The 10 Best MMA Shorts to Buy In 2024

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a great sport that helps individuals get into shape. It also happens to be the ideal stress buster, making it all the better. Just like any other sport, MMA also requires special shorts and gear.

You might wonder what the difference between normal shorts and MMA shorts is. There are a few key differences between the two; MMA shorts make all the difference in the world. Wearing regular board shorts while partaking in mixed martial arts can result in major restriction. This can often lead to being uncomfortable and not allowing yourself to reach your full potential.

The great thing about MMA shorts is that you can choose a pair based on your preference and style. These shorts come in different colors with different patterns, making it fun to pick. Your overall experience will be much better when wearing the correct shorts.

What to look for when shopping for MMA shorts

There are a bunch of things to consider when shopping for the correct MMA shorts. This includes the fabric, the fit and the feel of the shorts.

Must be lightweight

Heavy shorts will reduce your chances of performing at your best level. When searching for the correct shorts, always look for something lightweight. This will easily allow you to sprawl around and move your legs without adding extra weight. Ideally, always looks for shorts that are as light as air.

Must be the correct fabric

The fabric of the shorts should always be breathable and sleek. This will keep you cool and dry during an intense training session.

The perfect fit

Having the correct fit is vital because it will either allow you to move around freely or, on the contrary, restrict you. Finding the correct MMA shorts will help your overall performance too. It will allow you to feel comfortable and flexible simultaneously. Always check that the shorts fit you securely around the waist and are slightly loose near the hem.

Durability and quality

When looking for the best mixed martial arts shorts you should always consider the quality. Many a time people opt for the cheapest options, however, this doesn’t play in your favor in the long run. Good quality fabric will last longer and give you all the room to perform.

Different types of MMA shorts

Now that we’ve covered what to look for in MMA shorts, it’s time to discuss the different types of MMA shorts that are on the market.  Each of these shorts differs in their own way and at the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Board style/ Classic MMA shorts

Think UFC fighters when picturing these shorts. This style of shorts might differ in length; some might be knee-length while others might be a few inches above the knee.

Board/ Classic shorts allow more ventilation when in combat and usually have a drawstring. The drawstrings are a great option for you if you want to adjust the fit of the shorts. This style also has a sewed in elastic band around the waist, along with a Velcro strap to keep the shorts from falling when training.

Compression MMA shorts

Compression shorts are similar to biking shorts; they are lightweight and feel as if they are part of your skin. These shorts are a lot more fitted than the classic MMA shorts and they made from non-restrictive material.

They also allow you to move faster because there is way less friction when moving around. These shorts are definitely for those who are comfortable showing a little more skin.

Hybrid MMA shorts

Hybrid shorts are the ultimate mix between compression shorts and classic MMA shorts.  These shorts allow you to be comfortable and flexible simultaneously. They’re perfect for you if you can’t decide between the above styles.

Muay Thai Shorts

Categorically speaking, Muay Thai is also a part of mixed martial arts; therefore this is also another option to look at. The key difference between Muay Thai shorts and the above-mentioned shorts is that they can be cut a bit differently. They tend to be a bit broader and are slightly shorter.

Top 10 rated MMA shorts of 2024

1. Gold BJJ MMA Shorts- $29.95

Why we like it: Unlike other brands, Gold BJJ has been created by jiu-jitsu athletes. This is a major advantage because it has been made by people who fully understand MMA.

Editor’s Rating:

These shorts sit snug on the waist and they’re also loose enough on the thighs. Generally, these are two aspects that most MMA athletes look for when searching for the ideal shorts. Not only is it more comfortable but it is also easy to move around in.

You will easily be able to get ahead of your competitors game because of how brilliantly these shorts sit. It makes combat effortless because of how durable it is.

The design

The design here is fairly simple; however, it just works. The black and white combo is classic and it just looks clean with not too much going on.

Is it breathable?

This is probably one of the reasons why these shorts are so great- they’re breathable. This means that you won’t be covered in perspiration when in action. The fabric is designed in such a way that even while your body is wet, the fabric is completely airy.

Can you move around easily?

If you’re an MMA athletic who loves throwing in a few super high kicks then this works to your advantage. The stretchiness will allow you to lift your legs up as high as you need to without causing any discomfort or friction.

Can it withstand sweat?

No one likes being sweaty and that’s a fact. The sweat-wicking is another genius feature- it allows the shorts to dry quickly so that you can feel your best.


Compared to other MMA shorts, the Gold BJJ comes in at a great price. You won’t have to worry about compromising on quality either.

