something in common – they’re designed to offer support, comfort, and a superb feel for the ball.

In this article, we will take go through the best and most popular indoor soccer shoes available on the market now. We will also provide you with a buying guide making it easier for you to choose the pair of shoes for your needs.

Features to consider in Good Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer has its own set of regulations different from the other versions of soccer. For one, players compete on a soccer ground made of synthetic turf. Its courts don’t have any lines, but have walls instead. Also known as “futsal,” indoor soccer is a modified form of the sport played with five players per side on a smaller field.

Since the playing field is a lot smaller than that of outdoor soccer, the game is very fast with footwork as the game’s most important aspect. Therefore, when choosing the best indoor soccer shoes, there are a number of features you should look out for…

Outsole, insole, and midsole

Outdoor soccer shoes need cleats to give you more traction and so you can use them on different playing surfaces. However, some indoor soccer shoes don’t have cleats as these might damage the synthetic turf of the playing surface. The soles, which are usually constructed from gum rubber, are flat with slight, non-marking nubs.

This design gives you the right traction needed enabling you to have a good grip on the indoor surface. To allow you to get the best and most comfortable feel on your feet, the shoes’ outsoles should be both lightweight and flexible. Indoor soccer shoes should have some type of cleats. This allows you more stability needed to accommodate the rapid movements required by the game.

Although stiff soles can give you superb stability and great traction, they cannot allow the foot movement needed when playing the game. To play well, you must have control of the ball including dribbling and shooting. You can enhance these abilities when you wear comfortable shoes. The insoles of your shoes should have adequate cushioning to provide this comfort.

Good soccer shoes should have reinforced heels as such offer the stability needed in playing the game. The padding on the heel relieves pressure on the foot’s pressure points like the heel and the ball. The tongue should also have padding to prevent any pressure on the arches and the top of your feet.

As for the inner footbed, it should be of materials that draw moisture away so that your feet remain dry and cool. The midsole should have a low-profile to provide you with great control and contact. It should also be supportive enough and adequately padded to help you remain stable while on your feet and, at the same time, preventing foot pain.

Type of sole

Your choice of the type of sole for your soccer shoes depends on several factors. You can summarize these factors by answering the following questions – Do you plan to play soccer indoors or outdoors? How much traction do you need to perform well? What kind of cleats do you need? Does durability count?

After answering these questions, you can now decide which type of sole to choose. The different types are:

  • Flat. Indoor soccer shoes usually have flat soles for hard futsal or indoor courts. The shoes have rubber outsoles and are relatively lightweight.
  • Gum Rubber. This is the best type of material for indoor shoes with flat soles. Compared with regular rubber, this type is a bit softer and stickier. This means that it can provide excellent traction for quick movements on indoor courts. A downside to this is that the softness decreases the durability of the sole.But you can increase the lifespan of shoes with this type of sole by wearing them only indoors. Moreover, the natural color of the sole looks great against the natural black color of leather, which happens to be one of the most common materials of indoor soccer shoes. Because of this, a lot of people prefer them simply for the style.
  • Solid rubber. Most shoe soles are of this material. Solid rubber can still provide excellent traction for fast-paced games and can perform well on both outdoor- and indoor-turf courts. Solid rubber soles are also harder and last longer compared to gum rubber.
  • Cleats. To improve traction for indoor soccer players on artificial turfs, the soles come with small rubber studs though you can also use the shoes on harder playing fields with natural grass.Cleats can improve your traction on surfaces that aren’t hard or flat. When buying indoor soccer shoes, be sure to get those with turf cleats with smaller rubber studs that aren’t longer than metal spikes or studs.


Manufacturers of indoor soccer shoes construct their products out of four primary kinds of materials because these provide flexibility, breathability, and durability. All these factors make the shoe more comfortable. The materials used to construct such shoes are soft synthetic leather, mesh, leather or other types of synthetic materials.

Most shoe brands use leather, specifically calf or goatskin because these offer great feel and fit on feet. Some manufacturers of high-end shoes only use pure leather and these, by far, are the priciest. For that price, you get the most durable indoor soccer shoes.

