The 10 Best Soccer Cleats In 2024

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Over 3.5 billion people in the world are fans of soccer, making it one of the most popular sports. Anyone can play soccer and this beautiful game can be played anywhere too. Playing soccer is a great way for individuals who are looking to lose a few calories and have some fun. Therefore, whether you’re looking to be a professional footballer or just enjoying Sunday leagues with friends and family, you’re going to require the best pair of soccer cleats.

The best soccer cleats will help to improve your game greatly, making it easier for you to dribble and score. Soccer cleats eliminate sliding and slipping that’s often associated with bad soccer shoes. That’s why professional soccer players like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have brands that design soccer cleats around their playing style.

Besides enhancing their game, the best soccer cleats offer improved stability, speed, and performance. If you’re looking to transform your game, have a look at the top ten best soccer cleats in 2024.

Features to consider in Good Soccer Cleats

Cleats are protrusions at the bottom of your shoe and offer the necessary traction when playing soccer. Despite the condition of the pitch you’re playing on, soccer cleats will offer you with the best traction. When looking for a soccer cleat, consider the shape and style of the cleats. This is going to largely affect your stability on the pitch and how you play. You should also take into consideration the materials used to make the cleats and the kind of surface you’re going to play on. Here are some of the features you should consider when looking out for soccer cleats.


Many competing brands in the world of soccer manufacture and sale soccer cleats. You should consider the brand with an existing reputation when looking for the best soccer cleats. Famous brands like Adidas and Nike have been selling soccer cleats for long. They’ve done research and therefore produce some of the best cleats in the market that’s used by famous professional footballers like Messi and Ronaldo. However, you can always pick another brand if it suits your needs better.


Soccer cleats have been manufactured using a range of materials. They were previously manufactured using K-leather or kangaroo leather. The use of leather in making cleats has since been abandoned for synthetic materials. Football involves running and cleats made from leather are heavy. No player wants their feet to be weighted down due to heavy shoes.

Synthetic material provides the same waterproofness characteristic of leather boots but is lighter. Soccer cleats made from synthetic materials are thinner, lighter, and very affordable. They’re also very breathable and durable making them quite popular with players. Brands like Adidas and Nike have adopted the use of this material in the production of high-end performance shoes.


While on the playing field, the soccer shoe’s sole holds the key to a player’s performance and stability. The outsole if the bottom of the shoe where studs are attached to. Unlike in the past where studs were screwed into the soccer boot, they’re now molded into the shoe’s design. This makes it easy for them to offer more comfort and better grip. Some shoes still use metal studs on the tips whereas most soccer shoes these days use rubber studs.

The type of surface you’re playing on will determine the type of outsole for your soccer boot. Moreover, the playing position will determine the configuration of the studs. Certain configurations will allow for fast runs, others will offer firm traction that will allow you to control the ball easily.


Very few soccer boots are made from leather today because leather boots are not as flexible as those made from synthetic materials. There’s a lot of turning, twisting, and bending of the foot involved when playing soccer. The soccer cleats must be flexible enough to help you through the 90-minute game. Your playing style and the game will suffer if the soccer cleats aren’t flexible enough.

Shock absorption

There’s a lot of strain put on your feet and heels as you play soccer due to the running, jogging and sprinting across the football field. The amount of strain won’t vary much depending on the ground but will be more on hard ground. To help reduce the strain on the feet you need soccer cleats that can absorb shock well. Shock absorption will also help prevent any injury to the feet that may end up preventing you from being an effective player.

Control and accuracy

Every soccer player knows how important it is to have good control and accuracy of the ball. A player’s control of the ball and the accuracy of netting in a classic goal will depend on the type of soccer cleats they put on. Despite the position you play in the field, you should be capable of receiving a pass and making good passes back to your teammates. The best soccer cleats assist you in doing this, otherwise, you’ll be resigned to sitting out matches.