  • Maximum stretch to move in
  • Great comfort while training
  • Quick-drying for those intense sessions
  • Lightweight so that it’s easy to wear
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • No pockets which might be bothersome if you’re used to having pockets.

2. Diamond MMA Athletic Shorts- $89.95

Why we like it: Diamond MMA shorts have been designed specifically to protect the groin area. They have also been approved by medical experts, making them the best in the market.

Editor’s Rating:

Your safety and protection are important when training and Diamond MMA have certainly kept that in mind. These shorts might be pricey, but you won’t risk having any groin injuries.

Diamond MMA shorts also have a cup included with these shorts. It consists of a 4- strap jock system, which helps keep the cup in place during a workout session. It also has drawstrings so that you can easily adjust the fit to your liking.

The design

We quite like the design of these MMA compression shorts. They’re super comfy and are designed ergonomically, which is a huge bonus. We also like the fact that a groin cup is included with the shorts, making it ideal.

Is it breathable?

Spandex is a thick fabric; however, it is breathable so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable.  If you’re not used to compression shorts then you might find it a bit stifling.

Can you move around easily?

These compression shorts will allow you to move around easily and you will feel like they’re a part of your skin. While training you won’t have to worry about any chafing or pinching because of the great fit and the cup which stays in place.

Can it withstand sweat?

The fabric used dries very quickly so you won’t have to be too concerned while training. The moisture-wicking is also another bonus, which will leave you feeling fresh.


There’s no doubt that these compression shorts are priced higher than their competitors. They’re marked at a whopping $89.95, but they are also rated one of the best on the market.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Superb groin protection
  • Approved by health care experts
  • Excellent durability and fit
  • The cup stays in place throughout intense training sessions
  • The price point is a lot higher than other compression shorts.

3. Sanabul Essential MMA Workout Shorts- $19.99

Why we like it: Sanabul have gone the extra mile by incorporating an antimicrobial treatment. This helps prevents any fungal or bacterial growth.

Editor’s Rating:

These shorts are made with a 4-way stretch material, making them ideal for flexibility. Secondly, if you’re worried about the fit, then you’ll be happy to hear that it also has a Velcro waistband. This will always ensure that the fit is snug and just perfect for your waist.

The design

Sanabul MMA workout shorts come in a variety of different colors so you won’t be strapped for choice. Each shorts are 0.7” long and 14” wide, with waist options from size 30-38. The fabric can be washed after each training session without washing out the color, making it always look as good as new.

Is it breathable?

Yes, these shorts are extremely breathable and ideal for any sweaty sports.

Can you move around easily?

The fabric used is a 4-way stretch material, which ensures your motions will not be compromised. It also has reinforced stitching which prevents the shorts from tearing while grappling.

Can it withstand sweat?

One of the best-selling points of Sanabuls MMA shorts is that it has a built-in antimicrobial treatment.  Ultimately, you don’t need to worry about perspiring because these shorts dry very quickly. The antimicrobial treatment also reduces nasty odors, which are prevalent during workouts.


The price of these shorts couldn’t be any better. They marked at a relatively low price, making it affordable for just about anyone.

  • Great for hygiene due to the antimicrobial treatment
  • Well priced and completely affordable
  • Perfect fit because of the Velcro, hook, and loop
  • Open seams on the sides allow for a range of motions
  • No groin protection

4. Anthem Athletics 50/50 MMA Shorts- $29.99

Why we like it: The “fly away” slits on the side are brilliant because it gives you a lot more range of motion.

Editor’s Rating:

Anthem Athletics added the high side slits so that different body shapes can easily adjust while working out. Whether you’re big built or on the petite side, this is a game-changer to a great extent. The shorts sit comfortably on the waist and the legs, allowing you to get the best out of your training session.

The design

We really couldn’t find any faults with the design of these shorts. They have everything MMA shorts should have and they just work. The waistband has an elastic in it and there are also drawstrings to give you a great fit.

Is it breathable?

Anthem Athletics MMA shorts are made from microfiber, which makes it extremely breathable. Another great feature of microfiber fabric is that it helps regulate temperature. This will allow you to be comfortable and cool while partaking in physical activities.

Can you move around easily?

From all the previous mentioned MMA shorts, these by far allow for the best movement. This particularly is because of the side slits, which provide an excellent range of motion.

Can it withstand sweat?

As we’ve previously mentioned, these MMA shorts are made from microfiber fabric. With that been said, microfiber can wick moisture and dry out quickly. It also happens to be extremely absorbent, so it most certainly can withstand sweat.


These shorts are great value for money and they are completely inexpensive. It would be a great pair of shorts for anyone who is looking for something durable and of great quality.

