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Golf is said to be a rich man’s sport. It is mostly played by wealthy and affluent people. It is a game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course. Since this sport requires high level of skill, precision and strategy; using the correct and good quality materials will put the player ahead of the game, one of which is choosing the perfect golf bag. It has an effect on how easy or hard the player’s walk between holes is going to be. This article will help players to know the best golf bags in the market, it will tackle the why’s and musts that will guide players in choosing the best fit for them.

It is important to know which type of golf bag work best for the player. The bag stays with them all through the play as it also keeps everything safe. The player must consider as to where, when and how often he gets to play when he decides to buy a golf bag.

Features to consider when buying golf bags

Functionality is a key feature in buying a bag. There are different types of bag that suits the various needs of each player. It choosing the right bag, it is then important to determine the ff: If the player carries their own clubs? Prefer using a pushcart? A minimalist on the course? A beginner or a pro? These are just some basic questions that might help a buyer choose the right bag for him. Answers to the said questions will determine what type of player he is on the course. Below are the more accurate factors that should be considered to find the perfect bag for the buyer.

The Types of Bags

It is important to determine the buyer’s preference when it comes to the type of bag. This is one of the first to know factor before anything else.

Staff Bag

These are for players that are lucky enough to have someone else carry their clubs for them. These bags are heavy, bulky and don’t have much storage unlike other types of bags. This type of bag is ideal for players who compete regularly in tournaments.

Cart Bag

It is designed with bases that are made to attach to a golf cart. It has a huge amount of storage. They are heavier than other types of bags as they have lots of pockets. It is very much ideal for a walking golfer because of its built. They often have full-length club dividers for easy access that helps keep the clubs more organized.

Travel Bag

These bags are made of heavy materials or hard case for protection. This bag is ideal for players who
travel to play and would prefer to have their clubs with them.

Carry Bag

This is the lightest and the easiest to transport type of bag. It is ideal for casual players. The design of the bag is very handy with shoulder straps that make them very easy to carry around.

Other things to check


The divider prevents clubs from smashing against the other. These dividers extend all the way down the bag for club protection. More serious players usually prefer having more dividers that would separate their clubs while casual players usually have fewer ones for their convenience.


This additional feature adds comfort to players as they can control their valuables that they will bring along. There are full-length pockets that can store things like extra clothes and smaller pockets for smaller stuff like phone, keys, etc. These extra details of the bag would definitely add comfort as it displays personal character while playing.

Strap System

It is very important to know how comfortable it is in carrying the bag, so the strap will determine such. Golf bags will either have a single strap or dual carry strap system. Cart bags usually have a single strap while stand and carry bags usually have two.


This factor must really be determined in buying a gold bag as this would display comfort especially for players who prefer to carry their own bag. Most of the sturdiest bag shed much weight while the light ones are less likely to stand over time. Buyer must then determine if comfort is more to consider than durability.


As they say, it’ll always boil down to how much the budget is in buying something. Gold bag ranges from $120- $150 though you can get still get cheaper ones.

There are a lot of factors to consider in searching for the best golf bag, a lot of questions that need to be answered that will lead to what will be the most useful among all types.

Top 10 Best Golf Bags In 2019

1. Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight

Why we like it: Small yet terrible, lightweight and affordable. Perfect for driving range practice.

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This is an Amazon’s choice for a small golf bag. This best seller bag is suitable for casual players who wants to have a day at the driving range, or a few holes at the executive course and for players who doesn’t bring much with them in the course. This is a lightweight stand carry bag that only has 2 compartment tops. It has one accessory pocket. This bag is very much budget-friendly that is suitable for some that considers budget in buying a bag.

Design: The design of the bag is very simple and intact as it highlights its lightweight feature. It is very durable with a detachable shoulder strap, adjustable lanyard and strong stand mechanism.

There are different colors available online like black, blue, brick red, orange, rose pink and grey.

  • It has clubs that comfortably fit the bag size and proportion
  • The bag is very will constructed as it carries the reputation and beauty of the brand
  • The stand comes as a handy solution
  • The pocket is small but easily accommodates half a dozen balls and tees
  • The price is affordable that fits players that highly considers budget in buying a bag
  • The strap attachment needs to be improved.

2. TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

Why we like it: Has a lot of pockets for storage and has anti-split stand.

