Gary Neal upset with role for Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland Cavaliers

According to, the Milwaukee Bucks have a very unhappy player in Gary Neal, who has found himself forced into a bench role that has seen him playing a total of zero minutes in the Bucks’ last three games. Neal was signed as a free agent this past offseason and was expected to be one of the key pieces for the Bucks off the bench. He has been voicing his frustration with the franchise and head coach Larry Drew since his benching occurred.

“They didn’t hire me as a coach. I don’t know what their plan is or what Coach Drew is doing. So it’s hard to show your experience getting DNP’s. You can’t say anything when you don’t get in the game. I’m gonna tell somebody to do something, and I ain’t playing?” – Gary Neal

It’s very obvious that the Bucks have a problem brewing within the franchise, and there have already been rumors that they are aggressively looking to trade Neal. The Bucks are currently the worst team in the NBA, and have a 7-28 record. That poor of a record will bring frustration to any NBA locker room and is taking a major toll in Milwaukee.

This situation all started when Gary Neal and Larry Sanders got into a verbal altercation just over a week ago. Neal was heard telling Sanders that “he earned his money” and that Sanders should “try doing the same” which obviously didn’t go over well. The Bucks gave Larry Sanders a very large extension this past offseason that will keep him in Milwaukee long-term.

Overall, the best result to this situation would be for the Milwaukee Bucks to trade Gary Neal as soon as possible. Keeping him on the bench and not playing him will only make the locker room even more tense than it already is, which can’t be had. Expect to see Neal’s name popping up in rumors over the next week or two and a trade happen before the deadline.

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