Best Volleyball Knee Caps to Buy In 2024

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Did you know volleyball was first played in 1895 then introduced to the Olympics in 1964? It involves teamwork from the six players in each set.

Playing volleyball helps to reduce weight, boost coordination skills, enhance agility and speed, improves strength, and reduces stress levels. Besides, it also helps in blood circulation, improves stamina, improves aerobic activity, keeps internal organs in shape, and improves nerve performance.

Despite all these health and muscular benefits, volleyball can become demanding on the player’s body and in the process bring injuries. The most affected part is the knee since volleyball involves both jumping and diving. This, however, should not limit you from playing.

Volleyball knee pads were introduced to protect against knee injuries such as ACL injury, meniscus tears or Jumper’s knee. There are best volleyball knee pads in the market and this article will highlight some of the top picks. However, let’s start by understanding what you need to consider before buying any volleyball knee pad.

Features to consider in Good Volleyball Knee Caps

Before purchasing any volleyball knee cap, consider the following factors.


The main purpose of a knee pad is to protect the knee cap and the meniscus. If a knee cap does not level to protect you, it is useless.

Find out your knee size to choose the best knee pad size. The pad should neither be loose or tight. It should fir snuggly whether it is elastic, Velcro, or strapped.

Tight knee pads may restrict blood flow as well as movement. At the end of the day, you may find yourself tending to itchy red marks where the knee pad clanged on.


Volleyball knee caps are available in two designs, the flat design, and bubble design. Flat design is less bulky and offers protection to the top, sides, and back of the knee. The bubble design is contoured to cup and protect the knee extensively. They have thick padding on the top of each knee but are limited in flexibility.


The right fabric will make your volleyball experience better. Some knee caps are made of cotton, rubber, polyester, Spandex or a range of blends.

Also, some knee caps can fight odors, while others are breathable, and to some extents, some can inhibit the growth of microbes.

It is also wise to choose a fabric that will not wear out fast and one that is easy to clean. Choosing a knee pad that retains its original color even after numerous washes is wise too.


If you are a back player, you need a knee pad that will enable you to make fast and mobile moves. However, if you are a front player, you need to jump and dive to cross the ball to the enemy. Your knee pad needs to be both flexible and well-padded against injuries.

In both positions, the knee pad should only restrict your movement.


As much as you are looking for a volleyball knee cap, it wouldn’t hurt to find one that is compatible with other sports. If you are in the volleyball team as well as the basketball team, buying knee pads that can serve both games will be an investment.

Customer service

How does this brand handle the complaint? What action will be taken if my package is sub-standard? Do they offer any return-policy or refunds? The answers to these questions should also guide you when purchasing any knee caps.

The Best Volleyball Knee Caps 2024

1. Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Knee Pad

Why we like it: Mizuno Company slogan is ‘Committed to volleyball and committed to you.’ This means that the Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Knee Pad is not only comfortable but also equipped to protect your knees while in the field.

Editor’s Rating:


Materials used in the Mizuno LR6 kneepad include 50%polyester, 28 % elastic, and 22% rayon. It also includes a spandex and cotton blend.


The 50% polyester makes the knee pad durable while the cotton and the rayon make it soft.

Besides, the D.F.CUT pad in the LR6 is dynamotion fit giving you more freedom of movement while in action. The 28% elastic also enables the kneecaps to stretch.

Also, the Mizuno kneepad is padded with VS-1 padding. The knee pad protects your patella, medial, and lateral when diving. They feel like a second skin since they are not too tight and you do not have to constantly pull them up.


The 6’’ sleeve is low-rise, covering just the right place, with no-fold design. Also, the small size has a circumference size of less than 13.5’’, the medium size at 13.5’’-15.5’’, while the large size measures over 15.5’’.


Mizuno LR6 makes playtime enjoyable and comfortable. It is best for liberos and is worth every dime.

  • It has soft and comfortable padding
  • It is not only durable but also fits snuggly
  • Protects patella, medial, and lateral
  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Is low-rise with no fold design
  • Does not have an extra-large size. However, the available sizes fit the intended group perfectly.

2. Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads for Junior Youth

Why we like it: the Bodyprox knee pad is the best volleyball knee pad for kids because it is designed to keep their knees protected while playing. It is impact resistant and has proven effective.

Editor’s Rating:


The materials used in the Bodyprox Knee pads are elastic, breathable, and of high-density. Besides, it is anti-slippery to. If the knee pad gets wet, it will not fall out of place.


These knee pads are suited for both young kids and adolescents. They are lightweight and can be used by both genders.

Also, the knee pads are designed to withstand any rigorous game involving the knees. Apart from volleyball, the can also be used when playing football, cricket, cycling, skiing, and other extreme sports.

The knee pads are only available in two different sizes, small and large. If the small size does not fit you, skip to the large size.


Bodyprox knee pads have breathable, high-density foam which makes them soft and comfortable. Besides, they leave no marks since they are not too tight.

Besides, the elasticity provides room for movement while in the field. It also ensures your blood vessels are not constrained. Even without straps, the knee caps stay in place.


The Bodyprox knee pads have been tested and are safe for extreme sports. They will prevent knee injuries since they are impact-absorbent. Besides, the high-density foam minimizes the impact.

Also, you can use the knee pads as a compression gear against knee pain. Through compression, this protective gear will hold your pain off.


Bodyprox Knee pads have been designed to take all the rigorous activities by junior youths. They are durable and flexible. With these knee pads, your child will be safe from unnecessary injuries and scratches.

  • It is breathable and comfortable
  • Protects against injuries
  • Versatile
  • It is lightweight and suited for active kids and adolescents
  • Maximizes flexibility
  • Has anti-slippery materials
  • This design is suitable for junior athletes, not aged athletes.

3. Adidas Women’s Volleyball Knee Pads

Why we like it: made for volleyball players and athletes, the Adidas Women’s Volleyball Knee Pads are comfortable and breathable.

Editor’s Rating:


these Adidas Knee Pads have comfortable seams and stretch fit. Besides, the pads are made of EVA, shock-absorbent foam, and rubber. This makes the padding multi-density and protective from digs, high impact, and falls.

These volleyball knee caps from Adidas are available in black and white. They can be washed by machine or hands.


The shock absorbent foam and the stretch fit in the knee pad make it possible to have comfortable playtime. The comfortable seams also ensure your knees do not get scrapped.

The knee pads are breathable and fit snuggly. Air supply to your legs will not be cut short and at the same time, there will be no need to constantly pull the knee pad up.


The Adidas Women’s Volleyball Knee Pads offers unlimited movement and total flexibility to jump and dive with the ball. Purchasing these knee pads will add value to your game time.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Fits snuggly
  • They are breathable and have multi-density pads
  • Protects from high falls and digs
  • Sometimes, there can be packaging errors where one knee pad is smaller than the other. This is, however, not the case in all packages.

4. ASICS Unisex Slider V. Kneepad

Why we like it: For more than 5 decades, ASICS has been developing innovative and comfortable sportswear. The ASICS Unisex Slider Volleyball Kneepad is no exception and is best for beginners.

Editor’s Rating:


The knee pad consists of 39% rubber, 45% polyester, and 16% nylon. This latex-free knee pad is cushioned for protection.


These unisex knee pads are designed to cover the knee extensively. The pad is cushioned with polyurethane (PU) foam for a beautiful look and protection against impact.

This 10’’ sleeve measure 3.5’’ high and 5.9’’ wide. It is flexible enabling a player to move. They come in pairs and easy to wash by hand.


Since the Adidas Volleyball kneepads are well cushioned which makes them bulky but at the same time, they offer protection from high impact falls. They also cover the knees fully leaving no room for abrasions and scratches.


Not only are the Adidas Volleyball knee pads beautiful but also sturdy. They stay and place and protect against impact. If you are a beginner, then this is the best option for you.

  • They are inexpensive
  • Cover the knee extensively
  • They are padded to protect against injuries
  • Are both flexible and lightweight
  • Are latex-free
  • Easy to wash by hand
  • They are a little tight but do not leave any marks.

5. Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

Why we like it: Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee pads are not only protective but durable. They offer unlimited comfort during play with unrestricted movements.