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This TaylorMade wonder has 4-way organizational top that provides huge storage, perfect for frequent players. There is an automatic, anti-slit stand system with non-slip foot pads for added security while the contoured, ergonomic dual shoulder straps with air mesh allows the player’s comfortable carry.

TaylorMade 5.0 Stand Bag has an approximate weight of 4.1lbs and maximizes comfort and convenience with the 2017 5.0 stand bag. There is 4-way top with 1 full-length divider provides plenty of safe, secure organization potential for the player’s clubs.

Design: This bag has 11 pockets for storage including a pocket for garments, a velour-lined valuables pocket and full-length apparel pocket. One of its assets is to keep accessories protected. Features also include contoured, ergonomic dual shoulder straps, an EVA molded hip pad and anti-split stand system.

This bag is also a favorite among golf players because of its dual shoulder straps with air mesh and EVA molded hip pad located on the side of the bag. It has multiple grab handles combined into the top cuff and spine for easy transportation around the course. The anti-split stand system with non-slip foot pads guarantee that it is durable and can stand securely. The matching rain hood is for club protection during extreme weather. This best seller stand bag is made of durable nylon material.

  • It has a reasonable price considering its features
  • Very lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Enough storage to carry necessary gadgets
  • The shoulder strap needs to be improved

3. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Why we like it: Sharp design, sturdy, durable, and very affordable

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This golf bag with all its features provides ultimate protection for the clubs. It has a 14-way divider system gives each club a rubberized slot keeping each of the club away from each other, preventing damage. The bag has no rattles and the compartment allows you to know where every club is in the bag.

The Founders Club Deluxe Cart Bag is very affordable compared to other golf bags with the same features and it actually is one of the top favorites. It gives you the ultimate ease to move around with your golf cart as you can even watch your valuables from its protective pockets.

Design: This innovative golf bag has a padded carry strap that allows maximum comfortability while carrying the bag around. It has double handle side and the front handle of this bag allows player to lift the bag from any position with ease. Since the rubberized protective slot technology gives great protection to player’s clubs, you are comfortable knowing that those precious clubs are not prone to dent or damage when you run around carrying it in the course. The available colors include black, blue/black, charcoal/black, orange/black and red/black combinations.

  • It has quick access for its pockets
  • It has specific slot for each club, wood and driver
  • Easy to lift and carry to the cart
  • Molded club tubes
  • It is very much compared to other cart bags
  • It would be great to have a better space for putter

4. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

Why we like it: Sleek design and has a lower price point

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag is one of the top favorites of players looking for a sturdy bag at an affordable price point. The brand is well-known for producing quality products and is actually a favorite brand among golf enthusiasts.

It has 14-way padded top with 7 pockets and a multi-material construction that is actually very sturdy and can stand any weather. It has oversized front-facing pockets, velour-lined valuables pocket, and oversized putter well to help you organize your clubs well. It also has spacious spots and storage which are really helpful for serious players. The stands come with advance technology and its top features include automatic, anti-slit stand system with non-slip foot pads.

Design: The dual shoulder straps along with air mesh make it more comfortable to carry the bag. Also, this bag comes with umbrella sleeve, matching rain hood that protects the bag in rainy weather. It is a flawless stand bag that is stylish, lightweight and large. The bag has multiple grab handles on the top cuff and spine provide additional mobility. Available colors in are black/ charcoal, black/green, black/pink, black/red, blue/white and navy/red/white combinations.

  • It has six pockets give plenty of room with a nice valuables pouch that is velour lined.
  • It has comfortable shoulder strap system that makes it easy to take the bag on and off during the player’s walk on the course.
  • There is an added umbrella sleeve is great for carrying an umbrella without worrying about taking up too much space in the bag.
  • It might be too heavy and bulky for a casual player to use

5. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: Just like the TaylorMade Select Cart Bag, this is also one of the best offerings of the brand when it comes to stand golf bags plus, it is affordable too. It comes with 5-way divider top that is more than enough for a stand bag. It provides ample storage with six pockets including a ball, tee and garment pocket. There is also velour-lined valuables pouch. The stands come with advance technology. It features automatic, anti-slit stand system with non-slip foot pads that help to stand the bag safely.

Design: This bag is a very comfortable, well designed bag suitable for stylish players. It has a matching rain hood and umbrella sleeve for protection. Available colors for this bag are: black/white, black/white/red, blue/black/white, grey/white and white/black combination.

