The 10 Best Hockey Bags to Buy in 2024

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Hockey is an awesome, high-octane sport that is world-renowned for its fast-paced nature and sheer physicality. Each and every player faces pretty serious danger while out on the ice, and this sort of constant threat of danger merits the need to lug around some serious protective gear. What’s the best way of getting said gear to and from your home? The answer is simple, a good-quality ice hockey bag, designed with the sportsman in mind.

But you’re not just looking for any simple kind of bag. If you were, you would just throw all of your gear in a black garbage bag and leave it at that, right? No, you want a high-quality item for a high-level player. Well lucky you! You’ve come to the right place.

We need to settle a few things first, however, such as the bare minimum you should be looking at prior to making a hockey bag purchase. Right after that, we are going to move on over to the product reviews. Once you’re done with the reviews, don’t stop there! Give our extended buyer’s guide a gander for a more in-depth look on hockey bags that could give you more of a cutting edge when it comes to making a final purchase.

What to Know Before Shopping for a Hockey Bag

Here are a couple of quick and easy points of consideration to make prior to purchasing a high-quality hockey bag. If you find this section lacking and want more information, be sure to check out our extended buyer’s guide at the end of our product reviews for a more in-depth analysis.

Type of Bag

There are a couple of main types of hockey bags out there that you can choose from.

  • Traditional Bags: These large bags with a carrying handle are the most typical version available, and still the most popular for the most part. This is probably due to how much more affordable they are compared to wheeled models, so if you’re a price-minded person, this is probably the best way to go. The only real downside is that they require some serious muscle, as they are designed to be picked up, and in some cases slung over the shoulder.
  • Wheeled Bags: These are modeled similarly to luggage bags meant for long-distance travel. This is a good choice for those that don’t want to haul around seriously heavy equipment.
  • Backpack Bags: These are similar to the carry bags, but they are built in a way that mimics a backpack like the one you would tote around with you at school. These will usually have straps that adjust for proper weight allocation and are a good option if your back (and legs) are strong enough.
  • Hybrid Hockey Bags: Sometimes you will even find some hockey bags that are a hybrid of any of the options listed above. A typical example of this is a wheeled hockey bag that also has straps/handholds built into it, allowing for a quick carry over rough terrain that the wheels themselves can’t handle very well.


Obviously, you’re going to want your hockey bag to be constructed out of the strongest materials on the market today. They’re going to get a lot of use over time, and you don’t want accidental ripping and tearing. Light, tough materials are going to be a gold standard when purchasing a hockey bag. Also, make sure there are numerous compartments in whatever bag you end up purchasing. It will make gear sorting simpler in the long run.


A seemingly obvious but sometimes overlooked aspect of hockey bags is their size. You want to make sure you buy something that allows you to stuff in all of your gear in a snug manner. Additionally, you want to make sure that your bag is large enough so you don’t have to struggle to get your gear out of it, potentially causing damage to your precious protective investments in the process.

Meanwhile, buying the largest bag that you possibly can find isn’t the best of solutions either. Large, bulky bags can be troublesome to haul around, even if they ultimately fit every single piece of gear and whatever other knickknacks you can shove inside of them. Balance is the key here.


Good quality hockey bags can get a little up there in price, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. There are really affordable options out there if you’re willing to take the time and effort to sniff them out. It’s worth noting, however, that a lot of hockey bags are generally going to run you over $100 depending on numerous factors, such as brand, type, advanced features and more.

Top 10 Best Hockey Bags 2024

1. Best Overall Hockey Bag: Grit HTFX Hockey Wheeled Tower Bag

Why we like it: At a whopping 36 inches in length, this wheeled hockey bag can not only carry all of your personal protective gear but also pretty much anything else you could think of.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Wheeled

Dimensions: 33” x 17” x 7”

This highly versatile wheeled hockey bag is a powerhouse when it comes to your equipment carrying needs. Not only does its wheeled design make toting around hockey gear easy, but if the terrain is too rough, you can utilize the embedded handle on the top of the bag and haul it around to wherever your next destination is.

