Miami Heat interested in Ramon Sessions, Jerryd Bayless

Ramon Sessions

The Miami Heat are heading into a very intriguing offseason, but one thing that they know for sure is that they need a new point guard.

There are a few options on the free agent market, but two names that are beginning to come to the forefront are both Ramon Sessions and Jerryd Bayless. Both players would fit the up-tempo system that the Heat run, and both players would be scoring options for LeBron James to work with if he does come back.

Sessions would be intriguing for them, but I don’t think he’s quite the improvement (over Chalmers) that others may feel. I’d consider him a decent defender, but certainly not “above average” by any stretch. I do agree that he’s more versatile and explosive at the offensive end than Chalmers, but then again so is Norris Cole. While scoring is always important, I really think Miami needs someone that is going to lock down and truly defend the position. I’d prefer Jerryd Bayless if given the choice, because he can do a bit of scoring and also has the type of makeup and temperament that would fit well with that core group. – Jabari Davis, Basketball Insiders

Sessions split time last season between the Charlotte Bobcats and Milwaukee Bucks, but had a very successful all-around season. He averaged 12.3 points, 4.1 assists, and 2.4 rebounds per game between the two teams, and was especially dangerous with the Bucks. The Heat might not be improving a ton over Chalmers in the scoring department, but there is no question that Sessions is a much better all-around point guard.

Bayless is another intriguing option, and would be a much more dangerous offensive option for the Heat if they decided to go that route. He can shoot the basketball and create his own shot, and he is also improving in his playmaking ability for his teammates. His season was split between the Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics, and he averaged 9.3 points, 2.7 assists, and 2.0 rebounds per game. If the Heat are simply looking for another offensive minded point guard, this would be one of their best options.

Overall, the Heat will be able to pick up a good point guard at some point this coming offseason. There are point guards available in free agency as well as the trade market, and the Heat are a draw for any player. If one of the big three decides to skip town, they will likely turn their attention to signing Kyle Lowry.


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