  • It has padded, adjustable dual strap system and is comfortable when carrying
  • The bag has anti-split stand system ensures a secure stance
  • Integrated pocket design creates a more efficient profile
  • Less storage space than most on this list
  • No separate putter or driver wells

6. Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag

Why we like it: Incredibly light weight and easy to carry around the course

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: Sun Mountain 4.5 14-Way Stand bag is specially built that is lightweight and easy to lift. It comes with 14-way individual full-length dividers that can accommodate clubs perfectly organized inside the bag.

One of the best features of this bag is the E-Z Fit dual strap system with lumbar support Air Flow hip pad. The player adjusts the straps as where they can feel comfortable to carry. The padded straps with three-layer foam make sure that it won’t make any pressure on the player while carrying the bag.

Design: This bag is highly cart-friendly that features cart-friendly bottom, leg-lock system, and cart strap pass through. It provides huge storage with 9 pockets. It comes with two velour-lined valuables pockets (one water resistant), a full-length apparel pocket, hydration pouch, and multiple accessory pockets. Available colors in Amazon are black/ cobalt/white and navy/white/red combinations.

  • It is well-constructed and lightweight.
  • It has plenty of pockets provide ample storage
  • The clubs are easy to get in and out
  • It is a very nice looking and stylish bag
  • Players who consider budget may not consider the bag because of its price

7. Izzo Versa Stand Bag

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This bag is very much ideal for frequent players because of the number of pockets for storage. Izzo Versa golf bag has a wide compartment to place all your things inside the bag. It is then ideal for both walking and riding players. It has eleven club dividers, which will help to keep all the items organized and separated and comes with two pockets that are easy to close and open.

Players can even charge their electronic devices as this bag comes with 10,000 mAh Lithium power pack in the power pocket. It includes a free personalization pocket that will store golf ball and this makes it the finest golf bag.

Design: It has an adjustable dual strap delivers the perfect fit for maximum carrying ease and comfort. Available colors in Amazon are black/grey, black/grey/red, dark blue/light blue/ white and grey/lime white combinations.

  • It has a Power Pocket has a power pack that allows for on-course charging of your electronic devices
  • The bag has eleven club dividers that gives plenty of room to keep clubs free of bumping into each other
  • It has an Insulated cooler pocket keeps drinks cold and at the ready for hydration.
  • High price point

8. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

Why we like it: Brand credibility, luxurious features, and sleek design

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This bag might be the best for elite golf players. Sun Mountain has been known to construct beautiful and long-lasting bags. They are also known for their bag’s premium features.

If the buyer is into luxury features, then this C-130 has three velour-lined pockets with one being waterproof, might be something to consider. This Sun Mountain bag also has two full-length clothing pockets for rain gear and any other clothing that the player may need during rounds. One of the best features of the bag is its storage. Although more pockets mean a heavier golf bag, these pockets have different useful function that works toward a central design that is smart and innovative.

Design: The bag has very high durability as it is constructed of rugged nylon material. It has a matching rain hood perfect for frequent golfers expose to different weather. The bag’s weight is 7lbs which is not that heavy. The colors available in Amazon is navy and dusk combination.

  • The bag has ten pockets that will hold player’s clothing, valuables, accessories and provide a cooler for drinks.
  • It has high-quality rain hood keeps clubs protected and dry in inclement weather
  • It has a smart strap system keeps the bag from twisting in the cart and locks down clubs.
  • Expensive

9. TaylorMade Lite Cart Bag

Why we like it: Very light weight and great for beginners

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This bag may be very suitable for beginning golfers because of its lightweight. It only weighs five pounds and very easy to carry. This bag has ten spacious pockets, the TaylorMade Lite can carry anything that is needed on the course from clothing, drinks, balls, and tees. The Lite bag has a 14-way divider top with full-length extensions for protecting your clubs. The bag also has a top line construction for supreme protection and its cart strap tunnels around steady grip and lock in the cart.

Design: This bag has a single strap that greatly aids with shoulder pain. It also generally reduces weight and tension of the bag. It is a stationary bag so it might not be flexible to professional and frequent players.

Being a very light bag with plenty of storage and reliable design, the TaylorMade Lite is a very good option to consider for both beginners and pro. The colors available are black, red, royal, grey/yellow and grey/green combination.