If you can’t afford the genuine thing, you can always turn to soft synthetic leather as an alternative. This material has a lot of advantages to offer as well. The shoes are a lot less expensive, they’re as durable as leather shoes, and are water-resistant too. One downside is that they are not as flexible as genuine leather.

If you’re looking for shoes that are considerably cheap but are both breathable and light, you may consider indoor soccer shoes made of mesh material. These are way down the price scale but can still provide the properties needed like comfort, support, and a lightweight feel.


Although you want shoes that allow you to perform at your best, you also want your shoes to look good. The most classic styles come from the most well-known brands. These can help you perform really well while looking good on the field.

Most of the shoes with stylish designs only come in men’s sizes although some of them may come in smaller sizes. These make them a good choice for women who want to look good while playing indoor soccer. Because most indoor soccer shoes have sleek designs, you can select a pair that appeals to your own personal taste.

Aside from being less expensive, one huge benefit of choosing synthetic leather shoes is that they come in a wide selection of colors. Many of these color styles could make you stand out. In some cases, your whole team might want to adopt a team color of your own. If color styles are important to you, your best choice will be with synthetics.

Leather shoes in different colors are less common. To keep up with the demand for colored sports shoes, especially those made of true leather, Nike is now in the process of making leather indoor soccer shoes in varying color combinations too. That’s something to look forward to!


There’s not much difference in prices for indoor soccer shoes against running shoes, sneakers, and shoes for fashion. All are competitively priced. Younger players can have a good pair for about $39 to $50. The price for adult indoor soccer shoes can range between $50 to $100.

If you want shoes of premium materials, you’ll have to pay premium prices too. If you’re working with a budget, you have to consider all the other factors along with the price of the shoes you plan to buy.

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2024

1. adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic

Why we like it: This first pair of shoes comes from one of the most iconic brands in the sports industry. The adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic is one of the best indoor soccer shoes because it has a great design, formidable traction, and it’s very stylish. With it, you can take your game to the next level!

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The adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic is a gender-specific pair of shoes with a design to fit securely and comfortably on your feet. It also offers the best comfort and support with virtually no “break-in” time necessary. While women can wear these shoes too, when it comes to fit, this pair is most suitable for men.

Outsole, Insole, and Midsole

The shoes have a low-profile outsole, soles made of gum rubber, and a pivot-point to offer superb traction. It has a non-slip construction allowing you to remain stable even if you play on smooth surfaces. These shoes have non-marking outsoles and have enough flexibility to allow for fast, nimble, and multi-directional movement.

The insoles of these shoes make them extremely comfortable thanks to the textile lining and EVA material. Like the outsoles, the midsoles have a low-profile design for improved stability and control. The shoes offer excellent arch support too.

High-quality materials

This footwear is of full-grain leather both for the outsoles and uppers. The uppers are of suede leather and contrasting overlays along with the famous 3-stripes of the brand. Both the design and materials allow you to have maximum traction and ball control while playing.

  • This imported pair of shoes is of leather and has rubber soles.
  • Classic design with the traditional three stripes to show the brand.
  • Includes removable sockliners and an EVA insole.
  • Superior construction provides superior traction and optimum ball control.
  • Some claim that the rubber soles aren’t as pliable as previous Samba shoes.

2. adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Why we like it: These shoes are one of the most effective indoor soccer shoes available on the market now. They’re made of leather material with synthetic soles. The adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats offer superior stability, especially on firm, natural ground.

Editor’s Rating:

Superior construction

The shoes don’t just look great, but they are also perfect for showing off your sweet skills on the court. The superior construction of these shoes comes from their cushioned tow and soft-grain animal skin. These features allow you to control the ball easily while having a higher feel of the ball too.

This pair of shoes is a true classic. Over and over again, they have proven their worth and stood the test of time. Aside from being highly durable, they also offer a superb fit, extreme comfort, and they even come at a reasonable price. All these features make them perfect for indoor soccer players with different skill levels.


