The 10 Best Hunting Range Finders in 2020


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If you are a hunting enthusiast, chances are you know what you are looking for in buying a rangefinder. For one, it should be accurate and should give you proper guidance when aiming for your target.

They say hunting is a sport of a selected few but it can be actually difficult without proper gear and equipment. And it is a known fact that to help you immensely with your hunt, a high-quality rangefinder is a must.

Throughout the years, rangefinders have gone through many improvements that help a lot in terms of accuracy and functionality. Many brands have come up with their own high-quality versions and they have also produced products with outstanding features, some are even equipped with the latest technology.

But with the many available rangefinders from various brands in the market today, how then would you know which one is the right for you? Remember that mot rangefinders do not come cheap. It is an investment and you have to do proper research before buying.

This article has compiled some of the best rangefinders available today, along with its specification, and pros and cons.

Features to consider in Good Hunting Range Finder

How does a rangefinder work?

Rangefinders usually work with the emission of a laser beam to determine the distance of an object.

With the push of a button, the rangefinder will measure the time it takes for the laser beam to reach the target and back, calculating the distance to within +/- yard or less. The range is displayed in yards or meters on an LCD in an instant.

Why is it important to have a rangefinder?

It aids a lot in distance calculations

Gone are the days of traditional guessing game during hunting. While this was actually a great training for who would be sharpshooters, hunters today are more keep on measuring the distance between them and the target. Through a rangefinder, one push of the button means being able to get accurate measurements. This will not only prevent a missed shot but also giving unnecessary pain to the target when it escapes.

You can get closer

This does not mean getting closer to the target directly but getting closer through the range available in your rangefinder.

Aids in avoiding accidents

Rangefinders today can help you identify if you are going to hit your target or something else. For long-range hunters, while it can be easy to spot the distance yet missed other things like trees or other objects. With rangefinders, you can see clearly if other things are blocking your way.

Understanding the rangefinder specifications


This is very crucial is ranging your desired target, they usually range from 4x up to about 8x. Most hunters don’t really prefer a higher magnification because it may interfere in the field of view which can make locating the target a bit difficult. The best rangefinder uses 6x magnification.

Objective lens

This usually ranges from 18 to 22mm. A larger lens means more light will enter but rangefinders with the larger lens are usually heavier which can interfere with the hunting activity. Most brands generally settle for 22mm. The size is not really vital because you won’t be looking at the lens of a rangefinder for too long.

Reticles and Aiming Point

This is usually a feature that lets you get the range of your target. Reticles have been mostly used but the many latest rangefinders today are using the aiming point. A reticle is harder to read in low light unless your rangefinder is equipped with a backlight. The aiming point, however, gives a great low light visibility and is LED powered.


The LCD screen is great for day time hunting. However, it can be difficult to use it when it is darker. Some rangefinder has LCD displays with backlight and this is actually a good choice. LED however is excellent during early mornings or night time hunt. The brightness can be adjusted to fit your needs and the time you are hunting.

Scan mode

Most rangefinder today has a scan mode feature that allows you to scan areas and trail your target. This is one of the desired features of hunters today.

Waterproof and weatherproof

These two are very important features of a rangefinder. While most are weatherproof but not waterproof but are often submersible to a certain level. There are also some rangefinders that use rubber all over the unit for an extra layer of protection.

The Best Hunting Range Finder 2020

1. Vоrtех Орtісѕ Rаngеr 1800 Lаѕеr Rаngеfіndеr

Why we like it: What’s not to love about Vortex products in general? They have simple yet on-point designs and they are totally high-performers.

Editor’s Rating:

Starting off the list with the Vortex Ranger 1800 Rangefinder. This one is very easy to use and works for almost all hunters. The best thing about it is the warranty — guaranteed for a lifetime!

The Ranger 1800 has a perfect balance. It has a great price point and a high-performing rangefinder that targets up to 1800 yards, with 900 yards to deer-sized objects.

