The Best Kayak For Every Category in 2024

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Kayaks are adored for a lot of reasons. They are, after all, one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts. Kayaking is even fast becoming a great bonding activity for families during weekends and holidays and most of the time, it goes along with camping trips.

When you get to know kayaking, it is very easy to fall in love with it. Nature lovers would enjoy leisurely strolling along lakes or rivers at a slow pace with a kayak. Those who want to build up strength and join some extreme water sports like rafting can use the kayak for more than paddling. Those who enjoy river fishing as a hobby during the weekend can do well with a good kayak.

Kayak is used for a variety of reasons and you don’t have to be an expert to use it. It is very simple to use, you simply just need to like it. For kayak lovers, this equipment is an important investment. It may not be cheap but it can be your companion for a long time.

When buying or investing for a kayak, there could be a lot that you need to consider. What will you use the kayak for? Do you have the space to store it? Do you need something that is easy to carry around?

Researching for the right kayak to fit your needs can be such a challenge. Let this article serve as your ultimate guide in understanding kayaks and the things you need to consider in order to find the perfect one for you.

Features to consider in Good Kayak

What is a kayak?

First thing first, let us define what a kayak is.

A kayak is a small and slim boat that can be used by 1 or 2 people. A kayak is mainly used for leisure sports and it requires you to use a double-bladed paddle for ease of movement.

There are many different kayaks in the market serving different purposes. Some are used for leisure, fishing, whitewater rafting, surf play kayaks, and even ocean kayak.

Kayaks usually have two basic design: the Sit-On-Top kayak which is relatively slim and the person using it can easily just sit and go in and out of it, and the Sit-Inside-Kayak where the legs of the person using it are enclosed inside the kayak.

Most of the kayaks use for leisure and recreational purposes are fairly inexpensive. These kayaks are also being used in fishing are they are very durable and can stand some rough weather conditions. The kayaks used in the ocean are generally bigger because of the size of the ocean and the amount of time you are going to be in it. It has some space for storage and is designed to withstand violent waters.

Kayaks throughout the years have grown to be a well-accepted recreational sport with various branches, some of which have entered into the world of Olympics.

Kayak VS Canoe

Kayaks are often being called as a canoe. While they are very similar. The are also some notable differences between the two.

In a kayak, the paddler sits facing forward with legs forwards, using a two-bladed paddle to stroll. In a canoe, the paddler is in a kneeling position using a single-bladed paddle.

In terms of paddling, the difference is also obvious. In kayaking, paddlers use their double-bladed paddles to move forward by pushing first the right blade and then the left blade in the water.

In canoeing, paddlers use the single-bladed paddlers to alternate the stroke on both sides of the boat.

Types of Kayak

There are various types of kayaks available in the market. Two of the most popular ones are the: Sit-On-Top kayak and the Sit-Inside-Kayak. It is best to review these types to help you weight in your options in choosing the best kayak for you.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

This is more commonly used in recreational activities. Beginners love this kind of kayak because it is easy to use. Since a paddler sits on top of it, it is easy to get on and off it. This type of kayak has scupper holes that drain water when entering.


This is the more traditional kayak in which there is a small opening for you to sit in, and enter your leg. This is generally used for sport activities and has more room for storage for the paddler. This kind of kayak is quite roomy and it is generally easy to use and navigate too.

Another type of kayak that is gaining popularity among leisure kayak enthusiasts are the inflatable ones. From the word itself, it is inflatable so storage is easy. This is lightweight, easy to carry around, and guaranteed durable. Inflatable kayaks do work and more and more people are keen on using it even for fishing.

Recreational Kayak

This is the one that you use for leisure strolls on rivers or lakes. As the name implies, recreational kayaks are meant to be just for recreation. But while it mostly threads on calm waters, this type of kayak is very durable and is easy to maneuver.

Touring Kayak

This is designed to be used in the ocean, on either calm or rough waters. This type of kayak is generally built to withstand long hours in the water and is much longer than the regular ones. It has more comfortable seat options, more storage, and legroom.

Inflatable Kayak

This is best for those who don’t have large storage and those who want to have the ease of transportation. This type of kayak is very easy to carry around because you can just inflate them easily. However, an inflatable kayak is very durable and sturdy and is usually made of layers of plastics.

