The 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines to Buy In 2024

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Tennis ball machines make life so much easier when you’re out on the court practicing. They assist beginners, intermediate and advanced tennis players by allowing them to get the most out of their game.

Gone are the days where you need a tennis partner to enjoy a game of tennis. Tennis ball machines allow you to have all the fun while also allowing you to improve your performance. The wonderful thing about these machines is that you can choose what type of shots you’d like to work on. They’re also ideal to practice with because they can be used at any time.

Features to consider in Good Tennis Ball Machines

There are a few things that you should look out for before shopping around for a tennis ball machine. We have come up with a quick list of things to consider before going out and buying the machine.

Know what to look for

Firstly, you will need to evaluate what’s important to you by asking yourself what outcome you’re looking for. This will allow you to establish what sort of machine to look for.

If you’re new to tennis then it wouldn’t make sense for you to buy the most expensive tennis ball machine. Always work your way up as you get more experience.

Who will be using the tennis ball machine

Next, you will need to determine if you will be using the machine for personal use or a team of players. The reason that this is important is so that you can evaluate the capacity of the machine. If you’re a tennis coach then it will be highly important to purchase a machine that holds more balls.

Affordability and price range

Another vital factor to consider when searching for tennis ball machines is the price range. If you’re a beginner, it won’t make much sense buying the most expensive machine on the market. Always consider a budget so that you know more or less how much to spend.

Look for a machine with a warranty

Lastly, always check that the machine you choose to buy comes with a warranty. You never know what could go wrong, which is why it’s so important to be covered. Most tennis ball machines have a 1-3 year warranty, which will give you some peace of mind.

The 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines 2024

Without any further discussions, let’s take a look at some of the top tennis machines that are on the market.

1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine- $1,599.00

Why we like it: It allows you to control the machine via your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app (for free) which then allows you to have complete access to the machine. You can customize the settings to your liking.

Editor’s Rating:

Spinshot has come up with a brilliant machine that has some great technology installed.

You can easily control the Spinshot through remote access from your phone or the provided remote. It’s easy to move around and it’s also one of the very few machines that are plastic-free.

Drill/ oscillation

There are 12 drills that are programmed into the Spinshot and you can customize each drill based on your expertise.

You can select the speed, height, direction, and spin of the ball from your phone or the provided remote watch. Spinshot has also included built-in Wi-Fi so that you can easily connect to the machine.

The ball capacity

This tennis ball machine can hold up to 120 tennis balls at a time, which is more than enough. You won’t have to worry about reading tennis balls after a few shots.

Durability and weight

Spinshot tennis machines can be easily transported in the trunk of a car without any hassle. It weighs around 40lbs, which might be a bit heavy to carry around.

Speed range

You can choose the speed of the ball based on what you’re comfortable with. The speed range starts at 18mph and can go up to 68mph.

  • Flexible power options
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Technologically smart
  • Personalized drill settings
  • Excellent ball capacity
  • The machine is a little on the heavy side, which might be challenging to carry around.
  • Anyone who has the app downloaded to their phone can control the machine

2. Lobster Sports – Elite One Tennis Ball Machine – $1139

Why we like it: The actual design of this tennis machine makes it all the better to own. It can easily be moved around and fits perfectly well in any car seat or trunk.

Editor’s Rating:

This batter operated tennis ball machine comes with 4-8 hours of use. If you’re looking for a something that’s easy to transport then this is a great option. It has bigger wheels attached, which makes carting it around a lot simpler.

Lobster Sports Elite one tennis ball machine also has some great features that are easy to use. These features will enable for great gameplay and improvement. You can also extend battery time by plugging in the optional external battery pack.

Drill/ oscillation

There aren’t any pre-loaded drills on the Elite one; however, it does come with random horizontal oscillation.

It also does flat, topspin, underspin and, additionally, it does horizontal – side to side placement.

The ball capacity

Almost all of Lobster Sports tennis ball machines can hold 150 balls at a time. Likewise, so can the Elite one hold this incredible number of balls. You won’t have to worry about continuously adding balls to the machine.

Durability and weight

This machine weighs around 42lbs, which is more or less what these machines weigh. The great thing about the Elite one tennis ball machine is that the handle can also be folded. This makes it extra durable too.

Speed range

The ball speed starts at 10mph, which is perfect for you if you’re still starting out. On the contrary, if you’re an expert you can hit the tennis ball at the high speed of 80mph.