This bag can even accommodate hockey sticks due to the side blade ports. These ports keep your stick secure via a system of locking straps that keep them snug and secure. This is an incredible feature for individuals that literally want an “all-in-one” hockey bag option.

The interior of this hockey bag is impressive to say the least. Not only is there ample amounts of room for all kinds of equipment, but there’s also a built-in equipment shelf in the interior for optimal organization purposes. Additionally, there’s also a removable mesh bag that’s perfect for storing wet, sweat-laden pieces of equipment that are in dire need of drying out. Speaking of keeping things dry, with the Grit HFTX, keeping things clean and fresh-smelling will be a literal breeze as the entirety of the bag is designed for maximum airflow, from the inside and out, due to its flow-through ventilation design.

When you’re not using the Grit HFTX, it won’t take up much room at all. It comes complete with a system in place that allows it to collapse into its own frame, allowing the bag to be stored practically anywhere afterward.


The only real downside we could find with the Grit HFTX is its price point. However, it must be stressed that high-quality hockey bags are generally going to run you pretty high in the dollars and cents department. It seems like a bitter pill to swallow, but the overall value you’re going to get out of such a long-lasting, well-made piece of equipment is well worth the dollars you will spend on it in the long run.

  • Ample tower design
  • It can even accommodate hockey sticks due to its length
  • Can be carried like an ordinary duffle
  • Lots of various compartments
  • Comes in ten different color designs
  • Expensive

2. Best Budget Hockey Bag: Jetstream 36 Inch Hockey Equipment Duffle Bag

Why we like it: This is widely regarded as one of the best carry-style hockey bags available, and it also happens to be one of the most affordable for even the smallest of budgets.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Traditional

Dimensions: 36” x 16” x 15”

When you’re looking for the budget option, and we do mean the definitive budget option, look no further than Jetstream’s offering. This is a roomy 36″ handled-carry duffle bag that gives you ample enough space for all of your hockey gear needs (and then some).

Let’s talk about construction. The first thing that really catches the eye here is the large zippered portion on the top of the bag. This allows you to place huge, bulky pieces of equipment into the bag easily without any harsh shoving and pushing to get every inch of your gear inside.

Next up are the handles, which are made of high-quality polypropylene material. These are placed specifically at the base of the bag, wrapping around it to meet together up top. This kind of design is extremely solid, as it keeps the handles from catching easily on things, potentially ripping them off of the bag while also allowing for maximum weight displacement on the handles themselves.

There are also end-pocket sections that are prominent on both sides of the bag. These pockets are roomy enough to fit both skates, one on each side, and are designed in such a way that the skates themselves won’t cause any sort of tear or laceration. This is a fantastic addition to the bag’s design… we all know how sharp ice skates can be, and this design focus definitely minimizes any potential damage from them. This is just another fantastic addition to an already amazing product.

Finally, the exterior of the bag is made of waterproof material, which we all know is a godsend for products such as this. There’s nothing worse than hauling expensive, bulky equipment to and from the hockey rink, and having it get wet due to the weather!


Probably the biggest downside to the Jetstream 36 is that it’s somewhat lacking in terms of additional compartments compared to some other brands of hockey bags. However, at the low price that it’s at, along with its great design features, we think it’s not that big of a negative for this absolutely fantastic product.

  • Beyond affordable
  • More than enough space for most of your gear and more
  • Waterproof exterior design
  • Slash-proof side pockets made specifically for hockey skates
  • Four different color choices
  • Not many compartments compared to other models

3. Best Small Hockey Bag: Under Armour Hockey Deluxe Cargo Duffle Bag

Why we like it: It’s a solid hockey bag from a reputable and well-known name brand that’s pretty much perfect aside from its small size.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Traditional

Dimensions: 30” x 15” x 20”

We’ve all heard of the Under Armour brand. They are well known for efficient clothing that deals with sweat while keeping a uniform and aesthetic look. Their Hockey Deluxe bag keeps to this same level of style and practicality.

The bag is lightweight, yet very strong. The exterior is made up of hardy ballistic material and is ensured to keep your equipment in one piece in even the most ridiculous and destructive scenarios that could come to mind. The bottom liner portion of the bag is made up of a hardy shell piece that keeps the structural stability of the entire bag extremely solid and strong. It’s literally armor under the base of your hockey bag!

