The 10 Best Tennis Bags to Buy in 2024

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A tennis bag is a must-have item for any tennis player. Its sole purpose is to store rackets and tennis balls safely. They also have additional storage for extra tennis gear you may need.
A tennis bag becomes a companion to any tennis player. This is because it holds all the gear you need at the court. Besides, some tennis bags last for years and replacing them becomes difficult.
With so many different brands producing tennis bags today, how can you find the best and quality bag? This article features how to choose a quality, convenient bag and has listed the 10 best tennis bags in the market today.

Features to consider in Good Tennis Bags

Racquet storage

Different tennis bag has different storage sizes. The number of compartments inside will help you while deciding the right bag. Depending on your expertise, you may require a backpack that holds just one racquet to 15. It is important to choose a bag that will keep your rackets safe and protected.

Some tennis bags have an insulated, thermal pocket to protect the racket nets from heat or cold. These bags are suitable for tennis experts who’ve invested a lot on the racquets.

Extra storage

Apart from the rackets, can the tennis bag hold a few changing clothes, balls, shoes, and any other gear I need? How about my phone and wallet? If the tennis bag can hold all your items, you can consider purchasing it.


A good tennis bag should hold up for years. It is therefore wise to find a bag made of high-quality materials. Some tennis bags can be used as school backpacks while others can be used as stylish bags to carry when shopping or weekend getaways. These bags need to be sturdy to withstand daily use.


Convenience entirely depends on how you need to get to the court. If the training court is blocks away, you do not need a lot of gear. A simple racket cover is ideal for you.

However, if you need to ride a bike or motorcycle to and from the court, a tennis backpack is a suitable choice. For traveling tennis players, a tennis bag with wheels is the perfect option.


After intense training or a competitive game, you need a comfortable bag that will not weigh you down. The straps should be padded for a backpack while the wheeled tennis bag should have an ergonomic handle.

Technology bags

A tennis bag becomes a companion with time. With the advancement in technology, you can look for a bag that can hold all phones, tablet, or laptop safely. Besides, you can also find one that has a special compartment for wet, sweaty clothes or dirty shoes.

The 10 Best Tennis Bags 2024

1. Babolat Pure Grey 9 Racquet Holder, Tennis Bag

Why we like it: This tennis bag is designed for expert tennis players. The Babolat Racquet holder can hold nine racquets, tennis balls, towels, and extra sports clothes. It is sturdy, rugged, durable, and has high-quality materials.

Editor’s Rating:


The Grey 9 Racquet Bag has 3 racquet compartments. One of the pockets is insulated to protect the racquets from heat and cold while the rest are padded. Racket nets are protected from damage. The compartments can hold 3 racquets each.

Besides, there is room to store tennis balls, extra sports gear, and towels. There is a hard shell pocket too for fragile accessories.


You can carry the Babolat bag in three ways. You can opt to use the backpack straps; you can detach the back straps then use one as a shoulder strap, or use the strap at the top of the bag. All these methods are comfortable. The backpack straps are padded to avoid injuring your shoulders.

The back is padded too. Despite the bag carrying a lot of gear, the weight is evenly distributed on your back.


Designed for experts, the Babolat tennis bag is suitable to use for out of town tennis matches. It will hold all your gears and the racquets you require. It is sturdy and durable. You ought to add this bag to your collection.

  • Suitable for experts
  • Carries 9 racquets
  • There’s a pocket for fragile accessories
  • Has an insulated pocket to protect racquets against heat and cold
  • The backpack straps are padded and detachable
  • Has sturdy construction and is durable
  • Too spacious for a beginner tennis player. However, the bag is mainly designed to suit a professional

2. Babolat Junior Club Line Backpack

Why we like it: For decades, Babolat has been producing top-notch quality backpacks and the Babolat Junior Club Line Backpack matches this description. Designed for juniors, the backpack can hold up to two rackets. It is lightweight but strong.

Editor’s Rating:

Storage size

Although the Babolat backpack is made for juniors, it features one compartment dedicated for rackets. This compartment is designed to hold up and protect the handle from popping out.
It also features a main compartment where your kid can carry any extra sports gear. Extra clothing too can be placed here.

