The 10 Best MMA Gloves to Buy In 2024

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MMA is a tough sport. It is very physical and players does not require much of a gear to protect them. It is a mixture of all sorts of martial arts like Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, to name a few. The sport needs a great amount of training in order for you to complete.

For MMA players, there is only one essential protective gear — the MMA gloves. You pair of gloves will be used and abused many times on many different games and you would need more than one pair in order to see which brand or design fits you or your fighting style best.

If you are just starting with playing or training for MMA, make sure to invest in a pair that will protect your hands and knuckles while in action.

Features to consider in Good MMA Gloves

Difference between MMA gloves and boxing gloves

The two sports are different in terms of methods and equipment used in boxing cannot be used during MMA training. The reason why people often get confused is that MMA is a combination of different martial arts including, boxing and it is only just right and proper that a boxing gloves should not be used in MMA.

A boxing gloves won’t allow you to move and grapple, which two of the most important components of MMA. The two also have different weights, sizes, and designs.

Boxing gloves are heavier at 8 to 16 oz while MMA gloves are way more lighter from 4 to 6 oz. The boxing gloves are specifically designed to protect you from concussions brought about by strong punches through its more padded gloves. The MMA gloves however, have finger holes for movement and just the right paddings for hand protection and protection during combat.

Variations of MMA gloves

MMA gloves vary in weight and functions. The one that has more padding is called bag gloves. They generally weigh more for protection but used mainly for trainings. The “hybrid” glove combines bag glove design and competition glove. By rules, competition gloves are lighter at around 4 to 6 oz.

While it may seem like a simple, straight-up gloves used for protection for probably the roughest sport, looking for the best MMA gloves to fit your fighting style can be difficult. There are a lot of things to consider and researching before buying is must.

Below are the things that you need to look for when buying your pair of MMA gloves.


MMA gloves are usually made of leather or synthetic leather.

  • Leather is the traditional material is more widely used. Since genuine leather are known to be durable, MMA gloves made of leather are said to stand the test of time. They are very in demand and has a long life expectancy. But leather is also expected to crack overtime. It is part of the nature of materials. With this, proper caring to a leather glove is needed. Leather gloves are more expensive.
  • Synthetic Leather may not be as durable as authentic leather but is also preferred by some pro players and MMA enthusiasts. There are gloves made of synthetic leather that are designed so well, it may be hard for you to tell the difference between the too. Synthetic leather are of course cheaper and can crack easily as well. It is more preferred during training than in actual combat.

It is important to note as well that when buying MMA gloves, it would be beneficial to look for its moisture-wicking lining or its anti-bacterial property. It would be very uncomfortable for players to move with sweaty palms during combat because of moisture.

The moisture-wicking lining is design to be absorbent of sweat and moisture that develops. However, this type of design on a glove requires you to wash it regularly to prevent odor build up. Some gloves though, have anti-bacterial property, preventing both odor and bacteria build-up.


The design of MMA gloves varies greatly with the palm features.

  • Open-palm construction. The function mainly of this design is to help damp and sweaty palms during training or game. Most open-palm gloves have adjustable wrist straps and snug finger sheaths to keep hands and fingers in proper place.
  • Perforated palms. This type of design works in perforating the palm in order to allow air flow inside, again preventing the dampening of the hands as much as possible. This bears the look of a traditional whole-hand gloves.

Safety and Protection

It is given that MMA is very physical and rough. Aside from proper training, it is also very important to have the equipment to keep you protected.

  • Padding. This is the first line of defense for the players in combat. A gloves should be well-padded not only to protect the hands, but to protect the players in each and every blow. There are actually different types of glove paddings, the most common are the basic, triple-layer, and gel paddings.
  • Basic padding is made up of one layer but is basically thick and lighter. This is much recommended to be used during training because they provide less protection.
  • The Tripe-layer padding, just like its name, has 3 layers of foam protection and is generally thick. While it does it job in giving utmost protection, it is generally heavier and can restrict hand flexibility.
  • The gel and foam padding is usually a type of technology that manufacturers use to come up with something new. This is becoming more and more common today and is greatly used because of its shock-absorbent property. It also balances the weight and ultimately protect the hands.

