Top Muay Thai Glove Choices In 2024

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Muay Thai is one of the fastest-growing contact sports. It requires little to no equipment outside gloves. However, protective gloves can keep knuckles safe and fighters safer. There are various types of gloves to choose from. Starting with training gloves and moving up to regulated Muay Thai gloves, there are various designs and materials to choose from.

Features to consider in Good Muay Thai Gloves

From 8oz to 18oz, most Muay Thai glove manufacturers offer reliable designs which are suitable for all styles of fighting.


These types of gloves are suitable for aggressive fighters as they have less padding. In comparison to 10oz gloves, there’s are no visible differences. However, the 10oz gloves have extra padding and they can be preferred by defensive fighters to block off punches. They’re also suitable for fighters with weights between 90 and 120lbs with a hand circumference of up to 6.5”.


12oz gloves are better for fighting while those closers to 16oz are better for sparring as they have thicker padding. They are normally used by fighters between 90lbs and 185 lbs.


The 18oz gloves are recommended for higher weight fighters. They can also help add punching power and improve stamina. They suit hands with a circumference between 8.5” and 9.5”. The following best Muay Thai gloves offer a selection of sizes to choose from.

The 10 Best Muay Thai Gloves 2024

1. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves Fight Gloves For Men & Women

Why we like it: Made with multiple types of foam and double stitching, these gloves look great and they last for years.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With comfortable materials and fairly priced, these gloves are perfect for Muay Thai boxing. They look after the essential areas of the hands and they also protect the wrists. One of the first things apart fit that fighters look for is shock absorption. The gloves are designed with multiple types of foam which absorbs shocks at different rates. This is why they are a successful choice for those seeking the ultimate results when it comes to overall knuckle protection.

Covered in faux leather, the gloves look great as well. Color options include plenty of options for both men and women. Those who like training multiple hours per day can also rely on the gloves to last into the future. For this reason, reinforced stitching can prove important.

Another design element which proves important for durability is the wrist strap. With its wide design, it allows a solid grip whenever the gloves need to be tightened around the wrists. The larger piece of material also works in favor of durability.

Convenient features

One of the areas where all Muay Thai gloves suffer is with heat management and moist dissipation. Trideer’s gloves suffer from this problem as well. But since there are no real gloves without this issue, it is yet to be seen as a major drawback. Furthermore, wrap-ons can be a good addition as they fit inside these boxing gloves.

At their very core, the fighting gloves are worn to minimize injury risks. Most players have the freedom of choosing their design but protecting the hands remains constant. Since there are no laces to worry about, quickly adjusting these gloves during is also possible.

Those who like to take their gloves outdoors can also rest assure a bit of rain is not going to ruin a good training session. Made with a waterproof design, the gloves can take an occasional water splash, which comes in handy in many other instances.


With a good fit and allowing the wear of wrap-ons, the gloves are comfortable and they help diminish injury risks.

  • Made with an appealing design
  • Based on various types of foam cushioning
  • Covered with faux leather
  • Designed to resist water spills
  • Break-in required

2. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

Why we like it: Made in Thailand with premium leather, these multi-purpose gloves are made for the best knuckle protection.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

When it comes to design, many boxing gloves lack finesse. However, these general-purpose gloves are suitable for Muay Thai as they are specifically designed to support a tight grip. Unlike a few other options in their class, they represent one of the best options when it comes to overall versatility and key areas are properly designed.

Fairtex foam has been used to properly protect hands and knuckles. It is not a progressive type of foam or multi-layered foam, but it protects the hands properly. The outside of the gloves features genuine leather which means the boxing gloves feel very comfortable and natural. Of course, as with all leather good, minimum care can go a long way in keeping the materials in good shape down the line.

The Muay Thai gloves come in various colors. From solid black and pink to flag prints, there are various options to consider. Both men and women can find at least several suitable options for their personality.

Convenient features

One of the most convenient features of the gloves is their reduced size. Since they are not as bulky, the Muay Thai gloves are also friendlier on the hands. For example, the pressure on the wrists is reduced compared to similarly priced gloves such as those made by Everlast.

Designed from 8oz and up, the gloves are not a release made for occasional use. They are suitable for daily use. A Muay Thai fighter can use them during the various stages of weekly training. This includes punching heavy bags and plenty of sparring sessions throughout the week. Properly protected, the hands are not going to feel as much pressure from training or actual punches in fights as a result.

One of the most convenient features which often get overlooked is finding the right size. Luckily, these gloves offer one of the widest ranges of options for the right fit. This considerably reduced injury risks which are often caused by the wrong size boxing gloves.