Besides, it has an accessories pocket in the zipped section where one can store keys, watches, or other little accessories. Furthermore, there is a label to write your kid’s details and your contact details.


The Babolat backpack is lightweight for kids to carry yet strong to carry the needed gear. The backpack can hold even two rackets at ease.

The straps on the backpack are padded, adjustable, and reinforced to carry the weight in the backpack.

There is a loop on top of the bag that makes it easy to grab and be on the move. It is also convenient to hook on a locker or a wall.


This backpack is suitable for both young boys and girls. The Babolat label is beautifully imprinted at the front to make the backpack appealing.


Babolat Backpack is lightweight, comfortable, and strong to carry racquets and any other sports gear. It can be converted to a normal school backpack. This is a must-have tennis bag for kids.

  • Can hold two racquets
  • One can carry clothing in the main compartment
  • Includes an accessory compartment
  • The straps are adjustable, padded, and convenient for carrying
  • Has a loop on top for easy grabbing and hanging
  • Best for unisex
  • It is strong but sturdy
  • Has a loop on top for hanging it on the locker or fence
  • Not convenient for 25-inch rackets. However, 21-23 inch rackets fit perfectly
  • Has room for only two rackets. Regardless, it has space for your clothes and tennis balls

3. LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack w/Shoe Compartment

Why we like it: the LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack is made of quality polyester which not only makes it outstanding but also long-lasting. It also has ample storage compartments and is comfortable. It is perfect for both newbies and expert tennis players.

Editor’s Rating:


The racquet compartment can hold a maximum of two racquets that measure 11.5’’. It is secure with a zipper to keep the rackets intact.

Also, the bag has a shoe compartment designed for dirty shoes and clothes. There is an extra pocket at the front to keep small valuable items safely.

Furthermore, the LISH Backpack has a spacious compartment for towels, changing clothes, balls, and snacks. The side pockets can hold a water bottle or your favorite beverage.


The straps on this tennis backpack are padded for comfort and cushion. They can be adjusted for a perfect fit. If you dislike using the straps, you can use the grab handle instead.


This tennis bag has high-quality construction. It is made of 600D polyester that can withstand daily use for years.

Besides, the colors on the bag display contemporary, luxury, sophisticated fabric.


In terms of quality and durability, the LISH duffel bag stands out as a long-lasting bag. It is our top pick for tennis bags with shoe compartment.

  • Made from extra durable materials
  • Suitable for daily use
  • the straps are padded
  • has ample storage compartment
  • there is a shoe compartment at the bottom
  • can hold 2 rackets
  • has a sophisticated finish
  • Does not have an insulated pocket

4. Adidas Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

Why we like it: The Adidas Tour Racquet Backpack can carry two 110inches racquets, a 15.4’’ laptop and extra sports gear. This tennis bag is made of durable materials that can handle daily usage.

Editor’s Rating:

Storage size

This tennis tour bag can carry two 110’’ racquets, tennis balls, a 15.4’’ laptop, clothes or other necessary gear. This racquet backpack has several pockets for storing your sports gear.

The sides have water bottle pockets to ensure you are hydrated between the games. Also, there is a little pocket to hold your keys and a media pocket that is tri-cot lined to avoid any scratches on your accessories. There is a front pocket too with a zipper for added storage.


The back panel on this tennis bag is comfortably designed. Also, the straps are padded and adjustable.


The Adidas Backpack is made of 100% polyester making it durable. It has Hydroshield Technology that makes the tennis bag water-resistant. There’s thermal lining too to ensure the bag withstands daily usage.

Also, the bag has a 2-tone design at the front as well as the Adidas logo. The white and black color makes it unisex.


This water-resistant tennis bag is comfortable and has ample storage. You can carry your 110 size rackets and is technology-friendly. The Adidas Tour Backpack is worth purchasing.

  • Has ample storage for 2 110sized rackets
  • Can hold a 15.4’’ laptop
  • Has several storage pockets for water bottles, phone, keys, and extra sports gear
  • Has thermal lining which has Hydroshield technology- it makes the backpack water-resistant
  • The media pocket is tri-cot lined for extra protection
  • Made from high-quality and durable polyester
  • The back and straps are comfortable to carry
  • When the racquets and sports gear are removed, the items in the bag get disorganized. Nevertheless, the bag contains all items inside safely.

