Tyler Ennis thankful for fresh start with Bucks


Tyler Ennis is a very talented rookie point guard that now has a role as a backup with the Milwaukee Bucks, but earlier this season he wasn’t seeing any playing time due to the logjam at point guard when he was with the Phoenix Suns.

Since the trade, he has averaged 16.5 minutes per game in a backup role. This is exactly the type of opportunity that Ennis has been waiting on, and Jason Kidd is giving him every opportunity to earn playing time. In those 16.5 minutes, Ennis has averaged 4.7 points, 1.8 assists, and 1.2 rebounds per game.

He talked about being thankful for the opportunity that the Suns gave him by drafting him, but also talked about being thankful that he has been given a fresh start with the Bucks.

“In Phoenix, I was happy they drafted me,” Ennis said. “But the situation guards-wise wasn’t ideal for me coming in as a rookie, trying to compete against three established guards in the league. But I think I was fortunate in this trade that I came to this team, that’s a good team first of all but I also have a chance to compete for playing time and have a role.”

There is no denying the talent that Ennis possesses, and it has been obvious so far in Milwaukee that Kidd has seen it. Playing for Kidd is exactly what Ennis needed, as it will give him a mentor and a playing style that favors point guards. At just 20 years of age, it is important for Ennis to get some type of playing time in his rookie season.

It will be very intriguing to see where Ennis is in three years or so. Whether he is with the Bucks or not, he will likely be in the rotation for whoever he is playing for at the time.

Ennis has the potential to become a starting point guard at some point in the future if he continues to work hard. Until then, his backup minutes with the Bucks and Kidd’s coaching is going to help him take his game to the next level. Milwaukee could very well have gotten a steal with the trade for Ennis.

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