Someone attempts to blackmail Jaromir Jagr with photo, he doesn’t care



At some point, Jaromir Jagr became the cool old man.

The 43-year-old isn’t the same dominant scorer with the flowing mullet/perm that he was in the ‘90s, instead taking on the role of cool veteran who is still pretty damn good at scoring considering he’s likely twice as old as some of his teammates.

Jagr does what he wants, when he wants, playing for who he wants. He’s Jaromir Jagr, damnit.

So how surprising is it that a photo surfaced of him soundly sleeping next to an 18-year-old model? Not very, right?

That’s exactly what happened after a model named Catherine took a selfie in bed as Jagr slept next to her. Someone came across the photo and came up with the brilliant idea to try to blackmail Jagr for 50,000 crowns (roughly $2,000 U.S.) or else the photo would be released to the media.

Unfortunately for the blackmailer, the situation was like a scene straight out of “The Dark Knight”: a would-be blackmailer trying to successfully blackmail Bruce Wayne and being told “good luck” by Morgan Freeman.

Jagr simply told the blackmailer “ain’t care” and to do whatever he wanted with the photo. So he did and it’s now been published in several European publications.

The problem isn’t on Jagr’s side, as he’s reportedly single. No, where the issue comes in is that the model is reportedly the girlfriend of Czech junior player Domink Rudl. For reference, Rudl was born in 1996, by which time Jagr already had a pair of Stanley Cup championships and a scoring title under his belt.

Making it even more awkward is the fact that Rudl calls Jagr one of his idols. So he either wants to punch Jagr in the face or high five him. I’m not sure which would be worse.

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