5. Glove It Women’s Tennis Tote Bag

Why we like it: The Glove It Tote Bag is fit to carry to the tennis court, take it to the gym afterward then head for a weekend getaway. Everything a lady needs for any occasion can fit in the tennis bag.

Editor’s Rating:


This women’s tennis bag can hold two racquets in the main compartment. There are 6 other pockets for storage too. 3 are placed at the back while the remaining two are at the front. Here, you can store tennis balls, clothes, towels, and many more. The sides too have pockets to store water bottles.

The bag has an outer zip to lock your valuables inside. Besides, there is an inside pocket that is also zipped to store valuables.


The Tote Bag is designed for sophisticated, stylish, and unique women athletes. It is both fun and purposeful since it can be used on multiple occasions.

The Glove It Tote Bag is made of high-quality materials and carries a Glove It signature print.


One can carry the bag as a backpack or a sling. Either way, the straps are comfortable to carry the bag around. It also has a hidden hook to hang it on the wall.


This is a must-have recreational bag for ladies. It will carry all the items you need.

  • Has a stylish and unique design for sophisticated ladies
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Can be used at the gym, shopping, tennis court, or a vacation
  • The zips protect your belongings
  • Can carry 2 racquets
  • Designed for women

6. Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series

Why we like it: The red and black colors on the Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag are beautifully blended for a sleek, sporty design making it perfect for men. There is ample storage too for sporting gear.

Editor’s Rating:


The Wilson Advantage bag can fit 3 adult-sized racquets in the main compartment. The front has a secondary compartment that is deep to store clothes, towels, balls, and other personal effects. Besides, there are two additional pockets on the sides for extra storage.

These compartments are designed to keep your valuables safe and organized. The metallic zippers secure your stuff.


The Wilson logo is visible at the front. The red and black colors give the bag a charismatic look. Also, the zippers have fabric pulls for easy opening.


the shoulder straps on this duffel bag are padded for extra comfort. Besides, there are carry handles too for convenience.


the Wilson Advantage Duffel bag is designed for men. Its stylish colors will make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, it is comfortable to carry around.

  • Has a stylish look
  • Can hold 3 racquets
  • All valuables are kept safe and organized
  • There are fabric pulls on the zippers for easy opening
  • Shoulder straps offer cushion and comfort
  • Can be quite heavy that’s why it is suitable for men
  • Lacks a shoe compartment. You can, however, carry your shoes in the secondary compartment

7. Babolat 2018-2019 Pure Series Quality

Why we like it: The Babolat 2018-2019 Tennis Bag is made for one racquet. It is comfortable and has a sleek design. It is suitable for boys to take to school or court.

Editor’s Rating:


This Pure Series Bag can comfortably hold one racquet but a second one can fit too when squeezed in. it is important to note that when two racquets are fit in, the zippers does close perfectly.

Also, there is a separate, ventilated compartment at the bottom designed for shoes. You no longer have to fret about the dirt falling off on clothes. Here, you can also keep dirty clothes too.

Furthermore, the sides have pockets to fit your accessories and small valuables.


The backpack has padded straps. The weight contained is distributed across your back thus not weighing your shoulders down.


Made of top-quality materials, the Babolat 2018-2019 Tennis Bag is suitable for use at court or school.


This well-padded bag will withstand everyday use. For the money, this is a quality bag to buy.

  • Made for comfort
  • Includes a shoe compartment
  • Can fit two rackets
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials
  • Can be used as a school backpack or tennis bag
  • Straps are plushy padded
  • Does not have a thermal lining. Nevertheless, it can hold a water bottle.

8. Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket

Why we like it: Everything about this Fila Ultimate Tennis bag is stylish and elegant. From the compartments to the zippers, this bag is designed to carry the needed tennis gear you need.

Editor’s Rating:


There are three main storage compartments in this bag. The main compartment is spacious to store clothes, tennis balls, towel, and any other gear. Then, there is the racket sleeve that can fit and protect two 115’’ rackets. This compartment can fit 4 rackets when squeezed in. Lastly, there is a shoe compartment that is placed at the bottom.