The bag gets even more high-quality by adding two well-ventilated compartments on both sides of the bag specifically for skate storage. Additionally, there’s lots of additional storage in the front portion for smaller items like smartphones, wallets, keys, and any other thing you don’t want to bring out with you on the ice.

To top off all of the other positives, this hockey bag is incredibly well-designed, and ventilates efficiently, drying out your equipment fast after a session of hard use. This keeps your gear smelling (somewhat) fresh and cuts down on the possibility of bacteria growth at the same time.


Probably the biggest negative we could find with the Under Armour Hockey Deluxe bag is that it runs a bit smaller than other hockey bags on the market, and it might be difficult to fit all of your equipment into the entire interior. Other than that, this is a solid and affordable purchase. If, however, you need that extra space, you’d probably be better served by the Grit HTFX Hockey Wheeled Tower Bag

  • Decently priced
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Side pockets for ice skates
  • Incredible ventilated design
  • Could be bigger in internal storage size

4. Best Multi-Purpose Hockey Bag: AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Duffle Bag With Wheels

Why we like it: It’s an affordable rolling duffle bag that can work in a pinch as a hockey bag. It also has a warranty that is backed by one of the largest retailers in the land.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Wheeled

Dimensions: 37.5” x 18.25” x 16” (37 inch size), 32.5” x 16.5” x 14.5” (32 inch size),

28.5” x 15.2” x 13.5” (28.5 inch size),

While not specifically designed with hockey in mind, this AmazonBasics rolling duffle bag is sure to provide you with more than enough space for all of the hockey gear that you can (safely) stuff inside of it. This is a bold-looking grey and black-hued bag that comes in three different lengths (28, 32, and 37 inches) which gives you a few options when it comes to the overall size. However, it should be said that we easily recommend the largest size possible when it comes to hauling around copious amounts of hockey-related gear. The extra space won’t hurt!

The material itself is a 100% polyester for the top/surface areas, while the siding is made of ripstop lining. Ripstop fabric is touted to be a very strong method of manufacturing high-quality tough products that are built to withstand a lot of abuse. They are designed in such a way that synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are “woven into” the design at various intervals. So, if a tear is made on a particular square of the fabric, these interwoven synthetic fibers will ideally keep the fabric from tearing more and more, which keeps the structural integrity of the bag intact.

When it comes to additional storage beyond the interior (which can hold up to 137 liters worth of gear) this duffle bag has you covered. On the external surface, there are numerous zippered pocket areas that are scattered all over for simple access. This product is certainly not lacking in extra compartments, overall.

When it comes to mobility, this wheeled duffle also has you covered. The bag comes complete with a built-in telescopic handle system. Just extend it out, tip the duffle over at an angle, and let the wheels do all the work for you. On the off chance that you need to pick the bag up due to nasty terrain, this product also comes complete with an optional shoulder strap that is easily removed if it gets in the way. This is perfect for an impromptu over-the-shoulder grab-and-go situation… assuming you can carry what’s inside!


The only real downsides we could find with this wheeled duffle bag are that the telescopic handle that’s built into the bag is flimsy and can easily break if manhandled roughly. This is a fairly big deal, as the bag’s main draw is the fact that it’s wheeled, and a lack of a functioning handle can certainly ruin the overall effectiveness of the product.

  • One year warranty backed by AmazonBasics
  • Made of tough 100% polyester materials
  • Many compartments for storage
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Large interior capacity
  • The telescopic handle can rip off easily
  • Not a dedicated hockey bag

5. Best Youth Hockey Bag: VIC Wheeled Hockey Bag

Why we like it: This is a fantastic hybrid of a wheeled hockey bag that can also be used as a backpack due to its built-in shoulder strap design.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Hybrid backpack/wheeled

Dimensions: 34” x 20” x 16”

This is an extremely impressive youth/junior-sized wheeled hockey bag that can also function as a backpack, giving it a dual-purpose design and making it one of the most versatile options out there for younger hockey players looking for a quality gear bag.

