Tom Brady on high five fails: ‘I can’t get anyone’

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is having a heck of a time trying to get high-fives from his teammates this year.

“I know, some of the guys showed me. I said, ‘Where were all my guys?’ They were all running on the field,” Brady said on WEEI Monday morning.  “[Julian Edelman] said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to find you next time.’ I don’t know, it’s been all year. I don’t know, I can’t get anyone to get in there with me.”

Earlier this year:

LeGarrette Blount finally slapped Brady’s hand.

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  • MikeInMaine

    This is very funny stuff. Shhh! Don’t tell Tom who ordered the drought on high fives!! It keeps him grounded. Or… is it just cute to see him left hanging!! haha.

    • Thomas Lilliana Harrington

      It really is funny that these dweebs get paid big bucks to write multiple articles about Tom brady not getting a “High Five” shows the facts that they just want to find any cracks in the foundation of the Pats that they can find and exploit it. The organization cannot help it if they have the right to strut their stuff, won the AFC east title the past few years , made it to the superbowl a lot of times, and the others out there hate us for it. OH WELL GET OVER IT.

      • SportsG

        Dennis and Callahan are the ones who asked Brady about it. Does that make them Patriots haters?

      • Don’t flatter yourself. Dislike of the Patriots (and Brady in particular) isn’t limited to envy. There are plenty of reasons!

      • forGodsoloved

        I know. that’s funny. anyways, in most cases if you are good looking and talented, it just causes some people’s insecurities to be exposed. it’s human nature.

  • Tom

    These writers get paid for this crap?

  • Jesussaves

    As a repeat victim of the high five fail myself, I can honestly say, their are very few forms of humiliation that can rival being left hangin.

  • Fate’s End

    There is no “high five” in team…

    • flyhigh33

      …. and if there is, Clay Matthews can remove it.

      P.S. folks – this is not a Brady knock. Brady is superhuman and I am his biggest fan. But I like the Pack almost as much as the Pats.

  • forGodsoloved

    brady’s awesome!

  • concretejimmy

    Tammy had to get a new coke dealer after Hernandez went to prison.

  • disqus_N3292TPQCr

    Tom Lady is really a girl.