The 10 Best Lacrosse Sticks of 2024

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Choosing the best lacrosse sticks is not complicated. From inexpensive wooden sticks to composite materials, there are thousands of options to consider. However, when the choice is performance-orientated, the decision can prove more complex. This is the main reason why all future lacrosse players first need to understand the various types of lacrosse sticks.

Features to consider in Good Lacrosse Sticks

There are a few types of lacrosse sticks to consider. Many of them can be categorized by length as follows.

Attack and midfield sticks

A stick with a length between 40” and 42” is perfect for attack and offensive play. It is why most youth players like to play with such versatile sticks.

Defensive and midfield sticks

Measuring anywhere between 52” and 72”, defensive lacrosse sticks offer that extra reach needed to get out of trouble.

Goalie sticks

With varying lengths between 40” and 72”, goalies can pick and choose their favorite sticks from the largest range of lacrosse sticks.

Youth sticks

Youth players can theoretically play with any of the sticks above. However, their comfort is the most important and they could potentially choose their favorites. The following sticks are made for various positions but they can also be used in any of the positions above.

The 10 Best Lacrosse Sticks 2024

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick

Why we like it: This forgiving stick is perfect for youth with developing lacrosse skills with its forgiving materials.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Unlike many similar lacrosse sticks, STX’s Lacrosse is one of the inspirational designs which allow players to harness their skills. It can be used by attacking players, midfielders, and face-offs. Since it is made for the youth player, it also has specific characteristics which make it easier to handle.

One of these characteristics is the length of the stick itself. Being shorter than sticks for adults, it is also lighter. Youth league players can rely on a stick which is lighter and easier to handle as well. Kids can rely on the stick to learn lacrosse’s ropes.

If the design of the stick looks familiar is because it draws inspiration from the Stallion 550’s head. With a design which is even more impressive given its competitive pedigree inspiration, the stick proves to be fun to use as well.

Convenient features

The playing performance is as good as it can get with learning design. There’s a lot of forgiveness in the stick, mainly based on the head’s softer material. The molded material is not as rigid in contact with the ball and this allows it to damp some of the shocks when in contact during the game. For the players, this means they won’t have to struggle as much whenever they miss their target catch.

With soft mesh stringing, there’s no extra weight added onto the head of the stick either. Kids can simply control the stick to the best of their abilities without too much effort. Both girls and boys can use the sticks to make the most of their experience during any attacking moment of the game.

With a glossy finish, the stick looks great as well. For youth players planning to play lacrosse for years, it can be a great option going into the STX Stallion 200 complete stick.


Made with a shorter handle, this youth lacrosse stick draws its inspiration from the Stallion 550.

  • Suitable for youth players
  • Reliable in attack
  • Made with a lightweight mesh net
  • Features a glossy finish
  • Not accepted some girls’ youth leagues

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick

Why we like it: This full-size stick is mainly used for players with improving skills who need extra forgiveness.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made after the popular Elite Stallion U 550, the lacrosse stick is ready for action in all playing positions. Based on durable materials, it is used across the field, in various positions. Attacking and playing midfield is not a problem with this stick. Face-offs are dealt with quickly based on its lightweight design as well.

Made with a soft lightweight mesh net, the stick is ready for high-speed play. Furthermore, it meets the NCAA’s and NFHS’s rules. This makes it a valuable solution with the league and non-league play. Adults can choose it for their regular games as well as for practice purposes.

Similarly to other STX sticks, it also comes in various colors. This is why users can choose from neon green, black, and white color options.

Convenient features

Made with a new STX 600 series handle, the stick is easier to maneuver. Players find it faster but still forgiving, which is great for those with improving skills. Similarly to lacrosse sticks which are made with a forgiving profile, the stick is suitable for different in-field position.

At an affordable price, it manages to deliver an impressive solution for those seeking to work on their skills and improve towards premium designs. From teenagers to adults, it is among the sticks with better build quality compared to value stick sets. It also represents a good solution for both training purposes and league games.


This versatile stick made with the STX 600 alloy handle is practical for teenagers and adults.

  • Made with soft mesh stringing
  • Includes an STX 600 alloy handle
  • Suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Catch and control for all skill levels
  • The release could be improved

3. STX Lacrosse Exult 300 Girls Complete Stick

Why we like it: With an angled scoop, the stick provides accuracy for midfield play.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Stepping away from entry-level sticks means many lacrosse players can truly step up their game. In the midfield, the stick offers a reliable performance which allows better catching and throwing. Designed with a scoop angle whip for accuracy, the stick is ready for action as soon as players hit the field.