Fishing Kayak

This type of kayak has more storage and compartments to put on fishing gear and equipment. Some designs have built-in rod holders. Generally, fishing kayak at sturdy enough that you can stand on it while fishing.

Tandem Kayak

This is best used for kayaking with a companion. This type of kayak has 2 to 3 seats that can be adjusted and it has more space and storage outlets. This is generally a good kayak when you want to bring your pet too!

Modular Kayak

This is the type of kayak that can be easily taken apart or put together. They are portable and easy to carry around. Some modular kayaks can be adjusted to fit if you want to use it as single or tandem kayak. Some are even expandable.

What is kayaking?

Kayaking is a kind of water activity or water sport that involves paddling using the double-bladed paddle. Kayak boats have different usage and come in different sizes. Kayak boats sit low in the water. The maximum number of people that a kayak can hold is three. In terms of sports, usually, two people or paddlers are involved.

Bodies of water that are great spots for kayaking include rivers, lakes, oceans, and even surf areas. The best thing about it is that everyone can enjoy it.

Those who do kayaking for sports undergo training but beginners who just want to leisurely paddle on a quiet river or even ocean can very well do so. Kayaking is a good form of workout too for people of all ages.

If you are going to try kayaking for the first time, it is best to rent equipment at your local beach or area where kayaking is frequent.

The best season to buy a kayak

Kayaking is good for any season but the best time to buy it will still depend on your personal preference and the area you are in.

If you live in a relatively warm place, then kayaking is great all year round. For those however who experience a seasonal change like snow in winter for example, then it is best to check the best time to buy a kayak.

Generally, if you are planning to use a kayak for a certain season, it is best to buy in advance so you can check it first and get a firm grasp on how to use it.

The fall season is generally the best season to check out and buy kayaks. By fall, the weather is beginning to get colder thus people won’t necessarily need a kayak. Here, end of season sales may bring huge discounts. Some retailers also do not want to keep on their stocks so they are giving deeper discounts for buyers.

The end of the summer season might also be a good idea to buy a kayak since their prices may slightly be lower than the original ones.

Some of the best kayak brands in the market

There are many brands that are producing kayak but to help you narrow down your research, below are the top brands for a kayak.

  • Ocean Kayaks
  • Lifetime
  • Old Town
  • Sun Dolphin
  • Perception
  • Intex
  • Hobie
  • Feel Free
  • Vibe Kayaks
  • Skatebolt
  • Sea Eagle

Other things to check out on a kayak

Weight capacity

The capacity of a kayak varies greatly on its type. Usually, the weight capacity is listed on the specifications and this is worth checking out. A weight capacity includes the bodyweight of the paddler and any other object inside the kayak.

Length and width

A longer and slimmer kayak is faster while the shorter and wider one is stable. Wider kayaks are the more preferred choice of beginners.

Recreational or leisure kayaks are about 8 feet to 13 feet long and is used in calm bodies of water. Touring or sports kayaks are about 14 feet to 18 feet and built to bigger bodies of water and even waves.

making a big purchase, so you want to feel confident and comfortable with your choice. Once you find the right style, you should find the right paddle. You should also take time to learn some kayaking basics, including how to launch a kayak, how to paddle and how to steer.


The shape of the bottom on any boat is called a hull. It differs based on the type of boat and the performance it brings. On a kayak, you have to consider two things: the primary and secondary stability. The primary stability is how stable the kayak is when you are getting into it. The secondary stability, however, is how stable it is once you start using the paddle. A good kayak should have good primary and secondary stability.

There are various types of hull:

  • Flat Hull – The flatter the hull, it is said that the more stable the kayak will be. A flat hull is best for recreational kayakers and beginners in steady waters.
  • Rounded Hull – This allows speed and allows easy and smooth sail through the water. It has more secondary stability.
  • V-Shaped Hull – This type of hull might seem unstable because of the shape but it is good at traveling long distances and it is balanced once the paddler starts the paddling. It travels smoothly as well.

Top kayaks per category

The best kayak for beginners 2024

For beginners, it is important to know what are you using the kayak for. Do you just want to get a feel of it? Do you want to leisurely stroll using a kayak with a friend? Or do you want to learn how to paddle?

