Tom House helping Tom Brady stay competitive


Former MLB pitcher Tom House, the founder of the  Pitching National Association, works with Tom Brady in the offseason and told Sirius XM NFL Radio’s “End Zone” program that the New England Patriots quarterback reminds him of Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan.

“Nolan wanted to stay competitive as long as he possibly could. So we started tweaking programs, process and protocols, and started looking at recovery as much as preparation and making sure in our strength training, that it was specific to the mechanics involved in throwing. Tom Brady wants to do the same thing, to be competitive as long as he can. I think the number that is out there — he wants to play until 43 to 45 years old,” House said on the program, via “There is no reason these guys can’t do it if you can identify what they need to do to sustain and maintain what they had at the peak of their careers. It’s doable. Guys like Tom and Drew [Brees], they’re looking to stay as good as they can, as long as they can.”

House explained that Brady, who is 6-foot-4, can get too long in his stride and throwing mechanics.

“Tom has an issue, he gets a little long. So instead of looking at length of stride, he kind of told us from the pitching side of the equation, it’s not the length of stride it’s the timing it takes to get into the stride,” House said.

“So Nolan Ryan, at 6-1, had almost a 7-and-a-half-foot stride but he still got into foot stride at right around one second. The same rules apply to quarterbacks. So you have to be into foot stride and get the ball out of their hands in the right time, so they have a timely release to the receivers. There are numbers that are measureable — they have to be into foot stride by ‘X.’ So it isn’t the length of the stride, it’s the timing of the stride. That’s one of the things we focus on when we analyze Tom every year, and we maintain during the season — we look at how quick is he getting into foot stride?”


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  • Tumblindice58

    House prolonged Ryans career with his knowledge and he will do the same for Brady, It wont be long before its more like an academy for the older dudes like Peyton and Tom and Drew who is headed in that direction, So long as they choose to play that long, House is pretty much in the know and helped a lot of the Texas guys along!