The 10 Best Lacrosse Cleats to Buy In 2024

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Lacrosse is considered one of the most action-packed and addictive games in the USA. Participants should have good dexterity and speed for them to deliver, and that’s why they must wear quality lacrosse cleats for stability and traction when making those sharp turns. Having a good pair of lacrosse cleats will transform the game. But, you must also take good care of your cleats to get the most out of them. This 10 best lacrosse cleats review and buying guide will help you find the right pair of cleats for your lacrosse game.

Features to consider in Good Lacrosse Cleats

Due to the fastness of the lacrosse game, players must wear the right cleats to give them the required fleet-footedness. A good pair of cleats should give you the support, comfort, stability, and traction needed to excel. Here are a few considerations.


There are three cleat designs; low-cut, mid-cut and high-cut designs. These designs are important when protecting the ankle from injuries. The low-cut cleats will offer you low ankle protection when compared to the mid-cut and the high-cut. If you suffer from ankle sprains, you need to go for the high-cut lacrosse cleats.

Traction and Stability

The studs give you the traction you need to excel in this game. There are two studs to choose from, the rounded studs and bladed studs. If you need Cleats for running in wet grounds, go for those with rounded studs while those players who need to make lateral movements should go for cleats with bladed studs. There are lacrosse cleats that come with secondary cleats for added grip on turfgrass; these are good when making explosive accelerations during an attack and also lateral movements.


The cleat material can be either synthetic or natural, synthetics are often lightweight and waterproof and some can be durable. Natural leather is durable and comfortable, though it’s heavier than synthetic materials. Other synthetic cleats have a mesh upper part, which is not waterproof but provides feet breathability when playing in hot weather.


Lacrosse cleats are stiffer than most shoes as it must provide maximum stability when playing lacrosse. It allows effective transfer of power from your leg to feet. Most manufacturers’ mention how stiff the cleats are in their product descriptions.

The Best Lacrosse Cleats 2024

1. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats – Best lacrosse cleats for men

Why we like it: The Vapor Pro 3 are the real speed cleats, the TPU skin and the textile upper gives you that lightweight feel for instant acceleration and propulsion as it feels like a second skin. This woven textile also provides your feet with sufficient air circulation.

Editor’s Rating:


The Nike Vapor cleats are low-cut in design, perfect for those who don’t need ankle support. This design makes them lightweight and durable since the material used is synthetic textile. The color combination looks good at first glance.

Traction and Stability

These cleats come with a 14-cleat arrangement on the molded TPU plate specifically designed to bite the ground and give speed players the traction and grip they need to perform. The cleats are effective in dry and muddy fields. The TPU plate is lightweight and flexible and it conforms to your feet’s anatomy for that stable feel.


Nike replaced the term lacing up with locking down; most of Nike’s cleats come with a Flywire lockdown technology which locks down your feet for optimal mobility. The ankle collar is made of a woven textile material that enhances breathability and also provides that sock-like custom fit, Fitting cleats improve your general performance and confidence when playing.


The low-cut design and the custom fit gives you a feeling of instant propulsion, making these cleats great for players who love agility and speed.

  • They are lightweight and feel almost like a second skin
  • Mesh and woven textile upper gives your feet breathability
  • The 14 studs’ layout increases traction and stability
  • The ankle collar gives your feet a sock-like fit
  • You can choose from a variety of colors
  • This low-cut design is not good for those with ankle problems

2. Under Armour Highlight M.C Lacrosse Cleats

Why we like it: The Under Armour Clutchfit design makes use of synthetic materials that give you a tight fit for improved performance and comfort.

Editor’s Rating:


These cleats come in a high-cut design, perfect for those who experience ankle sprains as they offer maximum ankle support and protection. Plus they are incredibly lightweight despite their ankle height, they weigh 11oz, this feature improves your acceleration ability and general performance.

Traction and Stability

One feature that stands out in the Under Armour cleats is how they are molded on the PlasmaX plate. They resemble your foot’s anatomy and extend the performance down to the ground. The conical studs are great for playing in turfgrass as they dig into and offer the necessary traction.


