Raiders GM: I have a ‘good idea’ of who will be the QB in 2014

Terrelle Pryor

Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie told Jerry McDonald of Bay Area Newspaper Group that he has a “good idea” of who will be the team’s quarterback in 2014.

Q: Do you think you know at this moment who your quarterback will be in 2014?

McKenzie: Do I have an idea? I have a really good idea. Do you want me to tell you?

Q: Of course…but you have to have to have options, because it’s got to be someone who wants to be here or can be here…

McKenzie: The bottom line still is the guy’s got to come in and compete, show the team, his teammates, the staff, that he can do it. There’s always going to be competition. I hope it’s strong competition. But at the end of the day, I have a good idea.

McKenzie was asked about the top quarterbacks in the draft.

Q: Dennis Allen has been in Louisville watching Teddy Bridgewater and in Florida watching Blake Bortles. Is Manziel next up for Allen?

McKenzie: Yeah, Manziel is next and we’ve got Carr tomorrow.

Q: Are you going to Stanford or see Carr?

McKenzie: I’ll probably go see Carr.

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