Broncos’ Peyton Manning ‘all in on 2013′

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning says he’s “all in on 2013.”

All of the Broncos are.

“Our goals are set high,” coach John Fox said. “From our owner on down, he wants to win a championship and he wants to win them back-to-back. That has been done here in this organization, so it’s not just talk and that’s everybody in this building’s goal.”

The team is built to win right now.

After throwing 4,659 yards and 37 touchdowns last season, Manning says he’s still working on the timing with all of the receivers.

“I think when you know your teammates better, when you have your timing better with your teammates, that certainly always has allowed for more precise throws, more confident throws,” he said.

According to The Denver Post, Manning, who entered last season coming off neck surgery, said he felt noticeably different on day one this year.

“I certainly feel more comfortable,” Manning said. “I have more knowledge about how I feel physically and what I can do, and certainly our teammates, our system, and Denver Broncos culture.”

But Manning and the rest of the Broncos have not gotten over last year’s bitter overtime playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

“We still have a scar from losing that playoff game,” Manning said. “I think the players need to be reminded of that daily, use that to drive them.”

As far as dealing with the Broncos offseason drama – two executives suspended after being¬†charged with drunken driving and All-Pro linebacker Von Miller appealing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy – Mannying said the organization is moving “forward trying to win.”

“It’s easy when you are rolling along, an 11-game winning streak, everything is good,” Manning said. “You have some adversity come your way. How do you respond? How do you handle it? I think the organization has responded. They made their statements and we’ll support those that are going through some adversity. At the same time, we’re going forward trying to win.”

Even with their problems the Broncos are favored to win.

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