You simply cannot question a Vortex quality. 1800 has a full rubber-armored body, is weatherproof, and is designed to withstand even the harshest terrain. Its Line of Sight mode displays the actual line of sight range, it has a scan feature that is useful in ranging moving target, and it has three brightness settings that allow the display to stay visible in different various light. In addition to that, it has a removable utility cap, an adjustable diopter, and has tripod compatibility.

No wonder, a lot of hunters recommend the Rаngеr 1800.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens: 22mm
  • Eye Relief: 17 mm
  • Operating Temp: 14 – 131F
  • Range Reflective: 9 – 1800 yds
  • Range Deer: 9 – 900 yds
  • Accuracy: +/- 3 yds @ 1000yds
  • Max Angle Reading: +/- 60 degrees (INC 50)
  • Linear Field of View: 315 feet/1000 yards
  • Angular Field of VIew: 6 degrees
  • Amazing price point
  • Long range distance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weatherproof
  • Other features almost similar to other ranger variation

2. SIG Sauer Kilo 2400 BDX Rangefinder

Why we like it: It’s everything you’ll ever dreamed of if price is not an issue

Editor’s Rating:

If you are not going to consider the price as a main factor in buying a range finder, the Kilo 2400 BDX Rangefinder should definitely come on tip. It is guaranteed the best available in the market with all its outstanding features. As a matter of fact, it has been dubbed as the “World’s most advanced laser rangefinder.”

The BDX or the Ballistic Data Xchange allows the Sierra 3 BDX riflescope (if you have one) to have an automatically illuminated holdover dot through Bluetooth pairing through an easily
downloadable app. It has a LightWave DSP Technology for ultra long-distance range finder engine, a Lightwave DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode, and it automatically adjusts brightness for changing life condition. And just like the vortex, it also has a lifetime warranty.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 7x
  • Objective Lens: 22mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 4 ft
  • Field of View: 6.78 degrees
  • Width: 2 in
  • Length: 4 in
  • Maximum Range: 2600 yds
  • Minimum Range: 1.5 yds
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Weather resistance: Yes
  • Battery: (1) CR2
  • BDX Feature
  • Weatherproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

3. The Nikon Aculon AL11 Rangefinder

Why we like it: Compact and lightweight and very great quality at an amazing price point.

Editor’s Rating:

The Nikon Aculon AL11 Rangefinder has all the right features at an amazing price. The brand has since established itself as one of those who produced the best optics in the market. With Aculon AL11, they truly did not disappoint.

This rangefinder is ultra-compact (3.6”x2.9”x1.5”), lightweight and very portable. It is a great choice for hunters who take size and weight seriously because they don’t want to bring bulk equipment when hunting. It has palm-sized dimensions that you can easily wear it around your neck or it can fit seamlessly in your pocket just like a smartphone.

The Aculon AL11 is equipped with a target priority feature which allows you to get the range of the farthest object away from you. It has a 6x magnification which is great when tracking moving targets, has a maximum range of 550 yards, and has an adjustable +/- 4 dioptres. It is powered by a CR2 lithium battery.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens: 20mm
  • Field of View: 6 degrees
  • Width: 1.5 in
  • Length: 3.6 in
  • Maximum Range: 550 yds
  • Minimum Range: 1 yds
  • Weight: 4.4 oz (without batteries)
  • Waterproof: No
  • Battery: (1) CR2
  • Light weight and compact
  • Portable
  • Great price point
  • LCD does not have a backlight
  • Not waterproof

4. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

Why we like it: Great budget rangefinder option that is actually high-performance

Editor’s Rating:

TecTecTec ProWild live up to its name. It is indeed “ProWild” with its wild yet clean design and cool pouch that is included when you buy one.

This rangefinder boasts of a feature that is uniquely their own that is, distance speed detection and it provides an accurate measurement within +/- 1 yard. It also has a scan mode that helps you monitor ranges of targets.