What makes these shoes innovative is that when you look at them from a technological position, the adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats have an edge over the competition. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and they help improve your performance too. If you’re looking for something stylish and effective, this is the perfect pair for you.


These shoes are of kangaroo leather which is super soft and super classy. This is one of the main reasons why the shoes have gained so much popularity among indoor soccer players. The material and construction of these shoes make them durable and extremely comfortable. Of course, you can expect such quality as the shoes come from one of the most famous brands in the world!

  • These imported shoes are of leather with synthetic soles.
  • Legendary indoor soccer cleats for superior stability on natural, firm ground.
  • The uppers are of leather for flexibility and comfort.
  • With these shoes, you can move with explosive traction and speed.
  • Some claim that the soles aren’t attached well to the shoes.

3. adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

Why we like it: Styled specifically for indoor soccer matches, the adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes have smooth uppers made of leather. These provide an abrasion patch made of split-suede and a glove-like fit for superior support and durability.

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These shoes are perfect for futsal and indoor soccer competitions. Another pair of shoes made of kangaroo leather that provides support and durability for when you need to compete. One look at these shoes and you’ll appreciate their style. They even come with outsoles made of non-marking gum rubber with lightweight EVA material for cushioning.

Aside from delivering the trademark feel and appearance of Adidas shoes, these shoes also provide superior performance allowing you to take better control of the ball. Wearing these shoes a few times already breaks them in so you can start using them for competing in indoor soccer games.

Built to last

The adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes are one of the most popular indoor soccer shoes because of the comfort they provide. Also, these shoes are of high-quality materials which means that they’re built to last. The soles of these shoes are of soft rubber that provides a firm grip on different types of indoor surfaces.

HSuperior performance

Apart from cushioning your feet, the EVA material also offers shock absorption. This means that it helps prevent impact transfer from the playing surface to your knees or ankles. The shoes also feature suede material that reinforces the uppers to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear. Because of the comfort and durability, wearing these shoes will help improve your performance at each game.

  • The shoes have uppers made of split-suede leather and soles made of rubber.
  • The die-cut EVA insole and synthetic lining offer lightweight comfort.
  • The non-marking outsoles provide superior grip on all kinds of indoor surfaces.
  • Includes an abrasion patch of split-suede leather for forefoot support and durability.
  • Some claim that the shoes may start squeaking after some time.

4. adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 TF Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: These shoes feature superb construction and high-quality. Coming from a well-known brand in the industry, the adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 TF Soccer Shoe has a stylish design while offering ultimate performance while you play on any indoor court. With these shoes, you can bring your game to a whole new level.

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Superb construction

The adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 TF Soccer Shoe comes with an upper made of agility touch skin. It’s designed with high-quality in mind and it provides a snug fit for your feet. This is essential for you to take control of the ball during play. Once worn, the shoes mold to the shape of your feet wrapping them in support and comfort while allowing for a full range of movement.


These shoes have non-marking outsoles made of rubber for excellent traction on smooth surfaces. They have midsoles with a low-profile design so that you can maintain contact and stability, thus, providing you with more control. As for the insoles, they are lightly padded to provide you with support and protection throughout the game.

The design of these shoes allows you to move in different directions and make quick or sharp turns as needed. Aside from the cool design, the shoes also have superior construction making them highly durable.


The shoes’ mono-tongue construction provides you with a snug and comfortable fit. They wrap around your feet perfectly to ensure support and comfort. The uppers of the shoes lock your feet into the shoes for ultimate stability too. With these shoes, you won’t have to break them in before you can start playing indoor soccer with them.

  • Imported indoor soccer shoes made of 100% synthetic and textile materials.
  • The Agility Touch Skin uppers mold perfectly to the shape of the feet.
  • Features mono-tongue, snug-fit construction to improve your agility.
  • The shoes keep turf material out so you can move with untouchable agility and speed.
  • Some issues with the product’s customer service.

