Hakeem Nicks: ‘It’s all good’ between me and Eli Manning


New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks says “it’s all good” between he and quarterback Eli Manning.

Nicks, who was targeted once on Sunday and ended the game against the Carolina Panthers without a catch, said, “I can’t throw the ball to myself,” after the game.

Nicks, who has nine receptions for 197 yards in three games this season, told the team’s website that the comment was taken out of context.

“It definitely was but, you know, that’s expected,” Nicks said. “At a time like this in the season, you know, it’s expected. As long as I know me and my quarterback and me and my team are on the same page, it’s all good.”

Manning said he never once thought Nicks was criticizing him.

“We just kind of looked at each other and said, ‘Hey, we don’t have to talk about this, right?’” Manning said. “Hakeem’s one of my great friends and I understand he wasn’t saying anything, I never thought he was saying anything, at me or making any jabs.  That’s Hakeem and he’s good and we’ll get back on track this week.”

Coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t as concerned about the comment Wednesday as he was on Monday. 

“…A little bit of this has gotten a little out of proportion,” Coughlin said. “He didn’t mean it that way or intend it that way. I know that it doesn’t matter. It’s what you say, but there’s some evidence to say that he really was trying to be humble and understanding and realizing that he didn’t make a contribution.”

The Giants (0-3) head to Kansas City to face the Chiefs on Sunday.

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