The string design of the stick is unique as well. It features overlapping lining right in the center of the net. It allows runners to flex out and hug the ball better for more accurate play. Creating a better net pocket also means players can play with improved confidence.

But if the net has changed, the sidewalls are still rigid. This is why the stick might not be addressed to those who are just starting with lacrosse. On the contrary, it is made for those who want to improve their game.

Convenient features

With a unique overlapping sting system, the lacrosse stick allows better scooping. As a result, players can slowly transition towards a faster game. At the same time, throws are improved as well. With a faster game pace, players can hope for better results in the long term as well.

When transitioning from an entry-level stick, most players can see a positive difference from the first play. At the same time, they also get the opportunity to improve accuracy, something which can be limited on most cheap lacrosse sticks.


Mainly seen as the step-up solution for seasoned players, the stick comes with a unique overlapping string system.

  • Allows faster catches
  • Made with unique overlapping strings
  • Designed with an angled scoop
  • Made with stiff sidewalls for better throws
  • Not the best for lacrosse beginners

4. A&R Sports Major League Lacrosse Mini Set

Why we like it: This starter kit is a good method of testing out kids’ commitment to lacrosse.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The inexpensive kit of two lacrosse sticks is one of the methods for parents to test out their kids’ commitment to the game before investing in premium equipment. Since there are two sticks in the pack, kids can play together and they can lay the foundations of an adventure in an incredible game.

With soft mesh pockets, the sticks are easy to hold and to maneuver. Since the handle is only 30-in long, the sticks can also be used by kids. When playing on their own, they can even exercise catching and throwing, since a ball is also included in the set.

From a recreational perspective, the sticks are all kids need to get into lacrosse. Furthermore, they will get a replica of premium adult sticks and they can build on their new skills through time. With a polished surface, the sticks even look similar to the most expensive alternatives and they can be the best solution for two kids to play at the same time.

Convenient features

Made by the official supplier of Major League Lacrosse, the sticks represent one of the suitable designs for the ultimate dedication on a budget. Kids can stay within the brand’s line of sticks in the future as well. Since other equipment options are also available from the brand, it is important to note that the transition towards playing in a team can be smoother as well.

Alternatively, parents can also consider completing the set of two sticks and a ball with a few extras. Conveniently, the manufacturer also offers secondary sets of rubber balls in case the first one gets lost. A goal set is also on sale from A&R Sports so that kids can practice their throwing skills on a target.

From a safety perspective, it’s reassuring to know the sticks come with rubberized materials. Kids can even hit the pavement a few times without any other damages apart to the aesthetics of the sticks. With removable nets, they can also keep the sticks clean on the long term.


Suitable for kids playing together, this set is made with short sticks for maximum practicality.

  • Includes 2 lacrosse sticks
  • Ships with a rubber ball
  • Made from durable rubber
  • Teaches kids basic lacrosse skills
  • Only one rubber ball included in the set

5. String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Head & Shaft

Why we like it: Made to rival premium designs, this stick is mainly made for youth practice fields in Major League Lacrosse games.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made with better materials, the stick is engineered to perform better. Even its design is already the first sign the stick is made for performance. Even if it is affordable, the stick still comes with premium color options. Kids can choose shaft colors from composite, silver or nickel finishes.

The balance of the design is also on point. Most youth players still don’t have the strength of an adult and a balanced stick, even if it is heavier, proves easier to handle. Unlike many other similar sticks, the String King design needs no break-in. The net is ready to catch the ball efficiently from the first try.

Convenient features

The most convenient aspect of the lacrosse stick is given by the materials. Engineered to perform properly out on the court, the stick is ready for action even in some tournaments, not just in practice games.

The stick itself comes with a removable end cap, a butt end, and pre-cut lacrosse tape. Players get to experiment with the best materials and have customization options for the best grip in place as well. But when it comes to the ideal user, the stick is mainly orientated towards those who’re already familiar with lacrosse. Since it has an enhanced performance over similar sticks, it’s worth playing with it when taking the sport seriously.


Made with top-quality materials, the lacrosse stick is the step up in terms of speed and customization.

  • Made from superior materials
  • Requires no break-in
  • Includes pre-cut lacrosse tape
  • Available in premium finishes
  • Only made for youth players

6. Warrior 2017 Evo Mini Stick

Why we like it: This mini lacrosse stick is the youth-friendly version of the EVO 4 stick.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made for practice purposes, the mini lacrosse stick is a great gift idea for boys and girls. It may not be league-ready, but the stick offers solid performance while training and playing at home. With no required break-in, the stick already comes with a pre-installed net. This means kids can play with the included rubber ball as soon as they get their hands on the stick.