The insole is made of 4D foam and is contoured to match your exact foot shape and size. Together with the 3D molded foam tongue, they give you a comfortable and tight fit which eliminates any instances of sore feet after playing for long periods. In addition to that, the V56 technology helps prevent any toe hyperextension and keeps them secure from any shocks.


Due to how comfortable and tight fit these lacrosse cleats are, we recommend it to those players who play for long hours as they cannot develop sore feet, and also protects your feet from injuries.

  • The insole is contoured to fit your feet’s anatomy
  • The V56 Technology helps prevent your toe from injuries
  • The high-cut design protects your ankles
  • The conical cleats are great for playing on turfgrass as they offer maximum traction
  • Made of lightweight and durable synthetic skins
  • Not suitable for playing in hot weather as the foam inner part prevents breathability

3. Warrior Men’s 2nd Degree 3 Lacrosse Shoe – Best lacrosse cleats for playing in hot weather

Why we like it: the Warrior cleats come with a new VaporTek Moisture management technology which wicks away excess moisture from your feet keeping them dry and comfortable when playing lacrosse.

Editor’s Rating:


The Warrior cleats are available in white and silver colors with a low-cut design which gives you a lightweight feel for improved acceleration. The cleats are made of synthetic textile and a TPU plate for strength and durability.

Traction and Stability

There are a total of 14 studs in the Warrior cleats, and those studs are corkscrew studs, meaning they can be removed and replaced easily. Another advantage is that they help in deflecting turf beads and provide the necessary traction on any field condition. You’ll also notice that some lateral and medial sections of the cleats are elevated to enhance stability and traction when playing for long hours. Another interesting unique feature is the inner heel notch which prevents your feet from slipping inside the shoe when making those explosive acceleration runs.


There are three rip-stop prongs on the forefoot to give you a customized fit when wearing the Warrior cleats. The tongue is instrumental when it comes to providing your feet with a customized fit, and the Warrior cleats come with both radial and lateral tongue bands for added flexibility and that athletic fit.


The Warrior cleats are great for playing in any field conditions since they come with much traction related features like the elevated TPU plate, inner heel notch, and the 14 cleat layout.

  • The radial and lateral tongue help provide a custom fit
  • They are lightweight
  • 14 cleat layout to increase traction on any field conditions
  • The VaporTek moisture management technology wicks away excess moisture from your feet
  • There is an inner heel notch to prevent your feet from slipping backward
  • It gives you little ankle support, only for those who have ankle problems

4. ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Mid Lacrosse Cleat

Why we like it: The GEL Provost comes with a gel heel unit for maximum shock-absorbing capabilities and also comfort when playing lacrosse. They prevent instances of sore feet when playing.

Editor’s Rating:


The upper portion of the Asics Provost is made of breathable synthetic material including the collar and the tongue giving your feet more air circulation. The rubber sole makes it great for flexibility and provision of arch support to your feet. For those who don’t have ankle problems, you should go for this cleat since it comes with a low-cut design.

Traction and Stability

The Gel Provost incorporates a combination of conical and bladed studs and the V-cut cleats for the best traction on turfgrass, they enable you to make those dodges and lateral movements without tripping. Plus the plates are made of lightweight material which doesn’t weigh your feet down when making those runs.


Asics incorporates the Solyte material for cushioning as it provides maximum stability and comfort. Another advantage of the Provost is the use of Gel material in the heel unit which protects your feet from any shocks or impact when playing. You can play with confidence knowing that your feet are protected and it increases your concentration and performance in the game. You’ll notice that the heel unit is raised slightly by 10mm, this feature helps align your knees, ankles, and shins and reduces stress on the lower limbs.


We recommend the Gel Provost to people with stressed lower limb region, as it comes with a slightly raised heel for a comfortable alignment of the knees and ankles. It is the best lacrosse cleat for the money.

