The 10 Best Golf Pants In 2024

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Not all pants are golf pants. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, wearing the right golf pants when teeing is fundamental for an enjoyable time on the course. Golf pants ought to be flexible, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and stylish too. They should also help you feel confident while playing and add radiance to your look.

It is therefore important to find the right golf pants for you and this article is dedicated towards that. Also, we will highlight what you need to look for when browsing for golf pants and review ten of the best golf pants we found. We will also answer some pressing questions about golf pants that you may be having. But first, here is a short buying guide on what to look for.

Features to consider in Good Golf Pants

There are crucial factors that you need to look into before purchasing any golf pants regardless of their brand. Look out if the gold pants have the following:


Comfort is fundamental in any sports gear. Golfing requires comfortable golf pants that that are neither too snug nor tight. Tight clothing will limit your movement while snug clothing will require you to constantly pull it back in place.

Besides, choose a fabric that will keep you warm during the cold season and cool during summer. The wicking technology is helpful in warm seasons since it draws out sweat from your skin to the exterior of the fabric.

Furthermore, expandable waistbands also provide comfort to athletes. Some waistbands have silicone grippers that ensure your shirt remains tucked throughout the game.


Look for pants that offer freedom of movement without restrictions. Find one that stretches well when making a swing and will not burst when getting on a golf cart.


When purchasing products online, it may difficult to gauge whether a stated size is an exact size. It is, therefore, wise to read the product reviews so that you can ascertain whether you need to order your specific size or the immediate size.

Return policy

We are all humans. At times, we may feel cheated on from images from the internet and feel the urge to return a commodity. It is therefore wise that you check whether the company has a return policy.

The Best Golf Pants 2024

1. PUMA Golf Men’s 2019 Jackpot Pant

Why we like it: The PUMA Golf 2019 Jackpot Pant is designed with the latest innovative technologies to ensure comfort in every aspect. Not only is it performance fit but it is also breathable and versatile.

Editor’s Rating:


This jackpot pant is made of 100% polyester. This fabric is easy to wash by hand or machine. Mud stains are washed off easily and it retains its original color for years.


Are you afraid of sweating profusely while in the golf course? Worry no more. These golf pants have dry cell technology that ensures you remain dry and cool. It draws away any sweat from your body and dries it off. Also, the pants have moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry.

The golf jackpot pants also have a high stretch waistband that maximizes comfort. The waistband ensures the pants stay in place. Moreover, it has a silicone gripper that tucks your shirt in place while playing.

These pants have been designed as a performance fit. This implies that they have enough room for a straight leg and offer unlimited movement during play.

The 2019 PUMA jackpot pant is designed for wear on the golf course or for office. They are comfortable and the cuffs are neither too narrow nor wide.

The pocket bags are printed and have floral designs for an appealing look while the pockets have seams. The seams ensure the longevity of the pockets.


These men’s golf pants are a performance fit and aim at helping you achieve your best while on the course. The PUMA Jackpot pant is a true jackpot since you will only want to buy more after the first purchase. Try it today!

  • The fabric is of high quality
  • The fabric wicks any moisture thus keeping you dry
  • Perfect for straight leg
  • The cuffs are neither too wide nor narrow
  • Easy to wash off mud and water stains
  • Offer comfort and flexibility
  • Can be worn on and off course
  • Has a silicone gripper on the waistband to keep shirt tucked in
  • It is quite expensive but the quality is worth every penny

2. Women’s Golf Pants

Why we like it: The Women’s Golf Pants benefits outweigh any shortcomings they may have. They are lightweight, durable, versatile, comfortable, and have a good shape.

Editor’s Rating:


These breathable women’s golf pants are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. They easily stretch, contour on your body but do not grab. They are easy to wash and take care of.

They are lightweight and weigh just 9 oz. The fabric protects against harmful UV rays and is soft on ladies’ hands.


There are 5 pockets on these golf pants for convenience. There are 2 two at the front which is deep to hold golf balls and there are 2 at the back. There is an additional coin pocket at the front too.

