Jalen Rose says he tried to injure Kobe Bryant

Jalen Rose has come clean and admits he purposely put his foot underneath where Kobe Bryant would land after shooting a jumper during the 2000 NBA Finals.

“Kobe Bean Bryant goes up for a jump shot out on the right wing,” Rose said on “The Jalen Rose Show,” a podcast on ESPN.com’s Grantland Network. “I contest the jump shot. Kobe lands on my foot. He hobbles off and actually misses the next game. If it was up to me, he should’ve just missed the whole series. I would’ve had a championship ring and it would’ve been no harm, no foul.”

Bryant sat out most of Game 2 and all of Game 3. But he came back in Game 4 posting 28 points and 26 points in Game 6 as the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the the Indiana Pacers to win the NBA championship.

“Now, if it was up to me? If it was up to me? He should’ve just missed the whole series,” Rose says. “I would’ve had a championship ring, and it’d be no harm, no foul.”

“Did you purposely put your foot underneath him when he landed?” Jacoby asks. “Don’t lie to me. Jalen, don’t lie to the people.”

“… I think I did it on purpose,” Rose says.

“You think you did it on purpose? You won’t even cop to it?” Jacoby responds. “You won’t even say, ‘Yes, I did it.’ ‘I think?'”

“… I can’t say that it was an accident,” Rose replies.

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