  • The V-cut cleats are great for playing on turfgrass
  • It comes with a slightly raised heel unit to reduce stress on your lower limbs
  • The Solyte material helps cushion your feet from sudden shocks
  • It’s lightweight, they don’t weigh you down when accelerating
  • It comes with a removable insole
  • The low-cut cleats don’t provide sufficient ankle protection, but only for those who have ankle problems

5. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Cleats

Why we like it: In addition to the bladed and conical studs, these cleats come with secondary cleats that bite the ground and provide traction for making explosive accelerations and sharp turns.

Editor’s Rating:


The Under Armour cleats are low-cut in design with a woven collar on the ankle section which gives you a comfortable sock-like fit, plus they are made of synthetic material which makes them lightweight and good for acceleration. If your feet are not prone to ankle injuries, this design is the best for you.

Traction and Stability

These cleats provide excellent traction for making those sharp turns when playing lacrosse, they come with a combination of both conical and bladed studs which hold onto the ground for grip when accelerating or making sharp turns. When making sudden lateral movements, the secondary cleats come to your aid for more stability.


These cleats have a super foam insole that gives you excellent shock absorbing capabilities when running up and down. Also, the heel and toe unit is made of a special TPU coating for improved comfort and toe protection in case of an impact.


We recommend the Under Armour lacrosse cleats for playing in the muddy and wet ground as they come with a combination of both rounded and conical studs, plus a secondary cleat for more traction when making sharp turns and lateral movements.

  • The insole is made of foam for comfort and shock-absorbing capabilities
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • The secondary studs are great for making sharp lateral movements
  • The heel and toe section are specially coated for added protection
  • Made of lightweight material
  • The low-cut cleat design is not good for those prone to ankle sprains

6. Under Armour Banshee mid-MC Lacrosse Cleats – Best lacrosse cleats for wide feet

Why we like it: unlike other brands, the tongue is made of mesh material for improved feet breathability and comfort. Plus the Die-cut EVA Sock liner helps relieve pressure on the underfoot for improved performance during the game.

Editor’s Rating:


These cleats come in a low cut design for maximum speed ability as this design makes them lightweight, weighing about 10 ounces. They will not weigh you down as you accelerate in any fast-paced game. The synthetic upper portion has a mesh material which enhances air circulation in the shoe to make it dry and comfortable.

Traction and Stability

They come with a combination of both bladed and conical cleats for maximum traction and stability, especially when playing on turfgrass. There are secondary cleats to give you the extra traction needed for your explosive runs and dodges when tackling your opponent. The TPU sole is sturdy and lightweight which makes it conform well to your feet for stability.


The cushioned ankle collar gives your ankle support and helps prevent instances of ankle sprains. It also has a sock liner inside the shoe which provides comfort and also relieves pressure upon impact. The Banshee cleats give you exceptional levels of comfort and shock absorbing abilities so that you can accelerate, turn and dodge your opponent with confidence.


In terms of the design and comfort, the Under Armour Banshee scores highly. Plus the breathable synthetic materials used in its construction makes it perfect for playing in hot weather.

  • Extremely lightweight only weighs 10 ounces
  • Made of mesh and synthetic textile for added durability and breathability
  • The sock liner and cushioned collar provide you with comfort
  • Secondary cleats offer traction and stability when making lateral accelerations
  • The TPU sole is lightweight; it doesn’t weigh you down when accelerating
  • The insole is not removable, but it’s of good quality

7. New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse Cleats

Why we like it: the New Balance cleats come with a QuixRail TPU plate cleat for maximum stability and traction on any field terrain. It allows you to make those sharp turns and movements without tripping.

Editor’s Rating:


The upper portion of the shoe is 3D woven to the plate and made of synthetic material for improved durability and comfort. The New Balance cleats come in a mid-cut design, perfect for those who experience minor ankle sprains as the ankle collar is specially woven to support your ankle.

Traction and Stability

The QuixRail multidirectional lugs on the TPU plate offer un-paralleled traction and stability as they dig deep on the ground when making those sharp and sudden movements. Plus the plates are flexible enough for you to naturally flex your feet when making those explosive accelerations.


Inside the shoe, there is a fresh foam insert which helps secure your feet from sudden shocks and they also provide a tight fit for improved performance and comfort. Also, there is a full bootie tongue that gives you that custom-like fit when running around the field.