5. New Balance Women’s 09v1 Cycling Shoe

Why we like it: The New Balance Women’s 09v1 Cycling Shoe features some excellent features like the breathable mesh, the midfoot strap that you can adjust, and the no-sew overlays made of synthetic material. Thanks to the full-length plate, the shoes offer power transfer to make playing a lot easier.

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These are one of the best indoor soccer shoes that you can use for other games and sports too. It’s the best shoe for beginners and it even features a cleat compatibility characteristic for advanced coaching. Other features that add to the versatility of these shoes are the adjustable midfoot strap, corroborative overlays, and breathable mesh.

Superior construction

The New Balance Women’s 09v1 Cycling Shoe has a full-length midsole board that provides power transfer which is essential to the game. It also has SPD clear compatibility allowing you to power through your competitions with ease. The shoes even feature a special inner lining that keeps foul odors at bay.

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, you can wear these shoes comfortably. Aside from the superior construction, these shoes are very stylish too. This means that while you play, you can feel confident in your skills and that you look great while playing!


These shoes from New Balance are of textile and synthetic materials combined perfectly to create a supportive and comfortable feel. It’s a lightweight pair of shoes with synthetic soles and EVA midsoles. Aside from looking great and performing well, wearing these shoes will keep you comfortable while you play against your competitors.

  • These shoes are of synthetic and textile materials with synthetic soles.
  • The shaft measures low-top from the arch.
  • A lightweight pair of spin shoes with EVA midsoles.
  • The shoes are corroborative artificial overlays, midfoot straps that are completely adjustable, and breathable mesh.
  • The cleats tend to loosen while in use.

6. PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala Indoor Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: One look at these shoes and you might wonder if they really should be one of the best indoor soccer shoes on the market. But once you try them out, you’ll discover that they are comfortable and durable enough for the game you love. The PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala Indoor Soccer Shoe features cushioned midsoles and forefoot pivot points for ultimate support and comfort.

Editor’s Rating:

Superior design

Coming from another well-known brand in the sports industry, these shoes successfully combine influences from fashion, sports, and lifestyle. The unique perspective of the brand allows manufacturers to come up with unexpected products with a superior design like the PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala Indoor Soccer Shoe. One look, one fit, and you’ll get hooked!

High durability

You can’t go wrong with this pair of shoes as they have high durability – enough to withstand a tough and competitive sport like indoor soccer. Just like the other shoes from the same brand, you can use this pair for playing games and for everyday activities without feeling uncomfortable. They have uppers made of synthetic leather and a breathable mesh that makes them a pleasure to wear.


The shoes have a mesh feature that allows your feet to breathe all throughout the day. They also have uppers that are completely scuff-resistant and cushioned insoles. Thanks to these features, you can wear the shoes for long periods of time without feeling pain or discomfort.

The EVA midsoles provide cushioning while the forefoot pivot points support speedy rotations. You can use these shoes for practice sessions and for competitions too. They have non-marking soles that provide excellent grin on different indoor surfaces.

  • These imported shoes are 100% synthetic including the soles.
  • The indoor shoes feature a toe box with tonal stitching and signature Formstrips at the sides.
  • The midsoles of the shoes feature reinforced toe bumpers.
  • The indoor outsoles of the shoes are non-marking.
  • Sizes run small.

7. PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: This fantastic pair of shoes are of high-quality materials making them durable and comfortable too. The PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe has a good width and adequate cushioning level. Just like the other shoes on our list, this pair is perfect for indoor soccer. The soles are highly flexible and they provide great traction for indoor surfaces.

Editor’s Rating:

Offers superior performance

The PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe has a unique design that makes it perfect for serious indoor soccer players. These shoes feature a combination of natural suede and leather to provide you with a good feel of the ball and a super soft touch. They also have toe reinforcements made of rubber that provide durability and protection.

The outsoles of the shoes have a low-profile design that provides a superior grip along with lightweight sockliners that guarantee optimal comfort and support. Wearing these shoes while playing will ensure that you can play at your best each time.


