Robert Griffin III: Alfred Morris is Redskins biggest offensive weapon


Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said this week that running back Alfred Morris is the teams biggest offensive weapon.

“I think everyone would lean towards DeSean [Jackson] or Pierre [Garcon] or Jordan Reed,” Griffin III said, via the team’s website. “I think it’s Alfred. With him, defenses have to make a decision whether to puts guys in the box to stop him or leave the box light and allow Alfred to go between the tackles and lure in the safeties. I think it will be interesting to see what defenses do against him.”

Morris has rushed for 2,888 yards and 20 touchdowns in two NFL seasons.

“My mindset is always winning no matter who we are playing, no matter what our record is, or what I am doing individually,” Morris said. “We’re winning every game, that’s my mindset. I do everything I can to help my team accomplish that goal of winning every game.”

The sixth round draft pick is preparing himself this offseason for a larger role in the passing game.

“I’m just building that trust with the quarterbacks and the coaches to get that confidence that I can catch it to be a viable option in the passing game,” Morris said. “Even within myself, I’m building that confidence that I can handle the pressure of a 3rd and 5, and I’m running that choice route to win and catch the ball to keep us on the field.

“It comes down to confidence in myself, confidence of the coaches and quarterbacks in me. Just working hard, making sure I look the ball in before I catch it. I like to run before I secure the ball, but I just have to work on securing the ball before I run.”

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