Editor’s Rating:


The knee pads are made of 30% EVA, 30% rubber, and 40% polyester.


The outer design on the Nike knee pads is tough-knit. It is made to last with no tears, holes, and rips. Besides, it has a streamlined look as well as a minimalistic one.

The interior is made of Dri-FIT liner that is extra soft and fits perfectly. Also, since sweating is part of the play, this liner reduces the moisture thereby keeping the player cool.

The volleyball knee pads have a short-style design which offers unlimited and unrestrained movement. They also have a low-profile design that enables a volleyballer to dive safely.

The Nike Volleyball knee pads measure 6.7’’ length and 6.25’’ width. They can be washed by hand easily and retain their original color even after numerous washing.


The Dri-FIT liner is brushed smoothly offering comfort to your knees. Besides, the knee pads are heavily padded. In case of a fall, the player is protected from abrasions. The padding also ensures you do not strain or hold back while playing. They offer flexibility.


The inside and outside of the Nike Volleyball Knee Pads are soft and comfortable. They are best for setters since they are flexible to pass the ball or jump to slide it over the net. In case of a fall, the player is guaranteed safety.

  • Protects from injuries and high falls
  • Retains original shape and color over time
  • Has a tough-knit exterior but an extra-soft interior
  • It is comfortable and flexible
  • The Dri-Fit liner keeps a player dry and cool
  • It is durable and easy to wash
  • Can pinch your skin when the roll-up. However, this does not mean they have to shift during play

6. Rawxy Volleyball Shock Absorbing Knee Pads

Why we like it: the Rawxy Volleyball knee pads are shock-absorbing, protective, and breathable. Besides, they have an ergonomic design that allows a player to jump and dive at ease.

Editor’s Rating:


Rawxy knee pads are made of polyester, nylon, and NBR foam. The NBR cushions guarantee protection against impact thereby eliminating unnecessary pain.


These volleyball pads are made of bamboo yarn which retains warmth. They are also breathable to keep you cool and dry.

Besides, they have shock-absorbing foam that ensures your knees are unscathed by a fall. The interior of the padding is softly brushed for added comfort. Also, the front and sides of the knees are padded.


Rawxy volleyball knee pads ensure you have a memorable time when playing. The knee pads are equipped with rebound pads that absorb the impact then disperse that energy so that you remain flexible and comfortable.

Also, they have an ergonomic design that keeps you safe, protected, comfortable, and flexible. It is fit for both women and men.

Certified by CE, these knee pads have been tested for abrasion. They proved to be safe, of quality, and standard. They protect against burns, scraps, and any impact.


unlike other knee pads, the Rawxy Knee Pad has been designed to redistribute the energy during an impact protecting you from injuries. These knee caps are an asset in your volleyball career.

  • They are comfortable and flexible
  • Are breathable and shock absorbing
  • Made of nylon, polyester, and cushioned NBR
  • CE certified for safety and quality
  • Extra soft on the outside
  • Padded on the sides of the knees for added protection
  • Are lightweight and easy to clean
  • Are versatile and can be used for other games apart from volleyball
  • Could have a strong odor when new. This, however, goes away after a few days.

7. ASICS Unisex Volleyball Slider Knee Pads

Why we like it: The ASICS Unisex Slider Knee Pads offers comfort and flexibility. The 9’’ sleeve knee pads are lightweight and fully cover the knees.

Editor’s Rating:


Made with an ergonomic design, the ASICS knee pads offer extra comfort. The contoured cushions have polyurethane foam and zero latex.

The lightweight 9’’ knee pads measure 3.2’’ height and 8.5’’ width. They fully cover the knee reducing the injury area.

They are available in pairs when packages. Besides, they are easy to clean by hand or machine.


Since the knee pads have PU foam, they are impact-resistant and pose minimal injuries.

Besides, they have engineered flexible zones that do not restrict a player from jumping or diving. They also don’t constrict blood flow to the legs. They fit snuggly, not too tight or loose.

The ASICS knee pads are latex-free. This means they are safe for people who are allergic to latex.