Besides, these golf pants have a high stretch waistband that gives room for unlimited movement. The straight fit is tapered too for flexibility purposes.

Regardless of where you need to be, you can wear these pants there. They are ideal for work, pleasure, sports, and adventure. Just as they are easy to clean, they dry fast since they are lightweight. Moreover, the pants are water-resistant are ideal for sunny and rainy days.

These pull-on pants have a button closure and a zipper for convenience and comfort.


There is much you can do with the Women’s Golf Pants. Whether you love golf or not, these pants will rock you wherever you go. They are durable, comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. Buying one is not enough!

  • The fabric is UV protective
  • Has 5 pockets
  • It is lightweight, easy to clean and dries fast
  • The fabric is made of quality materials that are durable
  • Has high stretch elasticity that promotes flexibility
  • Suitable for the slim fit body type
  • They are water repellant
  • Have both a durable zipper and button for closure

3. Adidas Golf Women’s Pull-on Ankle Pant (2023 Model)

Why we like it: The Adidas Golf Women’s Pull-on Ankle Pants have cropped length and can be worn on the course or while doing shopping. They are made of quality premium materials and are designed to maximize movement.

Editor’s Rating:


These golf pants are made from polyester, spandex and mesh for easy movement.


The Adidas Women’s golf pants have cropped length and are slightly above the ankle. This height is suitable for both short and tall people.

Besides, the pants are slim fit and contours nicely to your body. It also has a straight leg through both the hip and thighs.

These golf pants have an expandable waistband that promotes flexibility and provides comfort. It also holds the shirt in place to prevent it from sliding up.

Furthermore, this 2023 model has more pockets compared to the previous model where can comfortably carry a smartphone, a ball marker, scorecards, and tees.


Most golf pants do not have adequate room to even hold a smartphone. But the Adidas Golf Women’s Pull-on Ankle has more than enough room and is comfortable and flexible. Buying these pants will be an investment.

  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • Contours with your body
  • Has cropped length
  • Facilitates easy movement on and off the golf carts
  • Has enough room in pockets
  • Ideal for slim fit body type.

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Golf Pants

Why we like it: The Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Pants are not only of high quality but comfortable too. They are affordable, fit well, and have received positive criticism from numerous customers.

Editor’s Rating:


These golf pants are made of high-quality materials which are 98% polyester and 2% spandex. They also have a soft feel and the spandex makes them stretch for better flexibility.


Amazon’s slim-fit pants are designed to ensure you stay dry even on a sunny afternoon. It has moisture-wicking that evaporates any sweat and perspiration from your skin.

Also, the pants are designed to fit right below your waist and have an elastic waistband to keep your shirt tucked. The hips, thighs and legs are slim too making them perfect for an Ectomorph body type.

There are pockets at each side of the front and more at the back. The back pockets can hold your scorecard as well as your teeing gloves.

Besides, these golf pants do not have a logo. You can use them on the golf course or for office use. They have a casual appeal and can be worn anywhere.

The fabric is easy to clean by hand or machine.


Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Golf Pants is a quality Amazon Brand that has ensured high quality has been delivered. These pants are both comfortable and approved. They are also long-lasting and are affordable.


These slim fits pants are designed to help you feel fashionable and comfort while teeing. You do not need to fret about sweat or your shirt hanging out. They are affordable too and are worth purchasing.

  • They are affordable
  • They offer flexibility
  • They are made of high-quality materials
  • Have pockets at the front and back
  • The lack of logo makes them convenient for office and golfing use
  • Offers exemplary customer service
  • With the wrong size, the crotch and legs may be smaller and tight. It is therefore important you choose the right fit for you.

5. PGA Tour Men’s Flat Golf Pant with Expandable Waistband

Why we like it: If you are looking for a classic fit with an expandable waistband, then the PGA Tour Men’s Golf pants are the answer to your need.

Editor’s Rating:


These golf pants are made of 100% high-quality polyester. This fabric stretches easily and is comfortable for on and off sporting activities. It can be cleaned by hand or machine.


