Sidney Crosby fails to produce: ‘It wasn’t for lack of effort’

Sidney Crosby

The Pittsburgh Penguins scored just one goal in each of the final three games of their Eastern Conference Second Round series against the New York Rangers, who beat Pittsburgh 2-1 in Game 7 Tuesday night at Consol Energy Center.

“It’s just disappointing. Tonight was one of our better games,” Sidney Crosby said, via “We worked hard and generated some good chances. I think ultimately, the two we lost and this one hurt as a lot and we put ourselves in this position. But tonight, we worked hard and tried to generate a lot and unfortunately didn’t find a way to win.”

Coach Dan Bylsma said the lack of scoring could not be placed on the Penguins three leaders in goals during the regular season – Crosby, Chris Kunitz and James Neal.

“Every time this time of year, it’s always a storyline of who has a goal and who doesn’t have a goal,” Bylsma said. “You don’t need one player to score a goal or 10 goals to win. Their team has players that didn’t score goals and haven’t scored goals. They got goals tonight and won the hockey game. You can look at the fact that we have players that didn’t get a goal or goals, guys that you look to score a goal, but we didn’t get enough to win.

“We could’ve gotten that from anywhere. We didn’t get it and they did.”

Crosby had six points in the first-round against the Columbus Blue Jackets but had just three points against the Rangers.

Evgeni Malkin led the Penguins with 14 points in the playoffs.

“Obviously, I would’ve liked to score more and contribute more,” Crosby said. “But it wasn’t for lack of effort or competing or anything like that. I’d love to tear it up every series, but it’s not always the case. It doesn’t make it any easier, I’ll tell you that.

“It’s tough losing as it is, but when you’re not able to contribute as much as you’d like, it’s even tougher.”

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  • John C

    Diehard Pens fan here but it is time for a change. Bylsma and Shero need to go and ownership needs to bring people in to toughen this team up/change some of the personnel. Cindy Crosby needs to grow a pair and stop being a whinny baby….There is no crying in Hockey!