Martin Brodeur: ‘I’m still looking for the right fit’

Martin Brodeur

Goaltender Martin Brodeur remains on the NHL free-agent market after cutting ties with the New Jersey Devils, the only NHL team he’s played for.

“I’m still looking for the right fit and the right fit might not come this summer, it might come later on in the fall,” Brodeur said Wednesday to Yahoo Sports. “I’m pretty open-minded. Regardless of what happens, if I play or don’t play, I’m ready for anything. I’m looking forward to a new challenge, regardless if it’s outside of hockey or still in hockey with a different organization.”

The 42-year-old has won four Vezina Trophies and three Stanley Cups with the Devils.
“If I’m going to not play with a contender, then definitely I’d like to play a lot,” he said. “I’m really open-minded about the situation I’m looking for, but it’s pretty specific, and me and my agent are kind of looking at different options.”

When Broudeur does call it a career, he doesn’t see himself spending time on the ice coaching goalies.

“It’s more in the office kind of job,” said Brodeur. “I’ve been doing this, the day-to-day operation as far as playing the game, for a long time, and I don’t know if I want to get back in coaching. Everybody knows that coaching is probably harder than player [since it’s] time-consuming.

“It will be something a little different than coaching; but again, I don’t close any doors on anything that Lou would approach me [with] in the future.”

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