Raiders expected to take a look at Matt Schaub


According to Len Pasquarelli of the National Football Post, the Oakland Raiders are expected to show some interest in free agent quarterback Matt Schaub this offseason.

Technically, Schaub is still on the Houston Texans, but he will be released this offseason to avoid an $11 million salary next year. The Raiders likely wouldn’t be looking at him as their long-term starter, but he could come in and play this coming season.

Schaub had an incredibly disappointing season with the Texans last year, and was in fact benched in favor of Case Keenum for a large chunk of the season. He played in 10 games and passed for just 2,310 yards and 10 touchdowns. The worst part of his numbers were the 14 interceptions that he threw.

His main issues that will end his tenure with the Texans is his inability to read defenses. He threw multiple interceptions that were returned for touchdowns, and just didn’t seem to learn at all from his mistakes.

If the Raiders do end up signing Schaub, it would be a big mistakes to count on him starting. They need to focus on getting a young quarterback in the draft in the next year or two to be their franchise quarterback.

Overall, there will be quite a few teams interested in bringing Schaub in as a backup quarterback. If the Raiders truly do sign Schaub to be their starter, the fans in Oakland are going to be in for yet another long season. Hopefully if they do end up signing him, it is to be their backup quarterback and a bit of a mentor to a rookie quarterback.

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