TecTecTec ProWild has a 600-meter range in 1-meter increments and is pretty much lightweight at about 6 oz.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens: 20mm
  • Maximum Range: 500 yds
  • Minimum Range: 5 yds.
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Weatherproof: Yes
  • Great price point
  • Speed detection
  • No backlight

5. Nіkоn Аrrоw ІD 3000 Lаѕеr Rаngеfіndеr

Why we like it: Great brand and has great technology with great value for money

Editor’s Rating:

The Nіkоn Аrrоw ІD 3000 Lаѕеr Rаngеfіndеr is made specifically for bowhunters. Many favored the compact design of Nikon rangefinders and the fact that most of its products have a very good foundation and great features.

The Arrow ID 3000 is very easy to use. It has a single control to the large 18mm ocular and can provide 8 seconds of continuous measurement that allows you to scroll and pick up the distances of different landmarks.

Some of the great features of this rangefinder is that it can calculate the shot slope and distance, is water and weather resistant, great eye relief, and is equipped with the innovative Tru-Target Priority System that allows you to choose from 2 different ranging modes and Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology that allows you to measure distance from target even from an incline or decline angles.

The Arrow ID 3000 has a measurement range of 6 to 550 yards and measures in yards or meters. It has a fixed magnification of 4x and a 20 mm objective lens. The eye relief is at 20.3mm which is good enough to be used even with glasses.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 4x
  • Objective Lens: 20mm
  • Field of View: 9 degrees
  • Eye relief: 20.3 mm
  • Length: 6.38 in
  • Maximum Range: 550 yds
  • Minimum Range: 6 yds
  • Weight: 10.23 oz
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Battery: (1) CR2
  • Compact
  • Great price point
  • Tru-Target Priority feature
  • Water resistant
  • Works just well with bowhunters

6. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition

Why we like it: Great overall feel and design, amazing optics, and has a power saving mode. The Bone Collector Edition logo is cool!

Editor’s Rating:

Bushnell has a range of products that are sturdy, compact and lightweight. The 202208 Bone Collector Edition weighs just 10 oz and can easily glide in your pocket so you won’t have to worry about carrying something huge when hunting. It bears the Bone Collector Edition logo and is used the hunting professionals Bone Collector.

The Bushnell 202208 has an in-view LCD display that is said to provide exact distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards. It has 4x magnification and bright optics for easy reading. This rangefinder is very easy to use as well with just a single button function.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 4x
  • Max Distance: 600 yards
  • Objective Lens: 21 mm
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a single button
  • Waterproof
  • Can’t calculate slopes

7. Lеіса Gеоvіd 10Х42

Why we like it: Binoculars and rangefinder in 1 with 10x magnication

Editor’s Rating:

While it is a little bit heavy for some, this binoculars and rangefinder helmed into one has all the great features that may suit your hunting needs and style. For one, it has very comfortable grip amidst the weight and it is durable. Leica is a brand that make sure to incorporate a lot improvement to their new releases so you are guaranteed that you are getting a great value for your money when inves ting in one.

With the Gеоvіd 10Х42, you can scan objects from 10 to about 2,200 yards. It has the newly developed Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC) that allows you to determine the point of aim more clearly and easily. It also incorporates their Perter Puro prism system for excellent optical performance. This rangefinder has a 4-digit LED display and ambient light based brightness adjustment.

The Lеіса Gеоvіd 10Х42 is weatherproof and is impermeable to water up to 5 m/16.5 ft depth.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 10x
  • Front lens diameter: 42mm
  • Exit pupil: 4.2 mm
  • Twilight factor: 20.5
  • Field of view at 1,000 m: 114 m
  • Field of view at 1,000 yds: 342 ft
  • Eye-relief: 20 mm
  • Objective angle of view: 6.5
  • Binoculars and rangefinder in one
  • Comfortable grip
  • Advanced Ballistic Compensation
  • A bit heavy
  • Price

8. Leupold RX-1200i TBR Laser Rangefinder

Why we like it: The OLED is superb plus the wind correction feature is unique

Editor’s Rating:

Leupold, for many years, has been producing high-quality hunting and shooting products in the market and their RX-1200i TBR Laser Rangefinder, with all its great features is definitely one of them.

