The 10 Best Yoga Blocks to Buy in 2024

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Yoga is one of the most popular ways to get fit. It doesn’t just help you with getting in shape, but can help you focus more. Some people use it for spiritual purposes as a way of meditating. It is among the oldest forms of exercise. It has been practiced by monks and gurus in the east for its spiritual benefits for thousands of years. It’s now a hugely popular practice in the west and widespread hobby for millions.

There are a lot of props that are being used for yoga today. Besides the standard yoga mat, people take advantage of other accessories in their yoga sessions to either build strength or endurance. One of these is yoga blocks. Yoga blocks help you get the right balance, alignment, support, and stability while you are doing complicated poses.

Get the right yoga block today, and get the most out of your yoga sessions.

What to Look for in a Yoga Block

For absolute beginners, the process of getting a new yoga block is nothing short of daunting. There are so many models to choose from, as well as different materials that they’re made of, that it can overwhelm you. There are trade-offs in getting lightweight yoga blocks vs. heavy ones. It all boils down to why you are getting the blocks in the first place.

If you are looking at a new yoga block or want to replace your old one, the following are some of the things you need to look out for.

Yoga Block Material

There are three main types of yoga block materials: Wood, Foam, and Cork.


Wood is typically strong and durable. However, it is heavy. Not a lot of people like lugging around a block of wood when going to their yoga studios. However, if you are looking for a yoga block for home, the best material is wood. Wood is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You will love the robustness of wood as a yoga block for your home.


Looking for an affordable yoga block? Go for the foam material. It is incredibly lightweight. You won’t have any problems squeezing it into your small gym bag when you go for your yoga sessions. This is the budget option for beginners or those looking for an alternative option when they are away from their yoga equipment.

Some people find foam too light and not sturdy enough. There isn’t as much stability either as with other materials.


Another robust but sturdy yoga block material is cork. It is super durable and lightweight. It has most of the characteristics of wood except the weight. You can easily carry around the cork yoga block without breaking your back. It offers excellent support and stability.


Yoga blocks are usually small or large. The main difference between the two is the length. They are usually 3 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches for the low block and 4 inches length for the large block.

The difference in length is meant to accommodate taller people. If you are considerably taller, you might want to consider a larger block for better stability. When you are doing the standing poses, you want to have confidence in your yoga material.

Top 10 Best Yoga Blocks 2024

1. Best Overall Yoga Block: Manduka High-Density Cork Yoga Block

Why we like it: Manduka high-density cork has an impressive grip thanks to its coarse layer. It also features curved edges for better handling. The cork material is all-natural.

Editor’s Rating:

If you ask any yogi what yoga block they prefer, chances are they will mention Manduka. Manduka has earned a reputation for building high-quality yoga blocks that are used by thousands of yogis around the world. Their high-density yoga block is no exception. It is a remarkable and well-designed cork block.

Made from lightweight cork material, you can easily carry your yoga block to the yoga studio without any problems. The design features beveled edges for easier gripping and maximum support. One of the strong points of the Manduka high-density cork yoga block is its sheer robustness. It can support your weight without you feeling like you are sinking.

This cork block is large. It’s 4 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches. With this size, you get more surface area for doing different poses. Its stiffness is excellent for perfecting your alignment. The cork block is also super strong and durable. You won’t consider replacing your yoga block in a long while. Unlike other yoga blocks that use cork, this one is made from high-density material.

Manduka takes advantage of the coarse grain cork to give you even better support for your yoga sessions. With the super-strong structure, you will never have to worry about your weight getting the better of your yoga block.

  • Super strong structure
  • Made from eco-friendly coarse-grain cork
  • Offers excellent support due to its size
  • Comes in its original color
  • Not bundled with extra straps
  • Has limited color options

2. Best Foam Yoga Block: Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block

Why we like it: Gaiam Essentials yoga blocks are an excellent addition to your yoga routine. They are super firm and 50% denser compared to other EVA foams. The non-slip surfaces work great in all the environments you use them in

Editor’s Rating:

Both beginners and experienced yogis well love Gaiam Essentials yoga block.

Although the blocks are made from foam, they are up to 50% denser than the competition. It makes them firm and sturdier. They are absolutely great for both beginners are advanced users. The yoga blocks have curved edges that give you better grip and support in different poses allowing you to achieve excellent stability and balance. They can be used for both simple and advanced asanas.