Wrist straps

The wrist straps of MMA gloves are made to be adjustable and made durable enough to support the wrists, that are prone to break easily if something went wrong during game. The type of gloves you are buying should be able to be fit enough to support your wrist during training and combat.

The Best MMA Gloves 2024

1. Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

Why we like it: Durable, comfortable, and have great hand and wrist support. The anti-bacterial property is so cool.

Editor’s Rating:

The Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves is also great for sparring sessions and grappling. They are great even if you are just starting with the sport.

The Hayabusa T3 includes a pre-curved design which aids in reducing hand fatigue and pressure during sparring. Each glove has multi-directional Dual-X closure to promote hand and wrist stabilization and prevent injuries during play. One of the best features is the XT2 antimicrobial lining that inhibits the growth of bacteria and minimize odor cause MMA indeed is a sweaty game!

The gloves have “Y-Volar” design to help with hand control and stability. While it is a bit expensive, the gloves are worth trying.

The T3 has 6 different colors available and they are great to use both by men and women.

  • Great selection of color
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • A bit expensive
  • May need time to break-in


Why we like it: Made from authentic cowhide leather and while it is padded, it helps prevent sweats

Editor’s Rating:

The GGLT1B is made from real cowhide leather and have advanced padding that is great not just for sparring or grappling but also for boxing. The good thing about authentic leather is that it feels good and very comfortable on the skin plus, it is every bit of a luxury from its superb stitching, down to the design but it is something that you can absolutely afford.

These gloves are perfect for sparring, grappling, and punching sessions with a bag. The padding is made of multiple layers of materials, making sure your hands and knuckles are well protected again shock and pain. The gloves are made with an advanced gel-based padding technology.

But somehow, since there are too much work on the padding, it restricts some hand movement, making the knuckles prone to cuts that is why wraps are essential to be used with the gloves. It is comfortable and lasts longer than synthetic gloves. It is durable but best to have other working gloves for alternate use.

The RDX GGLT1B gloves are available in plain black, and gold-black designs. They weigh around 6-7oz.

  • Enough padding for moderate to heavy bag workouts
  • Great for boxing
  • Great price value for a genuine leather
  • May restrict a little bit of hand movement
  • May cause cuts if used without hand wraps


Why we like it: Great for sparring and comfortable to use

Editor’s Rating:

The RDX GGRF12B gloves are made from synthetic leather called the Maya hide. While this is not really an authentic, genuine leather, the strength is just unbelievable.Very durable and is ok to use during heavy trainings.

One of the best things about this RDX offerings is that it helps a lot during punching and grappling while keeping all the fingers protected. Here, all the fingers are separated comfortably, allowing a good motion support even if it has the extra padding.

Some of the best features of the RDX GGRF12B include a Polymax Contoured Tri-Slab PC3 Padding for impact resistance, a Quick EZ Hook-and-Loop closure for wrist support and easy wear, and they are manufactured with D. Cut curved palm design for natural grip.

But since it is not a real leather, it can have the tendency to peel when used for heavy workouts like hitting the punching bag. Still it is best used during sparring sessions.

THE GGRF12B is available in black, red, blue, and pink. Undoubtedly, One of the best options for men and women, These weigh 6 ounces with an extra padding for protection.

  • Great for sparring sessions
  • Padding aids in protection and comfort
  • Great color selection
  • A little on the high price point
  • Can peel during heavy workout use

4. Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Why we like it: Very affordable and durable

Editor’s Rating:

Everlast is a popular brand especially for boxing gloves. Their MMA gloves offering are equally excellent as well and have features that are so great even if its very affordable.