This pair of indoor soccer shoes features the perfect combination of textile and leather uppers, outsoles made of rubber, and reliable traction. They come with a low-profile design along with an elevated heel piece. These features give you an additional level of protection and support while you play.

The design of these shoes makes them perfect for indoor soccer. The soles flex well and they provide superior traction on indoor surfaces. When you use them outdoors, the soles tend to retain grass clippings, But they’re easy to clean so this isn’t really an issue.


One great feature of these shoes is the added reinforcement level along the impact zone of the toes. This provides you with more consistent results whenever you hit the ball. The shoes come in different fashion options and they come at a reasonable price. Comfortable, reinforced, and durable… what more can you ask for?

  • These shoes are of 100% textile and leather.
  • The imported shoes feature soles and toe enforcements made of rubber.
  • The toe reinforcement offers durability and protection.
  • The outsoles have a low profile providing superior grip while the sockliner ensures optimal comfort.
  • The shoes are quite small and narrow.

8. Nike Men’s MercurialX Victory VI CR7

Why we like it: Since the 1970s, Nike has produced shoes for different sports and different kinds of people. As indoor soccer gained popularity, the brand also came up with a line of indoor soccer shoes, one of which is the Nike Men’s MercurialX Victory VI CR7. This is one of the best options for playing a game of indoor soccer.

Editor’s Rating:

Superior construction

These shoes are uppers made of synthetic leather material making them both stylish and durable. The tongueless construction of the shoes allows for excellent lockdown while adding stability to your movements. The shoes also come with embossed ridges providing you with superb touch so you can play like a pro.


When it comes to fit, nothing rivals the Nike Men’s MercurialX Victory VI CR7. It features a Dynamic Fit Collar that links your feet, ankles, and lower legs. The shoes have a unique design that allows you to kick with power, gives you great control over the ball, and makes it easier for you to dribble the ball all over the court. It also wraps your feet completely giving you a secure and snug fit.

Outsole, insole, and midsole

These shoes provide you with superior grip thanks to the studded outsoles made of rubber. The design of these shoes gives you the grip that you need while you play a quick-paced game of indoor soccer. The shoes have non-slip outsoles to give you stability while shooting or gripping.

The outsoles are also very flexible allowing you to move freely, confidently, and quickly around the court. With these shoes, you can enjoy a comfortable game each time thanks to the adequate amount of support and cushioning in the toe, heel, and midsole areas. As for the insoles, they come with a low-profile design.

  • These shoes have rubber soles and a tongueless construction to provide a locked-down fit.
  • The horizontal ridges come embossed to improve touch.
  • The toothbrush is equipped with BrushSync technology to remind you when The outsoles of these shoes are of rubber to provide grip on indoor surfaces.
  • The shoes offer the best comfort, traction, and fit to ensure the best performance.
  • It’s quite narrow so some consumers claim that’s it’s not ideal for those with wide feet.

9. Nike Men’s SuperflyX 6 Academy IC

Why we like it: With these shoes, you can get quick changes in direction and the acceleration you need to dominate any indoor soccer match. The Nike Men’s SuperflyX 6 Academy IC features synthetic construction for just the right support and comfort. It has a lace-up closure and sockliners for responsive and lightweight cushioning.

Editor’s Rating:


This pair of shoes comes in a 2-tone color combination of white and a vibrant shade of racer blue. It’s also available in several sizes making it ideal for all ages and genders. The soles are of special material that makes them extremely comfortable to use. They fit comfortably and snugly on your feet allowing you to move with speed and accuracy.

These shoes also provide a natural feel and an exceptional grip while playing. With the Nike Men’s SuperflyX 6 Academy IC, you can keep your ankles safe thanks to the lightsomeness band. They also feature an extra artifact that prevents your joints from getting strained during the game.

Superior support

These shoes are of a special synthetic material that provides coziness and superior joint support. While wearing these shoes you can accelerate and change directions quickly and easily. The shoes also have a snakeskin overlay that adds to the style and your precision as you make explosive movements.

