AJ McCarron tweets message to doubters


Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron took to Twitter to express how he feels about all the doubters that he has regarding his future in the NFL. McCarron recently turned down an invite to participate in the Senior Bowl that will be played in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama. There have been quite a few notable analysts that have made it clear that they do not believe that McCarron has the talent to become a starting quarterback in the NFL.

“People will always HATE and DOUBT me which is fine. Keep doubting me and watch how I prove you wrong like I’ve always done in my career.” – AJ McCarron

There have been many doubters surrounding McCarron’s football career since he was thought of as an overrated high school prospect who was given a four-star rating. Obviously the doubters were wrong about his collegiate success, as McCarron became one of the biggest names in recent college football history. If there is anyone that could overcome all of the negative press, it would be McCarron.

Declining the invite to play in the Senior Bowl was a move that made many believe that McCarron was backing away from the spotlight and from a challenge. There is no question that NFL teams will be asking him questions about why he sat out for the game during the NFL Draft combine next month, but until then it isn’t likely that he will enlighten the media.

McCarron may not have the talent to become a starting NFL quarterback, but he does need to work on his media relations a bit. He shouldn’t feel the need to take to Twitter to “prove” himself right or respond to what other people think. The only thing that he should be focusing on right now is working on his game and improving as much as he can prior to the NFL Draft process.

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