It is a good thing for you to try renting out a kayak first to be able to get its general feel. Basically, beginners want to get to know how to enjoy the kayak and paddle. It is usually used for recreation. Kids who love to get to know how it feels to kayak at considered beginners too. Here are the top 3 kayaks for beginners.

1. Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayaks Package

Why we like it: Easy to store and carry around because it’s lightweight and great for beginners

Editor’s Rating:

An inflatable sports kayak that is known for its lightweight and portability. Even though its material is made out of plastic it is durable and stable. This kayak for beginners weighs 32 lbs and can hold up to people or a total of 650 lbs. Maximum number of person who can fit in this kayak is 3. The Sea Eagle 370 is NMMA Certified.


  • Interior: 10 feet, 8 inches by 1 foot, 1 inch
  • Exterior: 12 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 10inches
  • Deflated: 31 by 19 by 8 inches
  • Capacity: 3 Persons or 650 pounds
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Air Valves: 5 deluxe one-way
  • Inflation & Assembly time: 8 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to control
  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Doesn’t stand strong on rough water

2. Perception Pescador Pro 12

Why we like it: Great for storage and very stable. Beginners would feel safe in this kayak

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak is indeed a beginner-friendly one. It has a stable and durable design which has a lot of storage space and is 12-foot long. This sit-on-top kayak has a great tracking ability and it glides in the water easily, making the paddle more efficient. Suited to be used in calm water, this kayak is very stable as well.

One of the best features of this kayak is that it has the highest UV, impact and abrasion resistance and it is very comfortable to sit on too!


  • Length: 12
  • Width: 32.5
  • Boat weight: 57 lbs
  • Deck height: 14/5”
  • Maximum capacity: 375 lbs
  • Has a lot of storage space
  • Great weight capacity
  • A bit heavy
  • The rubber material can be difficult to maintain at some point

3. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Why we like it: Great for leisure, recreation, and fishing plus easy to maneuver

Editor’s Rating:

This recreational kayak for beginners is a 10-foot kayak with a width of 30 inches that weighs 40 pounds. It is able to carry a capacity of 250 pounds. It is made of high-density polyethylene which is a durable material for such type of kayak. This is a sit-it kayak with a large capacity.


  • Length: 10 ft
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Depth: 13 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Great price value
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Little storage
  • Hard to drain water

Best kayak for experts 2024

Anybody can be an expert in kayaking. All you need is a proper training and a lot of enthusiast for the sport. It is easy to kayak. Even kids can do it. But when we talk about expert, these are primarily those who do an ocean tour with their kayak, into rough water sports, or simply those who know the ins and outs of kayaking.

For experts who have probably tried a lot, looking for a good quality model is an option. Below are 2 examples of some of the great kayaks for experts.

1. Skatebolt Folding Portable Kayak

Why we like it: Lightweight, portable, and great for both beginners and experts

Editor’s Rating:

A folding kayak which weighs 30 lbs and has a 85x75x30 folding size. This portable kayak easily fits in a vehicle. It is made of custom polyethylene which makes it durable and has a maximum capacity load of 220 lbs.

This kayak is compact and lightweight, great for lakes and rivers, great for fishing, and an awesome companion in the ocean. The best thing about this kayak is that it is best for both beginners and experts. You can take it fishing one moment and you can bring it on an ocean tour. It is sturdy enough to do just that.


  • Length: 12 ft.
  • Maximum Load: 220 lbs.
  • Hull weight: 13.5 kg.
  • Folding size (bag): 85 x 75 x 30 CM.
  • Expand size: 390 x 60 x 36 CM
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Has enough space
  • It’s a solo kayak so only one can fit in

2. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

Why we like it: Excellent features and can withstand great impacts

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak boasts of awesome features like adjustable seats and built-in footrests. It has fishing rod holders and comes with a waterproof bag that you can put on inside while you paddler. This one is inflatable as well so storage is not a problem.

The Intex Excursion Pro is made of laminate material with polyester. It is guaranteed durable and can withstand high-impact. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs which is good for 2 persons.


