Spurs ‘devastated’ after Game 6 loss to Heat

The San Antonio Spurs looked like they were headed to a fifth NBA title Tuesday night when they had a 10 point lead going into the fourth quarter, then had a five-point edge with 28 seconds left in regulation after blowing the lead.  But the Miami Heat never gave up, forcing a Game 7 after beating the Spurs 103-100 in overtime.

I have no clue how we’re going to be re-energized,” said Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, via NBA.com. “I’m devastated. But we have to. There’s no Game 8 afterwards. We’re going to have to play our best game, even better than today. Shoot better, better defense, less turnovers in my case. But yeah, there’s no secret recipe for bouncing back.”

Ginobili was brilliant in Game 5, scoring 24 points with 10 assists, but the Heat confounded him throughout Game 6.  He finished with just nine points and had eight turnovers, including one when the Spurs were down by two with 2.4 seconds left in overtime.

“I had a very good game last game, and I just couldn’t maintain it,” Ginobili said. “I was very insecure — well, I had a career high in turnovers in a really bad moment. It really helps to make me feel terrible.

“Even with all that, we were so close of winning it. So, it’s one of the many things I’ll be thinking tonight.”

Spurs center Tim Duncan had a monster first half, 25 points and eight rebounds, on his way to finishing with 30 and 17, but he couldn’t manage to score in the fourth quarter or overtime.

“We didn’t exhale at all,” said Duncan. “We continued to make some plays. We missed some free throws down the stretch that could have clinched it for us. As I said, we get a stop, we get a bad bounce and right out to Ray [Allen] for a 3. We get stops before that and get rebounds, push them out, we put ourselves in a great situation. It was just unfortunate the bounces that we get, but that’s how basketball goes. They’re a very good team over there and they continue to play right down to the wire.”

“It is what it is,” added Duncan. “It’s a one-game series now.”

Game 7 is Thursday night in Miami.

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  • bobby womack

    he should be devasted hes the reason why the spurs arent world champions right now

  • Samuel

    I’m not a devoted fan or follower of either team, but I’m surprised and saddened by the way the Spurs were coached and their poor execution at the very end of the game. From the missed free throws (which I believe would have sealed the game or at least force Miami to continue to foul them to save time), to Coach Pop’s decision to sideline Duncan instead of leaving him in to rebound during Miami’s possessions, as well as taking out Tony Parker in the OT and ending up with Ginobli with the ball on the next to last possession for the Spurs. It was a combination of lousy playing for the Spurs and luck for the Heat that has extended this series to a game 7. I’m still picking the Spurs (a true team of professionals) over the Heat (a team of high profile personalities) for the NBA championship.

  • Kevin

    It was a terrible game for Ginobili…looked scared, had no rhythm, turned the ball over like a rookie and had a terrible game. Coach Popovich made some very bad decisions in the final minute with the substitutions for Tim Duncan and Tony Parker…just a very poorly coached last minute of a game that San Antonio should have won!