There is, however, a caution sign before using these knee pads. There is a risk of exposure to some chemicals. The manufacturer has not pin-pointed which exact chemicals. Despite this, they offer a comfortable and memorable experience.


with ASICS Knee pads, your knees are fully covered and protected from slips and falls. They also fit snuggly and do not constrict blood flow. Since they will not fall off in the middle of a game, they are worth buying.

  • Comes in pairs
  • Have a budget-friendly price tag
  • The PU foam cushion protects against impact
  • They are latex-free
  • Are lightweight and easy to clean
  • They fully cover the knees
  • Allows flexibility to jump and dive
  • One may be exposed to certain chemicals. They are however efficient, flexible, and versatile.

8. ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad

Why we like it: ASICS Ace Low Knee Pad is suited for players who perspire a lot. It has anti-odor that eliminates all odors that come from intense play. Besides, they are breathable and have sturdy looks.

Editor’s Rating:


The Ace Low Knee Pads have 33% rubber, 43% cotton, and 24% nylon. Also, the fabric is anti-odor and anti-microbial.


Designed with volleyballers in mind, the ASICS Ace knee pad is made of dual-density padding that protects the player from injuries. It also makes playing comfortable since the knee is covered by soft foam.

Besides, the knee pad is ultra-lightweight and has sturdy looks. Sweating is part of the play. With this in mind, it is exciting to learn that this knee pad features an anti-odor element. No matter how long you spend training or in a tournament, the knee pad will fight odor. It is also breathable thereby allowing you to remain cool and dry.

That’s not all. The fabric is also anti-microbial. This means it prohibits the growth of microbes in the knee pad. Not only is the knee pad comfortable but also safe.

Also, the 33% rubber included in the fabric enables the knee pad to stay in place without distracting the player from constantly pulling it up. It also plays a role in a player’s flexibility.


Stinking sweat from knee pads is a thing of the past with ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee pad. Not only does it eliminate odors but also the growth of microbes. Your hygiene is guaranteed with these knee caps and buying them will be an added advantage to you.

  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • Fights odors
  • Inhibits the growth of microbes
  • The dual-density padding offers protection from injuries
  • It is breathable, therefore, the player remains cool and dry
  • Since it is elastic, it offers little distraction of rolling down
  • They are only available in one size

9. Cannon Sports Pro Series Volleyball Knee Pads

Why we like it: the area covering the knee is extra padded on the Cannon Sports Pro Series Volleyball Knee Pad. It can withstand rough play while protecting your knees. It is suitable for adults with large legs.

Editor’s Rating:


The knee pads have a contoured design geared towards protecting the knees. The pad has extra thick foam that provides both comfort and flexibility. Besides, there is a special CAP cover that helps in sliding and also reducing the impact of a high fall. This is also a perfect knee cap for setters.

The bottom and top sleeves are elastic and sized. This eliminates any room for spillage while playing. The sleeves are also breathable leaving the player cool and dry while playing.

Besides, the Cannon Volleyball knee pads can be used for other activities that do not involve sports. One can diversify their usage since they are ultra-comfortable when kneeling or in case of a fall.


The contoured padding around the knee has extra foam that is soft, warm as well as comfortable. Also, the sleeves are elastic enabling the knee pads to cling on the knee.


The extra padding on the Cannon Sports Knee Pads is unlike any other. Your knees are assured of safety and comfort regardless of the intensity in the game. This size is suitable for large legs and is worth buying.

  • Has extra padding on the cup of the knee
  • Protects against injuries
  • The knee cap is not limited to volleyball use
  • Offers player’s flexibility
  • The elasticity helps the knee caps to stay in place
  • The special fabric in the outer cover helps in sliding
  • This available size works best for adults, not junior adults. Nevertheless, it offers comfort and flexibility to adults.

10. ADiPROD Thick Sponge Collision Knee Pads

Why we like it: for weak and overworked knees, ADiPROD Thick Sponge KNEE Pads is the solution for you. Even when suffering from arthritis or paining knees, these knee pads provide the needed compression on knees.

Editor’s Rating:


The sponge in the knee caps is of high-density to absorb shock and protect against impact force. Also, your body heat is retained and the knee joint is kept warm during practice. In the process, your blood circulation increases.

