Kobe Bryant tells Pau Gasol to consider losing some weight

Pau Gasol

Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol is blaming his recent struggles on coach Mike D’Antoni, while Kobe Bryant suggests it could be Gasol’s health that’s slowing the big man down.

“I told him I thought the thing that really helped me out, I dropped some weight,” Bryant said, via Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times. “I told him he should probably measure it himself, see if that’s something he needs to do himself. As we get older, our metabolism slows, we quietly become a little heavy.”

Gasol, 33, had his worst offensive production last season.  He’s on pace this year to have the same results.

But Gasol says it’s not entirely his fault.

“The fact that I’m not getting the ball in the post affects directly my aggressiveness,” he said. “When I’m not getting the ball where I want to, where I’m most effective, where I can bang guys and utilize my skill, that affects my aggressiveness and overall intensity.”

Gasol is averaging 14.4 points and 9.5 rebounds per game this season with a career-low 41.7 shooting percentage.

He believes he just doesn’t fit in D’Antoni’s system.

“This year hasn’t been ideal, certain things are not ideal for me, but that’s not going to change any time soon,” he said, via Plaschke.

“I’m not going to say anything, but it’s easy to see. You see a guy with a certain skill set, where does it fit better, where it doesn’t,” he said.  “I love being here, I love my teammates, I love the city … but [a trade] is a possibility.”

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