  • The fabric is breathable, absorbent and dries quickly
  • High side slits which make movement effortless
  • Great value for money
  • Other fabric can stick on it when getting washed because of the microfiber.

5. Meister MMA Dragon Hybrid Flex Board Shorts- $29.99

Why we like it: In case you can’t choose between compression shorts and board shorts, you can get the best of both with these hybrid shorts.

Editor’s Rating:

The Meister MMA hybrid shorts are great because they’re both, durable and flexible. They hold their shape well when grappling and allow you to focus on your roll. These shorts also have incredible stretch while also being solid.

They are also super comfortable and wash well, so you don’t need to be concerned about it wearing out.

The design

The shorts consist of a polyester and nylon blend, with a nylon inner panel. It also has double-stitched seams to prevent them from tearing while grappling and striking. For your comfort the also have a full hoop and loop drawstrings, to ensure that they stay in place.

Is it breathable?

The polyester and nylon blend is breathable; in fact, they also help keep you cool while grappling.

Can you move around easily?

These MMA shorts have nylon inner panels which give a very smooth surface. Because of this, adaptability and mobility are drastically improved. They also have side slits which help a lot with movement.

Can it withstand sweat?

Meister hybrids shorts retain full mobility even if you’re super sweaty. The fabric itself dries out very quickly so you don’t have to be concerned about being sticky while training.


These shorts are completely worth the price, specifically because they’re such good for flexible movement.

  • They’re very light-weight
  • The nylon inner panels allow for very easy movement
  • Dries quickly
  • Very breathable- this allows you to stay cool while practicing.
  • Gets dirty quickly because they’re white
  • Thick waistline

6. Optimal Human MMA Shorts- $44.99

Why we like it: It can resist the toughest training sessions because of its excellent quality.

Editor’s Rating:

These tear-resistant MMA shorts are ideal for those tough workout sessions. They fit comfortably and have a 4-way stretch panel, which is perfect for a range of motion. Optimal Human has also gone the extra mile to make certain that their shorts meet the Federation’s No-Gi requirements.

The design

We’re impressed with the design of these MMA shorts because they were created with a lot of thought. The overall shorts are clean-cut and it is perfect for the modern-day athlete. The functionality of these shorts ultimately maximizes performance, allowing you to enjoy combat even more.

Is it breathable?

Optimal Human shorts are breathable and work well for just about any type of activity. Whether you’re doing cross-fit or martial arts, they are sublimely airy.

Can you move around easily?

Movement and flexibility are both wonderful in these MMA shorts. The elastic waistband keeps the shorts snug at all times, especially when grappling. This helps keep everything in place without you having to worry to keep pulling up the shorts.

Can it withstand sweat?

The shorts were designed with moisture wicking fabric which assists in keeping them dry.  You can now go about doing vigorous workouts without worrying about perspiring.


Compared to other MMA shorts, these are priced slightly higher- which is why we have decided to give it a 4/6 star rating. They could be priced slightly lower, although they are of excellent quality.

  • Made with moisture-wicking fabric
  • Has a small pocket stitched inside the shorts
  • Functional and great quality
  • 4-way stretch panel to maximize the range of motion
  • Higher priced than other MMA shorts
  • No side slits

7. Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo- $19.99

Why we like it: These Vale Tudo style shorts fit perfectly well and snug. They’re great because they stay in place throughout any strenuous activities.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a great pair of Vale Tudo style shorts, then this could be a great option. They provide excellent support because they’re made from double-stitched microfiber fabric. No matter the form of mixed martial arts you choose to do, these Meister MMA crown shorts are made for long-lasting performance.

The design

Meister has also gone the extra mile by using material which does not grab onto the mat while training. You will be able to grapple with a lot more ease and speed, which is a huge advantage. These shorts have inner drawstrings included so that you can clinch your waist tighter. The overall fit is flawless specifically because of the leg cuffs and low waistband.

Is it breathable?

Quick answer, yes it is 100% breathable.

The fabric used allows air to be circulated while being worn. This is always important so that bacteria build-up can be prevented.

Can you move around easily?

The wonderful thing about these shorts is that they offer an unrestricted range of motion. They’re super stretchy and Lycra also can expand to nearly 600 percent of its actual size! You can now smoothly transition from different positions with absolute ease.

Can it withstand sweat?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the fabric used is completely breathable. This means that is also dries quickly and wicks moisture really fast.


Without a doubt, these MMA shorts are extremely budget-friendly. They come in at the same price as the Sanabul Essential MMA shorts and could easily be a great competitor.