On the interior is one large-sized section for the largest pieces of gear such as pants and shoulderpads. There are also a few compartments stationed on the front of the bag that are perfect for additional items, such as hockey pucks, band-aids, essential medications, and anything else. There are also two sections on the side of the bag that are designed specifically for the storing of bladed hockey skates, keeping them internally secure and also keeping them from being a potential hazard in the process. So, long story short, with a whopping four different compartment sections total, there’s no shortage of storage in this excellent hybrid hockey bag.

How does the VIC hold up with mobility, though? Well, the awesome thing about this hockey bag is that there are multiple ways it allows you to get your gear from A to B. First, there’s a built-in telescopic handle that extends, allowing the built-in wheels to do most of the heavy lifting for you. However, if the terrain isn’t suitable for wheeled transit, you can use the shoulder straps built into the framework of the bag, and put it on like a backpack in the blink of an eye.


Like a lot of hockey-related storage bag options, the VIC wheeled hockey bag is going to set you back a little bit in price. But beyond just that, the most glaring negative we could find with this product was that the wheels are made of plastic. While this doesn’t seem to be a terrible thing at first glance, it’s crucial to note that most wheels on portable bags of any kind are usually made of rubber, and are built to last a long time. Plastic, however, is suspect in terms of its long-term durability, and because of this, the VIC hockey bag lost some points in our review process.

  • Lots of storage room
  • Compact design
  • Eye-popping backpack design
  • Can be worn like a backpack
  • Comes with plastic wheels, which won’t hold up over time
  • Expensive

6. CCM 350 Deluxe Player Hockey Bag

Why we like it: It’s a solid, well-made and aesthetically pleasing hockey bag that, while not the cheapest option on our list, won’t break the bank like some of the other hockey bags on this list might.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Traditional

Dimensions: 37” x 19” x 16.5” (37 inch size), 33” x 17” x 15.5” (33 inch size)

This is a great hockey bag option that won’t break the bank too bad. It comes in two sizes, 33 inches, and 37 inches, but if you’re a hardcore hockey person, you’re probably going to want to go with the 37-inch version for the most space possible.

As far as the structural stability of the bag is concerned, this CCM350 is made of a mix of light polyester material mixed with ripstop polyester. The base of the bag is made of waterproof material as well, so on the off chance that you accidentally drop your gear bag into a nasty puddle, your gear will stay dry and safe.

On top of a solid and absolutely spacious interior, the most interesting component to the CCM 350 hockey bag is that it has two internal sections dedicated to holding one’s ice skates. This is somewhat of a game-changer addition for a hockey bag, as most skate pouches are located on the outside of the bags themselves. In this case, having one’s skates internally allows for a more “square” and utterly ergonomic design, which is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as practical in terms of space.

Other awesome additional features to the CCM 350 are a mesh bag that allows for soiled/dirty/sweaty clothing to be disposed of ASAP, as well as a see-through ID space at the top of the bag, identifying the owner of the bag with ease.


We found that the zippers on this bag would come off the track at times, which obviously isn’t the most ideal situation for keeping all of your belongings together (or dry). Other than that possibility, this is a solid entry-level hockey bag that is well-designed, solidly built, and won’t send your wallet to the cleaners.

  • Comes in two sizes, 33″ and 37″
  • Two inside pockets to hold skates
  • Flat, efficient design
  • Mesh bag for sweaty/used clothing
  • Tough polyester design
  • Zippers have been known to come off the tracks

7. Best Premium Hockey Bag: Pacific Rink Senior Player Bag

Why we like it: When it comes to absolute quality where price is no obstacle, this is the hockey bag for you!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Traditional with backpack straps

Dimensions: 33” x 17” x 7”

On the outside, everything about this hockey bag screams precision and attention to detail. The zippers are made by YYK, which is a company that focuses on the manufacture of zippers. Right there, that should tell you a little something about the quality level of this hockey bag… even the zippers are at a high level of quality!

The bag is made up of a Cordura/Kodra Nylon material and features a ballistic nylon bottom that is reinforced for extra toughness. Inside, however, is where the magic truly begins. This bag has reflective material on its inside, which allows for great illumination even in somewhat lower lighting conditions. This makes finding things in a crowded bag a snap.