The New Balance lacrosse cleats provide the best traction with its molded rail cleats which gives you confidence in your footing when making those sharp turns and dodges. Plus they are lightweight and won’t slow you down when accelerating straight ahead.

  • Made of synthetic lightweight material for durability
  • The QuixRail cleats provide more traction on any terrain
  • A full bootie tongue helps give your feet that custom fit for increased performance
  • The insole can be removed and replaced
  • Flexible plates for extreme stability and arch support
  • Not suitable for playing in hot weather as the material is not breathable.

8. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men’s Football Cleats – Best lacrosse cleats for people with wide feet

Why we like it: Nike added a back heel strap which makes wearing and removing these cleats easy, plus it gives you a tight comfortable fit when accelerating.

Editor’s Rating:


Nike used a combination of synthetic and mesh materials to make these cleats, the upper portion is made of synthetic skins for improved feet breathability when playing in hot weather and the mesh outer portion adds protection to your feet in addition to its durability. The Alpha Menace comes in a mid-cut design for sufficient ankle protection, making it best for those who are prone to ankle sprains.

Traction and Stability

Nike improved their stud combination and these cleats now feature three-sided studs which provide excellent grip when accelerating and making those sharp lateral movements. Plus the outsole comes reinforced with a TPU Plate which makes it lightweight and adds stability.


Nike uses the flywire technology which gives you a tight fit and improves your overall performance in the game. These cleats also incorporate a ¾ length phylon wedge that increases its cushioning ability when subjected to sudden shocks. To top it all, it comes with a supportive ankle section to protect your ankle from sprains. The cleats are available up to size 18, making it the best lacrosse cleats for people with wide feet.


Nike Alpha scores highly in terms of comfort as it provides your feet maximum breathability when playing in hot weather. Plus the synthetic skins give you a tight fit for great speeds and agility. These cleats are perfect for playing in hot weather.

  • The upper portion is made of mesh and synthetic skin for breathability
  • The rubber outsole provides arch support in the mid-foot
  • The phylon heels help provide impact protection
  • The back heel strap makes it easy to put on and remove the cleats
  • Its super lightweight
  • Some cleats come smaller than the indicated size, but you may buy ½ a size bigger than your shoe size

9. Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat – Best lacrosse cleats for women

Why we like it: the Nike Hyperdiamond has a heel air unit that increases its shock-absorbing abilities in addition to making the cleats lightweight for maximum speed and agility.

Editor’s Rating:


The cleats come with a low-cut upper design and made of synthetic material for added durability and strength. This design makes it extremely lightweight, perfect for women lacrosse players. They are available in black, anthracite and white colors; you can choose your preferred color.

Traction and Stability

In addition to the nine conical studs, there are shorter supplemental cleats which increase traction when making lateral movements and sharp turns. The rubber sole is built to match your speed and agility demands as it offers great flexibility.


The midsole is made of phylon foam which offers excellent cushioning abilities and conforms to your feet giving you a custom fit. The heel air unit absorbs any shocks, making you play for longer hours without experiencing sore feet. The Hyperdiamond has a narrow foot width, making it the best lacrosse cleats for women.


These cleats offer excellent shock-absorbing capabilities and traction, plus their narrow width makes them great for women’s feet. If you have wider feet, these might not be the best choice for you.

  • The low-cut design and the synthetic upper portion make the cleats durable and lightweight
  • It offers great shock-absorbing capabilities with the air heel unit
  • The narrow widths are great for women’s narrow feet
  • There is a TPU frame lite that protects your toe from injuries
  • Short supplemental cleats for making sharp turns and lateral movements
  • Not good for people with wider feet, since they come with a narrow foot width.

10. Nike Men’s Speedlax 5 Training Shoe – Best lacrosse cleats for attack

Why we like it: These Nike cleats lockdown your feet with their innovative Dual-Pull technology, perfect for making that explosive acceleration and sharp dodges.

Editor’s Rating:


It comes with a combination of red and white colors, with a mid-cut design, best for those who need ankle support. Plus they are made of synthetic material making them both lightweight and durable.