The Leupold RX-1200i has a maximum range of 1200 yards and has a digitally enhanced accuracy feature. This rangefinder is made up of aluminum housing making it very durable to huge impacts that may occur during the hunt. It has a rubber grip for comfortability and it is waterproof.

This rangefinder has a 6x magnification and an advanced OLED technology that is adjustable to match the changing light condition. One of the best features is the built-in inclinometer with TBR that allows you to calculate the ballistic range to your target, the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy or DNA that gives increased accuracy, speed, and range, and the wind correction features that lets you calculate your shot firmly.

The RX 1200i is lightweight, compact, and affordable.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 22mm
  • Field of View: 320′ at 1000 yd / 106 m at 1000 m
  • Maximum Range: 1200 yards
  • Eye Relief: 17mm
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • OLED technology
  • Lightweight
  • Wind correction feature
  • Bow and rifle mode switch can be confusing

9. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

Why we like it: Straight to the point and is accurate considering its price point

Editor’s Rating:

Simmons is a no-fuss-no-frill rangefinder that has a lot of great features. It is very easy to use and straight to the point that is why it is a favorite among hunters who don’t want to be bothered with all the tech-y aspects plus, this one is very accurate.

The 801600 Volt 600 has a weight of 9.6 oz, which is a bit heavy to some. But overall, it is compact and is guaranteed durable. It has a range of 10 to 600 yards, has 4x magnification to locate the target, a tilt intelligence that displays True Horizontal Distance along with the line of sight measurement.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 4x
  • Objective Lens: 22mm
  • Maximum Range: 1200 yards
  • Rangefinder accuracy: +/ 1 yard
  • Tree ranging performance: 400 yards
  • Deer ranging performance: 200 yards
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to operate
  • Great price value
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Less features

10. Vortex Optics Ranger 1000

Why we like it: High performance and a lifetime warranty

Editor’s Rating:

Similar to the Ranger 1800, the Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 is high performing and has all the great features available. The only difference with the 1800 is the range deer and range reflective. This is the first model produced by Vortex and it still remains to be in-demand.

The Ranger 1000 features a 22mm objective lens with 6X magnification. It has an eye relief of 17mm and has a diopter adjustment of +/- 3 diopters. This range finder can be used in either HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) or LOS (Line of Sight) mode.

This rangefinder is compact and lightweight and is cushioned with rubber armor that keeps your hands comfortable.

Summary of Specification:

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 22mm
  • Eye Relief: 17 mm
  • Operating Temp: 14 – 131F
  • Range Reflective: 11-1000 yds
  • Range Deer: 11-500 yds
  • Accuracy: +/- 3 yds @ 1000yds
  • Max Angle Reading: +/- 60 degrees (INC 50)
  • Linear Field of View: 315 feet/1000 yards
  • Angular Field of VIew: 6 degrees
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rubber coated with anti-slip features
  • Three tap to range can be time consuming

Guide to Buying the Best Hunting Range Finder

Here are some of the things you need to consider before investing in a hunting rangefinder that fits you. Check below.


This one is very important for you to know the distance of your target. A good rangefinder needs to have a longer range in order to locate targets. Many brands are actually offering products with a good range. Make sure to check first the maximum range distance when buying your rangefinder.

Design and feel

This will depend upon your personal preference. Would you want something that is lightweight and compact? Or would you prefer something a little bit heavier with a larger lens? If weight is not an issue, there are actually a lot of rangefinders that are not on the light side but with good and amazing features. But for those who don’t want to have additional weight to carry, it is best to look for designs that compact because they are easier to carry around. There are also rangefinders who have rubber casing that provides complete protection during fall. This might be useful for hunters who are always on the move.