Next-level organizational features are also another key component of this too-good-to-be-true hockey bag. There are all kinds of pockets dedicated to different levels of importance, such as a personal belongings pocket for items like smartphones and mp3 players, and an accessories pocket for things like medical supplies and tape. There’s even a dry clothes section/compartment built into the top which can be accessed from both the inside as well as the outside.

There’s more, though! On top of all that, there’s also a padded section specifically for sharp ice skates, and even a center divider piece for the interior that can be entirely omitted if you have no need for it.

While this looks like nothing more than a carry hockey bag (and it functions as one quite nicely!) There are also backpack strap sections that you can hide away easily in the interior in case you need to get ready for a long trek.


Since this is a premium-level product, it’s going to be more expensive. This is easily the most expensive item on our list, and it’s definitely not made for the weekend warrior in mind. This is professional-level craftsmanship, and it comes with a price. Pacific Rink is something of a newer company in the hockey world, but they focus specifically on making only hockey bags, and their attention to detail shows this in a big way.

  • Impressive details on the interior, such as reflective surfaces
  • Numerous storage partitions
  • Functions as both a carry as well as a backpack hockey bag
  • Interior skate pouches
  • Very expensive
  • Definitely not for the entry or even intermediate-level hockey athlete

8. Gothamite Rolling Duffle Bag

Why we like it: This large-capacity rolling duffle bag is a good option for new hockey players without breaking the bank too badly. On top of that, it can also double as a fantastic non-hockey travel bag as well.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Wheeled

Dimensions: 42” x 18” x 18”

If you’re new to the sport of hockey, you’ve probably figured out already you’re going to need something to store all of your protective gear in. Something big, even. However, if you’re still not 100% certain this is a sport you’re going to stay involved in for very long, you are possibly afraid of making a huge purchase on something you might abandon a few months down the line. Well, we’re happy to report Gothamite has a great dual-purpose solution just for you!

This is a multi-purpose duffle bag that is a great choice for a generalized hockey bags on wheels (while not specifically geared towards the hockey crowd). It’s got a huge amount of interior space for all of your equipment needs along with any other essential item you could possibly think of.

It’s also made tough as well. This wheeled duffle comes equipped with 200D polyester exteriors that protect the bag from tearing on external nuisances, such as sharp edges. Also, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, sleet or hail as this bag is 100% weatherproof, keeping your precious gear safe and sound.

We think the best part of the Gothamite wheeled bag is that it’s got a fantastic frame design that allows it to be taken down and collapsed all the way to the base of the bag. This allows it to be stored almost anywhere, from car trunks to closets, or even in small attics.

Another neat design feature with the Gothamite bag is its interesting tri-wheeled design. This allows for a smoother rolling experience while also providing a more even base of stability for the bag as it rolls over all kinds of uneven surfaces.


The biggest downside to the Gothamite duffel bag is that it’s not specifically designed with hockey in mind, so you’re really not going to get a lot of sport-specific features built into it. With that being said, however, it has more than enough interior space for all of your gear and then some, and like we said earlier, it can also double as a fantastic general duffle bag for all of your travel needs.

  • Three-wheeled design
  • Great for hockey gear as well as general travel
  • Collapsible frame
  • Tough polyester material design
  • Not specifically a hockey bag, so no hockey-specific features are included in the design

9. Best Budget Youth Hockey Bag: JAMM Sports 26″ Cargo Carry Hockey and Multi-Purpose Bag

Why we like it: This is an excellent youth/junior hockey bag that is minimalistic and can be used for more things than just hockey.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Wheeled

Dimensions: 26” x 15” x 14”

This is probably one of the best multipurpose hockey bags on this list in terms of price, however, due to its small size it’s only going to be the best budget buy for youth/junior level players.

At first glance, this product has a basic yet elegant black design on the outside. As far as the material goes, this is about as lightweight as it gets at just 1.8 pounds. The carrying components to this are two basic carry straps that are somewhat adjustable. That’s it! Simple, no-frills, just the basics. That’s what this hockey bag is all about.