  • The bag is very durable as its constructed in high level material
  • A very light bag perfect for first time golfers
  • It has two micro-suede lined pocket keeps valuables free from scratches and outside elements
  • It is a stationary bag so it might not be as flexible as other bags

10. Callaway Chev Stand Bag

Why we like it: Mid-price point, excellent quality that delivers for players even on difficult day at the course

Editor’s Rating:

Performance: This bag is very suitable for senior golfers. It has a five-way divider top highlighting the Chev’s features, this bag includes a velour-lined valuables pocket, a full-length clothing pocket, and an easy-grab handle that makes moving the stand bag easily. The legs are light but sturdy and don’t tangle easily. It has an Insulated Water Bottle Pocket perfect for players who specifically prefers to keep water temperature. For golfers of any age, this bag is nice and a dependable golf bag that will provide a solid experience from the range to the final hole of your golfing day.

Design: This stand bag has vibrant and catching colors that makes it very unique. It has easy to grab handle and comes with seamless tee pocket. Colors available are black/blue/white, black/titanium/white, navy/white/red, pink/white/black, red/white/black and titanium/white/silver combination.

  • It is easy to wear dual strap system makes putting on the bag simple.
  • The bag has durable material with a sturdy two-leg system that keeps your clubs handy for the next shot.
  • It is a lightweight golf bag that is ideal for walking 18 holes.
  • The bag doesn’t have as much storage as other bags but is lighter as a result.

Guide to Buying the Best Golf Bags

Each golf bag offers different features that shows an advantage among the rest in the market. But what is really important in purchasing a golf bag? There are a lot of things to consider and questions to answer to properly filter what best fit the buyer’s needs and preferences. The earlier topics mentioned the factors that needs to be looked into before finally getting that wanted bag.
How to pick the right golf bag for you?

Walk or ride? There are several types of bags to consider but it is important to boil down what type of user he/she is in carrying the bag. If the buyer loves to walk, then he might be looking at a stand bag as a good option.

The list of bags that’ll fit a walking player are:

  • TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0
  • TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf
  • Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag
  • Izzo Versa Stand Bag

If the player opts to only ride in a cart or tend to play at just once place, a cart bag is the one to be recommended. The following bags as discussed above for riding players are:

  • TaylorMade Lite Cart Bag
  • Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag
  • Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Straps and Pockets
Carrying whatever type of golf bag needs to be comfortable. The type of strap and number of pockets mirrors the level of comfort the player will be able to experience in carrying the bag. The straps should adjust enough so that the bag sits square on the shoulders with a slight lean to keep the clubs in the bag.
The following bags displays good number of pockets and straps as discussed earlier in the article.

  • Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight
  • TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0
  • Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top
  • TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag
  • TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf
  • Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

As some players prefers to walk while carrying the bag, it will be a very good factor if the bag is not that heavy. Most modern golf bags shed as much weight as they can while keeping the level of sturdiness. But some golf bags are lighter than others, getting as low as 3 lbs. In some cases. If the player needs a bag that is light, then expect that the bags perhaps have fewer pockets and storage options that the heavier ones. After all, the point of a light golf bag is keeping is light. Lighter bags are less likely to stand up over time, so technically durability is being sacrificed for comfort, vise-versa.

The following bags showed less weight that is suitable for players that’s particular with their comfort in carrying the bag.

  • Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight
  • TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag
  • Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Stand Bag
  • TaylorMade Lite Cart Bag
  • Callaway Chev Stand Bag
The price is one important factor for some that really is particular with their budget in purchasing a bag. Though some bags would only take less than $100, there are certain features and conditions that are sacrificed with the preferred budget. The higher ones come along with undeniably unique and important features. Most of the expensive ones also carries its brand along. The following bags are the cheapest among all items discussed as it ranges from $30- $160.

  • Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight
  • Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

A Helpful Flow Chart To Help You Decide Which Bag Is Right For You

If you’re still unsure about which bag is best for you, take a look at this and see where the results take you!

Overall, there is no right or wrong bag, it will always be a matter of what suits the buyer’s preference according to his conditions. Golf bags are all unique, in their own different ways, features and conditions. It is very important to answer and consider what a certain bag can offer that the other bag don’t. At the end of the day, the functionality of the bags and buyer’s personal preferences are the right keys in choosing the best golf bag.