The mini stick is available in red, black, and white. But since it’s made from affordable materials, it can also be the purchase to consider for families where multiple kids want to enjoy fun times playing lacrosse.

Convenient features

As one of the most affordable designs for kids, the stick also includes a lacrosse ball. Additional sets of 2 balls can also be purchased by parents. Since lacrosse balls tend to get lost easily, it might be a good idea to purchase a few extra balls just in case.

Since the stick is shorter, it is also easier to store. Once the fun lacrosse time is over, it can easily slide under a bed. For most new players, this stick is the option to choose and abuse while learning crucial lacrosse skills.


The pocket-friendly lacrosse stick is ready to offer a no-thrills solution for those learning the game.

  • Requires no break-in
  • Easy to store under a bed
  • Comes with a pre-installed net
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not the most precise design

7. ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup Mirage White

Why we like it: Using carbon fiber layup, the lacrosse stick is one of the options combining a lightweight design with a strong head.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Using some of the best materials already proven in similar ECD designs, the stick is a top choice for added performance. The carbon materials used on the stick are proprietary which means the exact combination and elements of the materials are only found at ECD.

With a solid strength to weight ratio, the stick is ready for action with the most demanding situations. Furthermore, it represents one of the choices when speed is important, such as with attacking play. Furthermore, the optimized shape of the handle is what allows players to ensure the tightest grip.

Convenient features

Made in the USA, the stick allows convenient tension adjustments of the net. This means all players can customize the way they catch and release the ball with gradual button rails. But the entire head is strong and lightweight and its design is minimalistic, made to eliminate unnecessary extra weight.

Another convenient characteristic is given by the overall durability of the stick. It can be used out in the sun for long periods as it comes with UV treatments. At the same time, the materials allow abuse and they are not as fragile as many players upgrading from non-carbon designs think.


Suitable for serious players, the stick comes with an optimized shape and with a top strength to weight ratio.

  • Made with adjustable strings
  • Based on the proprietary CF5 materials
  • Sustained by an optimized shape
  • Made in the USE
  • Mirage White only

8. Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick for Attack/Midfield

Why we like it: This 7U1 alloy lacrosse stick is perfectly balanced and playable out of the box.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

For Power Lacrosse fans, the stick comes with a new aluminum which means it is lighter and stronger than its previous versions. The 7U1 alloy replaces the older 7075 aluminum. The result of this upgrade is a stick which is sturdier and considerably faster. At the same time, the stick offers one of the leading options for high performance on aluminum.

Convenient features

The complete stick comes as a real alternative to players who want to upgrade their beginner sticks. Even if it is not up there with the carbon alternatives, the stick is still very close to its rivals in terms of return on investment.

Players can rely on the flexible net which needs no break in either. Furthermore, the stick is among the most interesting releases for a much-needed upgrade when game performance becomes important. Its colors are rare and impressive as well. Players can choose from a rare pine green, an easy to match owl eye yellow and a striking trail blaze orange for top aesthetics as well.


Suitable for young players, the lightweight stick is entirely made from durable and scratch-resistant aluminum.

  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Made from top aluminum
  • Available in rare colors
  • Suitable for fast play
  • Not the premium aluminum choice

9. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

Why we like it: The most advanced composite carbon stick from ECD impresses with its flex and sturdiness.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made from the best carbon the manufacturer has to offer, this stick is one of the suitable designs for the ultimate lacrosse performance. It is designed with 30”, 40”, and 60” kick points. The 30” is point is perfect on the offensive, with a maximum snap. At 40”, the stick has a different texture and it offers accurate release. The 60” defense provides a stable tough feel for extra comfort on the defense.

Convenient features

The most convenient aspect of the stick is the combination of carbon with its flex points under the Kick Point technology. It allows the stick to have to change flex levels which have been placed in key areas, according to the demands of the game.

Only available in black and white, the stick is mainly recommended for its adaptive flex and ultimate sturdiness. Since its made from carbon, it is also lighter and faster than many seasoned players would expect.


With 3 flex points, this carbon stick provides additional control over most other lacrosse alternatives.

  • Suitable for dedicated players
  • Features a 3-point flex design
  • Made from pure carbon
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Not as versatile as the ECD Rebel

10. ECD Lacrosse Elite Setup Rebel on Carbon

Why we like it: Made from durable and lightweight carbon, this stick is specifically designed for lacrosse performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of this stick is what makes it truly special. Unlike a few other options in its class, it is made with premium carbon materials. While this doesn’t make it the choice for affordability, it certainly makes it a top choice for lacrosse performance.

