Best Swim Caps to Buy in 2024

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The best swim caps help you to maneuver smoothly in water by reducing the hydrodynamic drag and resistance you encounter while swimming. They also keep long hair from your face and the pool and protect your hair from chlorine. As such, swim caps have a considerable impact on boosting your swimming performance.

However, because there are a large number of swim caps available on the market, choosing your perfect fit might not be an easy task. Below are some of the considerations you should make before settling on your decision to buy.

Features to Consider in Good Swim Caps

The Type of Material

Typically, swim caps consist of latex, silicone, and neoprene materials. Latex caps are more breathable and cheaper compared to silicone but are less durable. They are also less hydrodynamic because of the many wrinkles around their edges.

On the other hand, silicone caps are more durable and relatively more expensive than latex swim caps. However, neoprene caps are the most durable. You can go for either silicone or neoprene swim caps if you prioritize durable products.

The Size of Your Head and Type of Your Hair

While buying a swim cap, it is essential to pick the size that best fits your head and protects your hair from chlorinated water. A small swim cap may not stretch enough to cover your head or long hair fully, and this may affect your swimming performance.  Long hair may cover your swimming goggles, thus interfering with your vision.

An oversized swim cap may not be tight enough to allow a smooth flow of water over it. To be on the safe side, measure the circumference of your head using a measuring tape to give you an idea of the size you need to buy.

Frequency of Application

If you need a swim cap for one-time use on vacation, you can go for cheap latex caps. On the other hand, buy silicone, Lycra, or neoprene caps if you need a cap for everyday usage. These will last much longer than latex swim caps.

To narrow down your search, we have reviewed the ten best swim caps for men, women, and children.

Top 8 Best Swim Caps 2024

1. Best Overall Swim Cap: Aegend 2 Pack Swim Cap

Why we like it: The caps are durable and non-toxic. They are flexible enough to accommodate all hair volumes and stay put for more prolonged, more comfortable swimming. Additionally, the caps protect the ears and hair against chlorinated water and bacteria

Editor’s Rating:

Aegend’s swim cap design features durable and thick silicone material.  They are odorless, tear-resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly caps. Their design also features ergonomic ear pockets to reduce pressure and allow for a more comfortable fitting over the ear. The ear pockets also keep sand out of the ears and prevent bacteria and chlorine from getting in. However, the design can interfere with goggle placement.


The swim cap has an adaptable 3D design. The edges are thick and curved to ensure that the caps fit perfectly and stay put during swimming. The thick, curved edges make Aegend caps among the best swim caps for long hair.

The swim caps have good elasticity. they can thus stretch easily to accommodate all sizes of hair and also maintain their original shape after stretching. By covering your hair, the caps streamline your head, thus reducing resistance. This effect allows you to swim faster and with less effort.

  • More comfortable swimming
  • Reduced pressure to the ears
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Stays put due to thick curved edges
  • Durable silicone material
  • Interferes with goggle placement
  • Does not seal the water completely

2. Best Premium Pick: Blue Seventy Neoprene Cap

Why we like it: This neoprene cap fits snugly and keeps your head warm even in the toughest swimming conditions

Editor’s Rating:

This swim cap is designed for people who swim in tough waters. It’s perfect for those who run triathlons and want something comfortable, breathable, and warm. The one-piece chin strap makes it fit securely to the head no matter how intense your swimming session.


The center strap is flexible and can adjust as required to make sure both your ears and chin are snug and warm even in chilly waters. The cap has a wool lining which makes it soft and the neoprene keeps it superbly insulated even in the chilliest waters. If your head is warm, the rest of you will be too!


It’ll keep your hair dry if you keep the strap securely fitted, no matter how deep in the water you go. It will also protect your ears entirely.

  • Keep your head dry and warm even in the chilliest waters
  • Covers the ears
  • Flexible material
  • Very expensive

3. The Friendly Swim Caps (2 Pack)

Why we like it: Friendly swim caps are durable, protective, and convenient to take on and off without snagging or pulling the hair. They make swimming more comfortable and effortless by reducing drag

Editor’s Rating:

One of the most outstanding features of the Friendly swim caps is their durability. The build features a sturdy silicone material for maximum stretch and strength. These swim caps are ideal for people with long hair and locks. While worn, they leave enough space to not only accommodate the long locks but also offer a comfortable fit while swimming.

The firm silicone material they are made of does not snag easily or pull long hair when wearing or removing the caps. They also maintain their original fitting size regardless of the number of times you use them.


