Jay Cutler happy to be learning ‘quarterback-friendly’ offense

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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is very happy to be learning a new offense that is designed to limit sacks.

New head coach Marc Trestman has implemented his offense, which focuses on pass protection and getting the ball out of the quarterback’s hands quickly.

“You get rid of the ball,” said Cutler, who has been sacked 148 times in 56 games with the Bears. “You’re not back there going through reads. It’s quick. It’s just quarterback-friendly.”

In 2008, Trestman’s first season as coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, he reduced the team’s sacks from 68 in the previous season to 22.

Cutler has had his ups and downs in training camp, but Tretman says the veteran quarterback has been very efficient with an outstanding demeanor.

“I have a sense for when [Cutler] gets frustrated and when it’s not going the way he wants it to go,” said coach Marc Trestman, via ChicagoBears.com. “But his demeanor’s been outstanding.

“He’s experienced a lot of failure in this camp because of what he’s seeing every day and all the different things we’re throwing at him, but he’s had a lot of success too. He’s had a very efficient camp for most of it. I know we can always accentuate what we’ve seen out here [in practice], but what we’ve seen out here is not the games. It’s not the real games.

“We’ve got to keep that perspective and we’ve got to look at the big picture right now and we’ll see what happens as we move down the road. But he’s on top of it. He’s doing everything he can to get better, and we’re running [random] plays right now. As we move forward we’ll be running the plays that best suit the fronts and the coverages that we’re going to see.”

Cutler has seen a number of his offensive lineman moved in and out of the lineup in an effort to find the five best starters.  Two rookies, Kyle long and Jordan Mills, will start in Thursday night’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers at Soldier Field.

“We’re very confident in the five guys that we have right now,” Cutler said. “Obviously Thursday is going to be an indicator of where we go in that direction. But I think ‘Krome’ is doing a heck of a job with those guys. He’s one of the best offensive coaches that I’ve been around. He’s a great teacher and he’s doing the best work he can possibly do with those guys.”

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