The downsides to this product are, it might be a bit too minimalistic. On top of that, this definitely runs on the smaller side, so we can’t recommend it for adult level hockey players at all, despite the fact that it’s not explicitly advertised as a youth-level hockey bag.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in black or navy colors
  • Too minimalistic for more advanced players
  • More of a youth hockey bag size, despite not being advertised as such

10. Best Simple Hockey Bag: Bauer Vapor Pro Carry Hockey Bag

Why we like it: This is a spacious, no-frills hockey bag from possibly the most trusted brand in all of hockey-related products.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Type: Traditional

Dimensions: 32” x 18” x 18” (large), 30” x 16” x 17” (medium)

If you are looking for a decently priced yet utterly professional-grade hockey bag, look no further than the Bauer Vapor Pro.

The outer section is made up of waterproof tarpaulin, which is material that is akin to most weatherproof tarps on the market. This sort of material is not only waterproof, but it is tear-proof for the most part, making this one of the most durable hockey bags for your gear.

Another great addition to this hockey bag is that it comes with an organization panel, which is perfect for those who want to micromanage their gear into the appropriate sections. Additionally, the bag also comes with a mesh pocket on the inside, which is great for separating sweaty/used equipment that needs ample ventilation for drying.


The two biggest downsides to this hockey bag are that it really is a fairly barebones bag for the price. While minimalism may not be a bad thing, some people might think the price doesn’t justify all that you get with this product. Additionally, we found that because the straps weren’t padded, they could cause significant discomfort, especially if you lug around really heavy amounts of gear.

That being said, anyone looking for a hockey bag from a reputable hockey-specific brand that does want a few extra features would probably prefer the CCM 350 Deluxe Player Hockey Bag .

  • Outer sections are made of waterproof tarpaulin
  • Offered in medium or large variations
  • Impeccable ventilation
  • Lack of strap padding means that heavy bag will dig into your body, causing pain
  • Not a lot of extras despite the price

Guide to Buying the Best Hockey Bag

Here are some extra key points that expand a little more on what we originally covered earlier in the article. We hope this can help lead you in the right direction when it comes to picking a quality hockey bag.

hockey equipment on ice

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Hockey Bag

Does the Bag Have Compartments?

Some of the higher-end hockey bag products have specialized compartments that are tailor-designed for very specific things, such as ice skate pouches that are designed to keep from tearing as easily as other portions of the bag. If you’re something of a neat freak and like everything organized to an impeccable level, be sure that ties into whatever purchase you make in the end.

Additional Features vs. Minimalism?

This really depends on you as a person and your own individual aesthetics. Some hockey aficionados swear by something simple, like a standard carry bag, as opposed to something more modern and new-fangled that comes with a lot of different types of accessories and attached gadgetry that comes with some more higher-end models of hockey bags. These can be anything from hockey stick holders, external pockets for things like tape, extra hockey pucks, and mouth guards. Some really awesome bags like the Pacific Rink Senior Player Bag have their own internal compartment areas for things like dry clothing, quick snacks, and much more.

One thing to be absolutely clear about is, you definitely get what you pay for in this particular field, and for the most part the most minimalistic hockey bag choices are going to run you quite a bit less than the higher-tier models. However, if you just have to have the “cream of the crop” then certainly get yourself in the headspace to cough up some extra cash in order to fulfill your desires!

Can It Be Cleaned Easily?

Good sanitary habits are a positive trait to establish when you participate in any kind of sport, not just hockey. Sweat not drying out properly on safety gear can cause an accumulation of bacteria, causing foul odors, molds and mildews, and other unsavory things. Before buying a hockey bag, do your research to make sure it’s easy to clean and if the material it’s made out of can be easily wiped down and freshened up, otherwise you’re going to be inheriting a stale-smelling gear bag in the near future at some point.

Does It Come With a Warranty?