Made to fit small and large hands, the multi-purpose gloves are specifically made to resist daily training programs.

  • Made with real leather
  • Designed with protective Fairtex foam
  • Top knuckle protection
  • Over 24 colors to choose from
  • Velcro proves very sticky for quick adjustments

3. RDX Boxing Gloves for Training & Muay Thai

Why we like it: These engineered gloves are specifically made for durability with Maya-Hide leather.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Covered in Maya-Hide leather, these gloves are a true release for the Muay Thai fighter. This type of leather is a premium polyurethane release which is known for its durability and for the fact it keeps its shape better over the long term.

But apart from this special type of leather, these gloves seem to have been designed by real fighters. For example, they feature a real alternative to foam layers knuckle protection. Their Quadro Dome technology is what allows the gloves to protect the hands with their natural movements. The molded curve protection under this technology is what keeps hands in good shape to train day in and day out.

The design of the gloves took a lot of engineering and planning but the gloves are still affordable. One of the possible design drawbacks comes with their range of colors. There are only 3 colors to choose from, which is not much judging by what the competition has to offer from the visual perspective.

Convenient features

The gloves try to deal with sweaty palms, which is one of the biggest issues Muay Thai fighters need to deal with. A few leather perforations improve ventilation. However, there is no real difference with multiple hours of training.

At the same time, there’s a long Velcro strap included which aims to simplify gloves’ adjustment as needed. Furthermore, the boxing gloves are made with thick Supremo foam. Offering a molded protection to the hands, the foam is arguably at least as capable as the multi-layered alternatives seen in other gloves.

But the most convenient aspect of this type of foam and its design is that the gloves are not as thickly padded as many fighters believe. As a result, they have better control of the hitting area. There’s no more guessing to be made on the hitting area which is one of the biggest concerns with entry-level gloves.


Suitable for everyday training and fighting, the gloves are specifically made for extra speed with just the right amount of foam protection.

  • Made with Maya-Hide leather
  • Cushioned by supremo-shock foam
  • The design includes EZ Velcro straps
  • Includes improved ventilation adjustments
  • Limited color options

4. Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Boxing

Why we like it: These boxing gloves are designed to protect the hands while offering some of the quirkiest designs out there.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The simple gloves are designed for a tight grip. They are contoured to follow the natural lines of the hands while offering plenty of protection. But the main strength of the gloves is the way they look. If many other gloves Velcro straps, not as many offer quirky designs such as the Fairtex gloves.

There are over 20 colors to choose from and many of them come with a few surprises. For example, a few colors come with glow-in-the-dark logos which make the gloves look better in low light conditions. While fighting is not necessarily taking place in the dark, it can be an attractive design feature when punching bags in low light.

At the same time, the fit of the gloves is generally good. With various sizes on offer, they represent one of the attractive options for a secure and snug fit. Covered in genuine leather, the gloves also feel fast and natural. Unlike many other bulky gloves, they are great on those with thin wrists as well.

Convenient features

The all-purpose design of the gloves is another attractive feature. They can be used in actual fights but the gloves do wonders in terms of training as well. From punching bags to do a few quick knuckle push-ups, they handle everyday use.

Being made from leather also means there’s a short break-in period which comes with the gloves. This can expand to a few weeks, depending on the number of weekly uses. But it should take up to 10 sessions to see the full break-in with the gloves. While they can feel a bit out of place with the first uses, the gloves fall in place rightly after a few punching sessions. However, those hoping of wearing the gloves without any wrap-ons might need to look elsewhere, especially in the conditions in which the foam protection is not the thickest.


The multi-purpose gloves are made with real leather and they can match the most outgoing fighter personality.

  • Made with quirky colors
  • Includes a microfiber interior
  • Available in all sizes
  • Made from real leather
  • Not enough cushioning for some fighters

5. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Why we like it: Designed with above grip bar holes, the gloves are recommended for extra ventilation.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Many Muay Thay fighters prefer looser gloves. With extra holes in the palms and finger, the gloves are specifically made for these fighters. While the ventilation is not immediately noticeable, it keeps the hands cooler for longer.

One of the aspects many wearers note is the loose fit of the gloves. Unlike many others in their class, they offer a relaxed fit which is not so orientated towards fighting, as it is towards training. However, having a multi-purpose built, the gloves are also specifically made for a wide range of hands and sizes.

There’s no microfiber interior as with other Fairtex gloves. However, this inconvenient is balanced by extra room for wrap-ons. Using the gloves on bag and pad work is easier as a result. With the above grip bar ventilation, they support hours of training at a time.

