DeAngelo Hall not upset about losing $6 million for chance to win

New York Jets v Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he isn’t upset about losing around $6 million to play in his 11th NFL season.

Hall was due to make $8 million in 2013.  But the Redskins needed to get under the salary cap so Hall was cut before free agency.  He re-signed in April with Washington for $2 million.

For me, this time around, it wasn’t about the money,” said Hall to “NFL Total Access.”  “We started something here in Washington with coach (Mike) Shanahan and that was the biggest thing I wanted to stress. I felt like my contract along with (Albert) Haynesworth were the reasons we were in the situation we were in. So for me, it wasn’t about the money.”

The Redskins have been docked $18 million in both 2012 and 2013 for how they structured contracts during the uncapped 2010 NFL season.

Hall signed a six-year, $55 million contract with Washington in 2009.

“I wanted to come back here,” Hall said. “I wanted to finish something I started. I grew up in Virginia Beach area. I’m a local l kid, went to Virginia Tech. I want to be a part of this football team. I’ve been a part of it when we weren’t so good. So to finally be on the cusp of being great, I want to be a part of that. I was willing to take a pay cut and get back on this football team to help us win.”

Hall said he hopes quarterback Robert Griffin III will be healthy enough to play, but if not then he feels great about backup Kirk Cousins.

“If (Griffin’s) ready to go, we’re all for it,” Hall said. “We can’t wait to have him out there. But if he’s not, like I said, we feel great having Kirk out there, whoever else we put out there in different schemes and all that to win football games.”

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  • LOL I can hear him now… “I’ve been overpaid for years, why would I mind a pay cut??”