Steelers’ Ryan Clark ‘disgusted with the NFL’

Ryan Clark

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark voiced his objections to the NFL’s plan to monitor low hits on defenseless players.

“I’m so disgusted with the NFL right now about those situations,” Clark said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If an offensive player makes enough of a stink, they’ll change it. I know Tony Gonzalez was extremely upset about the hit on Dustin Keller. I understand that. I believe, and some of you may have the film, I said if you start penalizing guys and fining guys for hits up top … Some of these hits up top are not illegal.

“I remember a hit I had on Victor Cruz last year, which was clearly legal, but it gave up seven points. I hurt my team by doing something I deemed legal and something the NFL also deemed legal by not fining me.

“So you go to the other extreme. The guys know there is no way possible [to] get fined if [they] go low. It will be one or the other. Guys will hit up high and maybe risk getting a concussion or hurting a shoulder. When you get hit low, the season is going to be over. If they decide to change this rule, they might as well put flags on because you’ll give a guy who is 200 pounds, like myself, a 2-foot area to stop a guy who is 240 or 250 running at full speed. They might as well just take us off the field and see how many points you can score on offense in 60 minutes.”

Several players have sustained serious injuries this preseason as a result of a low hit, including Dustin Keller.  The Dolphins tight end is out for the season with torn knee ligaments and a dislocated knee cap after taking a low hit from Texans safety D.J. Swearinger.

The NFL’s chief of operations Ray Anderson told the Associated Press that if the league’s competition committee finds enough evidence this season that hits to the knees are “becoming a problem,” it could take action.

“We are always looking at plays that may elevate themselves, and we do include in that category hits on defenseless players,” Anderson said. “And certainly the hits to knees to players who have not had the opportunity to protect themselves or are not looking in the direction of where the hit comes from — we have had a couple hits whereby a player was hit below (or at) the knees.”

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  • hp b

    The NFL is taking the same route as the nation has as a whole.

  • Tom

    @hp b – then you’re ok with ending someone’s NFL career ( rookie or veteran), is that what you’re saying?

    • Jeremy Robinson

      When did he ever say that? Not once did he say that. People are so stupid on the internet.

  • DaveBry

    Ryan Clark couldn’t learn the same hitting rules other players learned, despite the league had priorly visited all teams beforehand to explain the new enforcement. Other players learned it, but Clark didn’t so Clark’s own actions kept getting himself fines & penalties to his own team. So the dumb one isnt Goodell, it’s simply Ryan Clark.

  • gavinwca

    The NFL powder puff league. That is what it is becomeing.i raise hell when watching a game because the Defence can not tackle. Then I find out the NFL does not allow them to tackle a few more rules like these and I give up my subscription to NFL Sunday ticket. I can watch women’s powder poff league and get more excitement wit the bonus of seeing a goog looking body. Woosified NFL.

  • DaveBry

    Admitting much positive written in the past was a joke on Steeler fans:
    – So much for the articles about Ike Taylor’s offseason workouts. He hasn’t had any catchup speed in years, slow as a linebacker, any receiver with the ball easily outruns him or a TD.
    – Spence updates were a joke on fans, because Spence too small for NFL LB anyway, when had played he was dwarfed, he will just get hurt again anyway. Wasted pick.
    – Ziggy bodybuilding articles last year were intended to give fans hope that he will become something in the NFL. Yet Ziggy still plays like a girl. A bust.
    – Mike Adams articles spun numbers as tho he run-blocked ok in past, ignored that runblocking is a team accomplishment & ignored Adams cant passblock. A bust.
    – Landry Jones a wasted pick. Coulda gotten 3rd-string developmental QBs in 7th rd or as nondrafted FAs, insteada middle of draft. Landry in college got rattled by imaginary pass-rushers, that’s not good for NFL.