Tom Brady: Patriots ‘margin of error is very slim’

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots are 3-2 over their past five games, including Sunday’s 24-20 road loss to the Miami Dolphins, which have been decided by four points or fewer.

“If we could score more points and make it tougher on the other team, it won’t always have to come down to a last-second play,” Brady said Monday morning on Boston sports radio station WEEI. “We’ve made plenty of them this year, which has been great. Yesterday we were right on the cusp there of doing it there again. We just didn’t quite do enough.”

Added Brady: “We just all have to do a better job, because our margin of error is very slim. We can’t make any mistakes or give them any opportunities. If we have plays that are there to be made, then I’ve got to throw it and hit it. We’ve got to come up with them.

“We’re not winning by 30 points. Every game comes down to the end. We’ve just got to do a better job when we have opportunities as a team in all three phases to make plays to help us secure wins.”

The Patriots failed to clinch the AFC East, and blew a chance to maintain the top spot in the AFC.  But a Cincinnati Bengals loss on Sunday night gives the Patriots control of the No. 2 seed, a first-round bye in the playoffs.

“It doesn’t matter at all. We haven’t even qualified for anything,” Brady said when asked about the playoff seeding.   “We’ve got 10 wins, and 10 wins is fine, it’s OK. But it hasn’t gotten us anything. What we need to do is start playing better football. I think that’s the only thing I really care about, is us playing better football and seeing if we can do better on a more consistent basis. … Everyone up and down the roster has to do a better job, because, like I said, by no means are we running away from any team that we’re playing; we haven’t done it all year.

“We haven’t played well enough consistently to do that. If you’re going to get in these games every week, then when we have opportunities to do it we’ve got to take advantage. Yesterday we had opportunities to do better and we didn’t take advantage. That’s why we sit here pissed off about losses. It makes for a long week when you give a game away that you really have a great opportunity to win.”

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