Shooting and passing is a breeze with the carbon stick. The speed, the shot speed and the general feel of the stick are as good as many young players dream with carbon materials. Based on the Flex 5 technology, the carbon handle aims to improve all these essential areas and the result is a lighter stick which is considerably faster than other similar materials.

The grip is textured. With this small design tweak, lacrosse players can enjoy someone of the best performances when it comes to speed and handling. The strength to weight ratio is already balanced and the textured grip only improves the overall performance of the stick.

Convenient features

With a pinched scoop and an aggressive flare, the lacrosse stick makes scooping and shooting easier. It is reliable on both ends of the field and this can make it one of the best options for a good long term investment.

Unique characteristics don’t stop here. The design of the stick makes ground balls easier to handle. Since it is made for those who already have good sports skills, the stick can elevate the game to the next level. The factory-strung complete stick shines in attack and midfield and its aggressive nature always sets the player on the offensive.


Made from pure carbon, the stick is the choice for strength to weight ratio.

  • Very lightweight
  • Suitable for attacking positions
  • Made with Flex 5 carbon
  • Finished with a textured grip
  • Not the most affordable option

Guide to Buying the Best Lacrosse Stick

Are all lacrosse pockets the same?

Not all lacrosse stick pockets are the same. Deeper pockets allow better ball control while shallow pockets are recommended for quick release. Many of these pockets can be hand-adjusted by the players themselves.

What are the best shaft materials?

Shaft materials vary considerably. Depending on the performance level and on a personal budget, lacrosse shafts can be made from aluminum, scandium, carbon fiber, titanium, and other alloys. Some of these materials can be further developed into proprietary blends.

Is a wide head better than a narrow head?

A wide head is a better solution for new lacrosse players. Experienced players can choose a narrow head for its extra speed performance.

Are aluminum shafts any good?

Aluminum shafts are used in mass. They offer a good balance between performance and affordability. However, not all aluminum shafts are the same. They can vary in strength, weight, and durability.

Is a short stick good for lacrosse?

A short stick is perfect for attacking movements. Youth players can also consider short sticks as a great learner solution until their strength and lacrosse skills improve.

Is a long stick good for lacrosse?

A long stick is normally used for defensive purposes. Players who need the extra reach to get the ball from the opponent usually prefer longer sticks for their extra reach.

Can I learn lacrosse on my own?

Learning and practicing lacrosse is possible at home. For practice purposes, a good stick and a goal can be a starter solution.

Are all lacrosse sticks suitable for tournaments?

Not all lacrosse sticks are suitable for tournament play. Before choosing a stick for tournaments and official games, lacrosse players should discuss regulation with the coach.

How to choose the best lacrosse sticks

Choosing the best lacrosse sticks is not too difficult. Kids can rely on some of the most affordable sticks until they build sufficient confidence. Adults or experienced players can choose or carbon alternatives for a mix of reliability and performance. Since the lacrosse stick is not the only purchase which lacrosse players need to make, it is important to spend wisely. Here’s where to start.

Stick length

The length of the stick is arguably its most important characteristic. Depending on the player’s needs, there are a few popular lengths to choose from starting with 30” and up to 72”. While some players may prefer shorter sticks for personal reasons, others prefer them for an attacking performance where speed is of the essence.

Longer lacrosse sticks are suitable for defensive play. But they can also be used as a matter of personal preference. For many players, longer sticks are best suited when catching, intercepting and releasing over long distances.

Stick heads

Stick heads differ by design and they are tightly regulated. NCAA heads are only suitable for their own rules. They are not to be confused with NFHS heads. NFHS heads are clear to play with at a youth level. This mostly covers high schools and other organized youth competitions.

The universal stick head is made to abide by all regulation. It can be used both under the NFHS rules and under the NCAA rules. Apart from these 3 heads, a few other designs need to be considered also. As expected, goalie’s heads are larger. As a result, the accepted heads for the goalie’s stick is up to 10 inches wider than a regular head.

Other regulation needs to be abided by the head as well. For example, unless playing lacrosse at home, even the depth of the pocket needs to be adjusted on the stick. This is why when inside the pocket, the top edge of the ball needs to be deeper than the lowest point of the edge sidewalls. This is adjustable with most types of sticks. At the same time, there are plenty of replacement string options to consider when it comes to the best results.