For convenience, PGA golf pants have a button closure for men. They also have an expandable waistband for added comfort.

In terms of protection, these golf pants can last for more than 15 years. They have inbuilt UPF to protect your skin from harmful rays. The fabric plays the same role as sunscreen and acts as a solar flux.

Besides, whether you are teeing on a sunny afternoon or not, the PGA Tour golf pants will keep you dry. They not only absorb moisture but control it to keep you cool and comfortable.

Also, these pants stretch to facilitate movement across the golf course or when getting in or out of golf carts. The stretch seams are innovatively woven to help you reach your potential when teeing.


These men’s golf pants are classic fit, meaning they have enough seats and legroom. They are also comfortable for work or sports.


These PGA Tour golf pants not only look great but feel comfortable too. They are created to enhance performance and are a classic fit and since they last for long, they are worth purchasing.

  • Have inbuilt sun flux protection
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Have expandable waistband
  • The stretch seams are innovatively woven to maximize potential
  • Has more room of leg for tall people
  • Absorbs moisture to keep you cool and dry
  • Looks great and feels comfortable
  • Compared to other golf pants, they are quite expensive. Despite this, they are of high quality and last for years.
  • They are designed for men only. However, they are a classic and comfortable fit for men.

6. PUMA Golf 2018 Women’s Pwrshape Pull-on Pant

Why we like it: PUMA Golf 2018 Women’s Pull-on Pants incorporates dry cell technology as well as pwrshape technology. It also offers unmatched comfort and flexibility while taking a swing or getting on or off a golf cart.

Editor’s Rating:


The PUMA 2018 pull-on pant is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The fabric is compatible with machine wash and is soft and gentle on hands.


The waistband on these Women’s pull-on pants is high stretched with flatlock seams. This design is great for women and it offers unmatched comfort.

Besides, these golf pants have dry tech technology. This technology draws all sweat away from your body therefore keeping you cool and dry. The pants also have bio-based wicking that wicks out moisture for a comfortable time during a match.

Additionally, they also have pwrshape technology which serves two purposes. First, this technology has a slimming effect and secondly, it offers shape retention and ultimate support. When worn, these golf pants outline a smooth silhouette and are perfect for women athletes.

As far as flexibility is concerned, the Puma 2018 pull-on pants offer freedom of movement. The fabric stretches four ways and is breathable. Regardless of the intensity of the action, the pants will stretch as you remain dry.

The front has low profile pockets and there are additional ones at the back. These can hold a scorecard during a game.


PUMA Golf 2018 Women’s Pwrshape is perfect for women who love golfing. It is flexible, contours along your body and is comfortable.

  • Has pwrshape technology as well as dry cell technology
  • Has bio-based wick system that draws all sweat from your body to keep you dry
  • The fabric is breathable and comfortable
  • It has a slimming effect
  • Allows unrestricted movement
  • Has front and back pockets
  • The front pockets are shallow but this should not deter you from buying these quality golf pants.

7. Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear Infrared Showdown Golf Pants

Why we like it: No matter how cold the weather is the Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear Golf Pants are the pants to take for golfing. They keep you warm and are stylish and comfortable.

Editor’s Rating:


These Cold Gear pants consist of 91% polyester and 9% Elastane.


Since the golf pants have elastane, they can allow freedom of movement and offers superior mobility. Besides, the waistband is stretch engineered too and offers superior comfort.

Besides, these pants have an interior lining that has a soft and thermo-conductive coating. The heat from your body is retained to keep you warm. These golfing pants are perfect for cold seasons since you will remain warm. In some scenarios, you may feel sweaty due to the intensity of the game. You do not need to worry about leaking and smelling sweaty. The fabric is designed to wick sweat and moisture then drying it leaving you cool and dry.

Under Armour Golf Pants are lightweight and are a perfect fit for straight legs. It is also wind-resistant and showcases innovation.