While playing soccer you need to be able to turn at any moment, either to mount an attack or fall back and defend your position. Torsion refers to how easy the soccer cleats make it for you to do this. The best soccer cleats won’t catch in the turf of the grass but will give you just enough momentum to turn on a dime. If your soccer cleats don’t provide this, you may end up being the joke in the whole team. All soccer players know how infuriating a cupped ear can be. Therefore, getting the best soccer cleats will save you from any embarrassing situations.

The Best Soccer Cleats 2024

1. Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

Why we like it: The Adidas Performance Copa Mundial is a legendary pair of soccer cleats that come in a classic black design complemented with a durable outsole that makes it perfect for natural grounds.

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The Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats from Adidas were released in 1979 and specifically designed for use in the 1982 FIFA World Cup. These shoes have gone through changes over the years to keep up with new technology. Many great soccer players like Diego Maradona and Pele have worn this shoe. It’s going to bring back great memories of the ’80s when legendary players like Maradona and Pele were still playing.

Materials and Construction

This soccer cleat has been constructed from K-leather with a synthetic lining. This adds comfort and offers extra support to the player. The soccer boot has extra leather supports at the heel to not only provide stability, but also durability. The material used to make the shoe will mold into your foot to give you the perfect fit that gives you a great touch and feel for ultimate control over the ball. Your feet will remain cool and dry throughout the game because the synthetic lining used is quick drying. You can wear the shoe however you like depending on your preferences because of its long tongue. For comfort and flexibility, the shoe’s upper is made of premium K-leather.


The shoe fits superbly on the player’s foot and won’t require a “break-in” period. The K-leather molds into your foot from the first time you put it on. However, some users have complained that the shoes have been sized poorly causing them to run large. Therefore, you’ll need to look at a half-size down from your usual shoe size when sizing.

Outsole & Insole

The soccer cleat comes with a die-cut EVA insole that’s lightweight and durable. It offers optimal comfort for the player ensuring they can play the entire 90-minutes. The dual-density, directly-injected outsole will ensure that the player gets the best traction and stability on firm surfaces. Moreover, it’s comfortable and offers a great fit.

  • The lightweight and durable die-cut EVA insole provide comfort.
  • It doesn’t require a break-in period because it fits perfectly.
  • The soccer cleat offers superb traction while playing.
  • The shoes are made for playing on firm ground.
  • It’s a perfect fit and offers stability on firm natural ground.
  • Some users have complained that the shoes run large due to terrible sizing.

2. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Soccer Cleats

Why we like it: The Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Soccer Cleat uses a full Flyknit upper and most soccer players have found it to be very comfortable.

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Nike is a brand that’s connected with some of the best athletes in several sports including soccer. Nike has many years of experience in designing soccer cleats and will provide you with a construction that will help improve your performance on the pitch. Despite being quite expensive, the Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phantom III is one of the best soccer shoes on the market. You get value for your money with this soccer cleat.

Materials and Construction

With this soccer cleat from Nike, you can easily control the ball with great accuracy. This is due to the tongueless construction that has been designed to almost eliminate seams. The shoe has been constructed to offer great support, breathability, and stretch with a Flyknit upper. It offers a new degree of lateral lockdown that helps to securely keep your foot in the shoe. This is aided by the Flyknit constructed upper and Flywire cables.


The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III features a collar that’s tailored for more stretch. It offers exceptional support with the ridged knit area being designed to be tight at the top. Despite this, it still offers great maneuverability and support for the ankles. You’ll also not put pressure on your Achilles with this shoe’s collar.

Insole & Outsole

This soccer cleat from Nike has insoles designed to give the player optimal comfort. It features foam pods that will soften the ball’s impact giving you a great touch and feel. The insoles have also been engineers with a hybrid plate that’ll flex allowing for easy movement and powerful shots. The insole will provide you with comfort and support throughout the game.