Besides, when engaging in reflex actions, the knee pads have been designed to offer support and additional stability. They are also lightweight and are elastic. These collision knee pads do not move up and down and neither will they pinch your skin.

All ADiPROD knee pads have individual stitching. This helps the knee pad to cling onto the knee. The puffing, as well as the individual stitching, also ensures their longevity.


The ADiPROD knee pads will retain the body temperature on your knees while playing. Apart from this, they are smooth and soft on the inside because of the high-quality material used.

Also, the knee pads are breathable. This means that despite sweating, you will remain cool and dry.


For people with weak, injured or overstressed knees look no further. ADiPROD knee pads are the ultimate solution to your knee problems. They offer shock absorption, compress the knee, and offer additional stability.

  • Perfect for overstressed and weak knees
  • Retains body temperature while increasing blood flow
  • Absorbs shock and protects against injuries
  • Offers additional support and stability
  • It is lightweight, sturdy, and fits snuggly
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Not ideal for extreme sports. This, however, should not be an issue since we are interested in volleyball knee pads.

Guide to Buying the Best Volleyball Knee Caps

There are different brands marketing volleyball knee pads and may confuse you while looking for a suitable product. Consider the following before making that purchase.

Your position

A player’s position determines the knee pads he/she needs. Some positions need extra padding and cushion since they involve more diving.

Front players need added protection to their knees since they dive a lot and jump for digs whereas the back players need flexible knee pads since they have to be fast and mobile when reaching to pass the ball.

Also, first-time players need heavily padded knee pads because they are new to the game and may easily hurt their knees.


This is an important element when choosing kneepads. Evaluate the fabric quality, elasticity, and appearance of the knee pad.

Knee pads are made of cotton, polyester, rubber, plastic, elastic, and even bits of leather. Evaluating the type of fabric used will help you gauge the comfort and protection you can gain from the protective gear.

Bulky padding on the knee pad may prove protective on the knee but may limit movement since it is heavy. On the other hand, fabrics with Spandex materials have better maneuverability. Besides, since cotton and polyester are soft, they offer added flexibility during play. Leather fabric may inhibit movement while plastic will itch and irritate your skin.

Besides, it is important to choose knee pads that thyme with the volleyball costume. This will boost your confidence and appearance.


Choose comfort while picking a volleyball knee pad. Ensure it is well padded to keep your knees comfortable in case of a slip or fall.

Some knee pads have dual-density padding that is soft on the inside but tough on the outside. Others can re-distribute the energy from an impact thereby proving a comfortable ground for the knee.

Besides, the interior lining in some has bamboo yarn that retains the body temperature around the knee. In so doing, it increases the blood flow to your legs.

Also, find a knee pad that will not restrict your movement. The elasticity should enable the pad to fit snuggly not roll up and down distracting you throughout the game. The knee pads should fit well to the extent of forgetting you have them in the first place.

Lastly, look for a breathable knee pad that lets you remain dry and cool during the game. Since perspiration is part of the play, invest in a knee cap that is anti-odor. Some players may find it humiliating to have sweat drops dripping from the knee. An anti-odor knee cap will eliminate the odor while keeping you dry and comfortable.


Accidents occur while playing. One may dive, slip, and fall to the ground injuring himself. Alternatively, one can also collide with a fellow player and fall. During these falls, your knees take much of the beating. You need to protect yourself against this by investing in a good volleyball knee cap.

Knee pads with high-density sponge are shock absorbent in case of a fall. They protect the knee cap from injuries and force from the impact. Also, the contoured design on most knee caps offers added protection to knees. Some covers have special fabric that aids in slips while withstanding any floor impacts.

Besides, fitting elastic or strapped knee caps are protective since they stay in place during the training session or tournament. A knee pad that fully covers the knee will protect too.

Did you know some volleyball knee caps have rebound pads? These rebound pads absorb the energy from the impact; disperse it, leaving the knee free of scrapes, burns or pain. They aim at making your volleyball experience lively and memorable.


Many materials can be used in padding. These include polyurethane foam, nylon foam, rubber, carbon fiber, gel, plastic, and many more.

Volleyball involves intense jumping and diving. This is because the ball has to remain on one side of the net for three hits before tossing it to the opponent side. During this time, there is intense jumping, diving, and digs.