Golfing in the cold seasons just got better with the Under Armour Cold Gear Golf Pants. Get yours too.

  • Offers superior mobility and flexibility
  • Keeps you warm during cold seasons thanks to the thermo-conductive lining
  • It is comfortable and stylish
  • Suitable for straight leg
  • The fabric absorbs sweat and leaves you dry
  • Suitable for work and sports
  • It is quite expensive. However, it keeps you warm in the golf course when other ordinary pants are too cold.

8. Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate Regular Pants

Why we like it: The Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate Regular pants have a silicone shirt gripper that ensures your shirt stays tucked regardless of how big your tummy is. It is also breathable, comfortable, and extremely lightweight.

Editor’s Rating:


This Adidas golf pants are made of 88% polyester and 12% elastane. This material is soft on hands and has a silky smooth texture. Besides, it can be washed by hands or machine.

The perfect combination of polyester and elastane makes the fabric lightweight and comfortable to wear anywhere. It is perfect for summer and looks great when worn with a polo shirt or ordinary t-shirt.


These regular pants guarantee breathability thanks to the moisture-wicking technology. The golf pants have micromesh pockets that allow air to move freely therefore keeping you dry and cool. This also maximizes comfort while playing.

Also, the Adidas ultimate golf pants have a stretch waistband that gives room for more stretch and mobility. The waistband has 7 belt loops to accommodate even the weighted athletes to enjoy the game.

Furthermore, if you have much weight on your abdomen and your shirt does not stay in place when playing, these golf pants are what you need. They have a printed silicone Adidas gripper that keeps the shirt in place. Despite the stretching, bending and swaying, the silicone grippers ensure you remain comfortable with fewer distractions.

Did you know that the Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate Regular pants are water-resistant? Yes, these golf pants will keep you dry in case of light showers.


These Adidas golf pants are suitable for summer and are convenient to use during light showers. This makes them indispensable and convenient to carry regardless of the weather. Their lightweight nature makes them a suitable purchase.

  • Very lightweight
  • Suitable for fall and summer
  • The fabric has a soft, smooth feel on hands
  • The fabric is breathable due to the micromesh pockets
  • Allows unlimited mobility and flexibility
  • The silicone gripper on the waistband ensures your shirt remains tucked despite numerous motions
  • The fabric wicks any moisture from your skin
  • Comfortable for big guys
  • Since it is lightweight, it might not be the best choice for people who prefer heavier pants.

9. Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Pants

Why we like it: The Royal & Awesome Men Golf Pants have pars and stripes that make them unique, stylish and fashionable. The quality is assured and guaranteed.

Editor’s Rating:


The Royal & Awesome golf pants are made of high-quality fabric which includes 97% cotton and 3% Lycra spandex. You can wash it with the machine at 40 degrees then iron it for a perfect look. You can also tumble dry but this will result in shrinking. However, once the pants are ironed, they will get back to their original size.


Designed with moisture-wicking technology, these colorful golf pants will keep from getting soaked from perspiration. They are breathable too and will keep you both cool and dry.

Besides, they are made with Spandex thus making them flexible with no limitations during movement. They easily stretch when getting on a golf cart or alighting from it.

Furthermore, the Royal & Awesome golf pants have unique pars and stripes that make you stand out from the rest. The colors are appealing and have proved to grab attention. The golf pants can be worn at the office, golf course or even at entertainment joints.

Apart from the trousers, the package also includes a pitch-mark repairer that can also be used as a bottle opener. There is also a divot tool for storing tees and golf balls. This makes the pants convenient while golfing.

Lastly, the golf pants have a zipper in place and a button closure for convenience.


The quality of these golf pants is guaranteed since the material used is of a great quality and the sizes are perfect. In case you feel dissatisfied with the product, you have a 30 day return period with no questions asked. All the company needs from you is to retain the tags as well as the outer packages.


This is a great purchase for people who love compliments and are not scared of experimenting with a wide choice of colors. The quality and comfort are guaranteed and you can always return the product in case you are dissatisfied.