The outsole has been designed to give the player the best traction on firm ground. The chevron and hexagonal design of the studs allow for a great movement of the foot and agility when attacking.


You get a great fit with the Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Cleats because of the Flywire cables that wrap around your midfoot. Your foot will remain stable and secure in the shoe at all times due to the excellent lateral lockdown. The shoe’s dynamic fit will offer you the best ankle movement and support. Moreover, there’s no break-in time on these NIKE cleats.

  • It’s very comfortable to wear even from out of the box.
  • It’s easy to break-in.
  • The dynamic fit collar is comfortable.
  • It offers excellent traction and grip.
  • It features ACC technology that ensures control in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Some users agree that this soccer cleat is true to size.
  • Some users have complained that the soccer cleat starts falling off after several months of use.
  • This soccer cleat is quite expensive.

3. Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi 17.3 FG Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: The Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi Soccer Shoe provides a snug but comfortable fit. Named after Lionel Messi, the soccer cleat’s outsole’s technology was inspired by his playing style.

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Every soccer player and fan knows and loves Lionel Messi. It’s not surprising that a manufacturer like Nike would name a shoe after him. It doesn’t stop there, the player’s style of playing soccer-inspired the outsole technology. That’s why this soccer cleat has been engineering to offer the touch and feel required by a forward player who wants an accurate control of the ball. The Adidas Nemeziz Messi Soccer Shoe gives you the best ball control and the ability to make moves that leave defenders flat-footed.

Construction & Materials

This great soccer cleat features a soft agility mesh upper for responsive touch and optimum ball control out of the box. This gives it the added advantage of being extremely durable. They offer great breathability and support to a soccer player. This cleat also has a dual lock collar that provides great lockdown keeping your foot securely in the shoe. It also provides stability for the player’s ankles preventing any possible injuries.

Insole & Outsole

The shoe’s insole has a synthetic and textile lining that’s designed to keep the foot dry and comfortable throughout the game. This cleat also features a well-cushioned and constructed EVA insole footbed that provides the best support.

Designed according to Lionel Messi’s playing style, the MessiGAMBETRAX outsole is lightweight and offers the best control. You’ll get the best traction with the studs of this soccer cleat that have been engineered to perform their best on firm ground. You can get explosive push-offs and quick change of direction with the stud configuration of the soccer cleat.


Most reviewers find that the Nemeziz Men’s Soccer Cleat will fit like a glove on the player’s foot. The synthetic material used to make this cleat will mold onto the player’s foot eliminating any break-in time. The shoe offers great agility and excellent control since there’s no restriction on the movement of the player’s foot.

  • It features a lightweight EVA insole.
  • The soccer cleat brings a sock-like fit.
  • The shoes require little to no break-in time.
  • It provides superb traction while playing.
  • It has a superb touch and feel.
  • The soccer cleat has appealing aesthetics.
  • Some reviewers have complained that the soccer cleat developed some defects after a short usage time.

4. PUMA Evopower Vigor 4 Graphic FG Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: The PUMA Evopower Vigor 4 Graphic Turf makes an impression with its bright and bold colorways. This soccer cleat is of impeccable quality and excellent comfort.

Editor’s Rating:


PUMA is one of the third largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world. Born out of a feud between brothers that also saw the emergence of Adidas, PUMA has gone ahead to design some of the most dynamic and technologically advanced soccer cleats. The PUMA Men’s Evopower Vigor 4 Graphic offers stability, support, and superior comfort with a design that gives a player enormous striking power.

Materials and Construction

The PUMA Men’s Evopower features a lightweight upper made of synthetic material. The material used makes it both soft and durable. For optimal stability, this cleat molds to the player’s foot and offers a soft feel for great ball control. This soccer cleat’s design makes you feel like you’re kicking the ball barefoot. For power and precision kicking, this PUMA soccer cleat features the powerCell design. It’s an FG soccer cleat meaning it can be used on natural surfaces.