The gloves are constructed with the EverDri technology, which keeps it cool and dry even sparring. They are actually very good grappling and sparring gloves but won’t support a heavy bag workout.

The gloves also have the Everfresh anti-microbial technology to keep odor at bay. Both hook and loop strap are adjustable for perfect fit.

  • Affordable
  • Contain technology that keeps hands cool
  • Not for heavy bag training

5. Venum Challenger Gloves

Why we like it: Great price and cool design

Editor’s Rating:

The Venum Challenger gloves are made up synthetic vinyl leather which is pretty much durable if you are using it for sparring. They have a great price point as well.
You can be sure that the overall quality of the gloves are pretty good since Venum is a trusted brand plus the features are outstanding too. It is best used for sparring and grappling and provide excellent support during combat. And as with any other Venom gloves, the design is very good too.

However for some players, the thumb hole may be prone to tear after being used many times. The Venom Challenger is a good pair of gloves especially for those it a budget. The quality and design is superb but an additional gloves of different brand or type perhaps for alternative use, won’t hurt.

The gloves are available in black, with attractive designs in grey, red, white, and neon shades. There are three sizes on offer in these 7oz sparring gloves.

  • Affordable
  • Great design
  • Great wrist support
  • Not suitable for boxing with bag
  • Thumb hole can be uncomfortable to some

6. Combat Sports Max Strike Training Gloves

Why we like it: Great pair for training and workout and gives much needed protection especially for beginners

Editor’s Rating:

The Combat Sports Max Strike Training Gloves, as the name implies, is a type of gloves worth investing for during trainings or workout. This is best used instead of a regular boxing gloves for bag training. Here, the fingers are not separated.

The gloves are made from synthetic materials with leather bits of fingers. It has 2 inches of molded foam padding, making it thick and durable and one of the safest training gloves available in the market. It is very comfortable to wear too. This type of training gloves also has a palm design that is meant to support grappling and has a wrist wrap with excellent support.

However, it is important to note that this is solely use for punching and some grappling during training. It can be quite heavy to use compared to those designed to be lighter and less padded during raining. While it generally performs, the materials may feel a bit sub-standard. Again, this pair is great for training investment and for playing MMA as a means of physical workout.

The gloves are available in three colors, red, blue, and white. Size are available in regular, large, and extra large.

  • Extra thick padding
  • Great pricing
  • Leather bits on the finger straps
  • Probably ok for just training and workout

7. Cheerwing Leather Gloves

Why we like it: Very affordable yet delivers and performs. Great design as well.

Editor’s Rating:

The Cheewing gloves are made of synthetic leather with heavy foam padding that are surprisingly ok to use. They are very affordable and it is safe to say that it is one of the best.

These beauty are crafted from PU leather and weigh 10 oz. The gloves have a lot of padding, particularly on the knuckle area. Perfect for those who are in MMA for workout and for training.

Another good thing about these MMA gloves is that it is very comfortable to wear, with a breathable screen clothing on the inside. The Velcro strap also does wonder for the wrists and offers flexible support.

While they don’t offer supreme protection like boxing gloves, they can perform well as a sparring gloves. And during long training and sparring sessions, it can quite cause a lot of sweating. These gloves no doubt are perfect for those in a budget and those looking for strength during training and sparring. The features are great too. Durability wise, the gloves are in the average range.

The Cheerwing leather gloves are available in five bright colors, black, white, red blue, and yellow. Sizes are large and extra large.

  • Affordable
  • Enough padding
  • Great wrist support
  • Flexible
  • Not enough moisture protection
  • Only two sizes available

8. Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves

Why we like it: Great color selection, amazing design, and great for training

Editor’s Rating:

The Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Grappling Gloves are great for grappling and sparring sessions. They have great selection of colors and the design, simple yet premium. The features of these gloves are excellent but they won’t break your bank because they are quite affordable.