You need to keep your yoga accessories clean. Gaiam’s yoga blocks are easily spot cleaned with detergent or can be airdried to kill off germs and bacteria. They are moisture-resistant, ensuring your yoga block never develops a bad odor.

Although advanced yogis can use them for some asanas, Gaiam’s yoga blocks are not the best for sitting on or standing on. The foam material has a slightly sinking feeling that can be disorientating, which is why beginners are more at home with it. It is lightweight and ultra-portable for traveling or heading to the yoga studio.

  • Easily cleaned with a detergent or air drying
  • Durable and robust foam material
  • It features non-slip surfaces plus curved edges for better grip
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Some people find a bit soft for their level or liking
  • Pair sometimes comes in different colors

3. Best Premium Yoga Block: Lotuscrafts Cork Yoga Block

Why we like it: Lotuscrafts cork yoga blocks are excellent because they are sustainably produced and friendly to the environment. They’re also very lightweight.

Editor’s Rating:

The first thing you instantly notice about the Lotuscrafts cork yoga blocks is the simplicity of their appearance. They are not painted with fancy colors but instead are the natural color of the cork. The cork block is made from entirely natural Portuguese cork that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The other aspect that makes the Lotuscrafts cork yoga blocks stand out is the sturdy feel of the blocks. They are designed to take your entire weight without falling apart. The blocks are super-strong despite the small weight that makes them excellent for traveling.

Whenever you are performing those challenging yoga poses, you want the stability and non-slip surface of the Lotuscrafts cork yoga blocks beneath you. The edges of the blocks have been curved to allow you to grip the blocks better.

Coming in either a standard or large size, the Lotuscrafts yoga cork blocks are excellent for helping you achieve new asanas. For beginners, they can help with proper alignment and increase their balance, while advanced yogis can rely on the robustness of the blocks to improve their poses.

  • Super sturdy and lightweight
  • Made from natural cork from Portugal
  • Very eco-friendly and sustainably produced
  • Excellent non-slip surface
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of color customization options

4. Peace Yoga Cork Blocks

Why we like it: The Peace Yoga cork blocks are made from all-natural cork. You don’t have to worry about any toxic materials. It is also a cheaper option compared to other cork blocks while still maintaining high-quality and robustness. They also look beautiful.

Editor’s Rating:

Looking for a sturdy yoga block to use at home? Peace Yoga has incredible cork blocks that come as a pair. Measuring 4 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches, they’re large enough to support you no matter how big you are. The blocks are excellent, even on slippery floors. They have an incredible grip as a result of their non-slip sides.

One of the benefits of buying the Peace Yoga blocks is the eco-friendliness of cork. You are not only buying something sustainable but also quite durable. Your dog won’t be able to chew the cork or tear it apart, unlike foam.

Peace Yoga cork blocks are a great way to deepen your yoga routines. You can easily carry them to your next yoga session or use them at home. The blocks only come in one size but are super versatile. You can use the rectangular block shape to achieve a wide range of poses.

What makes the Peace Blocks stand out is that they come as a pair. It doesn’t just save you money but gives you more options to work with. They provide a splendid foundation for your yoga sessions both at home and at the yoga studio.

  • Super lightweight
  • Incredible custom prints
  • Large yoga blocks
  • They are non-slip blocks
  • They are a bit pricey because of the size and cork material
  • The edges might chip off occasionally

5. REEHUT Yoga Block

Why we like it: REEHUT yoga blocks are all moisture-proof with incredible non-slip surfaces. They’re constructed from a strong and durable EVA foam. The blocks offer options when it comes to the exterior colors.

Editor’s Rating:

REEHUT yoga blocks are extremely durable for a foam yoga block. They are built using eco-friendly and high-density EVA foam.

All the blocks are moisture-resistant plus feature non-slip surfaces. You won’t have to worry about your yoga blocking absorbing sweat and building up bacteria in the process. There is also little-to-no chance of accidentally slipping and injuring yourself even on the slippery surfaces commonly found in a yoga studio.

The REEHUT yoga blocks come as a pair. They are fantastic for beginner yogis as well as advanced ones. Measuring 4 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches, they offer unparalleled support and customization options for almost every yoga pose. The blocks are large enough to sit on, and you can perform the most challenging routines possible using a foam block with them.