  • This machine has great power
  • The battery life is excellent and runs for 4-8 hours
  • Very easy and quick assembly
  • Spin, lob and other great features
  • The battery takes a long time to fully charge
  • It’s heavy
  • Doesn’t have drill options

3. Spinshot Plus-2- $1749

Why we like it: Besides using your phone to control the Spinshot Plus 2, you can also use the remote watch. This makes it a lot easier and quicker to control the machine.

Editor’s Rating:

We were extremely intrigued when learning of this remote watch which can control the Spinshot Plus 2. It’s honestly such a smart idea because not only is it quick and easy but it also saves you the trouble of running to your phone.

Spinshot Plus 2 has all the features of the Spinshot plus, with the additional high spin feature. What this means is that this tennis ball machine can deliver fastballs even when in high speed. You can now also get the Players drill maker app and customize the settings.

Drill/ oscillation

The drill settings can be adjusted via the watch or a smartphone, with a clock of a button. You can create a variety of drills as per your requirements.

The ball capacity

The Spinshot Plus 2 comes with a 120 ball capacity, which is wonderful.

Durability and weight

Spinshot always boasts the fact that none of their machines are made from plastic, which means that they are extremely durable. Lastly, it also weighs 40lbs, which is lighter than the Lobster Sports – Elite One tennis ball Machine.

Speed range

The speed on this machine is quite different; it has different levels of speed. It starts at level one and can go up to a maximum level of 20.

  • Easy to use and very user-friendly
  • 12 programmable 6 ball drills
  • Constant improvements made via the Drill maker App
  • Battery included with the tennis ball machine
  • Two-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • The battery needs to charge for a couple of hours
  • The wheels are on the smaller side
  • It can be heavy to move around

4. Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine- $1419

Why we like it: We like the Elite Two because of the excellent feed rate; 2-12 seconds. This can drastically improve your game by allowing you to play a lot better

Editor’s Rating:

One of the awesome features of the Lobster Sports Elite Two is that you can change it into an A/C machine. Obviously, you will need a power source at hand which will allow you to practice for hours on end.

The Elite two also allows users to take control and have access through their iPhone device. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t cut the list which can pose as an issue if you don’t have an Apple.

Other things that have improved from the Elite one includes triple oscillation and improved stroke capabilities. One thing is for certain- this tennis ball machine will certainly help you improve your skills.

Drill/ oscillation

The Lobster Elite Two is engineered to simulate match play. It has the incredible feature of oscillating vertically and horizontally, while uniquely being a triple oscillation machine.

Oscillation options: random horizontal, random vertical, random horizontal and vertical.

The ball capacity

The Elite Two can hold 150 balls at a time, which saves you time from reloading the machine. This gives you extra ball time, which is a huge pro.

Durability and weight

This tennis ball machine is extremely durable and weighs 44lbs. It was designed for frequent usage and allows users to enjoy sessions on the court without compromising the challenge.

Speed range

The speed of the Elite Two starts at 10mph and goes up until 80mph. This means that players of different levels can optimize their performance to a great extent.

  • It can be battery operated or A/C powered
  • Excellent feed rate
  • Top and back ball spin
  • Can be controlled with an iPhone
  • Triple oscillation
  • Isn’t supported by Android phones
  • No automatic shutoff while charging
  • Flimsy handles
Check out the Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine in action

5. Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Standard- $1245

Why we like it: Wilson is one of the most popular tennis brands around the world, which means that they know what they’re doing.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a portable tennis ball machine that comes from a reputable brand, then look no further. Wilson has designed this compact tennis ball machine that can help enhance your performance altogether.

It’s great for all aspects of training and allows you to concentrate on your footwork, movement, lobs, and groundstrokes. This machine also comes with a remote so that you can control the interval time between shots as well as other settings.

Some features include interval settings of 1 to 10 seconds, ball elevation, and, top/ back spinning.

Drill/ oscillation

This tennis ball machine has a two-line oscillator; it delivers balls randomly across the court or in one set position. Both of these options are great for beginners and intermediate players in order to help them play like pros.

Users also have the option to select how they would want the ball to spin. The two options to choose from are either top spinning or back spinning.

The ball capacity

The Wilson tennis ball machine can hold a ball capacity of 110 balls. It is more or less similar to what other tennis machines can hold.

Durability and weight

With regards to how much it weighs; it’s actually come in lighter than other competitor brands. It weighs 38lbs- which isn’t much but it still is a slight difference.

The machine comes with a built-in handle as well as towing wheels to help move around. We would say that this is definitely durable.

