Pau Gasol: ‘My knees are a lot better’

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.26.35 PM

Los Angeles Lakers forward/center Pau Gasol is back in the weight room working with the teams strength coach.

Since May, Gasol has been sidelined while he recovered from procedures to alleviate tendinosis in both knees.  He recently resumed basketball activities and met with Dr. Steve Yoon of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic on Thursday for a checkup.

Gasol missed 33 games last season because of his knees, a concussion and foot.

With the departure of Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets, Gasol’s health will be crucial for the Lakers, who will need the veteran to be the team’s primary offensive option in the post, this season.

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