Convenient features

Being made for all punching sports, the boxing gloves are a good fit for wrap-ons. Those who train intensely know that a bit more knuckle protection can go far. At the same time, they allow a few gel inserts to balance the foam padding for that extra level of hand protection.

By far, the most convenient aspect of the gloves remains their breathable nature. Unlike many other options in this looser range, they are specifically made to deal with extra sweat. As a result, cardio sessions and any other types of intense training are going to be manageable, at least a bit longer than what’s possible with snug fit designs.


Made for the extra breathability, the gloves feel comfortable and they can be a good option for beginners in Muay Thai.

  • Improved air circulation
  • Recommended for a loose fit
  • Allows fighters to use wrap-ons
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not the fittest for actual fights

6. Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II Leather Boxing Gloves

Why we like it: These small-batch handmade gloves are an alternative to the large brand options for beginners and intermediates.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made by hand, these gloves have a story to tell. Instead of being mass-produced, they offer proper hand protection which is similar if not better to a few other big brand alternatives. The design of the gloves is not signaling and issues such as many would associate with handmade products. On the contrary, they look mass-produced, which is high praise for such affordable gloves.

One of the distinct aspects which makes their aesthetics stand out is the thick buffalo leather which covers the gloves. It feels and looks great which makes these gloves a good option for the daily fighter and all-day training.

Even if they are made from actual buffalo leather, the training gloves still offer a wide range of color options. Users can find the best option to go for from one of the 30 options the manufacturer has to offer. Color options include solutions for men and women. One of the possible drawbacks can come for youth boxers who don’t have an 8oz option to choose from.

Convenient features

Made with triple foam protection, these basic gloves offer superior injury prevention materials. Similarly to other top gloves in their class, they are made with 3 types of foam. This foam does a good job at absorbing shock and keeping the knuckles in fighting condition for the following day.

Optimized for agility, these gloves are not as bulky as boxing gloves alternatives. This is why many fighters can find them to be the right option when it comes to actual fights. But training with these fast gloves is not complicated either. Their practical nature relies on durable real leather and self-adjusting Velcro straps.

In a range with many entry-level releases, the Muay Thai gloves represent one of the leading alternatives. Furthermore, finding a buffalo leather design with 3 layers of foam protection at this price is not possible so that many fighters will see them with different eyes, even if they are not made by the big brands.


With a tight fit, the Muay Thai gloves feature rare buffalo leather durability.

  • Made with 3 layers of foam
  • Covered in buffalo leather
  • Designed in 30 colors
  • Made with self-adjusting straps
  • Only available in 12oz and up

7. Twins Gloves for Training and Sparring Boxing

Why we like it: Made for users of all ages, these gloves support heavy hitters with plenty of cushioning.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Representing one of the best solutions for daily training, these gloves are made with genuine leather. There’s plenty of cushioning even for those without wrap-ons. As a result, they support intense sparring and fights for heavy punchers.

Designed in various sizes, the gloves support use for fighters of all ages. With small 6oz versions, the gloves are suitable for kids taking their first steps into Muay Thai. The 8oz and 10oz options are made for larger kids who might already have a few years of experience under their belts. The 12, 14 and 16oz gloves are perfect for everyday training. Finally, the largest 18oz gloves are perfect for heavyweight fighters.

Designed with a single wrist strap, the gloves are also easy to adjust. Similarly to other designs, they can be adjusted with the other hand while wearing gloves. No help from the coach is needed when putting them on or taking them off.

Convenient features

The gloves are durable but they are not snug. There’s just enough room to fit wrap-ons for extra hand protection. But at the same time, the gloves don’t come with the best ventilation, which can be an issue for some wearers who train every day.

One of the methods of actually ensuring the gloves are going to keeps smells and bacteria away is to use a blow dryer for a few minutes at the end of the training sessions. But the gloves should also be stored in a ventilated area to keep bad smells away as much as possible.

Because of this drawback, the gloves are not recommended for traveling Muay Thai fighters. They need to keep the gloves in their travel bags and cut out essential ventilation. But for all other users who are not punching bags or fighting every day, the gloves are a comfortable option with plenty of inspiring colors to choose from.


These lightweight gloves are made for kids and adults offering proper foam knuckle protection.

  • Available in extreme sizes
  • Suitable for training and fighting
  • Made with real leather
  • Durable under normal use
  • Breathability can be improved

8. Top King Training and Sparring Gloves

Why we like it: Made to protect the knuckles and the wrists with foam insertions, these gloves are available in all sizes.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed with different types of foam, the gloves offer the protection needed in a contact sport such as Muay Thai. There are a few popular characteristics seen on the gloves, such as the multi-layer foam insertions.