Insole & Outsole

This soccer cleat features a soft and comfortable insole. It has a foamstrip at the lateral side of the shoe for comfort. The shoe’s tongue with a PUMA evoPOWER Logo has also been designed for extreme comfort. The shoe’s outsole is made of rubber that’s both lightweight and stable. The studs are conical and bladed to offer optimal agility and stability.


The PUMA Evopower Vigor offers a snug and comfortable fit for any player. It’s designed to lock the player’s foot into the shoe and have a barefoot feel to it. You require little break-in time for this soccer cleat and players can comfortably put it on straight out of the box. The synthetic upper of this cleat is comfortable and soft and molds to your foot. The lace closure enhances the soccer cleat’s ability to offer a secure, snug, and tight fit.

  • This soccer cleat is affordable.
  • The PUMA Evopower comes in different color options.
  • They’re comfortable to put on.
  • They accommodate wide feet.
  • It’s a great firm ground cleat.
  • Some reviewers found that it fits narrow around the toes.

5. Nike Men’s Tiempo Legend VII FG Soccer Cleat

Why we like it: The new technologies incorporated into the Nike Men’s Tiempo Soccer Cleat ensure that it achieves a high level of comfort and fit. This is attributed to its premium Kangaroo leather upper.

Editor’s Rating:


Unlike most Nike cleats on the market, the Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Soccer Cleat features an upper made from leather instead of synthetic. This shoe is stunning to look at and play in. It offers the best traction, ball control, and speed every player wants. These Nike shoes are lightweight, durable, and have one of the coolest looks on the market.

Materials and Construction

This soccer cleat is made from Kangaroo leather that’ll give you a snug and secure fit since it’ll mold to your foot. The K-leather used is also ultra-soft ensuring that your feet are comfortable. The leather upper adds to the touch and feel for the ball offering great control.

Flyknit and Flywire cables have been used in the construction of the cleat’s heel and midfoot. The player’s feet remain stable and secure in the boot due to the lockdown effect created by the Flywire cables that wrap around the foot. Besides offering the best support, the Flyknit of the heel and tongue are breathable and stretchy. To enhance lockdown, the Flywire cables integrate with the cleat’s laces.

Insole & Outsole

This shoe’s insole incorporates NIKEGRIP technology that uses interlocking textures to prevent your feet from slipping or sliding inside the cleat. The collar cup features stability pods that offer support for your ankle. The soccer cleat also has a sock liner designed to reduce the pressure the studs put on the foot.

There’s a hyperstability plate that offers lightweight traction giving the player secure footing on firm ground. This has helped in greatly enhancing the grip on this soccer cleat. Along with underfoot studs, this cleat is perfect for natural grass surfaces.


The Flywire and sock liner contribute to the snugness and secure fit of the Nike Tiempo Legend VII soccer cleat. There’s little break-in time needed with this shoe. Players can wear it right out of the box. The snug fit of the cleats ensures a secure and stable fit that offers great overall support.

  • These soccer cleats are durable.
  • The shoes offer great traction to players.
  • They’re lightweight.
  • The K-leather upper of this cleat offers sufficient comfort.
  • The Flywire cables ensure an excellent fit.
  • Little break-in time in time is required.
  • This soccer cleat is quite expensive.

6. Adidas ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: The Adidas ACE 18.3 FG offers comfort, style, durability, and stability. It’s suitable for firm ground pitches since it gives the best traction alongside with great ball control.

Editor’s Rating:

Materials and Construction

The ACE 18.3 FG Soccer shoe is made from synthetic material. This material is designed to mold to your foot allowing for a comfortable and snug fit. The shoe’s low top allows for great maneuverability that in turn gives you more control of the ball. The sock construction of this cleat links the lower leg to the ankle allowing for faster, more agile movements.