Although this yoga block is not stiff enough for most advanced yogis, it can still be used with some poses that do not require lots of weight. You can either stack the blocks together to achieve greater height or leave one at home when you are going to the studio. The blocks come in different color options to match your style.

  • Extremely light and portable
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • They are moisture-proof
  • Not stiff enough for experienced yogis like cork or wood
  • Can get marks or tears from sharp objects

6. Heathyoga Foam Yoga Block

Why we like it: Heathyoga is a stylish and well-built yoga block. The choice of colors is a welcome break from the standard dull palettes used by other manufacturers. The blocks are also super durable and an excellent choice for beginners who are just getting into yoga.

Editor’s Rating:

When you walk into any yoga studio, the one thing you will notice is the plain-looking yoga mats and blocks. There aren’t a lot of options for people that are style-conscious, even during their yoga sessions. That is until you bring Heathyoga into the picture. They offer some stylish dual-toned yoga blocks that are both sturdy and robust.

Their yoga blocks are eco-friendly and odor resistant. You can work out on them for long hours, and they won’t build up a scent. The pores in these blocks are also closed, ensuring there is no room for moisture to get in. Without moisture, bacteria cannot build up inside the yoga block.

Measuring 3 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches, the Heathyoga Foam Yoga Block offers unparalleled support in the different configurations available. Eva Foam is environmentally friendly and super easy to clean. It is a favorite among beginner yogis. Since it is super lightweight, you can easily carry the blocks to your yoga class. The blocks come as a pair with a strap bundled with the package.

  • They are easily cleaned
  • They are super durable and not easily deformed
  • Not slippery on lots of different surfaces
  • Absolutely free from odors even when new
  • They are too lightweight for experienced yogis to use
  • Yoga straps missing with some shipments

7. Best Budget Yoga Block: Prosource Fit Foam Yoga Block

Why we like it: The Prosource Fit Foam Yoga blocks are an excellent choice for beginners. They’re very affordable, and the blocks are sturdy and durable, with a non-slip surface that is moisture-resistant. The surfaces are slightly curved for a better grip.

Editor’s Rating:

The Prosource Fit Foam yoga blocks are excellent accessories to build up your confidence at the yoga studio or during your workouts at home. Made out of foam with a solid interior, they are super light for carrying around to either the park or the yoga studio.

The Prosource Fit yoga blocks come in a pair of two, so you can safely leave one at home when going to the studio or traveling. You can also incorporate both of them into the different poses found in yoga. The blocks have beveled edges that make them easy to carry or hold.

Reduce the chance of injury whilst doing your yoga poses by utilizing the handy, sturdy Prosource Fit yoga foam blocks. They allow you to align your body correctly and hence avoid injury.

The Prosource Fit yoga blocks are large, which increases the stability and versatility of the blocks. They are so big that you can actually sit on them comfortably. The non-slip and non-scratch surfaces are long-lasting, ensuring you get real value for your money.

  • They are super soft but very robust
  • The surfaces are scratch-free and non-slip
  • Extremely light and portable
  • Moisture-proof material
  • Not great for all yoga poses
  • Some people find them not sturdy enough under their weight

8. Wooden-life Bamboo Yoga Block

Why we like it: A Wooden-life bamboo yoga block is made from a 100% natural bamboo that’s odorless and non-toxic. It also has a hardness rating of 85 that makes it super durable.

Editor’s Rating:

Wooden yoga blocks have been used for as long as yoga has been around. They are reliable and extremely durable. The same thing can be said about Wooden-life bamboo yoga block. They are incredibly durable. With a hardness rating of 85, you don’t have to worry about breaking your block or getting scratches all over it.

Wooden-life yoga blocks come in the standard 3 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches size with slightly curved edges to provide a better grip. The bamboo yoga block is made from bamboo that is coated with a clear lacquer coat for protection.

The bamboo yoga block is super strong, offering unmatched support. It won’t break or sink under your weight. If you are an experienced yogi, you will enjoy the extra strength and weight of the blocks. You’d be surprised at how effective they are for strength training, improving alignment, and achieving perfect balance.

These bamboo yoga blocks are massive. They are perfect for using at home. You wouldn’t want to carry around that extra weight. Beginners may also find them a bit difficult to use. Although they come as a pair, they don’t include a strap. If you want something to boost your strength without worry about your dog chewing it up, a Wooden-life bamboo yoga block is perfect for you.

