Patrick Willis: 49ers have ‘one heck of a schedule’


San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis plans on using training camp to prepare for one of the toughest regular season schedules he’s ever faced.

The six-time Pro Bowler is entering his seventh camp.  He admitted to that he usually never looks at the schedule when its released in April, but this year he just had to look.

“I’m the kind of guy where every game is important to me,” Willis explained. “Whoever we play that Sunday, I want to win. I never really go and check out the schedule but when the schedule was released, I was looking at the games like, ‘Wow, this is one heck of a schedule.’

“I guess when you make it to the Super Bowl, win or lose, that next year’s schedule is no joke.”

The 49ers will play six playoff teams from the 2012 season, compete in five primetime games and visit London’s Wembley Stadium to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 27.

“Regardless of what our schedule was going to be, we were going to come in and work anyway,” Willis went on to say.

“I feel like every game is tough, I feel like every game is any given Sunday. If you don’t come to play, you can get beat. I don’t get caught up in, ‘we play this team, this team. This team is tougher than this team.’

“Regardless of if the team we’re playing has a losing record or a winning record, I just want to win. “

Willis and 89 other teammates have returned to the team’s facility ready to work.

“At the end of the day, we have to come in and work,” Willis said. “We’ll see what it is at the end of the season.”

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