  • Excellent quality
  • Drawstrings to clinch the waist
  • The fabric doesn’t grab the mat
  • Double-stitched for long-lasting performance
  • Leg cuffs and low profile waistband allows for a flawless fit
  • Very low priced, which makes it budget-friendly
  • If you’re not used to compression shorts, you might find these shorts a bit revealing.

8. Bad Boy Classic Polyester Competition MMA Shorts- $49.99

Why we like it: A huge reason to why we like these shorts is because of the length option. You can choose between two length options, based on your preference.

Editor’s Rating:

Bad boy is a globally recognized brand and they’re known for their excellent quality clothing. They most definitely do not fail to meet expectations with these compression shorts.

These compression shorts allow you to perform by keeping you cool, dry and comfortable throughout a workout. Another wonderful thing about compression shorts is that they reduce muscle oscillations; leading to improved efficiency during training.

The only downside to these compression shorts is the steep price. However, Bad Boy is a well-known brand after all; which essentially means that you could be paying for the brand.

The design

This is a classic Bad Boy design, which fans absolutely love. It is well designed and comes in two lengths that you can choose from, which is great.

Is it breathable?

The Bad Boy compression shorts are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. In case you didn’t know, cotton is probably the most breathable fabric out there. It allows a lot of airflow, which help control odors etc. Another advantage of wearing cotton is that it’s soft and strong and great for sensitive skin.

Can you move around easily?

The material used is a super stretch polyester fabric which allows for plenty of room to move around in. While training you will have an unlimited range of motion and speed so that you can train as hard as you can.

Can it withstand sweat?

Yes, it can because it’s made from 40% polyester.

Polyester is well-known fabric which dries out very quickly so that you do not have to feel wet and sticky while in a workout session. Secondly, these shorts also have reinforced stitching which accommodates with moisture wicking.


Bad boy is a well-established brand, however, the price of these shorts are quite costly. If you’re on a budget, then these shorts might not be ideal for you.

  • Made by a well-known brand
  • Has reinforced stitching for moisture wicking
  • It’s made from cotton which is a great and breathable fabric
  • Dries very quickly
  • Buyers can choose from two lengths
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • It’s well fitted and has an elastic band at the waist
  • Paying a lot more because of the brand
  • The fabric is quite thick

9. RAD MMA Fight Shorts- $19.99

Why we like it: RAD MMA shorts are well-constructed and completely budget-friendly.

Editor’s Rating:

RAD MMA shorts are great to own because of their flexibility and construction. If you’re new to mixed martial arts then this might be a great option for you. They’re low priced and good quality shorts that will allow you to experience MMA properly.

The design

The design is quite eye-catching and made to improve your experience. This design has Velcro closure so that you can adjust the fit to your liking. It also has T3 stitching seams which hold the fabric together to prevent it from splitting.

Is it breathable?

The fabrics that are used on these shorts are very airy and breathable. As a result, this will allow you to have that extra bit of air circulation which will also help keep you cool while you’re in a session.

Can you move around easily?

The shorts have an additional side panel which is made from polyester and other stretchable material. This helps give you better movement and unrestricted flexibility.

Can it withstand sweat?

RAD shorts are made from polyester, which is ultra-lightweight and also dries exceptionally fast.


The price of these shorts are really inexpensive, however, they are still good quality.

  • Strong fabric to prevent the shorts from tearing
  • Velcro strap for your convenience
  • Drawstring for extra adjustment
  • Flexible side panels for better movement
  • Inexpensive
  • No pockets
  • Slightly longer than other MMA shorts

10. Hayabusa Metaru MMA Shorts- $39.99

Why we like it: We like these shorts because they have a silicon waistband and are well fitted. The silicon waistband enables for a great fit without being too tight.

Editor’s Rating:

These essential MMA shorts were created for your comfort and freedom of movement. They are non-restrictive and hold their shape really well. It’s ideal for all forms of mixed martial arts and made from the best textiles.

The design

Hayabusa has designed a lovely pair of MMA shorts that look the part. They are extremely durable and come in three different colors. Unlike other MMA shorts, these will turn heads because of how attractive looking they actually are.

Is it breathable?

You might think that these shorts aren’t breathable because of its heavy fabric; however, they are completely breathable.

Can you move around easily?

These MMA shorts have been designed for mobility so that you can move around with no trouble. You will be able to transition to any position smoothly.

Can it withstand sweat?

Hayabusa MMA shorts can withstand perspiration; they are even compliant with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.


There are a lot of other shorts on the market that cost way more than these. However, these shorts are mid-range in terms of price, but they’re also a promising buy.