The manufacturer also added foam on the wrists which further improves the protection in this area. At the same time, the gloves offer the same multi-foam protection in the punching area. One of the most important aspects of these gloves is the fact they manage to be reliable after a short break-in period.

There are only 6 colors to choose from but the gloves are available in all sizes, from kids’ to adults’. One of the areas which need to be specifically addressed is ventilation. These gloves come with a mesh material palm insertion which means they are made for better airflow.

Convenient features

Apart from keeping the hands’ cooler for longer, the gloves are also easy to wear. They can be a step up from the classic entry-level gloves which are bulky and non-breathable. Of course, having sweaty palms is still possible with long training sessions. But wearers can take them off for short breaks themselves.

The hook and loop closure of the gloves is what makes them stand out. For many fighters, these can also represent the first serious training gloves and as a result, being practical daily is important. At the same time, the mesh materials of the palms are not as durable as leather insertions. This is why carrying bags or trying too many pushups is going to put unnecessary pressure on this sensitive area of the gloves.


Perfect for added ventilation, the gloves are made for the fastest fighters and for those who prefer long training sessions.

  • Covered in real leather
  • Made with knuckle and wrist foam insertions
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Top breathability design
  • Not the most durable option

9. Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Why we like it: These specialized Muay Thai gloves are fit, but without pressing the hands too much.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made for real Muay Thai fighters, the gloves are among the best when it comes to the ultimate fit and comfort. Unlike many other options of their class, these gloves come with plenty of ventilation holes. Air keeps circulating inside the gloves. But this can also be due to their otherwise roomy fit. Even those with larger hands attest to their roomy profile.

There are a few vivid color options to choose from as well. Most fighters have the freedom of choosing a color which matches their shorts or training clothes. Being the small brother of the BGVL3, the gloves are also reliable in the long term.

Convenient features

Having a bit of extra cushioning in front of the knuckles help these gloves be a daily driver. They are suitable for gym workouts where punching bags are the main objective for an entire hour. But they are also suitable for heavy bag boxing which can mark the training schedule of Muay Thair fighters a few times per week.

With a bar in the middle, the gloves help wearers with stronger punches. This is why they can be a real option for all types of skills. Beginners find them suitable for occasional training while experienced fighters can rely on durable performance several times per week.


Made with extra padding and a middle bar for extra strength, the gloves support all skill levels.

  • Made with leather
  • Designed with extra cushioning
  • Available in various colors
  • Ideal for quick wear
  • The stitching needs to be improved

10. Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Style Kickboxing Professional Gloves

Why we like it: These gloves are purposely made for a snug fit resulting in fast punches.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Not all gloves are made for a relaxed experience and in Muay Thai, this is important. Sanabul’s gloves are among the rare designs which are made for a snug fit. One of the first results of this design is having the ability to punch faster, as the gloves become one with the hands sooner.

At the same time, fighters should not expect any type of free room inside the gloves. There’s no space for gels or even for wrap-ons. But the final result is impressive in terms of speed, even if not all fighters like this style of punching.

Designed with a reliable Velcro strap, these gloves are also available in several colors. Made in solid black, brown and white, there are among the few single-color options out there. As a result, they look more professional. But there are no tens of other colors to consider, as with many other gloves in this affordable price range.

Convenient features

Made to be smaller, these gloves are particularly made for Muay Thai fighting. Unlike a few other options which are used in all types of boxing sports, these gloves offer the versatility and practicality needed in kickboxing.

Engineered leather meets 3 layers of foam to offer knuckle protection. Of course, this will not be the protection many fighters are used to when relying on gloves from other boxing sports. But for agility and comfort, their snug fit is all that’s needed.

One of the drawbacks of the gloves is they don’t feature any type of leather perforation in the palms. As a result, the gloves are not as breathable over longer bag boxing or training sessions and they need to be out in open air more than others.


Specifically made for Muay Thai, the leather gloves offer a responsive feel with a professional look.

  • Made for agility
  • Suitable for the tightest fit
  • Velcro wrist tightness adjustability
  • Made with engineered leather
  • Breathability can be improved

Guide to Buying the Best Muay Thai Gloves

Is real leather better than synthetic leather?

There are various types of leather to consider Muay Thai gloves. Starting with Maya-hide leather and to buffalo leather, the options are numerous. However, not all types of leather act the same, especially with durability and feel.

Do hands sweat in Muay Thai gloves?