The media pocket in the Fila bag has tricot-lining to protect your valuables. The sides too have pockets for extra storage.

Furthermore, the bag has an insulated pocket for beverages. Your drink will remain cool during breaks or at the end of the game.


The compartments are padded to protect your rackets. The shoulder straps are padded too and adjustable for a comfortable fit.


The 2-tone Fila Ultimate Tennis Bag is designed for unmatched organization. Your racquets and sports gear fit perfectly in place.

Besides, the zippers included are heavy-duty that will withstand daily use in the court.


Not only is your gear protected with the Fila Tennis bag but also safe when locked in. This is a perfect tennis bag.

  • Can hold up to 4 rackets
  • Offers unmatched organization of tennis gear
  • Storage compartments are padded
  • Features an insulated pocket for beverages
  • Outside pockets provide easy access
  • Multiple pockets are zippered
  • The location of the shoe compartment does not allow easy access since one has to lay the bag. Despite this, the shoes remain intact and safe.

9. GigaVibe Premium 3R Tennis Bag

Why we like it: GigaVibe Premium Tennis Bag can hold three rackets and any extra gear needed. It also has an outstanding design that can handle daily usage.

Editor’s Rating:


A standard racket plus two medium-sized rackets fit perfectly in the bag. There is space for changing clothes and balls too. Besides, there is a media pocket with fleece-lining to protect your phone and other small valuable items.


the Premium Tennis Bag has neoprene handles that are of premium quality and comfortable on hands. It also has shoulder straps that are adjustable and padded. No matter how heavy your gear is, the shoulder straps guarantee comfort.


this tennis bag looks simple but is durable. The fabric used is of high-quality. Its clean lines, grey color, and the cross-stitch design make the tennis bag outstanding and attractive.


Get value for your money with the GigaVibe premium Tennis Bag. It is both durable, attractive, and has adequate space for sports gear.

  • Has comfortable shoulder straps and carry handles
  • Can fit three rackets
  • Can hold extra gear too
  • Small valuable items can be placed in the media pocket
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials
  • The media pocket cannot fit a tablet or large display phones. Regardless, your phone and wallet will be safe.
  • Storage space is limited compared to other tennis bags. The bag can, however, hold your changing clothes.

10. GigaVibe Premium 6R Tennis Bag

Why we like it: Made to last, the GigaVibe Premium 6R Tennis Bag is simple, stylish, unique, and well-designed to take to the court. It can hold 6 racquets making it our top pick for men.

Editor’s Rating:


This premium tennis bag has two main compartments that can carry 3 standard size racquets each without their covers. The compartments are 4’’ deep for the safety of your racquet’s handles and nets.

Also, there is a front pocket that can store any extra gear needed. There is a media pocket too that is fleece-lined to keep your valuables safe, free from scratches, and easily accessible. This pocket is ideal for storing phones, keys, and wallet.


The 6R Tennis Bag is made from high-end, durable fabric. The logo is discreetly placed on this lightweight bag.


Comfort is guaranteed when carrying your rackets to and from the court. The shoulder straps are not only dual padded but also adjustable. The bag can be used as a backpack for high school. Also, one strap can be detached for a single shoulder carry. Alternatively, you can grab the extra-premium, soft, neoprene handles on the top and boot, which are easy transport.


The GigaVibe 6R Tennis Bag offers comfort and ample storage for all your tennis gear. It can also be used as a high school backpack making it indispensable. There will be no regrets after purchasing this premium bag.

  • Holds 6 racquets
  • Has space for extra gear
  • The media pocket is fleece-lined for the safety of accessories
  • Has a discreet logo
  • It is both lightweight and durable
  • Can be carried as a backpack, single shoulder carry, or with the neoprene handles
  • The bag feels imbalanced when carried with the one shoulder strap. However, you can use the neoprene handles or the backpack straps.

Guide to Buying the Best Tennis Bags

Size of the bag

Knowing the size of the tennis bag is paramount when choosing the best bag. Below are the different sizes of bags in the market.