Insole & Outsole

This soccer cleat features a well-padded insole that allows for a comfortable ride. The toe, sides and the heel are padded to offer maximum protection. To prevent slipping of the foot inside the shoe, the Adidas ACE Soccer Shoe comes with a lined insole.

Traction on this FG soccer shoe is phenomenal. The soccer cleat has the right configuration of studs that have been designed for speed and agility on natural grass pitches. You can get explosive push-offs with this soccer cleat making it great for an attacking play.


Most reviewers have found the ACE 18.3 FG to offer a good fit. Therefore, it doesn’t require any break-in time and fits comfortably after putting it on. You can hit the field with confidence with the techfit compression of the upper of the soccer cleat that molds to your foot.


The collar on this soccer cleat ensures there’s a snug fit. You get an exceptional movement in the foot and more control over the soccer ball at all times with the low-cut upper. Moreover, the collar and fit give you stability and security on your feet even when making tight turns.

  • It’s ultra-comfortable and offers great traction.
  • It’s durable and suitable as a firm ground cleat.
  • The soccer cleat fits good.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • Some reviewers have expressed that this soccer cleat has an initial tight fit.

7. Nike Men’s Mercurial Veloce III DF FG Soccer Cleat

Why we like it: The Nike Men’s Mercurial Veloce III DF FG Soccer Cleat combines flair with technology to give strikers and wingers the dream boot. It provides great performance, stability, and comfort.

Editor’s Rating:


The Nike Men’s Mercurial is possible the fastest boot in soccer. It combines style with technology to give you the complete soccer cleat. No wonder the GOAT Christiano Ronaldo is proud to put his name to it. The Mercurial Veloce will give you speed, dexterity, and a real feel for the ball. Its stylish design of bright colors will make you stand out on the pitch.

Materials and Construction

The soccer cleat features a leather upper with a textured Flyknit. Due to the 3D Speedrib texture on this cleat’s leather upper, there are areas with a certain amount of friction between the shoe and the ball that give you much more control. Unlike other soccer cleats that have thin material, this soccer cleat has thick material that gives you a stronger connection with the ball and a more solid feel. This control allows you to kick the ball with style and power.

Insole & Outsole

The Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleat has sufficient padding in the right areas ensuring that it’s very comfortable. It features a dynamic mid-cut collar that stretches to allows you to put it on quickly. Besides, the padded and undulated footbed provides comfort and protection to your foot. Your foot will remain snugly secure in this soccer cleat because of the exposed internal heel counter.

This Nike soccer cleat features a mercurial anatomical plate that makes it stand out from the rest. The soleplate alongside the stud configuration of this shoe ensures that you get the best traction on most natural grass pitches.


Many customers who have bought this soccer cleat and put it on straight out of the box have experienced discomfort and stiffness. Some had blisters during the first few uses. This is because the fit of this soccer cleat is rather tight when you put them on for the first time. To get the perfect fit, these shoes require a break-in period. However, once you break-in, the shoe gives you a snug fit that allows for stability. To enhance comfortability, this soccer cleat has an upper Flyknit material that stretches to mold to your foot.

  • This soccer cleat gives excellent control of the ball.
  • It’s durable and comfortable.
  • The stud configuration helps with acceleration.
  • It’s great for speed-focused players.
  • It offers a great fit.
  • This stylish soccer cleat comes in different styles and colors.
  • Some reviewers felt that the shape of the cleat is extremely narrow.

8. PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe

Why we like it: The PUMA One 17.4 FG offers stability, support, comfort and great ball control to soccer players. This stylish soccer cleat also features a synthetic upper that’s unique in design.

Editor’s Rating:


The technical innovation and new designs of shoes that PUMA has come up with have put them into the upper echelon of soccer cleat manufacturers. Some of the top soccer stars in the world today put on PUMA boots. Their boots have been made even cheaper with the replacement of leather boots by synthetic ones. This soccer cleat is one of the cheapest soccer cleats around since it combines both the EvoSpeed and EvoTouch features into one.