  • Kayak weight: 39.91 lbs
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Weight capacity: 400 lb
  • Inflated size: 12.7 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Low-quality oars
  • Can withstand choppy waters

Best Kayak Under 500 2024

For those working on a budget but would really want to get their hands on a new kayak, this might be your top choices. There are a lot of good quality and durable kayaks under 500 and yes, they are high-performance and very easy to use.

1. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Why we like it: Affordable but high-performance

Editor’s Rating:

An inflatable fishing kayak made of durable materials like an 18-gauge PVC, tarpaulin and nylon. It also has multiple air chambers that will help with you getting back to shore and an airtight system to prevent leaks. It has a capacity limit of 2 persons, and it has the price of only 299.00 USD.


  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 470 lbs
  • Design: Flat hull
  • Dimension when inflated: 10 feet x 9 inches x 3 feet, 3 inches
  • Has great stability
  • Highly Durable
  • Slow in transport
  • Rod holders are a nuisance to paddling

2. Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Why we like it: Great for families because it is huge and inflatable. It is easy to carry around.

Editor’s Rating:

This inflatable kayak is made out of durable PVC and a rugged tarpaulin bottom. It also has multiple air chambers so it can stay inflated and an airtight system to prevent leaks. It is huge and best for families who want to kayak for recreation. It is very comfortable too.

The Sevylor Big Bhas the capacity limit of 3 people or a total of 490 lbs and it is 12 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft 1 in. in size. It only costs 301.00 USD.


  • Length: 12 feet 3 inches
  • Width: 3 feet 1 inch.
  • Weight: 34.8 lbs
  • Capacity: 490 lbs
  • Multiple air chambers that prevent sinking
  • Has a decent amount of storage
  • Difficult to control
  • Paddles are not inldued

3. Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak

Why we like it: Comfortability is one of its main features plus very durable

Editor’s Rating:

This recreational kayak has a lot of features that paddlers, both beginners and experts, can surely enjoy. It is very easy to set up and offers great comfortability.

The Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 It has a removable deep tracking fin and high-back supportive backrest with pocket and bottle holders. It has 2 seats located perfectly for paddling solo or tandem. It is made of durable materials such as PVC and polyester. It has a length of 11”2’ x 37” and weighs 31.5 lbs.


  • Length: 11 fee 2 inches
  • Width: 37 inches
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs
  • It has great durability
  • It has enough room for extra gear
  • Not the best kayak for unstable waters
  • Pump is not included

Best Kayak Under 1000, 2024

These high-performing kayaks are under 1000 so if you have the budget to spare, you may very well look into our suggestions.

1. Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100

Why we like it: Can glide smoothly, easy to maneauver, and great design

Editor’s Rating:

The Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 is a 1-person fishing kayak that has a very good stability in water and is durable. It glides smoothly on waters, may it be on rivers or ocean, and is slip resistant. So whether you do fishing or white water rafting, you know you are in control. It is pretty mcuh fast too with its speed hull design. It is easy to control and transport and has useful compartments like a fishing rod holder.

The Yellowfin 100 has a capacity limit of 375 pounds and is 10 ft. In length and weighs 57 pounds. It is available for 778.99 USD.


  • Length: 10 feet
  • Wifth: 32 inches
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • Great maneuverability
  • Sit-on top design
  • Tracking can be improved
  • High price point

2. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110

Why we like it: Can be used for various purposes and is also great for beginners

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak is a 1-person fishing kayak blends speed and stability for just the right balance in the water. It has a 2 flush-mount rod holders and 4 integrated gear tracks. It also has a pre-installed toe controlled rubber system.

The Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 has a capacity load of 425 pounds and is 11” x 33” in size. It weighs 62 pounds and is perfect for lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. It retails for 978.99 USD.


  • Length: 11 feet
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • It has great stability in rough waters
  • Comfortable seat
  • Center console is a bit big
  • Not easy to maneuver

Best Kayaks for Rivers 2024

Kayaking on a river is mostly for recreation or fishing. Generally, rivers have calm water but the type of kayak will still depend on the type of activity and the kind of river you will be in. There are a lot of river kayak options. Most kayaks regardless of specifications can be used on a river because it is generally easier to maneuver on a river. Check out our suggestions below.