Speed range

Ball speed on this tennis ball machine ranges from 10mph to 70mph, which is completely perfect. Beginners and experts can all enjoy different speeds.

  • Made by an icon tennis brand
  • Two-line oscillator
  • 3 Year parts and labor warranty
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Automatic shut off option when charging
  • Takes long to charge (overnight)
  • Small wheels can make it difficult to move around when loaded

6. Lobster Sports Elite Three- $1669

Why we like it: Lobster Sports Elite Three feels like an actual tennis simulator, which enables you to feel like you’re playing a professional match

Editor’s Rating:

The Elite three almost instantly feels like a virtual tennis partner. It offers a two-line oscillation feature and it elevates from 0-60 degrees.

It’s the ideal tennis ball machine to use if you want to step up your game. It has some brilliant features and it can be controlled with an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. This gives users the freedom to bring any Apple gadget to the court.

There are also a few additional items that you can purchase for the Elite three tennis ball machine. This includes an elite remote control, two upgraded battery chargers, an external battery pack, external a/c power supply, and a storage cover.

This tennis ball machine is battery operated and can run for four to eight hours.

Drill/ oscillation

There are no pre-loaded drills on the Elite Three; however, it does come with oscillation options. You can choose from random horizontal, random vertical, random horizontal and vertical oscillation.

The two-line function feature allows you to select from narrow and wide forehand and backhand options. This makes the machine quite versatile and can improve your performance.

The ball capacity

Lobster Sports Elite three holds 150 balls for your convenience.

Durability and weight

This tennis ball machine weighs 44lbs and is extremely durable. It is very easy to transport and load in your car; it will fit perfectly well on the seat or in the trunk. There are two wheels on either side as well as a handle which can be used to cart around.

Speed range

You will be able to comfortably select the speed you want when using the Elite Three. It starts at a minimum speed of mph and goes to the maximum of 80mph.

  • Two-line oscillation
  • Battery operated
  • Can be controlled via Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • Great speed range
  • Holds 150 balls
  • It isn’t compatible with Android
  • The range on the remote is quite short
  • It might be difficult to carry for some
  • Price

7. Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four – $1999

Why we like it: The Elite Grand four is a great pick because it allows you to create your very own drills. You can customize up to 18 drill options based on your liking.

Editor’s Rating:

This cutting edge tennis ball machine has quite a bit to boast about.

For starters, it now has the option of adding on a grand remote that is compatible with either, Android or Apple. These add on accessories are a great option; however, you will have to pay extra for these items.

It has some advanced features such as pre-loaded drills, two-line function and also customized drills. All in all, the Elite Grand four is a great buy. You will instantly feel like you’re playing with a person when using this tennis ball machine.

You can choose to have this machine in A/C power or battery operated.

Drill/ oscillation

This cutting edge tennis ball machine has quite a bit to boast about.

For starters, it now has the option of adding on a grand remote that is compatible with either, Android or Apple. These add on accessories are a great option; however, you will have to pay extra for these items.

It has some advanced features such as pre-loaded drills, two-line function and also customized drills. All in all, the Elite Grand four is a great buy. You will instantly feel like you’re playing with a person when using this tennis ball machine.

You can choose to have this machine in A/C power or battery operated.

The ball capacity

This tennis ball machine holds 150 balls and it also allows you to keep track of how many balls are left while practicing.

Durability and weight

It’s easy to move, easy to transport and easy to store. The Lobster Elite Grand four is 29″ x 21″ x 15.5” in dimension and weighs 44lbs.

Speed range

The speed range starts at 35mph, which might be a little fast, especially if you’re just starting out. However, it will definitely help you improve. The maximum speed that it goes is 80mph which is ideal for intermediate and expert players.

  • Comes programmed with 12 drills
  • Ability to customize drills and save them
  • Random oscillation
  • Remote works with Android and Apple
  • Comes in A/C power and battery power
  • Expensive
  • 5-7 second boot up when switching on the machine
  • Operational noise when oscillating

8. Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five- $2599

Why we like it: The Lobster Sports Elite Grand has some very good technology, which is one of the main reasons we like it.

Editor’s Rating:

If you thought that the Elite Grand four had cool features, then wait till you read all about the Elite Grand five. Players now have the option to create custom drills which are exactly what you need to perfect your game.

The Lobster Elite Grand Five does come in significantly higher prices than the previous models. However, there are quite a few newer features which could explain the steep price increase. This tennis ball machines does everything the previous models have done, but better.