Materials and Construction

The PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe is made from a synthetic material that allows for a great, comfortable fit. This is unlike previous PUMA soccer cleats that were made from Kangaroo leather. The synthetic material is flexible and lightweight. For great comfort, the PUMA ONE still maintains evoKnit sock extension.

Insole & Outsole

The PUMA ONE features an insole that has been well padded to providing cushioning in all the right places. This padding ensures that your feet remain comfortable and supported throughout the game.

The outsole of this soccer cleat from PUMA has also been designed to offer comfort, speed, and traction on firm surfaces. It features bladed and conical studs designed to allow for quick direction changes as well as attacking runs and acceleration. The synthetic heel combines with the soleplate to give the player stability, particularly when preparing to shoot or turn.


With the PUMA ONE17.4 FG soccer cleat, you don’t have to worry about its fit. The evoKnit collar and the synthetic upper material provide a molded fit to your foot to keep it stable and supported. The shoe size of this PUMA cleat runs a little long. Therefore, you have to look for a shoe that’s about half your size.

  • It offers a great fit.
  • The sock extension offers excellent ankle support.
  • It’s lighter and plusher on the foot.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • It features with bladed and conical studs.
  • Some reviewers feel that the soleplate tends to trip to the sides due to the stud pattern.

9. Nike Kids’ Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 FG Soccer Cleats

Why we like it: The Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 has been designed in collaboration with a true soccer superstar, Christiano Ronaldo. The extremely lightweight soccer cleat is built for speed. It’s comfortable to put on and its quality ensures that it’ll last for long.

Editor’s Rating:


The Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 Soccer Cleats is another great soccer cleat from Nike that will bring your performance on the pitch to a whole new level. This cleat is designed and constructed using innovative technology that makes it perfect for playing in both wet and dry weather conditions. This soccer cleat will allow you to excel like the GOAT, CR7 who lends his name to this Nike shoe. You can make tight turns, cuts, and explosive take-offs with this great soccer cleat.

Materials and Construction

The Nike Kid’s Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 FG Soccer Cleats come with an upper designed to give the player’s foot great support and control over the ball. Built for speed, this cleats touch is perfect for players like Ronaldo, who has the pace and skill to leave defenders flatfooted. The upper is speed control textured to create friction with the ball. Along with the leather material that molds into the player’s foot, this soccer cleat is quite responsive and offers a great touch.

To prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe, the XI CR7 FG integrates an internal Nike Grip System for great lockdown. This soccer cleat is designed with the All Conditions Control (ACC) technology that ensures the shoe is capable of performing in all weather conditions.

Insole & Outsole

This soccer cleats insole is well padded to provide for shock absorption. This prevents the player’s foot from the strains that come from jogging and running during a soccer match. The shoe has a soft heel that enhances the comfort of putting this shoe on.

Speed and agility are very important to players in attacking positions like Christiano Ronaldo. To allow for a fast release from the surface, the Mercurial Vapor XI comes with twin studs at the rear. The asymmetric design of the studs gives the player the ability to make quick runs. The blades ensure that the player can make quick direction changes or pivot while remaining stable.

Besides, the outsole has a glass fiber plate that’s lightweight. This construction makes it very flexible and allows for great energy return. These cleats will give any player the boost they need to make fast attacks and score classic goals.


This soccer cleat has a snug and tight fit that makes it very responsive. It also gives the player the soft touch needed to control the ball with precision.

  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • It’s perfect for all weather conditions.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear.
  • It fits true to size.
  • It doesn’t take much time to break-in.
  • The soccer cleat is integrated with an internal Nike Grip System that locks down the user’s foot and avoids skidding.
  • It’s has a narrow fit, making it less ideal for wide-footed users.
  • It’s quite expensive.