  • Made from high-quality bamboo yoga
  • Has no odor
  • Tough surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • It does not feature a strap
  • Beginners will find it extremely heavy

9. Zura Premium Yoga Block

Why we like it: The Zura Premium yoga block is a beautiful bamboo yoga block that’s made out of high-density bamboo. It is designed to last a long time. With its non-slip surface, you don’t have to worry about losing balance or injuring yourself on any surface.

Editor’s Rating:

When the rest of the world is conscious about the environment, yogis are not left behind. There are more sustainable yoga accessories on offer today than at any other time. One of those is the Zura Premium yoga block. It is made from high-density bamboo.

Zura Premium yoga blocks are super strong and sturdy. They are capable of withstanding incredible weight while at the same providing substantial support. With its weight, you can turn your yoga sessions into strength training exercises with excellent results. The no-slip surfaces offer unmatched stability for all your yoga poses.

The Zura Premium yoga block is heavy. It may not be suitable for moving around or carrying to your yoga class. Instead, use it at home for all those personal yoga sessions. The blocks are also not that great for beginners. The weight might be overwhelming even as you try to find a balance in the different poses.

It has a sturdy surface that will last for so many years. All the materials are natural, with nothing toxic used on the yoga block.

  • Has curved edges for better handling
  • Made from sustainable, high-quality bamboo wood
  • Doesn’t slip on all surfaces
  • Super strong and durable
  • Shipped as a single piece instead of two
  • It does not feature either a shipping bag or a strap

10. JBM Yoga Block

Why we like it: JBM Yoga block is one of the few cork yoga blocks out there that are bacteria-free. With the moisture-resistance capability, you don’t need to worry about germs building up on your yoga block.

Editor’s Rating:

JBM Yoga blocks are a favorite among both beginners and experienced yogis. They are built tough with some of the best materials around. The primary cork material is both sustainable and long-lasting. The surface of the blocks is non-slip, preventing any accidents as you are doing different poses.

It’s large, measuring 4 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches, you can use the blocks for more than yoga. If you need somewhere to sit as you catch your breath or meditate, you can sit on the blocks.

Cork is super light despite being solid. It can be safely used for all kinds of yoga poses. You can use it in both your house and at the yoga studio.

JBM’s cork blocks don’t absorb moisture or odor. There is no chance of your yoga block developing bacteria. This also means that your block will always be smelling great whenever you are working out. They come in different colors to suit your preference and taste and have a curved edge for a better grip.

  • The blocks have a big surface area you can sit on and meditate
  • It has a moisture-proof surface
  • It doesn’t absorb odors
  • Can be easily carried around
  • Comes as two pieces by default
  • Pricier compared to foam yoga blocks

Guide to Buying the Best Yoga Blocks

Lots of people are getting into yoga classes these days. Everyone is more conscious of their weight and health. Yoga is one of the few exercise routines that you can do both at a yoga studio or in the comfort of your own home without equipment.

There are a few props out there that amplify the different poses you make during yoga. One of these is a yoga block.

Yoga blocks are phenomenal when it comes to providing you with support during your workout. You can use it to align your body better and avoid injuries. The blocks are also fantastic when it comes to giving you stability. Especially when you have to hold poses for a long time.

Why You Should Get a Yoga Block

As mentioned earlier, yoga blocks have a ton of uses for both beginners and experienced yogis. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced yogi, you will find yoga blocks extremely useful in building up your confidence or routine.

Yoga blocks are excellent for building up stability and adjusting your height. Some poses require lots of practice before you become stable. Other people may have specific limitations that prevent them from reaching the ground. One of the best ways to adjust their height and bring the ground closer to them is by using yoga blocks.

The easy seated pose in yoga challenges a lot of people that have tight hips. They may experience pain in the lower back or the hip flexors, creating a pinching feeling in these areas. The solution to this is usually to modify the pose so that the hips rise above the knees. This action relaxes the back muscles. You can sit on the edge of the yoga block to achieve this quickly.

Another pose that usually presents a problem is the standing forward fold. Lots of people struggle to maintain their stability due to tight hamstrings. With yoga blocks, you can bring the floor closer to your hands. You will be able to get from this pose with your lower back and your hamstrings relaxed.

The same thing can be said about the half-moon pose. It is difficult to achieve balance for some people without the use of a yoga block.