  • Available in unique pars and stripes
  • Comes with a divot tool and pitch-mark repairer
  • Have both a button and zipper for convenience
  • They are flexible and comfortable
  • The moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool and dry from sweat
  • Made of high-quality cotton and spandex
  • The colors will make you stand out on the golf course
  • The golf pants might become smaller if you order your correct size. However, you can avoid frustrations by ordering the next size.

10. Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate 3-Stripe Tapered Pant (2023 Model)

Why we like it: The Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate 3-Stripe Pants are neither too snug nor loose therefore giving a balance for a regular fit. They have a sophisticated look and offer superior comfort.

Editor’s Rating:


These tapered pants are made of both polyester and spandex. These quality fabrics have a soft and silky feel on your hands. Despite the temperatures, you will not get hot in them. This fabric can be cleaned by hand or machine.

Besides, the fabric is stretchy to allow unrestricted movement while on the course.


For use in the golf course, these Adidas golf pants are neither loose nor snug. This regular fit maintains a balance thus making them comfortable and convenient to use.

Apart from convenience and comfort, the pants have a stretchy waistband that guarantees mobility. Whether you are getting into or out of the golf cart, or taking a swing, this waistband allows complete freedom of movement.

Besides, there is a silicone gripper on the waistband that ensures your shirt remains tucked and your pants do not slide down. Also, the legs are tapered to create a modern look.


The Adidas 3-Stripe tapered pant is available in several colors for a sophisticated look all year round. The fabric is of good quality and it allows a wide range of movement while on the golf course. These pants are worth looking into.

  • They are extra stretchy
  • Have silicone grippers to hold your shirt in place
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The waistband fits well
  • Has tapered legs for a sophisticated look
  • Offers mobility
  • They do not have water-resistant technology. Regardless, they are cool to wear during summer.

Guide to Buying the Best Golf Pants

Before making the decision on what golf pants to purchase, it is important to look at the following factors:

  • Your body type
  • The technology used
  • Materials used in the pants

Let’s start by understanding your body type.

Body type

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. These three types need different fittings.

Ectomorph body type is both narrow and lean. A man with this body type has a narrow chest, shoulders, and waist. The legs too are narrow and they are suitable to wear slim fit golf pants. These pants are designed with a slim crotch area, narrow legs, and cuffs.

Next, is the Mesomorph body type. It can also be referred to as the muscular shape. Men in this category have broad shoulders but are narrowly hipped. They also have a trim waist and have a lot of muscle. A muscular shaped man can wear a slim fit or regular fit. The regular fit has more room in the crotch which makes it easy to get in or out of a golf cart. They also have more room for leg and lack a taper on the cuffs. Besides, they have bigger openings on the cuff which is different from the slim fit.

Lastly, we have the Endomorph body type that is also known as rounded. This body type has more weight and contours along the abdomen. They also have a stocky build and have a cylindrical torso unlike the Mesomorph that is wedge-shaped. The best fit for this group is regular which has plenty of legroom and crotch. This fit makes it easy to get in and out of any golf cart.

After learning your body type, it is essential you know if the golf pants you want to purchase have the latest technology for a comfortable time in the course.

Technology infused

Lately, different companies making golf pants have revolutionalized the whole process but there are 4 fundamental technologies that are essential in good golf pants. These are: wicking, breathability, ability to stretch, and windproof.


Wicking refers to moisture management. The best golf pants need to have wicking technology since you will sweat and perspire. Golf pants with moisture-wicking draw the sweat from your body to the exterior. When moisture is released from your body, it evaporates therefore leaving you cool and dry. This also makes you confident and comfortable while playing.


Breathability is a fundamental condition when choosing the best golf pants. Golf pants should have the ability to transfer vapor or moisture to the exterior through the pores. This will help you feel comfortable despite having a strenuous game.

Ability to stretch

Just like any other game, golfing involves movement. Therefore, the best golf pants should stretch when making a swing or when getting on or from a cart. Elasticity on the pants allows freedom of movement without restrictions.