You can enjoy practice time for 4-8 hours before charging the battery again.

Drill/ oscillation

This tennis ball machine comes pre-installed with 12 drills which can help train beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

It then also goes a step further by allowing you to set up 6 custom drills which can be used at any time. This is a very handy feature, especially if you want to improve and practice a bunch of different styles.

The oscillation options on this tennis machine have random horizontal, random vertical and, fully random. These random oscillations bring so much more to the tennis court because it almost feels like you’re playing with another person.

The ball capacity

The Elite Grand five can hold a staggering 150 balls.

Durability and weight
Lobster sports have always created their tennis ball machines a certain way because they know that they just work.

The durability of this tennis ball machine is excellent and it’s really great for getting around. It’s an easily portable machine and also has oversized wheels to make life a whole lot easier for you.

This tennis ball machine weighs 44lbs.

Speed range

If speed is something that you look for in a tennis ball machine, then this range is a great idea. The speed starts from 35mph and goes until 80mph. Again, different speeds can help you become better.

  • 12 Programmed drills for you to work with
  • 6 Custom drills for you to create, based on your needs
  • Full random oscillation
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Has similar features to the Elite Grand four
  • Balls shots aren’t consistent

9. Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine- $499

Why we like it: Undoubtedly, the price of this tennis ball machine is extremely worth it. It’s super affordable and very budget-friendly; it could be a great option for beginners.

Editor’s Rating:

The wonderful thing about the Match Mate tennis ball machine is that it’s proudly made in the USA. There is no other high-quality tennis ball machine like the Match Mate Rookie that is so affordable.

This tennis ball machine is highly effective for beginners and kids who are still starting out. It has some great potential and it is completely safe for kids to use. The Match Mate tennis ball machine is ideal to help you improve your stroke sets. It’s the ultimate beginners’ machine, which is specifically designed for developing skills.

You will be able to focus on the fundamentals of tennis when using this tennis ball machine. With that being said, this machine doesn’t have the same features as its competitors.

Drill/ oscillation

Unfortunately, the Match Mate tennis ball machine doesn’t come with any drill/oscillation features. It’s designed particularly for beginners, especially kids who are starting out their tennis journey.

However, this tennis machine is great for perfecting stroke development. It has the option for heavy topspin as well as soft toss settings.

The ball capacity

This tennis ball machine has a ten-second feed delay to ensure that there aren’t any wasted balls. It also can hold 70 balls at a time, which isn’t as many as other machines.

Durability and weight

This lightweight machine weighs a mere 22 pounds, making it easy to move around the tennis court. It’s made from high-grade aluminum and is battery operated. The battery lasts for roughly 5- 7 hours, which is terrific! It also comes with smart technology charger, which means that the machine won’t overcharge.

Speed range

The speed on the Match Mate is relatively slow because it is after all designed for beginners and kids. The speed differs on each ball stage when practicing; speed range from 10mph to 27mph.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for beginners
  • The battery lasts 5-7 hours
  • Smart technology charger
  • Lightweight
  • Limited features
  • No drill/ oscillation settings
  • Limited; mainly for beginner players
  • Slow speed range
  • Only holds 70 balls

10. Pickleball Tutor Plus Tennis Ball Machine- $1499

Why we like it: It’s almost as if you have your own tutor with the Pickleball Tutor Plus. It allows you to adjust different shots that you need to improve on, which helps a great deal in the long run.

Editor’s Rating:

Pickleball tutor plus can be game-changing for you if you know what your weaknesses are. It can help you concentrate on specific shots which will help you improve your game. The most popular shots that it can assist with are: lobs, serves, groundstrokes, dinks, and drives.

The machine is also controlled through an electronic switch, which simplifies it to a great degree. There are also quite a few additional options that you can choose from when buying this tennis ball machine.

For instance, you can choose if you would like it to be A/C powered or battery operated. It then also goes a step further by giving buyers additional paid options such as; including an additional wireless remote, adding an electronic elevation option and lastly adding a two-line oscillation option.

Drill/ oscillation
The two-line oscillation feature allows you to perfect forehand and backhand shots. It also shoots the ball in two court positions that can be preset.

Additionally, two people can practice at once, which is great.

The ball capacity

This tennis ball machine holds 110 balls and feeds balls every 1-10 seconds, depending on your preference.

Durability and weight

The Pickleball tennis ball machine comes with a built in 3 wheels as well as a handle. This makes it easy to move around.

