Atlanta Falcons insane new stadium project moves forward


The Atlanta Falcons announced Tuesday that a conceptual design by 360 Architecture of the new Atlanta stadium has been chosen and approved by the Georgia World Congress Center Board of Governors.  Construction will begin next year.

“On June 14, the Falcons announced that three Atlanta architecture firms were selected to partner with lead architect 360 Architecture.  The three firms – Goode Van Slyke Architecture (GVSA), Stanley Beaman & Sears, and tvsdesign – will contribute to the stadium design in a number of areas while also lending their knowledge of downtown Atlanta including the area surrounding the new stadium.”

“Construction of the new Atlanta stadium is expected to commence in the first half of 2014.  Between now and that time, the general contractor team will be integrated into the design process to facilitate in areas including planning, development, budgeting, permitting and scheduling.”

The estimated cost of the new stadium is $1 billion, with public funding of $200 million.  The seating capacity will be approximately 70,000, with 180 luxury suites and 7,500 club seats.

The Georgia Dome seats 71,228, has 162 suites, and 5,174 club seats.

Pictures via Atlanta Falcons:

june-18-2013-concept-southclub-cityview june-18-2013-concept-endzone-cityview june-18-2013-concepts-oculus-open-from-end-zonejune-18-2013-concept-northwest-elevation

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