Friendly swim caps lock the hair in and reduce water resistance by streamlining the head. Reduced resistance gives you get the chance to focus on swimming without distractions. They are most suited for women, although men and children can use them too.


The friendly Swede swim caps have ergonomic ear pockets that reduce pressure in the ears and also prevent chlorinated water from entering the ears. The caps also protect the head against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • They can be shared since they come in a pair
  • Stays put over the ears
  • Comfortable and easy to put on
  • Not fully waterproof

4. COPOZZ Swim Caps

Why we like it: The COPPOZ swim cap’s appealing design, durable silicone material, comfort and protection are enough reasons to make this swim cap your perfect companion in the pool

Editor’s Rating:

COPPOZ swim caps have a unique design with colorful patterns or pictures that makes kids fall in love with them. The caps feature a durable silicone material which is stretchy and long-lasting. The caps are not only durable but are also non-toxic, odorless, wrinkle-free, and quick to dry.


COPPOZ swim caps are elastic and can thus stretch optimally to fit snugly. They do not snag or pull the hair when taking them on or off.

After putting on the cap, COPPOZ swim caps compress the ears and the hair, creating a smooth surface for the water to pass over. The cap breaks the surface tension of water easily, thus overcoming drag. Reducing the drag results in faster strokes with less effort.


COPPOZ swim caps limit as much water as possible from coming into contact with your hair, which reduces the amount of chlorine that gets to your scalp. Chlorine can damage some types of hair or cause dryness of the scalp.

This swim cap also prevents water from ejecting your earplugs, which could expose your ears to bacteria in the pool.

  • They come in unique designs
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • The wrinkle-free caps easily reduce drag
  • COPPOZ caps may sometimes slip off since the silicone material is quite smooth.

5. Best Lycra Cap: Firesara Lycra Swim Cap

Why we like it: These swim caps make swimming more comfortable and safer. They are elastic enough to hold both short and long hair. Also, they are more protective of your ears and hair than other caps

Editor’s Rating:

Firesara Lycra swim caps are lightweight, breathable, and fast-drying. They are composed of 12% spandex and 82% polyamide. Because of their porous nature, they tend to slip off easily and hence are better-suited for recreational events as opposed to competition.


Firesara swim caps have an elastic band at their edges that holds your hair on the inside. This band keeps long or curly hair away from the chlorinated water and your face. The caps also prevent the water from getting into your ears, which allows you to swim more comfortably. The caps prevent difficulties in breathing and your eyes being covered with long wet hair.
Again, Firesara Lycra swim caps feature high-quality elastic fabric construction which expands enough to accommodate the size of your hair and still maintain their original shape after use. Flexibility makes it is easier to put the caps on without causing pain, unlike silicone caps.

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep the elastic nature of the Firesara cap, you must rinse it using solutions that neutralize the chlorine, such as ascorbic acid, and wipe it with a dry cloth.

  • Elastic fabric material allows it to accommodate your hair and still retain its shape
  • Protective and keeps UV rays and chlorinated water from your head
  • More durable compared to latex caps and silicone caps
  • The Lycra caps are prone to slipping off during swimming

6. Msicyness Swim Caps

Why we like it: Msicyness swim caps are durable, comfortable to use, and environmentally friendly. They are also great at protecting the hair and have a 100% customer service guarantee

Editor’s Rating:

Msicyness swim caps are watertight and non-slip swim caps constructed using the latest silicone technology.  They are non-toxic, odorless, and safe for your skin. They are so comfortable and light that you can barely feel them when wearing them.


They are ideal for covering both long and short hair and create an excellent hydrodynamic shape that overcomes water resistance. Reducing water resistance allows for faster strokes in the water. Thus, Msicyness swim caps can give you a boost during swimming competitions.
The caps also feature high elasticity and an ability to retain their original shape after use. Since the caps are made using thick silicone, they are capable of reducing the amount of water getting into contact with your hair. The silicone protects your hair from sunbeams, chlorine, and saltwater. The caps are ideal for men, especially those with larger head circumference.

  • The manufacturer offers professional customer service
  • A comfortable swim cap
  • It reduces drag
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • May slip off sometimes due to the thick silicone material

7. Best for Big Hair: Dsane Extra Large Swim cap

Why we like it: The Dsane extra-large swim caps have a large capacity to accommodate all types of hair. Additionally, these caps are quite comfortable to use. It also comes with bonus accessories

Editor’s Rating:

Dsane swim caps are highly durable and flexible because they boast 100% premium silicone. The caps are larger than the typical conventional cap. They are able to contain curly hair or any bulky hairstyle.

