Jairus Byrd wants at least $9 million annually


According to Patrick Moran of BuffaloSportsDaily.com, Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd wants a new contract that pays at least $9 million annually. There is expected to be quite a bit of interest in signing Byrd, who is one of the top safeties in the game at the age of 27. It will be interesting to see if Byrd gets the contract that he wants, as it would make him the NFL’s highest paid safety.

Byrd played in just 11 games this past season with the Bills, compiling 48 tackles to go along with four interceptions and a forced fumble. He is a very hard hitter and a defensive playmaker, which makes him a very compelling free agency option for a team with secondary needs. There is no question that he is going to put up great numbers wherever he winds up this coming offseason.

According to reports, the Buffalo Bills don’t appear likely to retain him, so he will be free game to all the other NFL teams out there. He’s the type of player that GM’s will have questions about, but cannot deny the talent. It’s very possible that he will end up getting the $9 million annually that he is looking for from a team that desperately needs safety help.

While the Bills don’t appear likely to retain him at this time, they very well could get a deal done should they choose to do so. They have the money necessary to give him his demands, and it all depends on whether or not they view him as being vital to their defense. It will be a very intriguing market to watch this offseason when it comes to Jairus Byrd.

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