1. Sun Dolphin Boss Stand-On Top Angler Kayak

Why we like it: Perfect glide and comfortable to sit on

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak perfect for rivers and lakes is a 12.3-feet with the weight of 80 pounds. It is designed with a stable platform and front/rear storage that is large enough for your fishing needs. It has non-slip pads and a stand-up strap and also carry handles and paddle holders.

The Sun Dolphin Boss glides smoothly on the water and is very comfortable. You won’t even care to go river fishing even for extended hours using this kayak.


  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • It has a lot of equipment holders
  • A bit heavy and hard to transport

2. BKC RA220 Single Fishing Kayak

Why we like it: Great storage capacity and great performance

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak perfect for solo fishing is multipurpose. It has a lot of features that aid you on a fishing trip with its storage capacity and comfortability. It is even stable enough for you to stand when you are looking for that fish. It has 4 storage areas and flush-mount rod holders. It is also known for its stability and durability.

More than fishing, this kayak is stable enough for beginners doing recreational activities in the river.
The BKC RA220 kayak weighs 80 pounds and is 11.6’ in length.


  • Length: 11 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Seating capacity: 1
  • It has great stability
  • It has improved performance and maneuverability
  • Seats are not comfortable
  • There is only one rod holder

Best Kayak for Oceans 2024

Ocean kayaking are mainly for experts. Most of the time, it involves touring the ocean as a mean of sports or physical activity. It is best to look for kayaks that are more durable and has storage when it comes to ocean kayaking and it is also best to check those that are ok to stand ocean waves. Below are our suggestions.

1. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130

Why we like it: Offers speed and stability while keeping you comfortable while in the ocean

Editor’s Rating:

This 1-person sit on top fishing kayak is a 13 ft kayak that weighs 75 pounds. It is great to use in the ocean because of its speed and stability. It has 2 flush-mount rod holders and 4 integrated gear tracks. It also has a pre-installed toe controller rubber system that saves energy during long paddles. It also has multiple storage options and has a capacity limit of 550 pounds.


  • Length: 13 feet
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reasonable price
  • Not easy to carry for one person
  • Limited space to stand

2. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Angler

Why we like it: This kayak that is 13 feet 4 inches length and 74 pounds in weight is perfect for ocean use. It is a tandem sit-on-top kayak that is designed for fishing. It has twin comfort seats and molded-in-foot wells for stability and comfort. It also has 4 deck mounts and 2 scotty rod holders and paddle holders.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Length: 13 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • It is lightweight
  • Can be changed from two-seat to a one-seat kayak
  • Not very fast for an ocean kayak
  • It has a small amount of storage space

Best kayak for whitewater 2024

Whitewater rafting in an extreme sport. You have to go through heavy rapids, river rocks, waterfalls, and extreme current. While you may be able to try this even if you are not an expert as long as you are equipped with safety gears and you have with you an expert, a high-performing kayak with enough stability is the one needed in this type of sport.

But searching for the best whitewater kayak can be difficult, for one, it has various types and specifications apart from what you would usually consider on a simple kayak for recreational or fishing use. To help you, here is a quick list of what you should be looking for a kayak that is suitable for whitewater use.

1. Mamba Creeker 7.6

Why we like it: Great design selection and can stand high currents and violent waters

Editor’s Rating:

The Mamba Creeker has an excellent design and color. With great reviews, this is considered as one of the best kayaks for whitewater rafting.

This kayak has great maneuverability and is very durable so you know you are safe when threading boulders and high current. While this is a one-seater kayak, it can withstand collisions without damaging the hull and other surfaces. It has a planing hull that allows you to glide across the water, making you sure you tackle obstacles in full control.

The Mamba Creeker is extra comfortable too. While it is best for whitewater, beginners can also try this for recreation with ease.


  • Length: 7 feet 7 inches
  • Width: 25.5 inches
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 34 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Durable
  • Excellent control on rough waters
  • Relatively small

2. Riot Magnum 80

Why we like it: Lightweight but performs well on rough waters.

Editor’s Rating:

The Riot Magnum 80’s design and shape will aid you definitely in rough water. This is also one of the most recommended kayaks for whitewater.