Traction and Stability

The Nike Speedlax comes with strategic 7-cleat configurations which provide your feet with excellent traction when playing in muddy or wet grass. The outsole is made of a lightweight TPU material and conforms to your feet anatomy to increase stability when making those runs.


One feature worth mentioning in the Speedlax is the wedge phylon midsole, it gives your feet optimal support and comfort and together with the foam, they offer maximum comfort and fit when playing lacrosse.


The Speedlax cleats are for those who like tight fit custom shoes as the dual pull system gives you a dynamic lockdown for accelerating purposes.

  • For optimal responsiveness and feel, it comes with a low profile forefoot
  • The dual-pull technology ensures a custom fit
  • 7-cleat configuration for stability and traction
  • The phylon foam is good for cushioning your feet
  • The synthetic upper portion makes the cleats lightweight and durable
  • Most Nike shoes come ½ sizes smaller than your normal shoe size

Guide to Buying the Best Lacrosse Cleats

We came up with a few tips that will help you find the right cleats before committing to buy.

The Cleat Design

Lacrosse cleats come in three distinct designs; the low-cut, mid-cut and the high-cut cleat design.

Low-cut cleats

These cleats are great for those lacrosse players who don’t have ankle injury problems. The low-cut lacrosse cleats are similar to standard running shoes as they are lightweight. The only problem with wearing these low-cut cleats is that they don’t offer sufficient ankle protection.

Mid-cut cleats

the mid-cut cleats offer ankle protection as they extend a little bit over your ankle. This design makes it lightweight and also protects your feet from ankle sprains when making fast turns.

High-cut cleats

This design is best for those who have ankle problems as the cleats cover your ankles for support and protection. The only setback with wearing high-cut cleats is they are heavier than the other two-cleat designs, which limits your acceleration when playing lacrosse.

The Right Studs

The studs offer your shoes the necessary stability and traction when playing on any ground, whether dry or muddy. There are several types of studs:

Bladed Studs

These studs are effective when making sudden lateral movements as they dig and hold the ground to provide the necessary traction. They are similar to small blades placed on the outsole.

Rounded Studs

They are conical in shape and are effective in offering traction on muddy and wet ground. Most cleats come with four studs and six on the rear and forefoot respectively.

A combination of both the round and bladed studs

Some brands of lacrosse cleats come with a combination of the round and bladed studs. This feature makes them effective for playing in all conditions. They are also lightweight and sturdy since the studs are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPS) which also makes them durable.

Turf Studs

If you like playing lacrosse on turfgrass, then you should go for the Lacrosse turf cleats. They come with small nubs on the sole which are designed to dig into the turf for excellent traction. You cannot use them on wet and muddy conditions.

Secondary Studs

These studs help provide more grip and traction when making sudden dodges and lateral movements to your opponent. They help bite the turf for more stability, and these studs give you the confidence to play on.

Interchangeable studs

When playing on both turf and grass fields, you need a lacrosse cleat with interchangeable studs, that means both long and short studs. These studs are expensive since they allow you to switch studs depending on the field conditions.

The Material

Most lacrosse cleats are made of three materials; Foam, synthetic fiber, and leather.

Synthetic material

Most lacrosse cleats are made of synthetics which are waterproof and lightweight. In addition to that, they can be found cheaply. Those who love playing lacrosse in wet and muddy conditions should go for lacrosse cleats made of synthetic materials.


If you are looking for durability when purchasing lacrosse cleats, go for leather cleats. They also fit comfortably in your feet when playing. The only problem with leather cleats is that they are heavier than synthetic cleats which might limit your acceleration when playing.


Some cleats incorporate foam in their upper part of the shoe to increase the cleat’s waterproof ability. The only setback is that they wear easily by tearing.


Most brands incorporate mesh materials in the upper portion of the shoe which makes it great for playing in hot weather as they ensure maximum air circulation in your feet.