10. Nike Men’s Mercurial Veloce III DF FG Soccer Cleat

Why we like it: The Nike Mercurial Veloce III Soccer Cleat gives you the most secure footing to allow you to get past your opponents. Little to no break-in time is required with this soccer cleat that features great construction and a snug fit that provides the comfort needed to get you through a 90-minute game.

Editor’s Rating:

Construction & Materials

The Mercurial Veloce III Soccer Cleat is made from synthetic materials. It comes with 3D Speedribs that give the player an excellent control of the ball with a soft touch. This ribbed material also gives the player a great passing ability. The shots that can be taken by this cleat are enhanced by the striking zone that’s layered with extra material. This extra layer of material provides more protection as you take a shot or collide with another player.

Insole & Outsole

This shoe comes with an insole that’s both comfortable and supportive. The cleat offers less undulation due to the toned-down anatomical plate which still contours to the foot. You don’t have to worry about the gap underfoot as the contours to the foot eliminate this. This area acts as the cleats’ spine, that’s why it’s thicker to create some stiffness. As soon as you wear this shoe, it’ll start to soften. A well-cushioned heel in this shoe offers protection from any strain while on the pitch.

This soccer cleat features chevron blade stud design that ensures the player can dig their foot into the pitch to secure their feet for shots or long passes. This stud design is also great for speed and quick direction changes. With the soccer cleats traction, a player can remain stable and secure despite the type of surface they’re playing on. The shoe has been designed using Finite Element Analysis to determine areas where grip is most needed. Therefore, the stud configuration on this soccer cleat is meant for players looking for speed on the pitch.


The Nike Mercurial Veloce III Soccer Cleat requires little to no break-in time depending on how well it fits you. However, they’re a narrow fitting soccer cleat that may not be great for wide-footed players. This cleat has a snug fit with a little wiggle room. Players with medium to wide foot can still wear it comfortably. Moreover, the shoe’s length comes true-to-size. The material used to make the shoe doesn’t stretch much. This means the shoe remains tight causing you some discomfort when you put it on initially. With time, however, it becomes easier to slip them on.

  • This Nike shoe has been built to last.
  • It offers player’s exceptional traction on the pitch.
  • The ribbing on the shoe’s upper offer great ball control.
  • It fits true-to-size.
  • It doesn’t require much break-in time.
  • These soccer cleats are quite affordable.
  • The narrow fit of this soccer cleat isn’t ideal for wide-footed players. Some reviewers have complained of getting blisters after putting them on.

Guide to Buying the Best Soccer Cleats

There are many options for soccer cleats in the market these days. This makes it quite challenging for even the best players to choose the perfect pair of cleats for their foot. Despite your age or experience in the game of soccer, you’ll need soccer cleats that’ll enable you to get the most out of your game. Consider the following important factors before you buy soccer cleats.


The most important factor you need to consider when looking for a soccer cleat is how well they’ll fit you. Being comfortable in your soccer boots is important since it’ll help improve your style of play and overall performance on the pitch. Look for soccer cleats that have extra padding, the right width, and size for your foot, and a toe box. A shoe that doesn’t have these features will limit your ability to perform at your best.


The part of the soccer cleat that’ll have a lot of wear and tear while playing is the upper. This is one reason that makes it one of the most important factors that you need to consider when looking for soccer cleats. The upper will be receiving a lot of stress as you take shots and collide with other players’ feet as you make tackles. You need to look for a pair of soccer cleats that have a durable front. The best soccer cleat will have an upper that won’t wear and tear with a few soccer matches.

Touch/Feel for the Ball

This is dependent on the soccer cleat’s upper. The type of material used to make the upper will have an impact on a player’s touch. This is the reason why some players have a particular preference when it comes to the kind of upper, they’re looking for. Nike and Adidas make some of the best soccer cleats with leather uppers. However, kangaroo cleats are illegal in California so soccer players that prefer these may not get them. Positional needs will help a player narrow down the type of cleats they want, especially if they have a preference for soccer cleats.