This kayak is designed with the utmost stability. It is very easy to navigate and maneuver that beginners would enjoy using it. The hull cuts through the water, making it move fast while gliding smoothly. It is stable and lightweight.


  • Length: 8 feet, 4 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • cockpit: 34 x 20 inches
  • Seating Capacity: 1
  • Great stability
  • Lightweight
  • Fast while conquering rough waters
  • Ok for beginners
  • Needs a bit of breaking in

3. Dagger Zydeco 9.0

Why we like it: Awesome for both recreational use and sport use.

Editor’s Rating:

The Dagger Zydeco 9.0 is a preferred choice for those who are into recreational kayaking but also want to try the whitewater. It glides well on smooth water and performs great on current brought about by whitewater. It is very agile and tracks well. On top of that, it is stable, durable, and comfortable.

This kayak has a narrow hull making it tracks well on the water. It has a short length that doesn’t really work for some. Performance-wise, it is still a great choice.


  • Length: 9 feet 1 inches
  • Width: 28.5 inches
  • Boat Weight: 36.5 lbs.
  • Max Capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Limited storage capacity
  • May be difficult to navigate in extreme current

Best kayak for fishing 2024

Fishing is a form of recreation and it is evident that more and more people are getting hooked on it. We have seen a solid rise of popularity in fishing kayak since a lot are saying the activity is relaxing even if it is challenging.

For fishing purposes, a kayak needs to be very comfortable since it requires a lot of sitting. Other things that should be considered when buying a fishing kayak is the storage capacity. Most fishing kayaks also have rod holders. Here is a summary of some of the top kayaks for fishing.

1. Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12 Fish and Dive Package Sit-on Top Kayak

Why we like it: Solid storage capacity and easy to glide around the water

Editor’s Rating:

This kayak has a nice design and color and has pretty much a good number of storage perfect for your fishing needs. There is a main storage compartment at the front, one at the rear, and one at the center. It has 4-rod holders, a standing platform which is a good feature for fishing, and foot braces that can be adjusted depending on your preference.

Aside from these amazing features, the Stealth 12 is very stable too and is easy to maneuver.


  • Length: 12 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Stable
  • Good storage capacity
  • Availability of a second seat
  • A little bit on the heavy side

2. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

Why we like it: Comfort plus seating system that truly works.

Editor’s Rating:

Ocean Kayak has a great color selection. But while the brand produces eye-catching products, it pretty much delivers too with it outstanding features.

The Prowler 13 Angler boasts of comfort with its Comfort Plus seating system. It has a lot of storage capacity with two-rod holders at the rear and an option for additional at the front. There are 2 covered hatches at the front, a storage area at the rear behind the seat, and a storage bucket. It allows users to stand if necessary during fishing.


  • Length: 13 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Capacity: 325 pounds
  • Great storage
  • Comes with bungee strap
  • Adjustable foot strap
  • Lifetime warranty on the hull
  • Great color selection
  • Short width of beam
  • Narrow seating

Best kayak for 2 people 2024

Tandem kayaking is a good form of recreational activity. Having extra company to do activities together is actually a great exercise and is fast becoming popular. But tandem kayaking requires a kayak that would generally allow more sitting capacity, mostly for 2.

Some of the best tandem kayaks have great storage capacity and leg room to keep paddlers comfortable. Here are our suggested kayaks for 2 people.

1. BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On

Why we like it: Sturdy enough for two people with great storage capacity.

Editor’s Rating:

The BKC or the Brooklyn Kayak Company is not really a popular choice for kayak enthusiasts but their selection of products are similar to what the popular brands have.

The TC181 for one, have a great color selection — blue, Desert Sand, Green Camo, Grey Camo, Red Yellow, and Yellow Orange — which is quite a lot.

This model has 7-rod holders for 3 articulated fishing rod and 4 flush-mounted rods. It has waterproof storage hatches perfect for important things that are located just between the legs of the paddlers. On top of that, it two secure paddle rests a four carrying handles for easy overland transport.

The TK181 has great maneuvering capabilities even if it is a bit longer. It comes with 2 aluminum paddles.


