Jadeveon Clowney: ‘I can play every position on the field’

Jadeveon Clowney

South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has no doubt that he should be the first overall pick in May’s NFL Draft.

I can pretty much do it all,” Clowney said. “Anything on defense I can help. I can be a playmaker. I am a playmaker. I’ve got what it takes, I believe, to go out there and set the tone for the next guy coming up. And to help my team out winning games.

“Every team I’ve ever played with, we’ve never had a losing season. Never. Before I got there, I watched them lose. Not just here. Back in high school, middle school. I was like, ‘Man, that ain’t going to be my team when I play on that team.'”

The Gamecocks were 11-2 in each of Clowney’s three seasons with the team.

Clowney, who had three sacks in 2013 after having 13 the year before, is positive he can play outside linebacker in the Texans 3-4 scheme.

“I can play every position on the field,” he said. “I’m an athlete. Whatever they want me to play, I can be good at it. I have no problem dropping and moving.”

If the Texans pass on Clowney?

“I have to make them miserable,’ Clowney said smiling.  

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