Too many people end up overexerting their knees in the triangle pose because they have a shaky balance plus tight hamstrings. Maintaining a balance while trying to get to the floor is an uphill task for so many people. With the yoga block, you can raise the floor closer to your hands, achieving balance and perfect stability without hurting your back.

Another pose that benefits from yoga blocks is the Hero pose. Most people get pain putting all their weight on their ankles plus the strain that’s on their knees. By using the yoga blocks, they can comfortably do the Hero’s pose without risking injury or pain.

For someone looking to move into the next phase of yoga, yoga blocks are excellent for taking the routines you have been doing further. The blocks increase your flexibility and improve your strength.

The “Up the Wall” pose is one of those yoga poses that benefits from yoga blocks. You can increase the effectiveness of the pose by using a block to raise your hips, providing support on your back. The pose usually develops a backbend and is further enhanced by the yoga block. The yoga block relieves pressure from the spine’s lumbar.

The other pose that can be deepened by the yoga blocks is the Bound Angle Pose or Elevated Eagle Pose. This a pose that opens up the hips by external rotation. It stretches and relieves tension in the hip flexors as you attempt to hold the pose for as long as possible. Using yoga blocks in this pose helps increase flexibility by relaxing the IT band and thigh adductors.

Getting the Best Yoga Block

There are lots of options when it comes to buying yoga blocks. When you are looking for the best yoga block, here are the things to keep in mind.

Size of the Block

There are plenty of sizes to choose from when it comes to the yoga blocks. It all boils down to your height and preference.

The average yoga rectangular block measures 3 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches. These are the blocks you will find already stocked at your local yoga studio or gym. They are handy and quite versatile for the different poses.

One the other hand, if you are taller, you should go for a slightly higher rectangular block. The best size you could go to the 2 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches. It is also fantastic for the seated poses.

If you are looking for something that’ll add you more weight, you can’t go wrong with a 4 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches block. These are perfect for someone that has tight hamstrings.


Yoga blocks come in so many different shapes. You’d be surprised by how confusing it can get choosing the right shape for your yoga sessions. The standard and the most popular shape is the rectangular block. You’ll find these at all the yoga studios you visit. They provide excellent stability and versatility. There isn’t a pose that you can’t do with the rectangular block design.

A yoga brick has similar characteristics to a yoga brick. The only difference is that it comes with several holes inside. Yoga bricks offer excellent grips because of the holes. The other popular shape is the egg shape. Egg-shaped yoga blocks have curvier edges that look like an egg. They are mostly used as supplements to an ordinary rectangular yoga block.

Another yoga block shape you can go for is a wedge. Wedges offer excellent support for seated positions as well as reclined positions. Just like the egg-shaped block, you can’t use the wedge alone for your yoga sessions. It is not as versatile as the rectangular-shaped block. Use the wedge as a supplement to your main rectangular block.


If you have gone shopping for a yoga block, you must have noticed the three primary materials on offer. These are foam, cork, and wood.

Foam is, without a doubt, the most common yoga block material. It also happens to be the cheapest. Foam yoga blocks are super lightweight. You won’t feel the weight whenever you are going out to the park or the yoga studio. Packing them up is also a walk in the park because they are flexible when you are stuffing them in your bag. The only thing that people sometimes have a problem with is the sinking feeling you get with foam. It is not as reliable as either wood or cork. Our favorite foam block is this one.

If you are looking for something dependable but light for your yoga studio sessions, cork is the material you should go for. It is very light but robust. It offers some of the benefits of foam, but with more stability. The solid shape may be a problem when you are packing it into your gym bag. The Manduka block is our favorite cork block.

The last and the least common yoga block material is wood. Wood also happens to the oldest. It has been used since the early days of yoga. It offers exceptional stability for all the poses. One of the problems of using wood is the weight. If you work out at home, wood would be the best for durability and maximum stability. A wooden yoga block will forever in your home. The Wooden-life block is our favorite wooden block

Final Thoughts

We love yoga. It brings peace to both body and mind while also helping you stay fit and lose weight. Yoga is an ancient practice that has survived millennia for a good reason. A yoga block lets you take your yoga to the next level or helps you make the first steps towards being a true yogi. Enjoy our list and getting yourself a top-quality yoga block that’ll be with you all the way until enlightenment.

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