You might have the most durable, nuclear-bomb proof hockey bag in existence… but accidents can and will happen at some point in your sporting career, whether amateur or professional. The stitching on straps might give up and fall apart. Zipper tracks can come apart. An errant ice skate blade might gouge a sizable gash in the side of your beautiful gear bag. All of these sorts of potential accidents are ideally covered under a decent warranty. Do some research to see if your particular bag has a warranty of some kind before you make a purchase, if not for your own mental health but also for the health of your wallet.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Hockey Bag?

Taking the time to clean something might be the very last thing on your mind after a rough hockey practice session, but trust us, a little bit of preventive maintenance will keep your hockey bag from smelling foul. This will not only please your teammates in the locker room but will also contribute to the longevity of your bag.

  1. Remove everything inside of your hockey bag… we mean everything. You’re going to be vigorously washing each and every crook and crevice with hot water and some strong form of detergent.
  2. Another possibility instead of going with hot water/detergent is to spray the entirety of the bag with an antifungal spray and vigorously wipe it off with a semi-wet cloth of some kind (something like a paper towel or even a shop towel will work for this as well).
  3. When steps 1 or 2 have been completed, be sure to hang your hockey bag up to dry, making sure every zipper is open and exposed to airflow. Let it drip dry.
  4. Once the bag is completely dry to the touch, add some antibacterial spray to the interior for an extra level of defense against bacteria growth in the future.
  5. Once everything is completely dry, store all of your equipment back inside your hockey bag. Simple, fast, and utterly effective!

Hockey Bag FAQ

Do I really “need” a hockey bag?

It really depends on your level of investment in the sport, but we’re going to have to say a big “yes” on this one. Ice hockey is a sport that requires an individual to haul around a large amount of equipment, much of it related to personal safety. Hockey bags are specifically-designed products that are made in such a way to hold all of the bare necessities needed for an individual player.

If you’re on the fence about investing in equipment for a sport that you’re not sure you’ll keep playing, you might want to consider a luggage carrier that doubles as a hockey bag like the AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Duffle Bag With Wheels —that way, even if you don’t stick with the sport, you won’t have wasted your money.

What size of bag do I need?

When it comes to size, it really depends on your level of involvement in the sport itself. Obviously, if you’re an adult, you should be looking at a hockey bag that supports a full set of senior level equipment. Every bag on this list, aside from the two designated for youth hockey, will offer more than enough space for all of your gear.

Why would I choose a wheeled bag?

If you’re a gear-hound and tend to carry a lot of equipment with you to practices (or perhaps are someone that carries an entire team’s worth of gear to and from various places) then a wheeled bag is a definite advantage to own as opposed to a regular carry bag.

Another advantage of having a wheeled hockey bag is that younger kids are able to move around their gear far easier than a heavy, bulky carry bag (usually). Some wheeled bags come with rudimentary handles, so you can have a two in one functionality with some models.

The only real downside to wheeled hockey bags is that they are, for the most part, heavier than your standard carry bag. But, when it comes to a high level of mobility along with maximum storage, you simply can’t go wrong with a quality wheeled hockey bag.

What are some advantages to owning a hockey bag?

Carry bags are a good standard first purchase type, as they generally are going to be less expensive. Additionally, they are a good choice for people that don’t mind hefting around heavy equipment, especially if you deal with a lot of difficult environmental obstacles, such as stairs and extremely bumpy surfaces, which wheeled hockey bags don’t move so well in.

What should I put in my hockey bag?

In addition to a full set of equipment from your stick and skates to a pair of gloves picked from our list of the best hockey gloves, you should also invest in a set of skate guards that will protect your bag from sharp edges.

hockey player removing equipment

Final Considerations

We hope this list of quality hockey bags satisfied your curiosity as far as the products available out there on the market right now. Owning something like a hockey bag isn’t a strict necessity, but purchasing a high-grade product that is manufactured for the sole purpose of being dedicated to the sport you love… well, you just can’t beat that.

We genuinely hope this list of hockey bags has not only informed you properly but also moved you in the right direction towards making an appropriate purchase. If you didn’t see an item on our best-of list that struck your fancy, or if you’re confused about the right kind of purchase you need to make, be sure to take a look at our short buyer’s guide as well as our more in-depth buyer’s guide for all of the details you need to make a good investment in a quality hockey bag.

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