Zach Randolph to Blake Griffin: ‘It’s the playoffs. It’s a big-boy game.’

Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph has no sympathy for Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin who left Game 5 in the third quarter for a previously injured ankle and did not return.

Asked about his thoughts on Griffin, Randolph reminded reporters on Thursday that he’s also nursing a bad ankle.

“Banged up?” Randolph said, via Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN. “I’m banged up. You forgot about my ankle? Banged up. My ankle is as big as a balloon. Talk to the trainers. I’m getting treatment every day. It’s the playoffs.”

Randolph rolled his left ankle in Game 2 in Los Angeles, while Griffin suffered his high right ankle sprain when he landed on Lamar Odom’s foot during a scrimmage at the Clippers practice on Monday.

As the game went on, it got worse,” Griffin said. “I was in the weight room on the treadmill; they just had me walk just to keep it loose and not just sit there.”

Griffin scored only four points in 25 minutes during the Clippers’ 112-91 loss that put the Grizzlies up 3-2 in their first-round series.

“Last year when I played in the playoffs, I wasn’t 100 percent, but I was out there, so I had to be 100 percent,” Randolph said. “It’s the playoffs. It’s a big-boy game.”

Grizzlies guard Mike Conley said he expects Griffin to play.

“Teams do put you in more schemes, more pick-and-rolls, try to wear you down a little bit more knowing that you’re banged up here and there, but [the Clippers] have played through injuries just like any other team has played through injuries,” Conley said. “[Griffin] is a great player. He’s a fighter. I expect him to be Blake Griffin, and I’m not going to treat him any differently because he’s capable of putting up big numbers and big nights. We just have to hope it’s not tomorrow.”

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