Stick material

The materials of the stick influence its performance and its price considerably. Seen in a few other sports as well, most of these materials are not unique to lacrosse. However, with an optimized design, they offer the most practicality and the best results for various purposes.

Aluminum shafts are generally considered durable. Players can use them every day and they can maintain their structure well in time. Some of these shafts are also known to scratch in time, especially at a surface level where most are covered by paint. However, there are plenty of players attesting to the smallest visual impact of the shafts even when used for years.

Carbon fiber composite shafts can be more actionable and lighter. They can also be adjusted with certain technologies such as with the ECD lacrosse sticks. With high, medium and low kick points, carbon fiber sticks are among the leading options for performance. They are made for the maximum snap, additional control and better feel on the bottom hand. Even if carbon seems like material with reduced flexibility at first, it proves to offer superior reliability and flexibility which is hard to match.

But the flex levels can also be added on various other materials. For example, many unique alloys are used to create these custom kick points on the lacrosse sticks. This is why it is so important to consider not only the materials but how they are put together and which design or technology takes them to the next level. In a market where the differences can be very small, these characteristics make the difference for experienced players.

Design particularities

Further design particularities abound in all manufacturers. The shape of the shaft is one of the areas which seem to be getting attention and which is important for feel and performance. Octagons are popular due to their traditional nature. However, many octagon variations are seen today. Lacrosse players can find different curves in the edges of the octagon shape itself. The overall feel of the stick is changed with its shape, together with how it performs and even with its weight.

Overall feel and comfort

The feel and comfort of the stick are subjective. One category of players who largely go by the feel of the stick is youth players. Kids and teenagers usually need to feel comfortable with the stick before even stepping out on the court. Most kids find comfort in different types of sticks which can even include adult sticks. Mini sticks are also sold in mass today.

The comfort of the stick is generally predicated on its materials. The lighter the stick, the easier it is to hold. A lightweight stick also proves comfortable to hold for longer training sessions. One of the areas where novice sticks fail is offering just the right comfort for kids to play and practice for hours. Soon enough, their hands get tired and the extra weight of the alloy can prove too much in many cases.

Strings and adjustability

The strings of the lacrosse stick need to be adjusted. These strings are included with most sticks but additional strings can be purchased as well. Most of the strings need to be replaced after a period of playing. However, they can be customized by tension and by the way they look. Before purchasing colored strings, players should ensure they are allowed in their competition.

Extras and accessories

Lacrosse game balls, goal targets, grips, and even ball resurfacing tools are often seen as must-have accessories for the best lacrosse sticks. Practicing with just one ball which is often included in the pack is not enough. From packs of 2 to packs of 120 pieces, lacrosse balls are a must. Even when practicing at home, with a goal target, players need multiple lacrosse balls to rely on.

Lacrosse trainer balls which are connected to the stick by a string are available as well. They might not be the best option to simulate real-world play. But these balls can be added to any type of stick to practice catch and release from various angles. They can be particularly useful when buying or upgrading a lacrosse stick. Youth players can use these balls to get a better feel of their new sticks as most such balls are made according to the official size and weight regulation. However, they should not be seen as a replacement for real lacrosse balls.

Final considerations

Some of the best lacrosse sticks are now made to last for years. Even the most affordable designs can be relied upon for long periods. When it comes to the ultimate performance, it is important to understand that some of the best solutions at hand don’t need to be the most expensive.

As seen in the examples above, the best designs can look different according to each player. Those looking for a versatile stick are often guided towards an alloy design. Most alloy designs last for years. Carbon fiber sticks can also last for years and the examples above are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Most importantly, the sticks need to serve their purpose and be comfortable to use. Many lacrosse sticks are simply difficult to handle and balls are lost in the process which would otherwise not be the case with other sticks.

Some sticks need to be restrung so they offer the best performance in time. This can be done at most local lacrosse shops for those who don’t want to do this themselves. A few particularities apply according to the type of material as well. Many materials are now treated so that they have minimized risks. UV-resistant materials are widely used in the sport as a result.

When buying a lacrosse stick as a gift, it is important to know that each product has its advantages and disadvantages. Midfielders can usually play with any type of stick. But things change when it comes to defense or to attack. This is why all lacrosse players should start small. It’s not worth investing the most if the skills are not up there for the best sticks. On the other hand, most players will feel limited by underperforming lacrosse sticks over the years. Harnessing skills and relying on the best sticks is the best method of improving lacrosse skills.

Those unsure about regulation should always check with their team coach before making a purchase. NCAA and NHFS have different rules and most players should be aware of the regulation they need to abide during official games.

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