They are, therefore, one of the best swim caps for long hair, which includes dreadlocks, crochet mambo, braids, and extensions, among others.


Dsane extra-large swim caps are elastic to allow for expansion and cater for extra-long hair. Elastic has the advantage of increasing swimming comfort by locking in your long hair, preventing the hair from interfering with your breathing. These caps also reduce drag for faster swimming.


Apart from enhancing comfort, Dsane extra-large swim caps protect your hair from chlorine and other water chemicals. They also prevent water and bacteria from getting into your ears. Additionally, the Dsane caps protect your scalp and ears from ultraviolet radiation rays from the sun.


Dsane extra-large swim cap packages come with a nose clip and earplug as bonus accessories to enable you to swim at maximum comfort.

  • Perfect for large head or extra-long hair
  • Quite comfortable
  • Comes with bonus accessories
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • More expensive compared to latex swim caps

8. Best Budget Pick: Tripsky Silicone Swim Cap

Why we like it: The Tripsky Silicone Swim Caps are made of durable silicone. They accommodate all hair types and are streamlined to reduce drag. These caps come in different designs, thus giving you a variety to choose from

Editor’s Rating:

Tripsky silicone swim caps feature a soft, watertight silicone material. This material gives these caps the advantage of being durable and anti-tear. The stretchy material does not deform even after a lot of use. The elastic nature means it can accommodate many different types of hair, whether it be long hair, thick or curly hair, or even short hair. The caps secure your hair from chlorine water and keep it tangle-free while swimming.


Tripsky Silicone Swim Caps are typically contoured to minimize drag and enhance your hydrodynamic performance. They perfectly fit your head for the best performance. Tripsky Silicone Swim Caps streamline your head, which in turn reduces the passive drag.

The reduced resistance to swimming forward then allows for faster strokes in the water. These caps, therefore, are suitable for high-level competition, but they are also ideal for recreational events.

Tripsky Silicone Swim Caps come in different designs and colors to fit the preferences of different swimmers.


Just like the other swim caps, the Tripsky Silicone Swim Caps protect your hair and ears from chlorinated water. They also protect your ears and the scalp against ultraviolet radiation.

  • Great for any length of hair
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stays put
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • May slip off at times

Guide to Buying the Best Swim Cap

Swim caps come in different material types, colors, shapes, and sizes. As a result, you may require some help in selecting the best swim cap, especially if you are a beginner. This guide takes you through various aspects of swim caps that you should know before buying one.

Why Do You Need a Swim Cap?

Swim caps have several benefits, although they may appear uncomfortable to a beginner. Some of their benefits include:

Preventing Hair From Swirling on the Face

If you are a long-haired swimmer, your hair can quickly swirl to the front and interfere with your sight as well as your breathing. The best swim caps for long hair hold the hair together, thus keeping it out of the face. The caps also protect your hair from chlorinated water which can damage it.

Keeps You More Hydrodynamic

While swimming, the contact between your body and water causes resistance to swimming called passive drag. Swim caps reduce such resistance by compressing the head, the ears, and the hair to make the head a smooth surface for cutting through the water. This compression reduces the friction between the water and the head, allowing for faster movement with less effort. Though some advanced swimmers prefer shaving their hair, for those not wishing to go to such extreme lengths, swim caps have the advantage of imitating that smoother surface so you can swim faster.

Keeps You More Visible to Other Swimmers and Lifeguards.

When swimming in an open water setting, the caps will make you more visible to your fellow swimmers, boats, and surfers. This helps you to avoid a collision.

Keeps Pool Filters Operating Smoothly

Failure to wear swim caps could result in clogging of the swimming pool filters from loose hair.

Holds Swimming Goggles and Earplugs in Place

Swim caps further provide goggles with a smooth, sticky surface to cling to. The strongest goggle grip happens when you wear two swim caps with goggles in between. The caps also assist in preventing earplugs from falling into the water.

They Help Keep the Head Warm

Some swim caps can assist in keeping the head warm. They are ideal for swimming competitions which take place in cold water.

Different Types of Swim Caps

Swim caps come in different varieties to cater to the varying needs of every swimmer. The following guide on the available types will help you select your perfect swim cap.

