How does Odell Beckham Jr. fit with the Giants?


The New York Giants selected Odell Beckham Jr. out of LSU with the 12th overall pick in the NFL Draft, and there is a big reason for Giants fans to be excited about the pick.

Beckham’s stock had been soaring up the draft boards this past week, and the Giants saw too much potential for them to pass him up. This move is a big one for the Giants’ offense, and will help Eli Manning in a big way.

Beckham will be a big-play threat for Manning and the Giants’ offense, and will also take a lot of pressure off of current star receiver Victor Cruz. This move likely paves the way for Cruz to move back to the slot, and that will fit him much better as well. New York’s offense was poor to say the very least last season, but this move is going to add a talent to the unit that they simply didn’t have last year.

He has great quickness¬†in the open field, and is more than capable of making defenders miss for extra yardage after the catch. Manning will love to have the short passes for extra yards that he will get with Beckham, and it will take a lot of pressure off of everyone. The offense hasn’t been very dynamic over the past couple of seasons, but this move was a big step in the right direction to fix that issue.

There are a couple of issues with Beckham that could affect his NFL future, but they aren’t all that serious. One issue is that he doesn’t have amazing straight-line speed, and could have some issues against talented defensive backs. He has great quickness and smooth route-running though, which will help him cancel those problems out. His hands and blocking ability are also called into question by many analysts, but once again coaching can fix that.

Overall, the Giants believe that they got the third best wide receiver in the NFL Draft. They are very excited about the addition, and feel that he will make a big difference in fixing the offensive woes from last season. Don’t be surprised to see Beckham come into New York and be a major target for Manning immediately.

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  • seth

    Hello? Here’s what they got early at the Combine, handheld, yes, but quick:

    The NFL Scouting Combine is this weekend in Indinapolis and all the top prospects in the draft are coming out to show off a good impression to the scouts and coaches watching in attendance. The wide receivers ran their 40-yard dash times on Sunday and it was of little surprise to see speedster Odell Beckham lead the pack with an unofficial 4.31 dash.
    Straight-line speed? that is elite time.