A good rangefinder should be easy to use. There is a lot going on in hunting and rangefinders are operated using a single hand most of the time. Controls must be easy, buttons should be uncomplicated, and it should require less movement from you.


Good rangefinders have good range and field of view, great optics, durable, weatherproof, and waterproof. Some brands provide all of these on top of other amazing features. This will also depend on your personal preference. If you are looking for features that will make your hunting journey easy, then look for those that provide accurate measurements. There are also smart rangefinders that you might find a good investment.


However, there are those that only provide one to two years warranty but the product itself is so durable and sturdy it is worth investing on. Plus, those who have lifetime warranties are generally more expensive.


It is worth checking out if the rangefinder you will use is allowed in the area you are planning to hunt. Check if their restrictions as well. Most rangefinders have no legality issues but there may be certain rules to follow depending on the place.


After learning the features and assessing your personal preference, it is good to set how much you are willing to shed. Some hunters are ok to spend more to get the features they want. But it is good to note that some features are just added perks and are not necessary. Unique features, after all, can make the price higher.

Getting the most out of your rangefinder in hunting

Modern rangefinders can help you in getting that target in just a small amount of time. However, it is important to carefully review the features, specifications, and other things in order to get the most of it. As a hunter, you need to be able to use your rangefinder properly and accurately.

Hunting is not always as it seems. There are days when it is easy and there are days that it is easy. Having a rangefinder at hand can aid you in your most difficult situation. Below are some simple things to get the most of this device.

Know your preference

Carefully selecting necessary features that suit your preference and style of hunting is the key. Do you hunt with a rifle or a bow? While there are all around rangefinders, it will help a lot to determine what you really need. This will also help you avoid overspending on a rangefinder with outstanding features but won’t suit you at all on your hunting journey.

Keep it within your reach

You can easily put compact rangefinders in your pocket. Others attached them on a lanyard and put it around their neck. This is necessary when hunting because you never know when the target shows up.

Test it

Before beginning your hunt, make it a habit to test your rangefinder and see if it is working alright. Test before you do your set up, find your stand, range the area, and scan your target. It is also good to be consistent when using it on your hunting journey.

Range the area completely

Range the area even before you have your target. Check out location or possible trail of say a deer and get to your stand where you think you can possibly hit it. It is also good to see and know the area and to avoid shooting unnecessary things.

Scan for your targets

Some rangefinders have a scan feature and this is actually something good. Through this, you will be able to get a good range of an area before a target appears.


Range your target twice just to make sure you are going to hit what you aim for. However, it is good to note that you can range your target twice if you initially scan or pre-ranged your area otherwise, you might be able to miss your target.

Keep a spare battery

This is very useful especially when things don’t go your way and your rangefinder suddenly dies. Batteries are being affected by a lot of factors. Even high temperature can cause battery power to drop. When going on a long hunt, even if you have planned it carefully, it would not hurt to have a spare battery on hand.


While there are generic, all-around rangefinders, you should be able to know your preferred rangefinder and how you are going to use it. They may look the same but they are different in many aspects. They have different features, designs, concepts, and specifications and it is up to you to choose the one that fits your needs.

Take the time to research, read the manual, ask for help, and practice using it. If you have the money to spare, find those that have great features and great warranty offerings. If you have a specific budget in mind, check those features that are just right to aid you on your hunt.

It can be confusing at first to find the one that suits you. There are many brands, various technologies, different perks, and designs. If you have a preferred brand, go for it and check various selection of products. If you are keen on trying something new, test it and be open to learning.

A rangefinder is that single, necessary gear for hunting. Modern rangefinders can give you accurate measurements and make your hunting adventure easier and fun but note that while some rangefinders have all the great features in them, readings and measurements can also be affected by a lot of factors.