Silicone Caps

Silicone caps come in different color designs. They work well for swimmers with longer hair and competitive swimmers. They are durable and last longer than latex caps. This makes silicone the best swim caps for long hair and tightly seal your head to keep most of the water away.

You can slip them on and off easily without hurting your hair. Silicone caps have become a favorite for most swimmers because of their strength, durability, and ability to maintain elasticity over time.

Latex Caps

Latex caps are in the hearts of the swimmers who love variety. They offer a tight grip and do not easily slip off as silicone caps sometimes do. Latex makes the perfect swim caps for warm weather. The caps are cheaper than the other types but are less durable because of the thin latex used.

Rubber Caps

Rubber caps feature a thicker construction material than latex caps. They are ideal for swimmers who love cold water. The available rubber caps have a chin strap, which helps in holding them in position.

Lycra/Spandex Caps

Lycra swim caps are more comfortable compared to both latex and silicone.

Unlike the other swim caps, Lycra caps are more porous and thus allow for the free flow of water through the cap. They streamline the head to reduce the drag for faster mobility so they are suited for swimming aerobics. To maintain their elasticity, you must clean them using a chlorine neutralizing agent. Although they are more durable than silicone and latex caps, they can be frustrating because of their tendency to slip off.

If you’re looking for a Lycra cap, go for the the Firesara cap

Neoprene Caps

Neoprene caps are ideal for open water swimmers who want to keep their heads warm. They feature a thick construction material and have a chin strap for covering their ears. Swimmers use them to compete in open water games in cold areas. If you want a neoprene cap, go for the the Blue Seventy Neoprene Cap

The Buying Criteria for Swim Caps

While swim caps are a necessary item for swimmers, not every cap will be ideal or will serve your needs. Before you make your purchase decision, you need to consider a few factors. The following are some of them:


There are various places where you can use swim caps, such as swimming pools, oceans, and beaches. Always make sure that your cap meets the protection standards for whichever place you intend to use it.


The type of swim cap you need to buy will also depend on the amount of comfort you expect to get from it. For instance, if you want to get rid of water altogether, you will need a waterproof swim cap. You also will need a swim cap that can accommodate long hair if you want to swim without obstruction. A cap that fits snuggly is, of course, better than one that is too tight or one that keeps falling off.


Choose the swim cap that appeals to you most or matches your style. There are lots of colors and designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for a cap for yourself or your child, something will catch your eye.

Does the Color of Your Swim Cap Matter?

Yes, wearing a bright-colored swim cap in open waters allows the nearby surfers or boats to spot you and avoid a possible collision. However, choosing a colored swim cap is just a matter of preference.

Care and Maintenance of Swim Caps

Just like any other tool, swim caps need to be taken care of to make them last longer and help them keep their original shape.

Tips for Care and Maintenance of Swim Caps

  • Begin by choosing a swim cap that best fits you but one which is not very tight.
  • Restrain from using hair clips or any other pin while putting the swim cap on as you can puncture it accidentally.
  • Take care not to puncture the swim cap with your fingernails while wearing it, adjusting it, or slipping it off.
  • Always adjust the cap slowly and deliberately. Wrenching the swim cap abruptly while making adjustments may stretch or ruin it.
  • After swimming, clean the cap using a chlorine-neutralizing agent or any other suitable solution to remove chlorine, sweat, dirt, and any chemical that may weaken the fibers or fade the colors.
  • Never clean or dry the swim cap using a dryer or washing machine, as this may affect its elasticity.
  • Wipe the swim cap with a dry cloth to reduce the time it takes to dry. Allow the swim cap to dry completely after wiping it to help prevent the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Sprinkle the swim cap with talcum powder to hasten the drying time and avoid bad odors.
  • Avoid hanging or stretching the swim cap for drying, as this may affect the shape, fit, and elasticity.
  • Avoid sun drying. Exposing the cap to the sun for extended periods may damage the fibers or discolor it. Too much heat from a direct source may also affect the elasticity.
  • After it has completely dried, store the swim cap safely to protect it from dust, tears, or other damage.
  • Nothing lasts forever. Replace old swim caps with new ones.

Final Words

Whether you’re relaxing in the pool or competing, swim caps make the experience better. They help to keep the head warm, hold goggles in place, and, most importantly, make you more hydrodynamic. The swim caps on this list will all serve you well whether you’re pushing for the fastest length you can or you’re just going for a paddle in the pool. Happy swimming.

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