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Portland Trail Blazers Aggressively Pursuing Pau Gasol in Free Agency

Pau Gasol

The Portland Trail Blazers are hoping to make a splash in free agency after signing Evan Turner and they seem to have their eyes on a few different targets. They would like to bring in an upgrade to their front-court and have narrowed down on one player that would be a massive upgrade in particular. According to a report from ...

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Portland Trail Blazers Are a Perfect Fit for Al Horford in Free Agency

Al Horford

The Portland Trail Blazers lost a lot in free agency last offseason and many expected them to struggle in a big way. That didn’t end up being the case and the future looks bright for them with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum leading the way. Next up is free agency and the Trail Blazers need to bring in an impact ...

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