  • Length: 12 ft. 5 in.
  • Width: 3 ft.
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 440 lbs.
  • Great color selection
  • Outstanding storage capacity
  • Not for stand up fishing

2. Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Why we like it: Easy to put together and comes with a repair kit

Editor’s Rating:

The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible boasts of outstanding design and comfortable seats making your tandem kayaking experience excellent. The design specifically, combines the company’s rigid bow and stern rib-frame design so it is easy to ship from tandem or solo seating positions.

It is sturdy enough with its aluminum frame and it is made with three-layered materials making it puncture resistant. It is easy to set up and inflate.

This kayak comes with a repair kit, two folding seats, and a carrying duffel bag.


  • Length: 15 ft.
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Excellent design
  • Sturdy durable
  • Great for both solo or tandem kayak
  • Easy to set up
  • Needs a high performing inflator

Best kayak for dogs 2024

Dogs love water and they are great swimmers too. So if you are wondering if you can take your doggy best friend out for kayaking, the answer is definitely yes!

Dogs make a great companion and they certainly love the outdoors.  There are certain kayaks that work best with your dogs around. Here are some of the great choices for kayaking with dogs.

1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

Why we like it: Large cockpit making your dog comfortable

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The Vapor 10 is great for beginners and for recreation. It is easy to control and maneuver that even children can glide with it smoothly. While it is a single-seater, it is spacious enough for you to bring your dog around. This is certainly great for a relaxing stroll on the river or the lake.

This kayak has a spacious cockpit and is made with comfortability in mind. It has Comfort Flex seat that is padded so you won’t feel any strain while paddling. It also has a molded-in paddler rest where you can just put on your paddle and take a moment to enjoy nature with your dog.


  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 28.5 inches
  • Cockpit: 19.5 by 48 inches
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Capacity: 325 pounds
  • Perfect for recreation
  • Large cockpit area for your dog
  • Comfortable seating
  • Paddle rest
  • Drain plug hard to access

2. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

Why we like it: Great features complete with technology to keep you and your dog secured and comfortable

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Another great choice for when you want to spend a day kayaking with your dog is the Tarpon 120. It has a huge leg room making you and your dog comfortable. It is easy to maneuver when you feel like leisurely stroll down on a river. It has a smooth-paddling design for great tracking and it offers good speed. It is made of high-density polyethylene so you are sure that it is durable enough.

The Tarpons 120 comes with a phase-3 sit-on-top seating system that is adjustable. The bottom seat and back seat are fully adjustable as well. One of the greatest features of this kayak is the SlideTrax Modular Outfitting System, that allows you to add accessories like rod holders without the need for drilling.


  • Length: 12 feet 3 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Deck Height: 13.75 inches
  • Maximum Load: 350 lbs
  • Outstanding technology
  • Great storage
  • Comfortable seats even dogs will love
  • It is not compact

Guide to Buying the Best Kayak


Various kayak brands have such a huge price range. It is better to work on a budget and a limit on what you would be willing to spend before finally buying one. Remember there are kayaks that are affordable but performs well. There are also those with high price point and great features but have a lot of disadvantages as well. Buy what you can afford with your budget but know what features will work for you.


Where will you be using your kayak most of the time? Some kayaks can be used for recreation and rough water activities. Some also have specific purposes. But it is important to check the stability and how it will actually performs on the type of water it is in.

Transport and storage

How are you going to carry around your kayak? Do you have a storage for it at home? If ease of transport is what you are after, check kayaks that are inflatable. They are generally light weight and easy to store. But if you are ok with the bulky ones but performs well, then you just need a good roof rack to keep it secured and you are good to go.


Kayaking is such a popular activity for all ages. Kids love it when at the beach or at the river, adults enjoy it for sports, recreation, fishing, or leisure. It is also very therapeutic as you can enjoy the nature in it and you can even bring your beloved pet along. Kayaking is very easy to do and it is easy to love it and get use to it.

Investing in a kayak that you want to use for a long time can be difficult. It is better to equipped yourself with the right information on how you are going to get the most out of it. There are many options available. There are also many good brands to choose from. What is important is you know what you are looking for and what you are going to use it for.

A kayak does not come cheap. It might help to check your budget and narrow down your choices. At the end of the day, kayaking is something you must enjoy so your investment should be worth it.

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