Most gloves do little to prevent hand sweating, which is natural. However, some have better breathability than others which results in faster drying times once training time is over.

Which are the fastest Muay Thai gloves?

The fastest Muay Thai gloves are the ones with the thinnest padding. The closer they are to the 18oz mark, the bulkier and the heavier they are.

How do I keep my gloves in good condition?

Keeping the gloves in good condition is mainly down to properly drying them out naturally or with the help of a dryer. Starting with the simplest designs, fighters need to ensure proper ventilation is characteristic to the storage space of the Muay Thai gloves.

How to choose the best Muay Thai gloves

Making the right purchase should always be based on fit. Even the most padded gloves offer nothing in return when it comes to fit if the size is not right. The aim is to have the hands protected and the right fit is always important.


The fit of the gloves is crucial when fighting or training. Around the wrists, the gloves should fit tightly and they should be adjustable by straps. Around the palm, the fit should always be supportive. Under normal circumstances, it would only take a thin wrap on to have the gloves fit tightly.

Those preferring to fight with wrap-ons will have to look for gloves which have a looser fit. However, there are many other factors which influence the fit of the gloves. For example, the way knuckles are protected by padding also falls in place after a break-in period. It is what allows fighters the best experience when it comes to following natural movements of the hands.

Materials and cushioning

There are various types of materials used for cushioning. Foam is widely used for this purpose. However, there are even a few gloves which use different layers of foam to offer progressive shock absorption. Contrary to popular belief, thicker cushioning doesn’t necessarily equate to better Muay Thai gloves.

Thick gloves are bulky and they add weight to the hands. This means fighters need extra strength and energy to move their hands. At the same time, thinner cushioning allows faster hand movement even in sparring, but they are not as supportive with hard punches.

A good balance needs to be set between proper cushioning and a lightweight performer. Punching bags can be somewhat restrictive in terms of speed for many future fighters and a good way to test out these gloves is with sparring or during actual fights. Furthermore, all Muay Thai fighters need to maintain a level of agility which allows them to move their hands naturally.


The design of the gloves is similar, at a first glance. However, there are plenty of variables such as the materials of the palm, which vary from leather to mesh. Attention also needs to be given to stitching, which tends to give out especially with the harder punches in time.

One of the ways to test the gloves’ materials is to look at how they hold up in key areas of hard friction above the knuckles and with the wrist wrap. At the same time, new fighters don’t have gloves to test and see what to upgrade to. This is why new fighters can simply ask their coach for advice on the best materials for their style of fighting. Even the number of uses per week can determine the types of materials to be chosen over the long term.


Prices vary considerably with Muay Thai gloves. Synthetic leather is cheaper to source and gloves with such materials can be more affordable. On the other hand, real leather gloves are more expensive. This means there’s plenty of room for setting a personal budget.

Since there’s not too much equipment needed in Muay Thai, investing in good gloves is crucial. Most care routines are the same for all gloves. While some may even advertise waterproofing, they should still be stored in dry environments to keep them in good shape. However, the occasional water spill can damage gloves made from all types of materials.

Final considerations

One of the best parts about being in Muay Thai is that there’s not too much equipment needed to get into the sport, as in other disciplines. But proper gloves remain important. Unlike in boxing, these gloves are smaller as agility is key in the sport.

But even with thinner cushioning, there still needs to be plenty of room for proper adjustability and even for proper cushioning. Hard punches are seen all over from training to fighting. Muay Thai gloves are also used in gyms since they are lightweight. Wearers can punch bags for hours with such comfortable gloves.

Today, many Muay Thai gloves are handmade in Thailand. This means some small manufacturing defects are possible, but they are becoming increasingly rare. It is the poor fit that affects performance even more than actual possible manufacturing faults. This is why properly fitted gloves are always going to be better.

A good tip for beginners is to avoid overly-cushioned gloves. Unlike many believe, thinly cushioned gloves feel superior as they allow fighters to see the area they are hitting. Bulkier gloves take a lot of accuracies away from beginners as they are not able to pinpoint their hitting location. While this issue can be minimized with practice, its typically sound to start small and get the right punching technique down first.

But at the end of the day, all of these gloves are subjective to the wearer. This is why they come in hundreds of colors. Many of the gloves come in different styles so that they fit the personality of the wearer. With a wider selection of gloves, fighters of all ages can properly protect their hands. 

From the youngest to adults, there are reliable options to choose from, as seen above. Furthermore, at all age groups, these Muay Thai gloves seen above are self-adjustable. No help is needed from the coach to adjust and re-adjust the gloves during training.

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