Design and construction

These shoes from Nike feature a knit construction along with a lightsomeness mortise band to protect your joints. This special band helps prevent injuries as you play the fast and intense game. It also provides you with additional security and support by connecting your mortise joints with your feet.

The material of the soles adds to the comfort of the shoes. The rubber material makes the shoes flexible and provides an excellent grip. With these shoes, you can enjoy responsiveness making it easier for you to focus on your game.

  • The Dynamic Fit collar links your lower leg and foot allowing your ankle to move freely.
  • The fabric features NIKESKIN overlay to provide touch at higher speeds.
  • The outsoles have non-marking rubber to provide traction on different surfaces.
  • The heel lining helps the boot stay in place while gripping the feet too.
  • The raised edge may cause pain or irritation to the heels.

10. Nike Hypervenomx Phelon 3 DF Turf Cleat

Why we like it: This final pair of shoes on our list also qualifies as one of the best indoor soccer shoes on the market now. It’s a third-generation pair of shoes that comes with improved features compared to its predecessors. The Nike Hypervenomx Phelon 3 DF Turf Cleat offers superior breathability, durability, comfort, and a superb fit along with a stylish design.

Editor’s Rating:

High-quality materials

The construction of these shoes provides you with excellent stability and a superior fit while you play. It’s made of high-quality materials and constructed with unique lock-down features. These features ensure that your feet remain secure within the shoes. All the materials used for these shoes are both durable and lightweight allowing you to reach the top of your game.

Dynamic fit

The Nike Hypervenomx Phelon 3 DF Turf Cleat offers a Dynamic Fit, a feature that only Nike has to offer. This means that the shoes link your lower feet to your ankles to provide great feel and touch for the ball, as well as, added support. The shoes also have Flywire cables that you wrap around your feet for additional stability.

Since your feet are your most important assets while playing indoor soccer, these shoes are perfect for you as they provide you with everything you need to use your feet in the most effective way. The shoes offer flexibility, durability, and strength so that you can play with confidence and accuracy each time.

Improves your performance

The outsoles of these shoes provide you with excellent traction. The soles are of gum rubber giving you a good grip whether you’re on or off the playing area. The strong and durable outsoles also provide flexibility so that you can pivot, change direction, and move around freely while playing.

  • Stylish, flexible, and offers a superb fit.
  • The shoes are extremely durable, comfortable, and breathable.
  • Offers stability primarily because of the unique lock-down features.
  • The outsoles provide superior traction and support.
  • It’s quite expensive.

Guide to Buying the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

With the great variety of indoor soccer shoes available on the market now, it is a daunting task to choose the best one. As a buyer, you should take into consideration different factors. This hopefully can help you decide which pair of shoes will best suit your needs.

Indoor vs outdoor soccer shoes

The names speak for themselves – indoor soccer shoes are specifically designed for the version of the game played indoors while outdoor soccer shoes are for playing the game outdoors. Most indoor soccer shoes come with flat surface areas and a low-cut design.

The surface area of the shoes is a bit harder than those in conventional sneakers. For maximum performance when playing the game, you should opt for shoes that are specifically designed for playing indoors.

On the other hand, the most crucial aspect of outdoor soccer shoes is that they provide the right traction to give players ease in making turns, preventing slips, and promoting stopping or acceleration. To achieve this, outdoor soccer shoes have hard plastic or metal studs that sink into the playing surface, thus, providing a good grip.

The length of these studs can help establish balance during play. The studs should be short enough so as not to cause any discomfort, but also long enough to provide traction. Soccer fields have different surfaces, soccer shoes come in different designs too. There are outdoor soccer shoes used to play on firm, soft or hard ground.


Whether it’s indoor soccer or any other sports, getting the right fit is essential for you to perform well. This also minimizes the possibility of getting injured while playing. The best indoor soccer shoe should offer a tight fit without sacrificing the ability of your feet to move around.