  • Lovely design
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Well fitted which makes it perfect for grappling
  • Stretchy material in the crotch area
  • Stays in place while fighting
  • No mouth guard pocket
  • Flares out a bit at the bottom
  • Grip band wears out quite quickly

What’s the difference between MMA shorts and regular shorts?

The key difference between MMA shorts and regular shorts is durability and flexibility. Regular shorts aren’t as easy to move around in, which is very important in MMA. Also, regular shorts restrict mobility.

MMA calls for a lot of high kicks and fast movements; unfortunately, regular shorts aren’t designed for this. Secondly, MMA shorts fit securely around the waist so that they do not fall off when in combat. On the contrary, regular shorts can easily fall off while grappling occurs.

Guide to Buying the best MMA Shorts

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the top-rated MMA shorts, here is a quick guide of what to look out for. Like any other sporting gear, there are a few specifics that need to be met when purchasing MMA shorts. This list will further assist you to into making the correct decision by better informing you.

With that being said, everyone has different needs when training. However, it’s essential to consider these points.

The fabric needs to be flexible

Whenever you’re out looking for MMA shorts always test the flexibility of the fabric. The reason that this is so important is that mixed martial arts require a lot of movement. If the fabric isn’t flexible enough it might tear while you’re training. Also, less stretchy fabric will completely restrict you when in combat.

Avoid heavy material

The last thing anyone wants while training is a heavyweight material weighing them down. The MMA shorts you pick should always be lightweight so that it’s easy to fight in. Ideally, compression shorts are great because it almost feels as if they’re part of your skin. However, MMA board shorts are also great and do the trick.

Moisture-wicking is vital

Every single pair of MMA shorts mentioned above has moisture-wicking properties, making it an essential. Not only does moisture-wicking allow the shorts to dry quickly, but they’re also important for your hygiene. Moisture-wicking shorts absorb sweat so that you can have more freedom and be a lot more comfortable.

Don’t overlook comfort

While you’re doing MMA you need to be comfortable so that you can perform to the best of your ability. If you’re uncomfortable throughout a fight, you might risk a loss. UK pro MMA fighter, Shaj Haque always advices people to opt for comfort over everything else.

Find a pair of MMA shorts that make you feel good and that you’re confident wearing. It’s completely pointless purchasing something that you’re uncomfortable in.

MMA Shorts should fit like a glove

The fit of the MMA shorts is meant to be snug so that you don’t have any issues when striking and moving around.

If you’re not willing to wear Vale Tudo shorts then you can opt for board short style shorts.  Always make certain that the board shorts have inner drawstrings and either a Velcro strap or a stretch waistband.

Price doesn’t determine the quality

A lot of the times people opt to pay triple the price of MMA shorts just because they think that it might be better quality. This most definitely isn’t the case.

Certain brands might markup their prices just because they’re a well-established brand. However, there are plenty of other quality MMA shorts on the market that are affordable and cost a lot less. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that just because something is more expensive, it’s better.

Typically speaking, MMA shorts should cost no less than $18.

The material needs to be breathable

Breathability is so important, especially when you’re training. Always opt for cool fabrics that can breathe well while you’re sweating it out in a session. Not only will you feel cooler, but your body temperature will also be a lot more stable. This will allow you to push harder and will have a positive impact on your workout.

Protect yourself with a cup

Certain MMA shorts come with a built-in cup so to protect your groin area. However, if your shorts do not have a cup then we would strongly urge you to purchase a cup for your own safety.

During a fight session, you never know what could happen- which is why it’s always better to be prepared. You can prevent injury from occurring by wearing a cup under your shorts.

When looking for a cup always find one that will work well with your choice of shorts. The cup needs to fit well and also stay in place when moving around swiftly.

Reinforced stitching is a bonus

Striking, grappling and overall fighting can be tough not only on you but on your shorts too. Reinforced stitching is a huge bonus to look for in MMA shorts because it prevents the material from tearing. Ideally, look for double-stitched seams because they will hold the material together better. This will also allow the shorts to last longer.


There are so many different brands and MMA shorts on the market; however, it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Whether you choose compression shorts, board shorts or hybrid shorts always look for quality and comfort. The reason that quality and comfort is so important is that it will allow you to perform to the best of your ability without holding you back.

If you’re new to MMA, we would suggest that you go into a store to try out the different types of MMA shorts. This will allow you to get a closer look at the different varieties, which will make your decision a lot easier. Always go with what feels good for you and most importantly enjoy the journey.

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank when looking for a decent pair of MMA shorts. Find something within your budget that is good quality. It’s also a great idea to shop for MMA gear during sale periods, you can pick up a lot of bargains.

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