The shoe tongue

Removable shoe tongues are great since you can try out different versions of insoles before settling on the best. A padded tongue helps keep your feet comfortable when playing for long hours. This tongue helps those who suffer often from sore feet. Most shoe tongues are made of foam while a few are made of breathable mesh material for optimal air circulation when playing in hot weather.

The right size and stiffness

Always purchase the same size of lacrosse cleats like your normal shoes. They shouldn’t feel tight especially when you run around the field. Since most lacrosse cleats are stiffer around the outsole, always read the product description before trying them out to determine the level of stiffness that meets your preference. Wear lacrosse cleats that fit your feet to increase your performance in the field.

The sole

The insole and outsole play a pivotal role in cushioning your feet for comfort. They also enhance traction and agility when making those runs. Always go for insoles that are removable or replaceable, since you can try out different brands of insoles before settling on the best for maximum comfort. The outsole should conform to your feet anatomy for maximum stability especially when changing directions quickly. Always check the quality of both the insole and outsole material before committing to buy lacrosse cleats

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lacrosse cleats spikes tipped with metal?

Most lacrosse cleats have spikes made of rubber or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which provide the necessary grip or traction for you to make those explosive runs and dodges. The reason why most cleats are made of rubber is because of the field condition. The lacrosse field can either have natural or artificial turfgrass. Rubber cleats or spikes help prevent damage to these turfgrass fields. If you wear cleats with metallic spikes, then the damage to the field will be extensive.

Can I play lacrosse in my sneakers?

Yes, you can play lacrosse in your sneakers, but your performance will be low when compared to an athlete wearing lacrosse cleats. The main reason for incorporating cleats in lacrosse shoes is for preventing slippage. When making those runs, you are exerting massive force on a tiny portion of your foot. If slippage occurs at this point, you could fall face-first on the ground. The cleats affect your feet position and drive, this feature helps propel you forward. If you wear sneakers, they’ll slow you down because of slippage. If you doubt this information, you should try running uphill during wet weather on your sneakers then wear lacrosse cleats and see the difference.

My friend has a habit of steeping on the back of the shoe when removing it, what could be the consequences?

One major consequence of his actions is that the back of the shoe’s heel will eventually separate from the upper portion. The friction force exerted will damage the shoe lining making the two parts to separate. Always loosen or untie your lacrosse cleats after every game to make them more durable since damaging the shoe will result in costly replacements that can be avoided.

The shoe size is small, what do I do?

You shouldn’t wear lacrosse shoes that are smaller than your regular shoe size. One of the reasons is that holes may form in the toe region. Also, the sole may separate from the upper portion because of the friction force exerted when playing. You might end up damaging the shoe completely. The cleats might bend or the lugs will wear out faster than expected. It is recommended to order lacrosse shoes according to your regular shoe size. If the shoe doesn’t fit well, order a bigger size and test it out.

Should I go for molded or turf cleats?

Making that choice is easy since choosing between molded and turf cleats depending on the field conditions. When playing in wet and muddy conditions, you should choose lacrosse cleats made of molded cleats as they dig deep to offer you the necessary traction. Lacrosse turf cleats on the other hand use nubs, which are secondary cleats to give traction on turfgrass. Since the nubs are small, they don’t fare well in muddy conditions when compared to molded lacrosse cleats. Here is a link to help you understand these cleat designs better.

Wrap Up

This list of the best lacrosse cleats have received numerous satisfaction reviews and are very popular among lacrosse players, you cannot go wrong when purchasing one of them. Our top pick is the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Lacrosse Cleats. These cleats give you unrivaled comfort and breathability as the shoe is made of synthetic skins and mesh material in the upper portion. The sock liner gives you the best ankle comfort when wearing them. It features 14 studs which are strategically arranged for traction when accelerating and changing direction. Plus Nike is known worldwide for its colorful designs and reliability in the sportswear division. Another shoe you should look out for is the Under Armour Highlight M.C Lacrosse shoe. It features a high-cut design, perfect for those who experience ankle problems, as it provides optimal ankle support. Plus the 4D foam insole gives you a custom fit to increase your performance on the field. Check out our price comparison chart and purchase one that suits your needs. Happy shopping.

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