When it comes to indoor soccer, your feet are your greatest asset. A shoe that’s too loose or too tight will affect your performance. Consider these factors that affect the fit of the shoes:

  • Too loose or too tight. Too tight a fit can make your feet suffer, become tired or worse, painful. This reduces your effectiveness while playing the game. On the other hand, too loose a fit could cause twisting of your ankle, slipping, falling, and tripping, all of which may lead to injuries.The shoes should fit you with just the right amount of tightness to keep your feet secure inside. This permits you to have a good touch on the ball along with foot support to prevent injuries.
  • Too narrow or too wide. Another thing to consider in terms of the fit is whether you have wide or narrow feet. The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day because feet tend to swell throughout the day or after playing a game.This makes you feel extremely uncomfortable even when your feet swell slightly. Also, remember to bring along the socks you wear when you play to ensure that the shoes allow the extra space your socks take up.
  • The space between your big toe and the very end of shoe. Make sure that there is no bunching of your toes. Also, the space shouldn’t be more than 1/4-inch space left. This is just enough room to wiggle your toes without allowing your feet to slide around inside the shoes.
  • Gender-specific shoes. Take this factor into consideration too, because the right shoes allow for the best performance for both men and women. Women’s indoor shoes fit their feet and ankles differently than men’s as they need different kinds of support, as well as different sizes.

Design and construction

When choosing indoor soccer shoes, make sure they can provide the proper range of motion, comfort, and support. For this, a low-profile shoe will be the best choice as this design allows your feet to have a complete range of movement so you can move quickly in different directions.

  • Cleats. Most soccer shoes used for indoor play don’t require cleats. However, having soccer shoes that work with cleats or without them is a great choice. Such an option allows you to play on any surface without having to change shoes to match the conditions.
  • Materials. Good indoor soccer shoes should be of materials that offer maximum support, stability, and comfort. Moreover, they should have flexibility and breathability. Remember that your feet are the main tools you use when playing the game.As such, they need to move freely, enough sensitivity for a great “feel,” and lastly, enough durability. The construction and design of the shoes should be as lightweight as possible both in the upper and the sole.Materials used for indoor soccer shoes should have strength too. The outsole should have a low-profile while the midsole must provide great support and comfort. Many players, in general, have foot problems and a pair of shoes with superior construction can help eliminate these problems.
  • Soles. Good shoe soles can provide help for problems with your heels, knees or balls of your feet. This is why the heels’ construction is important. A heel with an angled cup paired with a textured inside lining helps prevent the shoes from slipping off your feet while running or dribbling the ball.
  • Midsoles. To provide your feet with maximum contact with the playing field and for stability, the midsole construction should be of low-profile.
  • Laces and tongues Other aspects regarding the design and construction of the shoe are the tongues and laces. These are as important because they can affect the way a player kicks and dribbles the ball. The best indoor soccer shoes should have laces positioned in such a way that you can place the tongues of shoes under them. This construction style will prevent the tongue or the laces from interfering with the way you kick the ball.

Upper of the shoes

Typical indoor soccer shoes usually have uppers constructed either by leather or synthetic leather. Leather-made shoes are the most expensive. Your choice will depend on your budget, as well as, the benefits the shoe can offer you. Here are some reasons why you should choose shoes with uppers made of rubber:

  • They have the best softness level.
  • Ball touches become more consistent.
  • The shoes can easily conform to the shape of your feet with ease.

Of course, synthetic material has its own advantages too such as:

  • They are usually the lightest.
  • They have greater resistance to moisture.
  • They are more durable, regardless of your playing style.

Leather and synthetic leather aren’t the only materials used to make the uppers of indoor soccer shoes. There are other kinds of unique materials you can opt for too. For one, kangaroo leather is fast becoming a popular option. Since it provides a superb fit, this eliminates the time of having to break-in a new pair of shoes.

When choosing this material for the upper, you should know that kangaroo leather has a tendency of stretching out after you wear it a couple of times. This means you need to buy a size lower when ordering a new pair.

You can also opt for shoes made from calfskin. This is another option with a premium level of softness and durability. Although it can function like synthetic shoes, it isn’t as light. In fact, it’s the heaviest material found in the market.