The type of soccer cleats you’re looking for will depend on your style and taste. There are single color and multi-color soccer cleats that come out every month, so you have to keep on top of new releases. For players loyal to certain brands, they can keep tabs with the brand’s Instagram page or website to see new designs that have been released.

Ground Type

You need to consider the type of surface that you’ll be playing on before you buy a soccer cleat. The studs used to make soccer cleats have been designed to cut into the ground giving you more traction depending on the different pitch conditions. Soccer cleats are classified into FG (Firm Ground), AG (Artificial Ground), and SG (Soft Ground).

FG soccer cleats can be used on grounds with natural grass where the soil isn’t hard. They can be used on most playing fields that soccer matches are played on these days. With the construction of many artificial pitches, manufacturers have had to adapt to these changes and come up with cleats that can offer the best traction on fake grass. AG soccer cleats should be used on such grounds but not on firm ground natural surfaces.

If you’re going to take part in a soccer match during a rainy day or a wet or damp ground, SG soccer cleats should be best for you. These types of cleats often feature replaceable studs similar to previous designs. They’re designed to slip into the surface to offer the player traction.


The best soccer cleats should have padding located in the right areas instead of just one location. The heels, the flanks of your feet, and the tip should all be padded since they’re going to be taking the strain from passing and shooting. Proper padding of these areas will give you sufficient support. While some soccer players may prefer reducing the padding on their cleats to save on some weight, a properly padded cleat is necessary.


The collar will determine to a great extent how easy it’ll be for a soccer player to rotate or bend their ankles. Loose collar soccer cleats will enable you to make skill moves against an opponent by making it easy to rotate your ankles. However, this type of leaves you vulnerable to injury due to overextending your joints. A firm or full collar while offering less maneuverability will protect you from any potential injury. You can also get used to playing with it by doing some training.

Stud Design

Developing technology has made it possible to design cleats of different shapes and sizes. The design of the stud will depend on the position of play. For instance, a striker’s boots will have a stud design that focuses more on the front of the foot while an evenly spread cleat will be found on a defender’s cleats.

Suitability for Position/Style of Play

Different positions of play on the pitch will require different cleats. That’s why there are many different models of soccer cleats. For example, strikers and defenders will have different needs. Soccer players will want their soccer cleats to have certain features depending on the position they’re playing. Overall, soccer players will be looking for cleats that allow for great ball control and comfortability.

Defenders are often the backbone of any soccer team. They defend the team against attacks from players like Christiano and Messi. Some defenders like David Luiz and Marcelo can go up the field to provide support to attacking players. That’s why defenders need soccer cleats with great touch and feel as they look to control the ball with precision. The cleats should favor steadiness, a fast kick-off, and superior maneuverability.

Strikers will require soccer cleats that offer them quick movement, fast kick-off, and good upper. They need soccer cleats with uppers that can withstand a lot of abuse. The material used on the upper needs to be strong but not very heavy. The cleat has to be lighter to allow the striker to make fast attacking plays against the opponent.

Players in the goalie position will need a solid pair of cleats that reflect their role as the last line of defense. Goalie’s soccer cleat needs a tough upper made from something a little harder. The cleat will require front toe padding since you’ll always be on your toes to dive for saves. An evenly spaced stud configuration will give a goalie good traction and movement in all directions.

Bottom Line

The best soccer cleat should offer you the traction, support, and stability needed when taking that game-changing shot at goal. Soccer is a very popular game worldwide and everyone from women to children love playing the game. To offer the cleats that will give players the best traction, manufacturers are using technology to design soccer cleats. To prevent injuries, soccer cleats have been made supportive and comfortable.

Before buying a soccer cleat take into consideration the type of ground and most importantly the position you’ll be playing in. The soccer cleat should provide enough shock absorption to prevent any strain on your feet. It should also give you the best control of the ball so that you can net in a winning goal for your team.

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