  • 3-pack bag: this bag is designed to fit three rackets, a perfect choice for beginners or people who enjoy tennis a hobby. If you only need one racquet, the extra space can hold changing clothes and balls. The 3-pack bag has the main compartment and a zipped pocket on the outside for keys and wallet.
  • 6-pack bag: the 6-pack bag is suitable for advanced players who need extra racquets, extra balls, and changing clothes. It has more space than the 3-pack bag and even includes a shoe compartment.
  • 8-10-pack bags: Perfect for tournament players, these bags have dedicated pockets with ThermalGuard insulation that will ensure your rackets are safe and protected. They can hold eight to 10 rackets.

Besides, it will have other exterior and interior compartments for other sporting gear. Most have a separate shoe compartment to keep your clothes clean. Some also include water-resistant covers and have padded straps. 

  • 12-pack bag: The 12pack tennis bag is also known as Supercombi or super six bags. It has multiple storage compartments where one tennis compartment can hold 3-4 rackets. The racket pockets have ThermalGuard making the bag perfect for intense tennis players and traveling.

Also, the bag has additional features like a shoe compartment, accessory pockets, and backpack straps.

  • 15-pack bag: This pack can up to 15 racquets in its three main compartments. It is much bigger than the 12-pack bag and may contain similar characteristics as golf bags. It may also include wheels. Since this tennis bag is purpose made for expert tennis players, they are made of the quality and durable materials.

Type of the bag

Tennis bags come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Here are some of the designs you’ll come across when shopping.

  • Wheeled tennis bag– For long trips, bags with wheels are the preferred choice. The wheels and the telescopic handle make it easy to haul the bag. Also, the carry handles firmly for lifting. They can hold 12 racquets and have adequate storage space.
  • Backpack bag– Preferred for its convenience and simplicity, backpack tennis bags are perfect for intermittent tennis players. Ideally, they can be used as school backpacks for juniors and high-school kids. The only setback is it only holds one or two rackets.
  • Shoulder tote: Shoulder totes are not only simple but stylish too. They have eye-catching graphics. They have strong, comfortable shoulder straps for an elegant look at the court. It can also hold your valuable and fragile items.
  • Duffle bag: Its cylindrical look makes it suitable to hold extra gear. However, it is not long enough to hold many racquets.
  • Bump-racquet covers: These covers protect your rackets from both scratches and dents. These stylish covers help keep your rackets organized
  • Shoe bag– Smelly, sweaty shoes should have a different storage space from clothes. Tennis bags should include a shoe compartment.

Style of the bag

Just because you are looking for a tennis bag does not mean you cannot look for a luxurious, stylish bag. Why not find one that can be used on different occasions? Some tennis bags can be used for gym or golfing purposes.

Tennis bags for ladies are designed in a sophisticated, classy way to make them appealing and outstanding while getting to and from the court. They have fortified handles to hold all the weight inside. Besides, these bags can be used while at the gym or shopping right after she is done training or playing. Wherever the lady needs to go, their stylish tennis bag comes in handy.

Tennis backpacks are suitable for kids, high school teenagers, and novice beginners. They can hold a racket or two and are comfortable. Besides, they can also hold books, clothes, and a water bottle. The adjustable, padded straps on them are comfortable making the bags indispensable.


When considering a tennis bag, look for one that will keep your rackets safe. The handles and the nets should be protected from damage. Also, find one with quality zippers that won’t come off easily.

Alternatively, you can purchase a bag with ThermalGuard technology. Despite extreme temperatures, the racquet retains its spring tension. You can also opt for a water-resistant covert that protects your valuables from water. 

Besides, find a racket whose media pocket is fleece-lined. Your phone and other valuables will be free from scratches and dents. Also, a tennis bag with a separate shoe compartment ensures no dirt is collected on clean clothes and other sports gear.

Rackets break easily during transportation. A well-padded racket compartment will ensure the racket does not get damaged in case the bag falls.

Furthermore, tennis bags with largely designed logos are easy to track if stolen. Choosing a brightly colored bag may work in your favor in case someone snatched it from you.


Look for a quality backpack that will last for years. Polyester and nylon materials are more durable. Look at the stitching too if you need a sturdy bag. This means that despite the weight the bag carries, the knitting thread will not come off.

