Jason Kidd denies intentionally spilling drink: ‘Cup slipped out of my hand’

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd denies that he intentionally tried to stop the the team’s Wednesday night game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

With 8.3 seconds left and the Nets out of timeouts, Kidd, who was holding a cup of soda, appeared to tell point guard Tyshawn Taylor to hit him in order to stop the game so the team could draw up a last-second offensive play.

While Nets assistant John Welch drew up the team’s final play, two Lakers appeared to be in the middle of the huddle.

Jodie Meeks then made his second free throw, giving the Lakers a 97-94 lead.  On the ensuing Brooklyn possession, Paul Pierce missed a 3-point attempt that would have tied the game with 2.2 seconds remaining.  The Nets ended up losing 99-94 at Barclays Center.

Cup slipped out of my hand while I was getting Ty,” Kidd said, via ESPNNewYork.com. “Sweaty palms. I was never good with the ball.

“In the heat of the battle, you’re trying to get guys in and out of the game, and the cup fell out of my hand.”

Taylor denies that Kidd ever said “Hit me.”

“No [Kidd didn’t say that]. I wasn’t paying attention. I just kind of bumped him. I didn’t even know he was holding [anything]. [But] coach was drinking a soda on the sideline. I was like, ‘What’s he doing?’

“It could ice a free throw shooter and be a timeout when you don’t have one, but that wasn’t the thought process. I was just coming out, and he was in my way. ‘Coach, get out of my way, bro.’ ”

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