While this type of full-grain leather is another viable option, it’s not typically used as upper material for indoor soccer shoes. When it comes to durability, calfskin leather shoes are real champs.


Because indoor soccer is fast becoming a very popular sport, the market for this sport’s shoes has tremendously increased. Even the big-name brands have accepted the fact that indoor soccer is here to stay and for them to get a fair share of the market, they have created shoes that would hopefully, give them the edge in sales.

One very important factor that the best indoor soccer shoes must have is support. This means that the design of the shoes should give support to your feet when you move quickly in multiple directions during the game.

To achieve this, the shoes must have a low-profile design. This allows you to keep in contact with the playing surface. The shoes should have sufficient padding on both the heel and toe areas as this supports and protects your feet while you play.

Properly designed indoor soccer shoes can provide support for your feet at all times. This makes all the difference in your game. Aside from the support accorded to the heel and ankle, another area that you should also consider is your feet’s arch. This especially applies when you suffer from certain kinds of foot problems like flat-footedness.

Shoe support in any kind of shoe is important, not just for indoor soccer but all sports as well. However, for indoor soccer, support becomes imperative because your feet are your most important asset. You need the right pair of shoes to support and protect them all throughout the game’s duration.

Why do you need indoor soccer shoes?

You can use any kind of shoes to play indoor soccer. For instance, tennis shoes, cross trainer shoes or jogger shoes won’t pose a problem while you play. However, those who play the game using shoes other than indoor soccer shoes often discover that they don’t have enough control over the ball.

The main reason for this is that they aren’t wearing the right shoes for the game. Indoor soccer shoes may look like tennis shoes but they have harder soles giving you more control to help you play the game better. Here are the most common reasons why you need indoor soccer shoes:

  • The design of indoor soccer shoes allows you to cut laterally, pivot, and run forward easily. This is the reason why the shoes have different tread patterns and a low-profile compared to ordinary running shoes. The shoes are specifically designed for indoor soccer in gyms or on indoor turfs. Because many indoor soccer shoes don’t have as much cushioning compared to running shoes, you may purchase gel heels or shoe inserts to make them more comfortable.
  • With indoor soccer shoes, you can enjoy better control. It’s easier for you to handle the ball compared to when you’re wearing running shoes do. Indoor soccer shoes also make it much easier for you to perform sprints and cuts. The rubber soles of the shoes won’t leave marks on indoor surfaces.The manufacturers of these shoes comply with facility rules of indoor soccer. This means that they don’t make shoes with projecting metal or plastic cleats that may damage the playing turf.There is nothing wrong if you wear other types of shoes when playing indoor soccer. Neither will you get banned from playing the game. However, you might find it difficult wearing incorrect shoes because you would have minimal control over the ball.Indoor soccer is like any other sport where you need the right equipment to make a difference in performance while playing the game.
  • The design and construction of indoor tennis shoes make them perfect for the game. When choosing the materials to make the indoor soccer shoes, the manufacturers considered the following factors to help players perform better – freedom of movement, ball control, and sufficient traction on indoor surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes are specifically meant only for indoor soccer.
    In addition, the shoes feature non-marking soles, insurance that they won’t damage the court surface since fixing or replacing this surface can be pretty expensive.

Bottom Line

When playing a fast and furious game like indoor soccer, you should have agility, speed, and feel comfortable with the shoes you’re wearing. The right shoes will help you immensely so you can make those accurate and fast passes while moving around the court quickly.

The shoes should have soccer cleats to could give you the best support, stability, and traction. The shoes should also provide the best comfort for you to perform your best on the court. Also, keep in mind when choosing the best indoor soccer shoes that you may have to play on different surfaces.

This means that the shoes you choose should provide comfort and flexibility to cope with the demands of the game. Since the game’s popularity in the USA has soared in recent years, there are now many indoor soccer shoe brands to choose from. It’s time to go out there and buy the best pair, keeping in mind everything you have learned here.

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