According to Sanabul, these gloves are technologically advance with it’s engineered leather, hand-shaped foam, and anti-microbial lining for safety, comfort, and protection. Yes, you may sweat a lot but you are assured that these gloves will keep the odors at bay. It also helps prevent bacterial and fungal growth which is superb! The gloves also have a velcro closure system that allows you easily put it on even with hand wraps.

Available in black, brown, and white and weighs about 4 oz. Sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large.

  • Great color selection
  • Affordable
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Great for training but not really for real play

9. Anthem Athletics MMA Predator Gloves

Why we like it: Simple design that performs

Editor’s Rating:

These gloves have great quality that most admire them and rave them with good reviews.

These Anthem Athletic gloves are made from genuine high-grain leather but it still suits people who want to work within their budget. The price of these gloves are just right. It has a smoother finish and very durable. With proper care, these gloves can definitely go a long way.

The gloves have a triple high-density protective foam for added safety and security. They also have an open-palm design which is also good for grappling and sparring.

  • Genuine leather
  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Not ok for hard strikes or for hard punching bags

10. Venum Undisputed 2.0

Why we like it: it is very comfortable and is handmade. Provides great protection too.

Editor’s Rating:

These made in Thailand gloves are handmade to perfection. It may have it set of pros and cons but overall, it deserves to be included in the top 10 spot.

The Venum Undisputed 2.0 gloves have been developed to provide comfort and protection. It is made from high quality napa leather, have layered foam that absolutely protects and absorbs shock, and have a new closure system for better fit and allows closure with one hand.

These gloves are available in a variety of colors including black, matte black, neo orange, neo pink, and white. Size available are small, medium, and large.

  • Handmade and supreme quality
  • Great color selection
  • Made from leather
  • May need further breaking in

Guide to Buying the Best MMA Gloves

Whether you are training for MMA as a sport, as a form of physical activity to keep you kit, or as a starting point to enter a more professional competition like the UFC, you should know unfront that the sport does not really require a lot of gears.

Below are list of the regular equipment used in MMA:

  • Gloves – the most essential equipment for protection
  • Gum shield – to protect your gums and mouth
  • Shinguards – to protect during trainings on muay thai or kickboxing
  • Groin guard – protection for low blow
  • Rashguard – spandex tops that help you avoid cuts during trainings
  • Running shoes – essential during trainings because you have to learn a lot of martial arts combination
However, during real fights, the equipment used are generally less. As you can see, most players do not wear shoes and tops.

Importance of the gloves

The gloves are made to protect for a variety of reasons. The hands, being the most overused part of the body, need utmost care especially in the fingers, wrist, and knuckles — these parts can easily be broken.

But MMA gloves are not just for punching. They are specially made for grappling and sparring and your partner needs protection too.

It won’t hurt to invest in a good pair or two during trainings and play because as mentioned, the gloves are the most essential equipment in MMA.

Famous MMA Gloves Brands

Below are some of the well-known brands offering superb product for MMA gloves:

  • Venum – Made in Thailand mostly and most gloves are crafted meticulously they offer gear for MMA, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and other combat sports. Venum has some excellent gear for both men and women.
  • Combat Sports – Produced products solely for MMA. Most of their gloves have great protection and shock absorption.
  • Everlast – A famous brand but nonetheless have good products with excellent quality
  • Fairtex – Another Thai brand that has a great selection of MMA gloves.
  • Title – They are a boxing and MMA gear company that has a lot of good boxing and hybrid gloves. They have been around for quite some time now.
  • Hayabusa – Another great brand selection with a lot of MMA glove products that do performs.


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying MMA gloves. Sure it may appear as a simple piece of hand equipment but it is much needed for protection especially on MMA which is a very physical sport. You need to consider the design and the material and the way you are going to use it. Do you need gloves for workout or training? For sparring? Or for amateur MMA competition? It will depend on the use a lot. And you may need to have 2 or more gloves to use during training so make sure to research to know what type of gloves will fit you.

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