When golf pants have windproof technology, you will not feel any chill when wearing them. This feature opposes any penetration of air and thus makes the pants not only lightweight but breathable. If it is combined with water-resistant technology, this makes the golf gear wind and rain resistant making it an important asset when teeing.

Once you know whether the golf pant has these fundamental technologies, it is also wise to know what material has been used during sewing.


This technology inhibits the fabric from absorbing any moisture or rainfall therefore keeping you dry. Water-repellant pants are lightweight and can be used all year round since the water repellent tech is added to windproof pants too.

Materials used

The fabric used in any sports gear is essential and so is the case when it comes to golf gear. For years, the known standard materials were polyester and cotton or a mixture of the two, but lately, there have been improvements.

Cotton twirl

This fabric is made up of 100% cotton and has just a chequered pattern or a solid color. They have a nice, soft texture on hands and are eco-friendly. Besides, this fabric is versatile and can be worn on and off the golf course.

Cotton and elastane fabric

Just like the cotton twill, this fabric includes elastane which makes it elastic and can stretch to promote freedom of movement. It is also soft on hands, has quality texture and can be used for golfing and other purposes.


Polyester fabric is greatly loved for being lightweight and having a nice sheen when compared to cotton. Also, it is breathable and disperses the moisture through the pores of the fabric hence making it comfortable when teeing. Besides, it has wide cuffs, and is soft on hands. The polyester texture is smooth and can be worn both on the golf course and outside.

Polyester and elastane

The addition of elastane to this fabric makes it elastic to stretch when getting on a cart or getting off. It also promotes movement without limitations. Not only is it lightweight but breathable too. It has a sporty look and has a sheen feel. The only limitation that is evident with this golf pants fabric is that it is limited to be worn only on the golf course. But this should not deter you from purchasing it since you are looking for the best golf pants to use while teeing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Pants

Why should I buy golf pants?

Answer: Golf pants are designed with quality and premium materials that are stretch easily to mobilize movement when getting into or out of golf carts or when taking a swing. Besides, most golf pants have wicking technology to ensure you stay dry, cool and comfortable when playing.

How long should golf pants be?

Answer: The best golf pant length should range between 9’’-11’’ depending on your height and big legs. Where the pants will rest on your waistline is also another determiner of how long the golf pants will be. In case you love golf shorts, 7’’ is the ideal length for short guys less than 6’’.

For women, the recommended should not be lesser than 21’’. This is because they have a sloppy look when they are too long which will result in stacking. The hem too should be proper since women are critical about their looks.

Can I wear golf pants to work?

Answer: Yes you can. Most golf pants have a casual look and can be worn for a golf course and for work. You can also wear them while shopping or for adventure.

What are golf pants made of?

Answer: Golf pants are made of premium quality materials that range from polyester, cotton, and spandex. These materials have a soft silky feel which is soft and gentle on hands. Also, these materials are easy to hand wash but can also be washed by machine.

Can I play golf with khaki pants?

Answer: Some people do. However, when compared to golf pants, khaki pants are not breathable, comfortable and flexible. Besides, they do not draw moisture from the skin to keep you cool and dry. Furthermore, they are heavy to wear on the golf course.

Wrapping up

Golf pants are essential for any golfing activity. They are more comfortable since they are lightweight and flexible when taking a swing or getting across the golfing course on a golf cart. Moreover, they have moisture management technology that ensures you remain cool and dry throughout the game. Some are windproof and water-resistant to improve comfort while others are specifically designed for cold and hot weather.

Besides, you may find the golf pants convenient to wear for work. Among the 10 products we reviewed, the PUMA Golf Men’s 2019 Jackpot Pant was our best golf pants for men while Women’s golf pants were the best for ladies. However if these pants have a high price tag, you can opt for the Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Stretch Golf Pants as it is the best affordable golf pants.

Buy quality golf pants and save yourself any frustrations. Again, with the best golf pants, it even becomes easier to improve on your golf game. Happy shopping!

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