Also, purchase a bag that retains its shape and color despite daily use. Some bags lose their shape immediately the rackets are removed. Some do not have any padding to protect the rackets. 


Old is gold. This well-known proverb may not work in this scenario. Do not opt for a used tennis bag. Rather, take time to browse through different, new bags from various brands. 

When browsing, have a specific budget in mind. There are so many products available both cheap and expensive. Having a planned budget will make it easier since you are restricted to a certain range of goods. This way, you will not waste time browsing bags outside your price range. 

Besides, do not rush to the cheapest bag you come across since you might end up using more money when the bag fails you. Also, don’t just buy an expensive bag just because the brand is popular. Look for a quality product for the budget you have. 

Frequently asked Questions about tennis bags

Do I need an insulated pocket in a tennis bag?

Answer: This entirely depends on you. The insulated pocket protects the racket from intense heat and cold while retaining the spring tension on the racquet. If you play tennis in intervals, you do not need an insulated pocket. However, intense tennis players who have invested a lot in rackets need a tennis bag with insulated pockets.

Is a tennis bag necessary for a beginner?

Answer: Yes. Investing in a tennis bag means your rackets will be safe. Your balls and other sports gear will be kept secure till the next time you need them. Also, you can carry extra clothes to change after practice. You can carry a favorite beverage or a water bottle too.

Why are tennis bags so big?

Answer: tennis bags are designed to hold racquets, clothes, shoes, accessories, and extra gear needed. Depending on the level of expertise, tennis bags have different sizes. Large tennis bags can hold up 12-15 rackets and enough changing clothes hence the size.

Except for the racquet, what else can I carry in a tennis bag?

Answer: Always have two racquets instead of one just in case something goes wrong. Then carry a tennis hat to protect you from the sun. You can also carry a headband and grips. Have some few clothes too and an extra pair of shoes to change after a sweaty game.

You can carry a hydrating drink too. Since tennis involves seating, it would be wise to carry some water. Some snacks too will come in handy after exercise. A hungry tennis player may become an angry player.  

You may also need to have your phone with you, some cash and car or house keys. Tennis bags have pockets designed for these valuable items. You can also carry some bandages in case your hands suffer from blisters.

How can I tell a good tennis bag?

Answer: A good tennis bag is made of high-quality fabric, quality zips, and is durable. It should also be comfortable and have the required storage for your sports gear.

Do commercial airlines allow tennis bags on the plane?

Answer: The TSA does allow rackets on the plane as long as they are 74cm. normal rackets are quite smaller than this. However, some airlines might restrict you from boarding the plane with one. Allowing tennis bags on board now depends on the commercial airline you are boarding.

How do I maintain a clean tennis bag?

Answer: the key secret to a clean bag is emptying its contents once you get home. Any sweaty clothes and dirty shoes should be removed immediately to eliminate any chances of the bag stinking. After removing the contents, hang it out or up for fresh air.

If your bag needs more than airing out, you can wipe it with some deterrent then hang it to dry. Scrub on spots and stains. Always ensure your tennis bag is placed in a ventilated place.

What is Thermal Guard Technology?

Answer: A tennis bag with Thermal Guard Technology has insulated linings that protect a racquet from extreme and harsh weather conditions. Whether you are caught in a storm or rain, your racket remains safe.

Bags with Thermal Technology also have protective covers that hold wet clothes while other sports gear is kept dry.

Wrapping up

Tennis games are not only fun and enjoyable for the tennis players, but for spectators as well. And, as a tennis player, you will never feel ready for the game unless you have the best tennis bag, fully equipped with the needed gear. However, as you shop, remember that not all tennis bags are the best. They must incorporate comfort, convenience, adequate storage, and durability to make them stand out from the rest. 

Our best pick is The Babolat Grey 9 Racquet Bag since it is sturdy, durable, comfortable, and can hold 9 rackets. Besides, it has a shoe compartment and an insulated pocket to keep your drink cool. You can carry it using your shoulders, as a backpack or use the carry straps.

This, however, should not limit your options. There are other best tennis bags on the list that are perfect for kids, ladies, and expert tennis players. 

As long as a tennis bag meets and exceeds your need, go for it. Whether cheap or expensive, ensure you pay to get a quality product.

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