The A/C mode weighs only 27lbs which is very light compared to other tennis ball machines. However, the batter model weighs slightly more- around 34 lbs.

Speed range

This tennis ball machine has a maximum speed of 65mph, which is pretty fast.

  • Controlled by an electronic switch
  • Comes in two power options (A/C powered or battery powered)
  • Significantly lighter compared to other tennis ball machines
  • Doesn’t come with a free wireless remote
  • You need to pay for the two-line oscillation feature
  • The electronic elevation feature costs an additional $100
  • Isn’t as technologically advanced for the price

Guide to Buying the Best Tennis Ball Machines

Here are a few important things to look for when searching for the best tennis ball machine. These factors should all be considered to ensure that you choose the best machine.

The capacity of the machine

When we talk about the capacity, all that really means is how many balls the machine can hold. On average, a tennis ball machine holds anything from 50 tennis balls to 300 tennis balls. You can choose what capacity you’re looking for, based on your personal requirements.

Power options

This factor is very important, especially if you don’t know much about tennis machines. Buyers have the option from choosing between battery-powered machines, or A/C powered machines.

Battery-powered machines are relatively better because they can be used anywhere. On the contrary, A/C powered machines need a power source which isn’t always easily available.

The speed range

This will vary from drastically from each person, based on their tennis skill level. If you’re an advanced player then you will need a higher speed range, and if you’re just starting out you will need something slower.

Generally speaking, most tennis ball machines start at around 10mph and can go up to 70mph.

Propulsion type

You can choose between a spinning wheel machine and an air pressure machine. This will depend on your preference of how you would like the ball to spin out of the machine.

Spinning wheel: Most machines nowadays use the spinning wheel feature and, they are very similar to pitching machines. During the process, there are two counter-rotating spinning wheels which feed you the tennis ball. The wheels can both be adjusted to create either a forward spin or a backward spin.

Pneumatic Air Pressure: This sort of option was more popular in the old days and it used air pressure to shoot out the ball. These machines usually require a lot of power, which means that they are mostly A/C powered. In order to get the ball to spin you will need to add on an extra attachment.

Remote controller

Always ensure that the tennis ball machine that you buy comes with a remote control. This will enable you to practice on your own without someone sitting behind the machine.


Oscillation allows the ball to move around in different directions when it shoots out of the machine. Horizontal oscillation is most common; however certain machines also have vertical oscillation.

If you’re a beginner then horizontal oscillation would be ideal for you. Some high-end tennis ball machines also allow users to program oscillation to their preference.


Another really important thing to look out for when shopping for a tennis ball machine is wheels. Try and find a machine that has a good set of wheels on them so that you can easily transport the machine around.

Typically speaking, tennis ball machines are quite heavy, and the last thing you want is to carry around a heavy machine.


The weight of the machine is another thing to take into consideration. Some machines might be a bit heavy for one person to carry around. If you normally practice on your own then you might need a machine that you can easily carry on your own.


When purchasing anything it’s always vital to check around for prices. This will allow you to set a budget that you can work with while also allowing you to be more flexible. There’s no doubt that tennis ball machines are pricey, however, they do last for a very long time.

Our top picks based on skill level

Now that we have established everything there is to know about tennis ball machines here are the machines we would recommend. All of these options are uniquely chosen for you, based on your level of skill.

If you’re still starting out and aren’t really sure if you’re into tennis yet then it’s always great to go with something affordable. If you’re an adult who is new to tennis then we suggest purchasing the Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine.

Now that you’re used to playing tennis and have enough experience, we would suggest investing in a good tennis ball machine. The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is an excellent option and it will last you a good few years.

You’re as good as a pro so this means that you need a tennis ball machine that’s worthy of a pro. There are heaps of options here but we would advise you to take a machine that caters to all your needs. A great tennis ball machine that has ample features is the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four.


At the end of the day, it’s always important to look for renowned brands. This will not only ensure that the machine is of excellent quality but it will also ensure that you get the most out of your practice session.

Tennis ball machines are extremely handy because they quickly come to your aid when you’re trying to improve your tennis performance. They are great for all levels of tennis players and although they do cost quite a bit, they are well worth it.

Choosing a tennis ball machine might be difficult especially because there are so many different models on the market. However, always ask yourself one simple question before purchasing: “Will I be able to use this machine in 10 years’ time?”. If the answer is no or if you don’t have an answer then chances are that that machine might not be for you.

Lastly, always go through the buyer’s guide. Buyers guides always entail specifications that you might not think of, which can help a great deal.

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