It is, therefore, important to invest in well-padded volleyball knee caps. There are two types of padding: memory foam and high-density padding.

Memory foam is thickly padded around the knees, unlike high-density padding whose padding is even in all sides. They are both durable and flexible during play. Besides, they are protective gear to your knees in case of a slip, fall, or a dig.

Lastly, most pads have hexpad padding that involves many separate hexagon pads together for a flexible and comfortable knee. These hexagon shapes absorb the shock minimizing the risk of an injury. Hexpad padding is often referred to as honeycomb pads because they share similarities.


When browsing through the volleyball knee pads, consider their durability. Junior youths, kids, and beginners need knee caps that can take a beating. This is because kids and junior youth have lots of energy while exercising and maintaining a knee cap may be quite hard. Beginners too are not used to the skill of diving and may fall often.

Therefore, a good, durable knee pad is recommended for these groups. Unlike a skilled volleyballer has mastered the skill of staying on his feet, beginners need knee pads that will not wear and tear after a week of training.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volleyball Knee Pads?

How do I know the size of my knee pads?

Answer: Most companies use measurements while others use weight and height for sizes. On measurement, take a cloth tape and while standing, wrap it around your leg, then take the measurements at the middle of the leg.
If it measures 10-12 inches, the extra small size will fit you greatly, 12-14 inches equates to small, 14-16 inches need medium-sized pads, while 17-20 inches require extra-large pads.
On weight, small-sized knee pads are used by people weighing 100-140 pounds, 140-180 pounds is recommended for medium size, while 180-220 pounds need a large size. If you exceed 220 pounds, extra-large is the fit for you.

How should volleyball knee pads fit?

Answer: The knee pads should neither be too tight or too loose. They should be snug, not falling off and not cutting off blood supply to your legs.

What is the best type of volleyball knee pads?

Answer: this entirely depends on your taste, preference, and comfort. Bubble style kneepad has thick padding on top of the knee guaranteeing comfort and safety to it. Meanwhile, flat style knee pads are not thickly padded but have uniform padding. Every part of the knee has equal protection without one part receiving major attention.

Are volleyball knee pads a must-wear?

Answer: No. However, since they are a protective gear to your knee, it is safer to have them on you. They are lightweight and sturdy. They absorb the shock and limit the impact of falling. Taking precautions is much better than healing wounds.

Why don’t volleyball men wear knee pads?

Answer: Knee pads were considered to be worn by volleyball women but in time this has changed. Volleyball men have also started using the knee pads since they are protective of fall. Most companies now have designed the knee pads to be worn by both genders.

Are tight volleyball knee pads the best?

Answer: No. tight knee pads cause a restriction in blood flow and may also cause itching. A loose knee pad is not effective too since it does not protect the knee. However, a fitting knee cap that does not need constant rolling up nor leave red-itch marks is the best. It retains body temperature, allows flexibility, and constant blood flow to the legs.

How can I clean my volleyball knee pads?

Answer: Some knee pads have clear instructions to hand wash only while others can be washed by machine. It depends on the brand and fabric used.
About intervals, you can wash them every week or if you have several pairs, you can wash them after practice. Besides, you can clean them alongside other training gear.

Which are the best volleyball knee pads for beginners?

Answer: Beginners need extra padded knee pads since they have not mastered the art of jumping, diving, and landing on their feet. The outer layer of the knee pad should be tough-knit, built to last without holes and rips. Subsequently, the inner lining should be soft, comfortable and shock absorbent.

Wrapping up

The above 10 knee pads made it to the list because they are safe, comfortable, versatile, and durable. They are also lightweight, heavily padded, well-fitting, and flexible.

A good knee cap should serve as an accessory, not a liability or distraction. Among the 10 listed products, there are one or two knee caps you can take home with you. Depending on your spot in the field, your knee size, or expertise in the game, you will not run short of options.

Bottom line, your safety, and comfort come first. Do away with tight knee pads. Invest in high-density padded pads that offer flexibility and comfort. Do not be in a rush when buying knee pads. Take time to get the best volleyball knee pads for you.

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